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100 Drabble Challenge

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Ray smiled, just a little bit, at the scene before him.


Emma was sleepily clinging to Norman, who kissed her on the forehead and gently held her in his arms. Still, Ray was the responsible one (or he told himself he had to be).


"You two, stop being cute and wake up already." He set down two mugs filled with coffee down in front of them. "We have stuff to do today."


"But I don't wanna..." Emma stood up, taking Norman with her, and wrapped her arms around Ray's waist. "I'd rather just cuddle all day."


"Me too." Norman laughed, and hugged Ray's neck, clearly already awake and just going along with whatever Emma was doing.


"Please, Ray?" Emma pouted, looking up at Ray with her signature begging face. It was hard not to be swayed by that and Norman's smile, but Ray kept his resolve.


"No." He pushed both of them away, going back to the kitchen to get his own coffee. When he returned, Emma looked really disappointed, and he sighed. "We can cuddle later..."


"Yay!" Emma jumped back onto him, now suddenly full of energy (Ray wasn't sure she even needed coffee). "Thank you! Norman, we have to get our work done extra quick so that we can cuddle with Ray!"


"That's a horrible reason." Ray gently hit her head.