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100 Drabble Challenge

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Ray smiled, just a little bit, at the scene before him.


Emma was sleepily clinging to Norman, who kissed her on the forehead and gently held her in his arms. Still, Ray was the responsible one (or he told himself he had to be).


"You two, stop being cute and wake up already." He set down two mugs filled with coffee down in front of them. "We have stuff to do today."


"But I don't wanna..." Emma stood up, taking Norman with her, and wrapped her arms around Ray's waist. "I'd rather just cuddle all day."


"Me too." Norman laughed, and hugged Ray's neck, clearly already awake and just going along with whatever Emma was doing.


"Please, Ray?" Emma pouted, looking up at Ray with her signature begging face. It was hard not to be swayed by that and Norman's smile, but Ray kept his resolve.


"No." He pushed both of them away, going back to the kitchen to get his own coffee. When he returned, Emma looked really disappointed, and he sighed. "We can cuddle later..."


"Yay!" Emma jumped back onto him, now suddenly full of energy (Ray wasn't sure she even needed coffee). "Thank you! Norman, we have to get our work done extra quick so that we can cuddle with Ray!"


"That's a horrible reason." Ray gently hit her head.


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Misaki woke up, looked out the window, and immediately ran outside.


She saw a woman with long, purple hair strumming a stringed instrument. Of course she's here. She didn't know whether to be excited or not. When she had gone out of town to visit her younger sister, she couldn't stop talking about the handsome bard with the lovely voice that had come to visit.


"She might be heading for your village next, so keep an eye out!" Her sister had said, but Misaki never actually thought she would be there. She hadn't really gotten all the hype her sister had, until the woman opened her (absolutely stunning) red eyes and started speaking in a low voice that flowed melodically.


"But of course, what is a bard without a performance partner?" She reached out a hand, looking over everyone in the crowd. And then, her eyes landed on Misaki, who dreaded what was about to happen. "You, the fair maiden with the long, black hair! Would you care to assist me?"


"Me?" Misaki asked dumbly. She had never known how to act around cute girls. "Oh, no, I don't-"


"Nonsense, my dear!" She got off the small makeshift stage and took Misaki's hand. "The art of song is one that will come naturally, even to those inexperienced."


"Wait, you expect me to improvise?!" It was too late. She was already alongside the bard, who started strumming a simple tune.


"Of course." Misaki was completely dumbfounded, not at all helped by the fact that she was just so gay. "Don't worry, I believe in you." Suddenly, her demeanor completely changed. Her smile was more genuine, and she almost seemed to look fondly at Misaki.


"Sure??" Might as well give it a shot.


It was so much more fun than she could've ever imagined.


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"... So, you're saying your house is on fire." Norman was having trouble processing the things Ray had said. He knew that Emma was irresponsible and Ray had a tendency to not notice his surroundings, but this...?


"Yeah." Somehow, even in this situation, Ray (at least sounded like he) was keeping his cool. "Or, more accurately, Emma tried to cook something."


"Hey! You were the one who told me to." From what Norman could hear over the phone, the two of them were just standing outside the house.


"No, you were complaining about always having to eat out or have microwave food, and I told you if you were so bothered, to learn how to cook yourself." He paused. "In retrospect, not the best idea."


"Ok, well, you guys did call the fire department, right?"


"Eventually," Ray snorted. "First, Emma was panicking, which is the only reason this escalated so far. And then, she insisted that we call you first, but I talked her out of it. So now we're just waiting for them to show up."


Norman shook his head in pure disbelief. Truthfully, he was a bit concerned when he had first heard that Ray and Emma were moving in together because the two of them together only lead to disaster. It had been about a year, so he thought he was wrong about that, but apparently not.


"Well, I'm sorry for wanting to tell Norman about this first!"


"You should be. What kind of idiot-"


"Hey! I'm very smart!"


"Suuure, Emma."


"Okay, guys," Norman interrupted. "The good thing is, you're safe and help is coming."


"Yeah! That's right!" Emma audibly perked up, paying testiment to how long the three of them had been friends if Norman could hear when she was happy. "You should be more prepared for disaster, Ray. He didn't tell you this, Norman, but Ray was the one panicking."


"I definitely wasn't. And of course I'm prepared for disaster, all the time. Why do you think I married you?"


"Awwww, Ray..."


"It wasn't a compliment."


"Well, you two have fun not dying. I have a meeting to do to."


"Bye, Norman!"




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Rokka was clinging to her girlfriend very tightly, squeezing her eyes shut, and burying her face in Masuki's chest. Her legs felt unstable and wobbly on the ice, causing her to panic and making her situation worse.


"Rokka..." Masuki, on the other hand, was mostly stable, and helped hold Rokka upright by her waist. "You okay?"


"No..." Rokka's voice was more panicked than she expected it to be. "I... I can't do this!"


"'Course you can." Masuki grinned, gently peeling Rokka off of her (and made sure to keep holding her hand), and guiding her to a wall so that she could lean on it. "You just have to calm down, and have more confidence."


"... Really?" Rokka took a deep breath, and attempted to center herself. Tightening her grip on Masuki's hand, she (very) slowly skated away from the edge. "...! Masuki-san! I did it!" She smiled brightly.


"Told'ya." Masuki's smile was fond, and she skated out to join her girlfriend. However, Rokka was too excited that she managed to not fall over that she immediately fell over.


"A-ah..." She just laid there, defeated. Masuki laughed, and helped her up.


"It's a start. Ready to have some fun?" Rokka nodded, a determined smile on her face.




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The bowl of ramen was bigger than Maki expected it to be. She knew that Rin had ordered it for them to share, and she also knew that Rin would end up eating most of it, but it was still impressive.


"Wow, it looks so good!" That was one of the things Maki loved about Rin, her excited smile whenever she saw something she really liked. It was cute. "Ooah, I can't wait to eat it...!!"


"Don't eat it too quickly, Rin." Maki made sure to remind her, knowing her girlfriend tended to do that.


"Of course! I'll savor every bite." She started eating some of the toppings, an expression of pure joy quickly melting onto her face as she chewed. Maki ate some as well, surprised to see just how good it was. She had eaten ramen before, of course, but it had always been at more expensive places. She started to understand why Rin liked it so much (maybe not to her level, though).


After most of the foods on top were gone, the two of them started on the noodles, with minimal conversation besides a few remarks of how good it tasted. At one point, Maki grabbed a particularly long noodle, and started eating it. Rin also grabbed a noodle with her chopsticks and put it in her mouth, closing her eyes while enjoying the taste of the flavoring.


It wasn't until a few moments later that Maki noticed they had grabbed opposite ends of the same noodle. Rin's face was rapidly getting closer to hers, and she considered telling her, but she decided against it. If she had her first kiss in such a cliche way, she wouldn't be mad.


Their lips met, and Rin jumped a little, surprised. But, she quickly leaned into it, starting to blush. Maki even closed her eyes too, and pulled away after a few moments.


"Ehehe..." Rin giggled, scratching the back of her neck. Maki was also blushing, and they ate in silence for a bit. Even though they were already dating, it hadn't been that long, and she was still a little embarrassed about showing affection in public.


"C'mon, help me finish the ramen, it's a school night and I have homework to do."


"Okay!" Rin tilted her head in thought. "What time is it?"


"7:30, Rin."


"Really? Then, let's finish this ramen!"


"You're making it sound like it's some big quest or something." Maki rolled her eyes, unable to stop herself from grinning.


Maybe this relationship wouldn't be such a mess, after all.


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God, Masuki was so in love.


Rokka had been shocked that she would get to perform with Popipa, and asked Masuki to pinch her cheeks. Blushing, eyes closed, doing that weird cute thing where she was just saying whatever she wanted.


Masuki was a bit embarrassed to admit that she had always wanted to do this. It wasn't her fault that Rokka's cheeks were absolutely adorable and practically calling to her, to feel them heat up at her touch, for Rokka to...


In any case, this was no opportunity to miss out on. She quickly said something that was a mix of shock and excitement, but her only (slightly) coherent thought was on that cute girl right in front of her.


Rokka's face was as soft as it looked. Masuki couldn't help but relish the feeling, making sure to be as gentle as her gay self could. She felt a bit weird, something she imagined was close to death, but in a good way. Her heart was racing and she felt a strange tingling feeling in her stomach, but it was enjoyable.


Masuki didn't know how or when she had become such a lovestruck fool, but she wasn't complaining anytime soon.


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Adora woke up suddenly for what must've been the ninth time that day. She was hearing whispers around her, and could swear there were more shadows than usual.


It took a few moments for her to realize nothing was there. She exhaled, relaxing her shoulders, focusing on the warm feeling in the water. That's right. She was in Mystacor, in their hot springs. With Glimmer and Bow. She was going to be ok.


Adora looked around for Glimmer and Bow, and saw Bow, who was dozed off, across from her, but no Glimmer... She panicked for a few seconds until she realized that Glimmer was leaning on her. She smiled, due to both relief and that feeling that she wanted to protect Glimmer that was popping up a lot.


Glimmer was really warm. Adora didn't really think before hugging her so that they could be more comfortable. It was the first time that entire trip that she was truly relaxed.


Closing her eyes, she leaned against the stone that held the hot water inside, falling asleep quickly.


She liked cuddling with Glimmer. Maybe they should do it more often.

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It was the third day in a row Virgil had made himself mac and cheese as a midnight snack. However, it was the first of those days that his shuffling around in the kitchen woke Roman up.


Roman was not a night owl in any meaning of the phrase. He had what most people would consider to be an acceptable sleep schedule. Virgil, not so much. His sleeping hours tended to be 1am-10pm at the best. Not once had he tried to fix it, nor did Roman ever harp on him for it. They just accepted it the way it was, and it allowed for many, many meals cooked in the middle of the night.


As Virgil was stirring the pasta, he jumped as he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist. He relaxed again, realizing that it was just Roman, and stopped stirring to hold Roman's hands in his.


"Why are you awake?" He teased, but there was an undeniable hint of fondness in his voice. Roman was always cute when he was tired.


"Why were you being loud?" Roman said back, burying his face in the mess of curls that was Virgil's hair.


"Because I'm cooking?"


"Hmmrph... Go to bed..."


"Roman," Virgil started, turning around and pressing his nose to his boyfriend's. "I love you so much, but I already started making the food and I'm not going to bed before it's done and I eat it."


"Can I at least have some?" Roman perked up, seemingly more awake than he was two seconds ago.


"Fine, just let me get back to cooking so that I don't burn the mac and cheese."


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"... Shit." Kaoruko heard Futaba's voice from the living room, and she appeared in their doorway a few moments later. "Well, the air conditioning's out."


"What?" Kaoruko shot up. She was already in a tank top and shorts, instead of her usual pajamas. She didn't want to sleep like this.


"Yeah, it's a problem." Futaba sat on her bed, rubbing her neck. "... And a pain in the ass."


"This cannot do!" Kaoruko fell back onto her own bed. "Whatever shall we do?!"


"Y'know, half of the time, I can't tell whether you're being dramatic on purpose or not." Futaba shook her head, and started to take her tank top off. She raised an eyebrow at the incredulous look Kaoruko gave her. "What? It's hot as hell in here. And it's not like you've never seen me without my shirt on before."


"But, I still wanted to cuddle..." Kaoruko crossed her arms.


"Seriously? In this heat?" Futaba rolled her eyes, and motioned Kaoruko over. "M'kay, get over here." Kaoruko eagerly snuggled into her arms, and closed her eyes. Being that she still had her shirt on and there was no air conditioning, she got hot pretty quickly.


"Futaba-han... I'm hot." She looked up to see Futaba with a frustrated expression.


"Then take your shirt off, idiot."


"What?!" Kaoruko looked at her, playfully offended. "A fair maiden cannot sleep naked! You know this."


"Yeah, well, you're gonna have to deal with being hot then." Futaba smiled, then noticed a hint of genuine reluctance in Kaoruko's face. "I won't look at you, if that's what you're worried about."


"Fine..." Kaoruko sat up, taking the top off and laying her head on the pillow right next to Futaba's.


"See?" A fond smile spread across Futaba's face. "My eyes are right here." She booped Kaoruko on the nose.


"Good night, Futaba-han." Kaoruko held onto Futaba's neck, nuzzling closer to her.


"Night, ya dork."


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It was over. Horde Prime was gone. Their long battle was finally over.


Scorpia was really happy. Granted, she was being mind controlled for a good majority of the actual war, but all the more reason to be glad, right? She didn't remember a lot, but she was grateful she could be with her friends again.


She suddenly heard somebody say her name. Scorpia turned around, only to be greeted with...




When had she gotten short hair, exactly? And why did it look so good? She was smiling - smiling! - so brightly, too. But she looked regretful once she looked back up at Scorpia.


"Listen, Scorpia... I'm sorry for- Ah!" Catra got cut off by a giant hug. "Oh, there it is." Oops. Scorpia hadn't meant to impulsively hug her like that, she was just so beautiful... Was she smiling because of the hug? And leaning into it-? 


"What can I say? I'm a hugger."


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Ray was truly trying his hardest. But, yet again, he heard that stupid narrator say "FATALITY." in that stupid voice, and he wasn't the one doing the murdering here.


Maybe Norman was right. He always talked about patience and staying calm and whatnot. Ray was smart, and skilled in most things, but his judgment often got clouded by anger and rage, making him do irrational things, and, apparently, be bad at video games.


"Ugh!" Ray almost threw the controller, but decided not to, instead opting to aggressively set it on the table. "This is impossible..."


"Do you want to do something else?" Norman offered, and Ray absolutely hated that smile. It was so smug, yet still so genuine, and was it legal for someone's smile to be that pretty?


"No! I'm going until I can beat you." Ray picked the controller back up, playfully smirking at Norman to try to conceal the pure frustration he felt. Norman smirked back, and Ray was immediately filled with genuine fondness determination to win this time.


And, even with all his effort, he still lost. To a brutality, no less.


"Agh!" If Ray had been frustrated before, now he was absolutely fuming.


"Seriously, maybe we should take a break-" Norman looked worried, which only served to make Ray more frustrated. He pulled Norman up from the couch by his collar, and his knuckles almost turned white due to it.


"No, Norman! I swore I would beat you! Why..." Ah, he was doing that thing where he got so mad that he was about to cry. Fun. "Why do you always have to be better than me?!" Okay, maybe there was some spite in there too.


"Ray..." Norman still wasn't mad. How could he be so utterly patient? That was it. Ray had to make him mad.


Seeing as he was coming up with a plan on the fly, he just went with the first idea he had and rolled with it. Admittedly, kissing Norman probably wasn't a good idea in the first place, but all semblance of logic had already left him at that point.


Ray was rougher than he meant to be. Definitely a bite or two to his lips. Definitely a lot of anger in it. When he pulled away and dared to open his eyes, he saw Norman. Completely shocked, red-faced, but still not mad! Great, now it was awkward, too.


"... Sorry." He backed up, letting go of Norman, fully realizing that he probably shouldn't have done that. Instead of saying anything, he just smiled. It was so genuine, and really prettyoh my god what is he doing.


Before Ray could react, Norman had already put a hand on his shoulder, and kissed him- wait, kissed him?! He just stood there in pure disbelief. It was different. He kept getting this weird feeling in his chest, almost like... sentimentality. Oh, no.


"You know, Ray..." Norman just kept smiling that fond smile. "I think I prefer the gentler kisses." Okay, that made Ray blush even more.


"Geez," He scratched the back of his neck. "You're better at kissing than I am, too."


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"Tsuugu!" Tsugumi jumped at the familiar voice that entered the cafe. Strange, it was usually Himari that came over after they closed.


"Hello, Tomoe-chan!" She grinned back at her girlfriend, and set the plates down.


"I just thought we could hang out here since you're closing." Tomoe hugged Tsugumi, burying her face in the shorter girl's hair.


"Ahaha, I still have stuff to do." Tsugumi hugged her back.


"C'mon, it'll only take a few minutes! Please, Tsugu?" Tomoe begged, and Tsugumi giggled.


"Okay, hold on a second." She started brewing some coffee for the two of them, and got a small cake, and a few plates. She didn't mind the extra work, and besides, spending time with Tomoe was always worth a few dirty dishes.


"Great!" Tomoe enthusiastically walked over to a booth, sitting down and smiling fondly at Tsugumi while she got everything ready.


When Tsugumi was done, she sat down next to Tomoe in the booth and handed her her coffee, which had a tiny heart on the top. "Aww..." Tomoe cooed, intertwining her fingers with Tsugumi's.


"I've been getting better at latte art recently, and I wanted to try some." Tsugumi smiled, cutting out a piece of cake for each of them.


"That's adorable, Tsugu." Tomoe rested her head on top of her girlfriend's, now wrapping her arms around her stomach.


"Are you even going to drink the coffee? Or eat the cake?" Tsugumi laughed, taking a bite.


"Maybe later. Right now I wanna cuddle." She closed her eyes and let out a contented sigh. Tsugumi smiled and continued to eat the cake and drink her coffee.


She was really lucky to have a girlfriend like Tomoe.


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"Sorry, kiddo, I haven't seen it." Virgil groaned in frustration at Patton's words. Of course his hoodie would be missing. This was not a good way to start the day.


He had looked everywhere, everywhere being Patton and Logan's rooms and the rest of the mindscape because no way in hell was he going anywhere near the dark sides today. Not even for his hoodie. Roman was his last chance, so he went to his room.


Low and behold, there Roman was, wearing a black hoodie with some familiar purple patches on it (which looked surprisingly good on him, Virgil couldn't help but notice).


"Ro, why are you wearing my hoodie?" Virgil said (a bit more aggressively than he had meant to, but in his defense he was getting desperate without the warm comfort of his hoodie), and Roman jumped.


"Oh, uh..." He blushed, looking around and tried to think of an excuse. "I was cold?"


"You have more clothes than I do," Virgil pointed out, gesturing towards Roman's extensive closet. "So try again."


"I..." Roman sighed, and oh no that was his "I can't think of anything else to say so I'm about to flirt with you" face. "I missed you, my chemically imbalanced romance."


"Mhmm," Virgil nodded sarcastically. "Suuure, Princey."


"I was being serious!" Roman shot back, looking a bit offended. "I haven't seen you in a few days, which is basically forever in quarantine, and you weren't in the last video and I missed you! So, I snuck into your room, not creepily by the way," Virgil snorted at that. "And took your hoodie. Is that so bad?"


"Aw, Princey, if you wanted to hang out with me, you could've just said so," Virgil teased, grabbing his hoodie which Roman had took off and handed to him.


"Well, fine, then! Disney?"


"Of course."


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Nobody could deny that Emma was the most cheerful person at the House. Even though she was one of the oldest kids, she still maintained an optimism that was admirable. Even if it annoyed Ray sometimes.


Norman loved her. It was hard not to. She always cheered him up, and gave him hope that they would escape someday.


Not him, though. He would have to die. He had a perfectly good opportunity to escape in front of him. However, he saw through the plans Emma and Ray had come up with. They would be mad at him, but this was the best way.


Norman wouldn't let himself die in vain. He had a plan. The scouting around was done. He had the information he needed.

Norman exited the House knowing that Emma would escape. He knew that she would go far without him, Ray, too. All of them would.


Even with the demon in front of him, he was calm. There was a hope for humanity besides being food. He knew she could do it. Even though he would be gone, Emma was strong.


He would still miss her smile, though.


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Lisa sighed with a bit more oomf than usual, and plopped down onto one of CiRCLE's couches. That practice session had been particularly draining, although Ako seemed to have just as much energy as she usually did. A big performance was coming up, so they were practicing harder than before, which is saying something for Roselia.


She decided to go back to the practice room to check on Yukina and Sayo. The two of them were incredibly determined, but Sayo in particular was known to overwork herself every once in a while. They were probably fine, but Lisa was the resident mom friend, and couldn't leave them alone. She was about to swing open the door and say something when she saw something in the window of the door.


Sayo was standing directly behind Yukina, arms wrapped around her, and had her face buried in the back of Yukina's head (Lisa didn't realize that their height difference was big enough to do this). Yukina had her eyes closed, holding Sayo's hands, with a small smile on her face.


It took every muscle in Lisa's body to not scream at how cute they were being. Whether or not this was a romantic thing, or just platonic, it was absolutely adorable. Although, Lisa wasn't blind (like those two were ) to people's feelings, so she knew they both had crushes on each other.


She kept watching, frozen in place from both shock and adorableness. After a few moments, Yukina turned around and whispered something to Sayo. Then they kissed. It was brief, but sweet, and Lisa thought she might die. They were now pressing their foreheads together as best they could with the aforementioned height difference, and smiling fondly at each other.


Lisa knocked on the door to alert them, and then opened it. "Sorry, it seems like we overstayed break time a bit!"


"It's fine. We seem to have as well," Sayo looked at Yukina and Lisa couldn't believe that any human was capable of showing so much affection with just their eyes like that.


"By the way, tell me when you guys start dating next time," Lisa teased, causing Sayo to turn red and Yukina to choke on her water. "Actually, wait, I guess there wouldn't be a next time..." Lisa had just said it to get her point across, but realized how dumb it sounded.


"W-we must resume practice..." Sayo rubbed her cheek with her sleeve.


"Indeed. Please stop causing distractions, Lisa." Yukina nodded.




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"This is fun," Rui's heart pounded due to the sheer beauty of Tamao's smile. The two of them were currently making costumes for the next performance, and were in the process of sewing the outfits together. "Right, Rui-chan?"


"Ah, right!" Rui had gotten distracted. Sometimes (all the time, actually) her crush on Tamao made her distracted from what was important. Especially when she was using needles, it was a dangerous thing to do, to look at Tamao. But staring at her contented smile, the way her delicate hands moved, the way she looked when her hair was up... "Ow!"


"Rui-chan?" Tamao quickly set her needle down and sat next to Rui. She had pricked her index finger on the needle while staring at Tamao, and was now bleeding. "Are you okay?"


"Ah, it's fine, I was just startled." Rui assured her, reaching in her bag to find some bandages that she always kept on hand, just in case. "Huh...? Where are they?" Oh no, I must've left them behind.


"It's okay, I have some of my own," Tamao hurriedly pulled out some bandages from her own bag. "Hold still." She unrolled a small bit of the roll and- oh.


She gently wrapped the gauze around Rui's finger, and doing a few other things to keep them in place that Rui really didn't pay attention to because Tamao was bandaging her finger. She almost screamed. Almost.


"There, it should be all done now," Tamao stepped back, and Rui stopped being a disaster lesbian to look at her finger. It was almost professional looking, truly beautiful.


"Thank you, Tamao-senpai." Rui smiled up at her, and Tamao giggled in response. Cute... She sat back down next to Rui, and gently pressed her lips to where the wound was underneath the bandages. Rui went in full gay panic mode. Her brain stopped, not even resuming regular mental capacity to observe how endearing Tamao's blush was. Tamao-senpai... Kissed... My finger?!


"Now, then, let's get back to work." Tamao returned to her side of the fabric sheet they were working on, while Rui absentmindedly started seeing again. She had to force herself to pay attention this time.


What had just happened?


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"Misaki, are you ready?" Kaoru slung her bag over her shoulder, looking back at her partner, who was struggling at the moment.


"Physically, or emotionally? Because the answer to both is no," She grunted, finally getting everything back in the bag.


"It'll be fine," Kaoru put her arm around Misaki's shoulder, and kissed her forehead. "You know basically everyone in town. You used to live there, after all."


"I know, I know, it's just..." Misaki sighed, leaning into the bard's touch. "I left kinda suddenly, and... I guess I'm nervous they won't accept me again? It's kinda dumb."


"Nonsense, Misaki, they'll be happy to see you again. You can tell all the harrowing tales of our adventures to them!"


"More like your tales," Misaki scoffed, but still smiled a little anyway. "I haven't even performed with you since that day. I'm just the healer who helps people."


"And have you not helped all the same people that I have? Trust me, they're as grateful to you for helping as they are to me for entertainment, even if they don't say it."


"... Ugh, don't be such a sap, next time." Misaki laughed, playfully shoving Kaoru, who laughed as well.


"Okay. Shall we?"


"Yeah. I think I'm ready."


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Aya always smiled when she sang, making sure to maintain that idol cuteness even when it was hard for her.


Chisato had never noticed before. It was true, that Aya was more like an idol than the rest of them. The other had to worry about being idol-like, of course, but they were more focused on their instruments and, occasionally, backing vocals. But all Aya had to worry about was her voice and moving (truthfully, bordering on dancing), and there was surely even more pressure since the audience was always watching her.


This became a problem when the two of them sang their duet song, Yura Yura Ring-Dong-Dance. Sure, singing while playing an instrument was difficult, but what was even harder was to sing and play while Aya was smiling at her like that, and when she stopped to analyze the lyrics it was truly about love (heavily implied to be romantic) and gosh was that why Aya was looking at her like that? Was she dropping hints? Was Chisato overthinking this?


She should definitely be concentrating instead of getting lost in those pink eyes, were those contacts? And if so, what color were her actual eyes and oh god she would look stunning with brown eyes. Focus.


But she couldn't. Aya was the centerpiece of PasuPare, and for good reason, too. Chisato had taken this... angel for granted all this time. Was she in love? Or having a crush, at least?


It was over too quickly. Hearing Aya sing about her like that, even if it was just the lyrics of the song, was something she hadn't realized she had enjoyed. With all of the butterflies floating around her body, and all her body's instinctual reactions pushing blood to her face, she couldn't deny it to herself any longer.


Chisato had a crush on Maruyama Aya.


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There was something about the way the drums made her heart race that was intoxicating.


Just imagining she was hearing the song in concert, imagining she could 'feel' the bass drum in her chest, picturing the singer's voice piercing her soul was simply amazing. The bass and the guitar being injected directly into her sleepy mind making her feel drunk with enjoyment.


Tracing every word the girl singing was saying made her heart flutter, wondering if she could ever sing the same song so wonderfully, knowing exactly where the song was going next since she had listened to it so many times.


Mitake Ran loved music.


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"I love you, you know that, right, Futaba-han?" It was a usual position for the two of them. Kaoruko would have her arms around Futaba's neck, her face buried in that reddish hair, absolutely silent and content.


"Yeah, I know." Futaba would usually be doing something else by that point, although this time she was indulging in the affection. Kaoruko being affectionate wasn't rare, but her initiating the affection was rarer, and Futaba quite liked it.


"I mean, like, you're so amazing! And perfect," Kaoruko mumbled, and Futaba turned her head in concern. Kaoruko only got like this when she was either sad or tired. "'N' strong, and I love you..."


"Kaoruko, are you okay?"


"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" Kaoruko lifted her head, and she looked fine, but Futaba couldn't ease her concerns just yet.


"You're being... Very loving."


"Really?" Kaoruko looked almost offended, and Futaba quickly shook her head.


"I mean, are you okay? Did you get enough sleep? Are you sad?"


"Hehe, I'm fine, Futaba-han." Kaoruko adjusted the two of them so that she could nuzzle Futaba's nose with her own. "Is it so wrong to want to appreciate my absolutely wonderful girlfriend?"


"I guess not."


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Hanayo and Rin were asleep. They were close, but they always left a little room for Maki to snuggle in between them. She thought it was cute.


Maki was more of a night owl. Not by a lot, but by enough that Rin and Hanayo always fell asleep before she did.


As soon as she was tired enough, she got into bed with them, smiling at the fact that they both immediately latched onto her, Hanayo's arms around her stomach, and Rin's around her neck. It was adorable. She also just really enjoyed being cuddled.


God, what did she do to deserve her girlfriends? They were both so kind, and genuine, and cute. They made life more fun, and lit up Maki's world when she needed them. Seeing them both grow as people was like a treat, and they were both so affectionate, too. They truly loved her.


And she loved them.

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"Hina-chan, I don't think we should be here," Aya said warily, her voice shaking.


"It'll be a-okay, Aya-chan! We have Eve-chan to protect us from any ghosts!" Hina gestured towards Eve, who nodded.


"Yes! I shall protect all of you with my mighty sword!" Eve held up the sword and smiled, which would be a threatening gesture from anyone but Eve.


"Eve-san, I don't think a wooden sword would help against a ghost..." Maya was shaking, standing behind Eve.


"It will as long as you believe in it, Maya-san!" Maya, Eve, and Hina kept talking but Aya tuned them out. She could swear she saw a reflection in that mirror over there, and they hadn't even passed it yet. She walked ahead of the rest of them, ignoring their questions, and picked it up.


Staring back at her was a girl, with blonde hair, purple eyes, and a bored expression, though her eyes quickly widened once she saw Aya's expression.


"Can... Can you see me?" She asked, her voice a bit low in pitch but shocked in tone.


"Yes! I can. Should I not be able to?"


"No, no, it's just..." She smiled at Aya, who felt her heart quicken. That smile sure was pretty, huh? "You're the first person to be able to see me in a long time."


"Aya-chaaaaaan!" Aya heard Hina calling out to her, and she panicked, stuffing the small mirror into her bag. "Aya-chan, what are you doing?"


"Ah, nothing! I just thought this mirror could sell for a lot, y'know?" Aya played it off, hoping the others couldn't see her nervousness.


"Ah, that makes sense," Maya grabbed her chin in thought. "This place is pretty old. I'd imagine we could get a lot out of it."


"Yeah!" Aya sighed in relief once the others were talking loud enough not to hear her again.


She was really looking forward to talking to the pretty girl in the mirror.


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Mei Fan didn't want to think about how this happened. If she did, she thought it might prove to her that this was a dream and she would wake up trying to question it, because Akira was sharing a bed with her.


They weren't very close together, but they were close enough to make her heart race. All she knew was that the Edels only had three beds, and Yachiyo was sleeping on her own because they didn't trust her. Also, Michiru and Shiori were both pretty small, so it was only practical for them to sleep in the same bed.


At least, that's what Akira said.


Mei Fan's train of thought was interrupted by a sharpish feeling on her leg. She thought that maybe Shiori had woken up and poked her, or something along those lines, but not what she got when she turned around. It was Akira's knee. Touching her leg. Akira was touching her.


That was completely fine. They had made physical contact before while acting, so it was fine.


Until Akira started hugging her.


She couldn't handle that. Heat rushed to her cheeks, and she panicked. What was she supposed to do?! Akira was hugging her, while sleeping, she didn't know what she was doing! It didn't stop Mei Fan from blushing, but it was at least a little comforting (if a tiny bit soul-crushing as well).


Somehow, she managed to calm down... And immediately pass out. She had been practicing harder than usual lately.


When they woke up, they both made an agreement to never talk about this again.


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Rimi felt really stupid. She had been so excited to get her hands on a chocolate cornet that she forgot to put a coat on. In the middle of winter. Yeah, she had gotten the chocolate, but at what cost? Being cold.


At least the cornet would be warm when she got home. The bags at Yamabuki Bakery tended to do that. Rimi usually questioned that, but at the moment she was too focused on getting back to warmth of her home.


She heard somebody say her name, and the voice was very familiar. When she turned around, her face turned even warmer. It was Kaoru. The girl she had been hopelessly crushing on for over a year. Great.


"Oh, Kaoru-san!" She waved, trying to distract from the way her heart sped up. She failed.


"Pleasure seeing you here," Kaoru walked up to her and put on a kind smile, which faltered once she noticed that Rimi was shivering. "Rimi-chan, are you cold?"


"Oh, yeah," Rimi laughed awkwardly. "I was so excited to get a chocolate cornet today, they're usually sold out by the time I get to Yamabuki Bakery, that I forgot my coat, ahaha."


"Hmm, that simply will not do." Kaoru shook her head, and unzipped her own coat. "Here, you can have my coat."


"Eh?! O-oh, no, you need it more..." Rimi stopped talking in order to not say anything dumb, still processing the idea of wearing Kaoru's coat.


"Nonsense, it is my job to help my little kittens stay warm in the winter." Rimi shook her head again, and put her hands up in front of her. Kaoru sighed. "Then you leave me no choice."


"Wh...?" Rimi lost her breath the moment that Kaoru put her arms around her, effectively burying the smaller girl in her jacket. Somehow she blushed even harder, and couldn't help but notice that her hands had ended up softly pressed against Kaoru's ribs. This was so embarrassing...


"I shall walk you home. Directions?"


"Oh, uh, that way." Rimi pointed, shivering a little bit at the contact. She did admit that it was warmer, and felt really nice.


Maybe she should get hugged by Kaoru more often.


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Rokka was pining hard.


She was sure all the time she was spending with Masuki wasn't helping. She couldn't help it, though, the drummer was just too cool, and tall, but she also loved cute things, which was, ironically, cute.


Maybe Rokka should've been asleep already. Chu2 loved to practice really early in the morning, and she couldn't afford to doze off then. Although, with Masuki there, she wasn't sure she'd be able to, at least not while her heart was going crazy like that. She always looked like she was having so much fun playing the drums.


And her thoughts shifted back to Masuki. Why did she touch her so much? Rokka never minded, but it was curious. Not helping her poor heart, though. Masuki often wrapped her arm around Rokka's shoulder, almost as if trapping her. But, there was nowhere she could've felt safer. Or riding on her motorcycle...


Rokka really had a pretty bad crush, huh?


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Despite what she said to other people, Misaki did truly love the beach. Sure, the salty smell could get a bit much, and sand was annoying, but just soaking her feet in the water was so relaxing. The sound of the ocean waves helped with that a lot.


Today, however, was proving to be a different story. She felt something scaly brush her foot as she sat in the water. She cursed mentally; now she was never going to be able to relax at the beach again! And she had bought this really nice swimsuit, too. She guessed she could go to the pool with it too, but nothing really beat the beach. Besides, all that chlorine would probably ruin it anyway.


"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Misaki just stared at what she saw when she opened her eyes again. It was just a girl. With red scales on the sides of her face (which Misaki couldn't help but notice was extremely pretty), and deep red eyes. Could purple hair be natural? And a tail. Okay, this was pretty weird, but she had been in weirder situations before.


"No, you're good." Misaki shook her head, subconsciously tucking her legs closer to herself.


"You're... Not freaking out?" She tilted her head.


"Yeah? I mean, it's kinda weird seeing a creature that everyone thought was a myth in front of me, but..." Misaki trailed off, realizing that she probably shouldn't say that she was too busy admiring how beautiful the mermaid was to be shocked.


"Oh. That's new." She smiled, making Misaki's heart jump just a little. "Well, what's the surface world like? I've always wondered."


"Uh, it's fine, I guess? I mean, we have a lot of issues, but for the most part, it's pretty cool. Lots of technology and stuff. Fun to learn about." Misaki honestly had no idea what she was saying anymore. But, the mermaid seemed to be enjoying her explanation, so she went into a little more depth about everything she enjoyed about living in land.


Then, the girl started describing her own life underwater. It sounded absolutely wonderful, very colorful and fun. Much more exciting than the human world, in Misaki's opinion. And she seemed to turn into a completely different person when she was talking. She used incredibly colorful language, speaking in a manner that Misaki could only describe as Shakespearean, or something close to that, especially when she got passionate about something.


When the sun started setting, Misaki had to leave, but she knew she would come back to visit the mermaid. It seemed that her bumping into this girl would lead to the opposite of what she initially thought would happen.


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"Futaba-han, I need help with something," Kaoruko announced as she walked into the living room of their dorm.


"Okay, just give me a minute," Futaba started to stand up after she closed her book, but Kaoruko held her shoulders and pushed her back down into the couch.


"No, no, it won't take long." Kaoruko let go of her shoulders, but eyeing her in a way that implied that if she tried to get up again, she would be even rougher forcing her down next time.


"Well, that's new," Futaba laughed, and turned around. "So, what did you need help with?"


"Actually..." Kaoruko paused, and Futaba sensed a bit of nervousness in her face, but didn't have time to linger or think about that as Kaoruko proceeded to pull her up by the collar and kiss her. Futaba was rotating between shock, being glad that it finally happened, and happiness.


She kissed back after a few seconds, feeling quite a few twinges in her stomach.


"Thanks!" Kaoruko started to walked away again, acting like she usually did, even if she was blushing a little.


"Wh- hey! You kiss me after years and years of me pining over you and you just walk away?!"


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Lisa always thought the lines between 'date' and 'hanging out with friends' were pretty clear. Dates usually involved fancy restaurants, or physical affection, maybe even visiting some kind of expensive tourist destination. Hanging out with friends was more casual, even if it did involve a semi-expensive experience, and the room was pretty easy to read.


But that line started to blur once she started hanging out with Yukina and Sayo. They were both extremely serious people, and kept that up a good 99% of the time. They dropped it somewhat when all of Roselia was hanging out outside of practice, but it came down 100% when it was just the three of them.


Now, this made Lisa hopeful, because she was hopelessly crushing on both of them, and that meant they felt comfortable with her, even if they didn't return their feelings. It's just that Yukina and Sayo got uncharacteristically touchy when they went out together, and it was starting to happen more. They were both super oblivious to feelings in general, so Lisa wasn't surprised if they thought these were dates they were having.


But, if they both thought these were dates, did that mean that she was being the oblivious one? She hoped not. It might even hurt the others if they all thought that these were dates, and she just viewed them as platonic.


"Hey, is this a date?" Lisa said, almost instinctively, and had to restrain herself from slapping her hand over her mouth. Did she actually just say that? This was embarrassing...


"Of course." Yukina nodded immediately, tilting her head at Lisa. "Why wouldn't it be?"


"Yes, Imai-san, we are your girlfriends, are we not?" Lisa completely blanked as Sayo looked at her like this was the most simple thing in the world. They were dating?? Since when?


"O... Okay, then," Lisa cleared her throat. "Um, I was not made aware of this fact."


"Really? I thought it was obvious."


"Yukina, you have to ask before you date people." Lisa was honestly baffled at her (girl??)friend's obliviousness.


"Okay, then, Imai-san," Sayo held out a hand, which Lisa eagerly took, and Yukina took Lisa's other hand in hers. Her heart pounded loudly in her chest. Finally! "Will you be our girlfriend?"


"Yes, I will."


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Rokka had no idea what was going on.


Her first day in the games was spent running and looking for water and some shelter. And somewhere along the way, she had bumped into that really really attractive girl from... District 7, was it? She had forgotten. Either way, the girl said something that Rokka had missed because she was too busy being gay and also hyped up on adrenaline and pure fear, and she had dragged Rokka to a cave.


At first, Rokka thought this girl was going to kill her, but she quickly explained that she wanted to truce. Rokka was slightly suspicious, but, this girl was very cute, and not to mention, very strong, so she decided she would think about running away later.


Being the first 24 hours, they didn't have much. Just some knives and an empty bag. They didn't even have enough stuff to light a fire.


"So... What should we do for warmth?" The arena was relatively cold, and this cave was pretty drafty, so Rokka was shivering just a little bit.


"Hm." Masuki - Rokka had learned her name after a very awkward conversation in the cave - put a hand on her chin in thought. "Well, we don't have much to do. Maybe we should huddle together."


"Ah..." Rokka blushed, feeling stupid for doing so. They were cold and needed to survive, and had no other option, but the thought of being close to someone this attractive was... Embarrassing, to say the least. "Yeah, that, uh, sounds good."


"Cool." Rokka scooched closer to Masuki, just close enough for their shoulders to touch. "Oh, no, that's not enough." She wrapped her arms around Rokka's middle, and adjusted so that they were as close as they could be.


"What?! W-why?" Rokka blushed even harder, reluctantly hugging Masuki as well.


"Because, it's a win-win situation. You get to stay warm, and I get to cuddle with a cute girl. What's there to lose?" She grinned, and Rokka's heart must've leaped into her throat. Is... She flirting with me?!


"D-did you just call me cute?" She managed to squeak out. Masuki simply laughed, and leaned very close to Rokka's ear.


"And what if I did?" She whispered, and a shiver went down Rokka's spine at the way her breath hit her ear. God, she was probably on fire.


She might die of embarrassment before she dies from the other tributes at this point.



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"Do you think he'll like it?" Virgil was nervously biting his thumb. None of them were as creative as Roman, obviously, but they hoped that he still liked the present.


"Even if it does not live up to his expectations, we are his boyfriends, so I assume that he will enjoy it either way." Logan put a reassuring hand on Virgil's shoulder.


"Exactly! Besides, he's been really tiring himself out lately, and he just needs something to help him rela-"


"Ooh, that looks shiny!" Everybody jumped as Roman entered the living room, peering at the gold wrapping paper on his present excitedly.


"Oh, Roman, hello."


"Jesus, Ro, you're usually not that quiet." Virgil muttered, leaning into Logan's hand a little more.


"Oh, sorry." Roman spread his arms very widely and tackled his boyfriends onto the couch, obviously very giddy. "I was just too excited to see what you were going to do to wait any longer."


"It's okay, Roman," Patton patted Roman on the back, and tried to sit up. "But, could you, uh...?"


"Oh, right! Goodness, I really am a mess." Roman got up, dusting off his prince outfit (which didn't make any sense, seeing as it was completely spotless) and sitting on the couch like a normal person. "So, what are we doing first?"


Virgil just shrugged. "I dunno, man, you're the one that gets to choose."


"Ah, wonderful! Let's do Disney, first." Roman was already across the entire couch, grabbing the remote and pulling up Disney+.


For their usual movie nights, everyone had a spot. Patton on the floor in the middle, Logan at the far end on the L couch, Virgil sitting on the back of the couch, and Roman on the floor on the opposite end. However, today they settled on cuddling (besides Logan, he wasn't one for physical affection), with Virgil and Patton on either side of Roman in a prolonged kind of group hug.


Roman couldn't be happier. Of course, he was delighted that they got him a present, but he was just glad to have a day to be showered with affection and love. He absolutely noted the way that Patton's hug was very tight and loosened as the movie went on, and the way Virgil grew more relaxed leaning on him.


Honestly, his boyfriends were the best.

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Ran took a deep breath. While she had long gotten over the fear of going on stage, being on said stage with Roselia made her just a bit nervous. Looking around, she saw that Tsugumi was chattering away with Sayo, Ako and Tomoe were doing who knows what, and Himari and Lisa were making some small talk and/or gossiping.


When she looked at Yukina, she saw golden eyes staring back at her. While Yukina's eyes were always piercing, this time they were annoyingly so. As if the vocalist was looking into the darkest corners of Ran's soul and finding all of the gay thoughts that she had about her.


Because, yeah, Ran hadn't tried to deny it to herself. Her thoughts about Yukina were very gay. She still insisted that she didn't like her in that way, just that she could appreciate a hot girl when she saw one.


"We're gonna beat you tonight, Minato-san." Ran stepped closer to Yukina.


"Oh, is that right?" Yukina smiled, and Ran observed that it was - objectively - very pretty.


"Yeah. It is." Ran felt a smirk spreading across her face. She really liked all this banter between herself and Yukina, it was fun. Not that she'd ever admit that.


"Well, then, Mitake-san," Yukina put a hand on Ran's shoulder, already sending alarms throughout her whole body. And then she kissed her. Ran blamed herself leaning into it on the fact that this was her first kiss and like hell she would not reciprocate it. "Good luck." And she walked away just like that.


Ran felt a blush settle across her cheeks. What did that girl think she was doing?! She was so infuriating, just kissing Ran with no warning! While she was busy being frustrated, she heard Moca's voice behind her.


"Ran, what was that you said before about not having a crush on Minato-san?"


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Walking into the cheap coffee shop across from campus, Emile grinned and took in the scent of coffee. He might have been a cheery and optimistic person, but he couldn't possibly get through college without coffee. Walking up to the front of the shop, he noticed that the anxious mess of an employee wasn't working that day. That was a shame, since he really liked the kid.


"Hello, what would you like today?" The probably underpaid worker asked him in a dry voice, before actually looking at Emile, and his lips quirked up. "Ooh, I like your hair, babes."


Emile's voice failed him as he looked at the man in front of him. He had sunglasses, which was weird since they were inside, and had a leather jacket over his uniform, which was probably not allowed. All in all, he had a sort of rugged good look to him.


"Oh, thank you." Emile smiled as he regained his composure. He didn't want to tell this stranger that he had dyed his hair purple because of cartoon characters, so he just said his order as usual. "Coffee, regularly brewed, and some traditional creamer, please."


"Okay, coming right up, purp man," The man pulled down his sunglasses and winked, and Emile felt himself blush just a small bit. It was certainly a strange nickname, but when combined with the wink it made Emile slightly weak.


Only slightly, though. Right?


He thought so until he heard that same barista call out his order. He spoke to all the other customers in such a dull, monotone voice, and yet with Emile he seemed to regain a bit of energy. It was nice to know he made somebody feel a bit happier.


"Here," He handed over the drink, and smiled at Emile. "My name's Remy, by the way. I'm working again tomorrow, Virgie's currently cramming for exams, and I just finished mine. Will you come around again?"


"Certainly." Emile grinned. "Studying to be a therapist isn't easy, let me tell you."


"Ooh, that would explain the happy go lucky energy you give off," Remy lowered his sunglasses to look at Emile with those eyes, and then pushed them back up and smirked. "Or maybe it's the gay in me."


Emile was sure that he had a flustered expression on his face, or it certainly felt like he did. Remy simply laughed.


"Yeah, uh... See you tomorrow. Remy," He smiled, walking out the door of the shop and immediately let out a breath. He had just met (and maybe flirted) with a cute guy at a coffee shop close to campus. Could his life get much better?


He made sure to visit it again the next day.


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Maki grabbed the sheet of paper from Umi and started reading. As she read, she realized that these lyrics were... A bit overkill. Sure, she knew that they were going to be doing a love song (which, already, wasn't good for her nerves when she was going to be singing it with Rin, of all people), but this?


What was this? It was nothing like their other love songs, which were either somber or incredibly sweet, this was just about intimacy. Which, could be done, but with Rin...?


Her nerves wouldn't be able to handle it. She could handle these kind of lyrics, but not with the girl she'd been secretly crushing on for a while.


Not with Rin.


"Wow, these lyrics are really good, Umi!" Rin grinned.


"Oh, thank you..." Umi twisted a strand of hair around her finger.


"They're not bad," Maki blurted before she could stop herself. What was she saying? Of course this was bad! Having to sing a song about physical intimacy with Rin?


"We're gonna rock this song, Maki-chan!" Rin hugged Maki, who hadn't realized she was blushing slightly.


"I guess we will." What??? She shouldn't have said that, she should've voiced her discontent, something! But she knew that, if deep inside her, there was still some part of her that wanted to sing this song with Rin. Besides, it was clear she liked it, so it shouldn't be bad, right? It would save Umi the the trouble of writing more lyrics, please Rin, and appease that weird part of Maki that wanted this.


She had no choice but to agree.

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Saaya looked at herself in the mirror. She had picked out an orangeish-yellow dress to match Kasumi's, but it didn't look quite right on her, in her opinion. "I don't know if it's... Right." Saaya confessed, looking back at Arisa.


"Well, it's too late to go back now." She commented, and then took a softer approach once she saw the look on Saaya's face. "Um, you do look great, you know. And besides, it's Kasumi! Didn't she tell you how beautiful you looked in it when you first tried it on?"


"But she's my girlfriend!" Saaya said defensively. "Or... Fiancee. She's obligated to think I look nice."


"She would think that regardless." Arisa pointed out.


"But what if something happens?" Saaya found herself unable to stop rambling about her worries. "Or what if she doesn't actually want to marry me? We did kinda rush into things. What if I'm not good enough for her? W-"


"Whoa, okay, calm down," Arisa put her hands on Saaya's shoulders. "Kasumi loves you. I know she does. Trust me, she never stops talking about it when you're not there. You can do it."


"Arisa? Saaya?" Tae poked her head in the room. "It's almost time."


"C'mon," Arisa pushed Saaya forward. "You got this." Saaya nodded, still feeling a bit unsure of herself.


But when she saw Kasumi at the altar for her, somehow, her worries seemed to melt away.


She was meant to be with this woman.


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It was official. They were lost.


Everybody in Afterglow had just got to Haneoka to get something of Himari's, but somehow, Tomoe and Tsugumi got separated from the other three. And they were both terrified. Tsugumi tried not to show it, but Tomoe could tell.


At least until they found a puddle of actual blood. Then all hell broke loose.


"Oh my god, that's blood!" Tomoe screamed, hiding behind Tsugumi, who was pressing herself into the taller girl's body as hard as she could. "That's definitely blood! What should we do?"


"Run away?" Tsugumi said, her voice shaking. It was the only idea they had, and the most sensible thing they could do at the moment, so they did. It seemed to be going well, until Tsugumi slipped. Tomoe helped her up, only to see...


"Tsugu! You... You're red!" Tomoe couldn't believe it. She was covered in a thick liquid that was almost the color of Tomoe's hair. "There wasn't blood over here before, was there?"


"No!" Tsugumi looked at her hands, and screamed at the blood. "Oh, what do we do now?!"


"I'd say we... Sit here and cower in fear!" Tomoe gave her a lopsided grin.


"Okay." Tsugumi breathed, not well mind you, and moved away from the surprisingly large puddle of blood she had fell into, taking her bandmate with her. Once they were both out of the way, Tsugumi sat down, and Tomoe did too. And they just cuddled, waiting for the others to, hopefully, find them.


And then they heard eerie, demonic laughing from down the hallway.


And freaked.


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Masuki was in a situation that she didn't know how to handle.


Even when her cool demeanor had dropped around Rokka (and the rest of RAS), she still knew how to put up that front in an instant if she needed to. This time, though, that didn't seem to be an option.


Because she was in Rokka's bathhouse. With Rokka. And they were kind of cuddling. Maybe.


She didn't know what to call it. Their shoulders were touching (and Masuki definitely didn't miss the redness on Rokka's cheeks (or her own)), they had gotten relaxed next to each other, and Masuki absentmindedly put her arm around her bandmate's shoulders.


When they were clothed, this kind of physical contact was normal, which is why it was so natural for Masuki to do that. But when they were both soaking in the bath, completely naked, mind you, she realized that that might not be... Acceptable.


Rokka squeaked, and Masuki made sure that none of her was touching Rokka, but it was still awkward. Usually they talked when they were like that.


Now they were silent. It was so awkward. Yeah, she had a crush on Rokka, but never had it felt so embarrassing before. It was always sweet, and comforting, and warm, not... Weird, like this.


So when the first year suggested they ended it early this time, Masuki was more than relieved.


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Sometimes, Virgil really hated Janus.


That was a shock to nobody. Ever since Virgil left the dark sides, their relationship was incredibly strained, hanging on by less than a thread. They didn't like each other at all, and with Janus getting accepted by Thomas and the other light sides, Virgil was more angry at him than usual.


Which is why it was horrible that this video was being made at that time, when Virgil had just found out. Because it included a song. The video itself was unscripted, which made everybody a bit stressed, but they always planned ahead a bit if there was going to be a song.


Which lead him back to now.


Much like in the intrusive thoughts episode and Remus, in this video, Janus had a song that was mostly of him, and of course he was singing about him and Virgil's relationship. Because he liked taunting Virgil, apparently. Which was evident when he made Virgil sing in the song, too.


Virgil didn't mind singing, and had sung in a song for the series a few times, but in a song this emotionally charged, it was really difficult. Not to mention the sequence for the song itself. It wasn't too flashy visually, again, it was similar to Remus' song in many ways, but there was choreography. And since it was centered around the two of them, they were the main two doing all the different moves. It was making the production of the video itself very annoying and tense, no matter how much Patton or Thomas tried to reign both of them in. A lot of fights happened, drenched in sarcasm and hitting some very sore spots with their words.


And then there was the scene Virgil was dreading.


It was simple to do, but bad for Virgil's nerves. In the bridge to the chorus, Janus would use his cane to twirl Virgil and pull him into his arms, Virgil initially facing away from Janus, and use a hand to make Virgil face him and get dangerously close to kissing him. It was awful.


But the problem wasn't in the actual move itself, Virgil figured out. It was in the look on that stupid snake's face.


He was so smug while lipsyncing to his own voice playing back to him as they filmed, smirking at Virgil (which totally didn't make his heart leap into his throat and his face get warmer), and got even closer than they intended, so much so that he could feel Janus' breath on his lips.


And, as much as Virgil wanted to hate him, the only thought that ran through his incredibly gay mind at that moment was Wow, he's really hot. He was sure he looked like an idiot in that moment, and managed to compose himself after Janus pulled away to start on the next scene.


"That take was really good!" Thomas clapped his hands together. "Virgil, you really did a good job looking shocked in that scene." Well, at least his embarrassment hadn't gone to waste.


Though, he could've sworn he saw Janus wink at him out of the corner of his eye.


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Ray slammed the door behind him, barricading it as quickly as he could, and sinking to the floor. This was their new base, as the last one was... Compromised.


And they also lost Emma on the way there.


Ray started to panic again, but he felt a hand on his shoulder, that immediately started to rub small circles into it.


"It'll be okay, Ray," Norman sat next to him and smiled, but Ray knew that smile by now. It was the smile Norman gave to mask what he was actually feeling, a strategy to fool not only other people, but himself. "If Emma survived for three years without us, she can survive a week or two."


"But still! We shouldn't have lost her." Ray muttered, looking away, but still leaning into Norman's touch. He hated how calming the gesture was. "I shouldn't have lost her."


"Ray," Norman's expression shifted into a serious one, and he held Ray's other hand. "We need to focus on the now. We have a new base. It will be okay. We'll find her soon." He kissed the top of Ray's head, and quickly stood up and started to walk away.


"What... Was that?"


"Nothing!" Norman replied, but stopped as Ray grabbed his wrist.


"Stay here. Please."


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Sayo wondered what life would be like if she got to grow up as an equal to Hina.


Would they be close? Actually have a healthy relationship? Maybe. They were separated as babies, and since Hina was younger, she was the one raised as a princess. Sayo, however, was forced to be an servant to her twin sister.


Was she happy with this life? She didn't know. On the one hand, she hated her sister. So much. Hina was the princess. Hina got to be raised in priviledge and riches, even if she became notorious for being evil later in life. Hina got to grow up to have her own personality, albeit not a good one, instead of the empty shell Sayo had become.


But, she was still her sister. Even when she had ordered Sayo to kill the one she loved. Even when she asked Sayo if she could die for her. Even then, when Sayo was definitely going to die in a few minutes, Hina would always be her sister. And she was the servant.


It wasn't hard to convince others that she was Hina. A disguise, impersonating her voice, a haircut. It was all so easy. Easy to protect Hina, like she was born to do. Wearing a fancy dress felt so right, even though Sayo knew she couldn't wear it for long.


Even when her head was in the guillotine, she had to act like she wasn't afraid. Only saying Hina's favorite phrase.


"Oh, it's time for tea!"


Even if all she got back from Hina, who she had sacrificed so much for, was a long overdue "I love you, Onee-chan," she would still protect Hina with her entire being.


And suddenly, her being didn't exist anymore.


Chapter Text


Logan had, reluctantly, agreed to go to his roommate's Christmas party. After all, he wouldn't be going back home for the holiday season, and he was maybe motivated by the fact that his crush was going to be there.


He didn't care much for the holiday season, but he knew that Patton absolutely loved it, and the thought of seeing his smile was enough to convince him to go. Besides, even though he wouldn't admit it, Christmas foods were very delicious, if unhealthy.


When he arrived back at the dorm, not very many people were there, only about three people besides him, but that was unsurprising. After all, Virgil was the one who had organized it, and he wouldn't socialize with anyone besides his close friends if he could help it. He probably had to stop Roman and Patton from bringing the entire school over.


Speaking of Patton, he enthusiastically greeted Logan as soon as he walked in the door with a hug. Patton hugged literally everybody, but it still made Logan's heart quicken just a little bit.


"Oh my gosh," He heard Roman gasp, and opened his eyes to see him grinning and holding one of Virgil's hands (it was impossible to miss Virgil's blush as he did so). "Virge, did you do that on purpose?"


"Maybe," The emo smirked, and saw Logan looking at them. "Come on, L, look." He pointed above Logan's head, and they both pulled away from the hug to look up.




Of course. Of course Virgil would do this. He always bothered Logan about asking Patton out. He had gotten incredibly impatient with Logan, and this was probably how he intended to get them together.


"Oh," Logan blushed, and looked at Patton, who was also a little red, although smiling a bit wider than before.


"It's okay, Lo, it doesn't have to be on the lips if you're uncomfortable with that-" Patton started, but Logan shook his head.


"That is unnecessary, Patton, a kiss on the lips would be... Satisfactory." Logan honestly commended himself on getting through that sentence.


And so, they kissed.


Roman and Virgil cheered, while Logan simply enjoyed it. Patton's lips were soft and warm, and at some point he had returned to Patton's embrace, and everything about Patton was just so sweet and warm.


Logan still thought Christmas traditions were foolish, but this time, he was grateful for them.


Chapter Text


Misaki was incredibly comfortable. She was surrounded by soft blankets, the morning light wasn't too hard on her eyes for once, and her girlfriend's arms were really warm.


But, she was also very thirsty. She debated not getting up, but eventually, it was just too much to bear. She got up, walking to the kitchen, and poured herself half of a glass of water. As she was setting it down after finishing it, a pair of arms wrapped around her midriff.


"Good morning," Misaki smiled, interlacing her fingers with Kaoru's.


"Why'd you get up? I was so comfortable..." Kaoru's voice was heavy with tiredness, which was actually really adorable. "It's just not warm enough without you."


"You're like a child," Misaki teased.


"I'm older than you." Kaoru snuggled up against Misaki's cheek, holding her tighter.


"Ahahaha," Misaki laughed. "Okay, let's go back."


"But I'm awake now."


"Ugh, I love you." Misaki rolled her eyes, gently kissing Kaoru. And they stood there for a while, just cuddling.


It was nice.


Chapter Text


Emma was a clingy sleeper. Both Norman and Ray could attest to that, as Emma was always clinging to one of them while she slept, usually whoever had gotten in bed first, as that girl fell asleep with inhuman speed. The other one just had to deal with the fact that they wouldn't get to fully cuddle their partner because of Emma's sleeping habits.


However, on this particular day, Emma had gotten in bed first, and fell asleep without them. After some lighthearted discussion (which was unusual for Norman and Ray, they usually talked about serious things, since you couldn't really talk to Emma about that), they decided on snuggling on either side of Emma.


Norman was always the first to wake up, followed by Emma, and a very sleepy Ray a half hour later. Norman liked to wait until Emma woke up to get out of bed, because looking at his lovers always made him calm. He loved them a lot, and they loved him (even if Ray would only actually say it once in a blue moon). It was a nice life.


He was suddenly overtaken by a feeling of deep affection as he looked at the way that Ray held Emma as if she was a delicate piece of china, and the way that Emma had an arm around both of them. Could you marry two people? He certainly wanted to.


Suddenly, Emma stirred, disturbing the peace of the moment, but all was forgiven when she gave Norman the cutest little kiss on the cheek once she sat up. How Ray ever slept through Emma's loud morning greetings, Norman would never know. She carefully got herself out of Ray's grip, and skipped to the kitchen to make herself some breakfast, probably.


Normally, Norman would get up after Emma, but the way that Ray rolled into his arms and firmly planted himself there was just too cute to leave. He chuckled quietly as he held Ray, gently running his fingers through the black mess of his hair. Ray only responded by burying his face deeper into Norman's chest.


He supposed making sure Emma didn't burn the house down could wait for at least a little bit.


Chapter Text


Maki always liked it when Rin held her hands. Her hands were surprisingly rough, so Rin's soft skin was a nice contrast to that. Luckily, Rin didn't seem to mind getting scratched by the rough skin on Maki's hand, otherwise she wouldn't have held her hands so often.


Maki liked to run her fingers over Rin's palm, always getting a little giggle out of her. It was absolutely adorable. And Rin always squeezed Maki's hands in a soft and gentle way that made her feel loved every time.


It was nice, Rin swinging her arm around as they walked, taking Maki with her. That girl always had a boundless amount of energy, and it often rubbed off on Maki.


Usually Maki would find such an energetic person really irritating, but when Rin was this cute, how could she ever get annoyed at her? Even when she did, it was due to an underlying feeling of wanting to protect her. Maybe it was because Rin was like a kitten. Full of energy, cheerful, small, and cute.


Rin made her happy, plain and simple. You couldn't be around her and not have some of her enthusiasm transferred over to you. And Maki saw this in herself especially. Even though she refused to admit it, Rin made her see the best things in life.


Maki wondered when she had become so sappy.


Chapter Text


Rokka rubbed her eyes right after waking up. She briefly wondered where she was, but remembered a couple seconds later. She was at a sleepover with everyone from RAS. They had all gotten pretty close over the past few months, and had planned to stay at Rokka's house.


She looked around. She was the first one awake, Rei curled up on some blankets in the corner, with an air mattress nearby that was being shared by Chu2 and Pareo, and...


And then there was the bed that Rokka was sharing with Masuki. Since this was her house, everyone agreed that it was fair for her to have the bed, but they didn't have enough space for Masuki to sleep, and Rokka offered to share the bed. She was now regretting that decision, however, as it meant being in close proximity to her crush for quite a few hours, which proved to a bit too much for her heart to take.


Masuki looked incredibly peaceful like this. She was lightly snoring (which was cute, how could that be cute??), and was laying with one of her hands off the edge of the bed. Her hair was messy, and shone a bright yellow in the dim sunlight.


Suddenly, a wave of confidence washed over Rokka. Maybe she could finally kiss her? If Rokka was woken up by a kiss, she would most likely enjoy it. So, maybe...?


And as soon as she leaned in, she stopped, just a few centimeters from Masuki's lips. What was she doing?! You couldn't just kiss somebody, especially not when they were asleep! She was about to pull away and go die in a hole from shame, probably, when a hand on her cheek stopped her.


"If you're not going to do it, I guess I will," Masuki's eyes fluttered open, piercing Rokka's soul, and she was the one who leaned in. The second their lips touched, Rokka could swear that she had died. Although, if that was death, somehow Rokka didn't mind dying. It was like thousands of fireworks went off inside her, and her heartbeat quickened. If she had been functioning properly, she would have drawn comparisons to the sparkly, heart-pounding feeling Kasumi always talked about, but she couldn't as her brain was overtaken by pure gay. "Mornin'." Masuki said once they broke apart, smiling in a way that made Rokka's heart jump.


"G-good morning, Masuki-san..." Rokka managed to stutter out, still recovering.


Chapter Text


"Lo, you gotta come up here!" Logan jumped as Pattin burst into the room, grabbed his wrist, and started pulling him out the door.


"Patton, what are you talking about?" Logan tried to ask, but it only got him a "shush" in response, so he decided to ignore it for the time being. They ended up climbing the ladder in their backyard that lead to the roof.


"Ta-da!" Patton put his arms out once Logan got up. It turns out that he had set up a blanket on the roof, with some steaming mugs nearby, which Logan assumed contained hot chocolate seeing as Patton rarely drank coffee, especially not this late at night. "No, silly, look up!" Patton playfully poked Logan, and he did.


The stars were gorgeous. Logan grew up in the city, and he didn't get to see much of them, but here? They were on full display, shining brightly, just like all the pictures he saw of stars when he was a kid. "Wow, Patton, this..."


"I thought you'd like it." Patton sat down and patted the ground next to him, and Logan followed suit.


"I suppose I've been too busy ever since moving here to really appreciate the stars." Logan leaned into his boyfriend, a sense of warmth and contentment filling his chest. Patton handed him a mug, but Logan was too busy looking up at the stars to actually drink from it.


"Exactly! Everyone needs a break from time to time, and so I thought it would be nice to come up here and just... Relax." Patton put an arm around Logan, sipping his own hot chocolate and sighing contentedly.


As the stars shone bright in the night, Logan looked at Patton, who's blue eyes reflected the stars in a truly breathtaking way. He was smiling, and turned to face Logan, his smile only growing. He leaned forward and gently kissed Logan, making him feel even calmer and happier.


This was where he was meant to be.


Chapter Text


Maya woke up to the sound of a hair dryer, and it was starting to get annoying. She knew Eve liked to get up early, but at that moment all she cared about was getting it to stop.


"Oh, Maya-san!" The sounds of air finally stopped, and Eve walked through the bathroom door in her robe. "You're awake!"


"Eve, we've been married for over a year now, you can drop the honorific." Maya yawned, stretching her arms.


"I know, but... Something just feels weird about not using it." Eve shook her head, and Maya could literally see the water coming off of her hair. "Oh, sorry. I wanted your help drying my hair, it can be a challenge to get a hold of." Yeah, no kidding. Eve had some of the thickest hair of anyone Maya ever knew.


"Mm... Okay." Maya got up, and followed her wife into the bathroom that was connected to their room. Eve sat down on a stool, and handed Maya the dryer. "Shouldn't I pat it down with a towel first?"


"Ah, but if you do that, it's always a pain to brush afterwards." Eve said, but Maya shook her head.


"Nope, I'm using a towel." Maya was surprisingly stubborn when she was tired, and so Eve just sat back and hummed to herself while her wife squeezed her hair with a towel.


After that, she went in with the hair dryer, on a cold setting ("Too much heat is bad for your hair, you know."), and the noise was less unbearable since she was more awake. Eve seemed to be enjoying it, as she was mumbling to herself in Finnish, and she only did that when she was incredibly relaxed. It was nice to see Eve so calm and tranquil. Even if she saw it often, it was still a wonderful sight.


Eve was truly gorgeous. Heck, she had been a model for a long time, and Maya could understand why. She could pull off so many looks, and styles, and looked good in practically anything.


Once her hair was dry, Eve asked Maya if she could brush it through for her. Of course, Maya knew that Eve really liked having her hair brushed, so she obliged, even when she'd rather be getting her day started already. It was good to take a break every once in a while.


After her hair was thoroughly combed through, and all the knots were gone, Eve started styling it in her signature twin braids, chatting to Maya about her week. It reminded her so much of all those old moments in Pasupare dressing rooms. God, she missed the past of Pasupare. Now it was fine, but it was really at its peak in high school. Being an idol got just a bit dryer when you were older. Not that she didn't love it, of course, but it just wasn't the same.


After Eve was finished braiding her hair, she gave Maya a brief kiss on the cheek before exiting the bathroom.


"Thank you so much, Maya-san."


"You're welcome."


"I love you."


"Yeah, I love you too." It was still weird to hear Eve say it, which was weird in and of itself, because they were literally married.


Either way, Maya finally got her day started, a bit happier than usual. Eve really brought out the best in her.


Chapter Text


"I don't know, Roman, this just seems like a bad idea." Virgil said, projecting his voice a bit more than usual since Roman was already halfway up the tree.


"Oh, like you haven't done anything stupid yourself," Roman said back, turning his head around to send Virgil a glare. "And besides, you don't have to come up here if you don't want to."


"That's not what I meant," Virgil rolled his eyes, finding a steady place to put his foot. He had climbed quite a few trees when he was little, and was surprised to find that it was still easy.


"Well, then, get up here!" Roman stood proudly on a branch. "Jeez, you climb so slowly!"


"This is how you don't get injured, Princey." Virgil eventually hauled himself up onto the same branch, with Roman's help, and sat down. "You go slow."


"Pshh, how boring," Roman said, not so subtly scooting closer to the emo.


After about a few minutes of silence, Virgil started to panic. How were they supposed to get down? Would they ever get down? Would they need help? So many worst case scenarios were running through his head, and it was about to get out of hand, when a hand on his back distracted him.


"You okay, Virge?" Roman asked, tilting his head in concern. "Sorry if I made you feel like you had to come up here with me, it was probably a stupid idea." When Virgil didn't answer, Roman started to talk faster, like he did when he was overthinking things. "Oh god, I'm so sorry, I really wasn't thinking when I came up here, and now you're probably mad at me, I-"


"Shut up," Virgil said, much louder than usual, surprising even himself. And since he was really delusional at the moment, and probably panicking because wow this branch was higher up than it looked, he thought it was a good idea to surge forward and kiss Roman.


Although, even after he realized it was probably a bad idea, Roman was already kissing him back, so maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all. That made him relax a little.


After they pulled away, all they could really do was agree to get down.


Chapter Text


Chisato couldn't believe this.


She always thought of herself as a rational person, but that view was ruined after Aya suggested they go out into the snow during practice to make a snowman. And Chisato agreed.


She barely even had her coat on, since Aya had quite literally dragged her out the door due to her own excitement. And now she was helping Aya make a snowman. During practice.


This was a mess.


They could barely scrounge up enough snow to make the snowman properly sized, so it ended up being a tiny snowman. Which, Chisato had to admit, was adorable.


But it was nothing compared to Aya. The whole time, Aya's eyes were shining a brilliant pink, and she looked so excited that it eventually made Chisato forget about her worries. Even though she was freezing, Aya made it better by hugging her while they put on the finishing touches.


The snowman ended up with a lopsided grin on its face, and it looked kinda wonky, but Aya looked so happy about it.


In the end, Chisato decided it was worth it. Even if they missed out on fifteen minutes of practice, even if her face went a little numb from the cold, it was fine, because Aya seemed happy and rejuvenated afterward.


And the kiss on the cheek she received from Aya was also contributing, she supposed.


Chapter Text


5 minutes.


Rui was currently freaking out. Having long hair came with quite a few downsides, but being able to style it in many ways was not one. Even though she didn't so it much, she thought it would be nice for when she met her soulmate.


But now she was stuck in the dressing room of the shop, desperately trying to get her hair into a bun, and it just wasn't cooperating. No matter how many times she brushed through it, it wouldn't stay up.


4 minutes.


Eventually she put the clothes she was wearing back on, setting the other clothes in a bag. She had meant to wear them while meeting her soulmate, but she had overslept that day and couldn't get to the store in time. Oh well.


Still, maybe she was doing this wrong. How had Fumi taught her this again? Was she not paying attention during the fact? Maybe. Sighing, she resorted to putting it in a ponytail for now.


3 minutes.


Stepping outside the dressing room, she rushed to the counter to check out her purchase. There was a small line. She could wait.


2 minutes.


Rui decided it was worth trying to put her hair up in a bun again. She didn't have much else to do besides wait.


1 minute.


She started getting nervous again. It wouldn't be that long until she would meet her soulmate. She needed to look good, and she didn't look good with her hair down at all, even when it was brushed like this.


30 seconds.


She didn't have time to get it in a ponytail, did she?


10 seconds.


The person in front of her in line grabbed the bags with their things in it.


5 seconds.


They started walking away.




Rui didn't have time.




She settled on putting the scrunchie on her wrist.




Her soulmate was going to see her like this! Oh no...




Rui braced herself.




As she stepped forward in line, the cashier just stared at her. She had beautiful purple eyes, and what she said next made a smile break across Rui's face.


"You're beautiful..."


Maybe she didn't look so bad with her hair down after all.

Chapter Text


Roman glanced at the clock. 12:27 AM. Should be plenty of time. He isn't used to staying up this long, but sleepovers with Virgil are always worth possibly ruining his sleep schedule for.


And, as it is with sleepovers, they're running out of things to do. Apparently, rewatching the entirety of Avatar season 3 doesn't take as long as Roman thought, and they had played more rounds of Clue than anybody should in a lifetime (yes, he knows you should play Clue with more than 2 people but damn it if he wants to spend some quality time playing a board game with his best friend and nobody else then he will).


"So... Wanna play 50 questions?" Virgil said after a few minutes of silence.


"Sure," Roman shrugged. Not like he could come up with anything better.


"Okay, uh... What's your favorite movie?" A pretty weak question considering that they had known each other since 7th grade, but they were just warming up. It was fine.


"Ugh, you know I can't answer that! It fluctuates! Today, though, I'd have to say... Strangely, I'm in a Tangled mood." Roman thought for a moment, then asked, "Who's the hottest person you know?"


"Hmm..." Virgil thought for a moment. "Janus."




"What, just 'cause I hate him doesn't mean I can't find him attractive!" Virgil said defensively. "I mean, have you ever heard the man sing? Whoo! I'd probably like, kick his ass before making out with him or something."


"Wow, okay, that was... An intriguing take," Roman replied, putting it lightly.


They kept going back and forth, some questions more filler, some more serious, some sparking intense debates and arguments. Until Virgil decided to ask the one question Roman had really hoped he wouldn't ask.


"Who do you like?" He seemed to regret the words as soon as he said them, and cringed. "Sorry, I... Didn't think. I know you don't really like talking about it."


"No, it's fine."


"You don't have to answer, you know," Virgil said, and then chuckled to himself, so quietly that it was hard to tell, but it almost sounded sad? "It's not like it's me, anyway."


"Virgil..." Roman muttered, feeling sad. That was the whole reason he didn't tell him!


"Oh, you heard that?" Virgil's head shot up, and he started fidgeting with the sleeves of his hoodie, fingers moving sporadically and intensely.


"Trust me, Virgil," Roman started, and simultaneously felt his heart speed up and his palms get incredibly sweaty. But he had to say it. He had been wanting to for so long, and now there was a perfectly good opportunity to tell him. "If... If I had a crush on anyone else, you would know about it by now."


"What?" Virgil looked shocked, but that expression quickly melted into a relieved smile. "Oh... Yeah, uh... Me too." Roman grabbed one of Virgil's hands and smiled.


Maybe not having anything to do was a good thing after all.


Chapter Text


Maya groggily opened her eyes to an unfamiliar place. Her drowsiness quickly turned into panic, and then relief when she felt her knife tucked neatly into her pocket.


However, that relief faded into confusion once she saw the girl hovering over her with a concerned expression who was maybe, totally, definitely not absolutely captivating.


"Are you okay?" She asked, helping Maya sit up. When she did, Maya winced, finding that her back was incredibly sore.


"What happened?" Maya asked, then shook her head. "Wait, first, who are you?"


"I'm Eve, nice to meet you," The girl - Eve - smiled politely at her, and then put a finger on her chin in thought. "I was walking home a few hours ago when I heard a crashing noise behind me. I turned around and saw that you had fallen into a flowerbed pretty hard, and it seemed like you were unconscious, but you might've just passed out on the way here, I'm not sure. Either way, you're at my house now. Welcome."


Eve? Wakamiya Eve...? Like, the Eve she was supposed to be murdering Eve? This was bad.


"I'm Maya," She replied instead of voicing her internal monologue. "Thank you for helping me, I appreciate it."


"Oh, it's nothing. You might want to rest for a bit longer, though, the fall was pretty bad." Eve stood up, and started walking towards the door. "I'll leave so you can relax. Bye!"


Maya simply waved, and sighed. She was so embarrassed that she had meant to kill this girl and yet found her cute, especially after she had nursed her back to health.


Though, looking back on it, she didn't like killing people much. Sure, she was skilled enough, but there were plenty of way more talented assassins in the organization, and she always felt incredibly guilty after taking someone's life. It was all she had ever known, being raised the way she was, but...


She decided that after she was better, she would be calling her boss in order to quit.


Chapter Text


The day had been nice so far. It was Eve's birthday, and pretty much everyone Misaki ever knew and then some (which was mostly an exaggeration but also not really, Eve had a lot of friends) was at the party, and Misaki had agreed to come along because there wasn't anything much better to do, and besides, she really did appreciate Eve and was happy to celebrate.


The rest of Harohapi was there as well, leading to very many shenanigans, the worst involving the three dummies almost destroying Eve's cake, and Kanon having to stop them from going anywhere near anything delicate. So now they were having a very enthusiastic conversation about bees, while Kanon was chatting with Chisato and making sure to keep an eye on them.


Misaki didn't really know what to do. Sure, she could go talk to someone, but everyone was already talking and it would be weird to just insert herself into a conversation and she was kinda tired too, so she decided on hanging back until it was time to eat or... Whatever high school students were supposed to do at birthday parties.


At first she tried to listen in to the three dummies conversation, but she had no idea how they had gotten from bees to cows in two seconds, and thinking about it made her brain hurt, so she just started scrolling through social media. She knew it was lame, but there was nothing else to do, and like hell was she about to involve herself in the mess that was social interaction.


She was shocked out of her feed when there was a loud popping noise, and saw Hina in the doorway. Of course she had shown up like this. Loud, obnoxious, disturbing the peace. It was just the way Hina would enter a party, with a party popper. That got confetti everywhere.


Since she had set it off near the door, however, it was mostly on the three dummies, who had for some reason decided that in front of the door was the best place to have a conversation (Misaki loved them, but sometimes their logic was so bad that she had to take a second to even try to process it). Kokoro was distracted by how sparkly the confetti was, Hagumi was trying to get it off so she could save some, and Kaoru...


Was laughing. And not one of her small laughs when she thought something was amusing, no, this was full on, unrestrained laughter, something very rare coming from Kaoru. And it was adorable. The way she subtly covered her mouth, her shaking shoulders, her eyes fully closed was cute.



Misaki knew the difference between finding someone attractive and being attracted to them. She could acknowledge that Kaoru was really beautiful, handsome in a charming way, hence the reason why literally everyone, even most of the girls from Misaki's school, could admit that she was hot. But, in the moment after Kaoru opened her eyes, still trying to contain her laughter, and glanced at Misaki, did she realize that maybe, just maybe, she was way more attracted to her than just knowing she was hot.


And oh boy, did Misaki internally flip out at that moment.


Chapter Text


Logan heard the sound of the door opening, and figured that his husband was home. Finally. He knew that being an actor meant that he stayed later than planned some nights, but this was just excessive.


"Hello, Roman," A small smile crossed Logan's face as his husband pressed a kiss into his forehead and held his waist.


"Hey, Specs," Roman said, and Logan could really tell that the day had been weighing down on him. His voice was less loud and overdramatic than usual, and he leaned on Logan very heavily.


"Are you tired?" Logan asked, gently kissing his cheek, and he jumped just slightly when Roman shifted his face so that their lips could meet.


"What does it look like?" He mumbled, immediately closing the gap again. Logan almost chuckled at this, but held it back in favor of maintaining the kiss. While he didn't require much affection, and honestly preferred his space most of the time, Roman was very good at kissing, and even Logan yearned for cuddles every once in a while. "Lo, have I ever told you how much I love you?"


"We're married, Roman, it's pretty much  presumed," Logan grinned, feeling a sense of contentment wash over him as he couldn't help but kiss Roman again.


"I still need to say it more," Roman replied, almost defensively, as he started pressing tiny kisses all over Logan's face, slowly moving to his jawline, and, eventually, on his neck. "I love you so, so much, Logan..." Roman practically whispered into his neck, the feeling of his breath making Logan shiver just a tiny bit (although, he would deny this).


"Okay, okay," As much as Logan enjoyed this, they still needed to make dinner, even this late. "I love you too, but I know that you're hungry. Shall we make dinner?"


"Can we stay like this for just a bit longer? Please?" Roman asked, and how could Logan deny him when his eyes were shining like that?


"Okay, fine, but only for a little longer."


"Thanks, nerd," Roman immediately got back to work leaving little kisses on anywhere but Logan's lips.


He knew that they wouldn't be stopping anytime soon, but if it was for Roman, he supposed they could eat a bit later.


Chapter Text


It wasn't that Rokka didn't like kissing Masuki. Quite the opposite, actually. The problem she was having arose with the fact that Masuki wouldn't stop kissing her and it was making her heart do weird things and she was pretty much in a perpetual state of blushing for the entire day.


Even as they practiced, the first thing Masuki did once their break started was to kiss Rokka within an inch of her life as she could only be overwhelmed with panic and her imminent gay demise. Truthfully, she wouldn't mind dying this way, but it was a little inconvenient when Chu2 kept nagging her for not being focused.


So, she just had to ask her girlfriend why she was kissing her so much. She really had no other option, unless she really was going to die from it.


Masuki just tilted her head, still holding onto the handle of the motorcycle, and answered the question like it was obvious. "Cause you're my girlfriend." She said, gesturing for Rokka to get on the motorcycle with her.


"Maybe, but... You've just never kissed me this much before." Rokka said, and quickly held up her hands. "N-not that I'm not enjoying it, of course, I'm just... Confused, that's all."


"Hmm, that's true. Your chapstick probably has something to do with it." Masuki grinned at Rokka as she sat behind her, holding onto her waist like usual.


"You mean the cotton candy one I've been wearing today?" Masuki nodded. "Do... Do you want some? You could've just asked."


"Nah, I'm fine," Masuki handed her a helmet. "It just tastes good, is all. Besides, kissing you is a more fun way of putting it on." That made Rokka blush more than she'd like to admit. "Hold on!" Masuki yelled over the roaring of the motorcycle as they started driving.


At least she got an answer. A sweet one, too. She would be sure to wear that chapstick more often, then.


Chapter Text


Sometimes, for his own sake, Janus really regretted dating Remus.


He loved him to death, but as the embodiment of self preservation, he often wondered what it would be like to sleep before midnight again. Because, there were a couple downsides to the whole thing.


First of all, Remus didn't need sleep. He still slept, of course, but it was simply because he wanted to. And since he didn't need sleep, he didn't get tired, so he couldn't really gauge when an appropriate time to sleep was, no matter how much Janus tried to tell him. Second of all, he was surprisingly good at cuddling and making Janus relax for someone that kept Thomas up so many nights (even though, it was technically Virgil who did that, but he was only doing it as a reaction to Remus, so it was complicated). And so, Janus developed a certain dependency on him for sleep that had gotten out of hand in the past few months.


And now he physically could not sleep without him. Which was a problem since he went to bed so much earlier than Remus. So, most nights, he would just lay in bed and wait for his boyfriend to get back from... Whatever he did when Janus wasn't around, he genuinely did not want to know. And that night was one of them.


But it seemed sleep would grace him earlier than usual as Remus bounded into the room and jumped on Janus. He was startled by it, obviously, but quickly melted into the touch.


"Jan! I'm back!" Remus snuggled underneath the covers, his arms quickly finding their way back around Janus' waist.


"Welcome," Janus replied, one of his arms snaking (pun not intended) around Remus as a hand found its place on the back of his neck.


"This sure is comfy," Remus observed, laying his head on the pillow. Janus went to reply, but Remus shushed him response. "Shh, I actually want to sleep this time."


"Wow, really? Okay then, good night, Remus." Janus pressed their foreheads together and sighed.


As sleep claimed him, he could only focus on how peaceful Remus looked as he slept, as opposed to usual.


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Rimi had to be dreaming, right? There was no way this was real.


She knew that the Popipa and Harohapi girls had planned a sleepover (really, it was just Kasumi and Kokoro that were going to be there at first and then it had escalated to all ten of them), and that meant that Kaoru was going to be there. Which was not good for her heart.


And, they had naturally gotten some treats from Yamabuki bakery for dessert, because Saaya was also there and it was just convenient. And, also naturally, Rimi had asked for a chocolate cornet. So, now she was eating said chocolate cornet, and enjoying it quite thoroughly.


However, halfway through eating it, Kaoru (who decided to sit next to her, by the way, almost as if she was trying to give Rimi a heart attack) said something to her.


"Fufu, Rimi-chan, you have a bit of chocolate on your face," She said while eating her own bun.


"Oh, really?" Rimi had gotten more used to Kaoru's presence over the year they had known each other, so she was able to at least talk to her without stumbling over her words (but the subtle flirting and cute comments always left her helplessly blushing and panicking). She tried to get it, but it seemed she was getting nowhere, as Kaoru quickly shifted closer.


"Let me," She reached over and actually touched Rimi's face, which immediately caused the second year's heart to start racing. However, after she had supposedly gotten the chocolate off, Kaoru didn't let go, instead beginning to caress her cheek. Of course, this made Rimi let out a tiny, strangled noise.


It felt amazing, even if it was a bit embarrassing, and so who could blame her for leaning into the touch after a few moments? They stayed like that, Kaoru's thumb rubbing gentle circles into her cheek, and Rimi closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation, until Kokoro suddenly jumped up and declared she had an idea and ran off to go do it, and everybody else quickly following to either join in or make sure nothing got broken. Rimi was a bit disappointed that it was over, but that was okay. At least nobody else brought it up, otherwise she might have actually died.


And if the two of them ended up kissing after everybody else went to bed, well, that was just between the two of them, wasn't it?


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All of the PasuPare members had private Twitter accounts for just them and their friends, and then public accounts for the world to see. It was reasonable to have both, even if it did leave Maya feeling a bit overwhelmed sometimes.


So, you could understand her concern when she came back from a day out on the town (a term coined by Aya, which she wasn't sure she liked, but she had nothing better to use) and her public account was absolutely blowing up. As she was frantically looking around, trying to find the source of whatever just happened, she noticed a post that was now deleted that a lot of people were tagging her in.


Searching around a bit more, she found the evidence.. And oh boy, was it a doozy.


Shirasagi Chisato @shirasagichisato 3:31 pm

Can't believe our day out on the town ended up with me third wheeling on maya-chan and eve-chan's date lmao



It was a tweet that was clearly meant for her private account, but she had accidentally posted to her main account. For business announcements, or related things. That had over a million followers.


Oh shit.


Maya felt like she had to give some sort of statement, but what could she say? She was dating Eve, after all! It wasn't like they were actively trying to hide it, but the general consensus was to keep it a secret for as long as possible. So, she tweeted out the only thing she could think of


Yamato Maya @TechieIdol 3:49 pm

Chisato-san what have you done


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Ah, the noises of the early morning...


The birds chirping, a news station in the background that Roman was never paying attention to, occasionally the noises of breakfast cooking, and Virgil frantically getting ready for work because he literally always overslept.


It would've been endearing if it wasn't for the fact that Virgil was constantly forgetting things and Roman had to help remind him, which wasn't great when he was trying to wake up, but he did it anyway because he loved his husband. Even if it did annoy him, it wasn't that much, anyway, and it was always worth seeing the little smile on Virgil's face afterward.


This was one of those days, Virgil was particularly late, and had left his keys on the table. To be fair, they were half hidden underneath a bag, and so Roman grabbed them and approached Virgil, who was throwing on his coat and hurriedly trying to get out the door.


"Forgetting something?" Roman asked, a hint of teasing in his voice.


"Oh, yeah," Virgil stepped forward, cupped Roman's cheek, and gave him a quick kiss. Since he wasn't expecting it, Roman couldn't help but blush a little bit. He opened his hand to reveal the keys, and Virgil laughed a bit upon seeing them.


"I meant these, but thanks," Roman laughed a little himself, and Virgil kissed him again as he took the keys. "Okay, you're just cheating at this point!"


"Bye, Ro!" Virgil called behind him, and Roman waved.


Even if Virgil was infuriating sometimes, Roman still loved him.


Chapter Text


Rimi is stuck in a cycle.


She so desperately yearns for Kaoru's affection, and just when she thinks it's in her reach, it gets ripped away.


Of course, the flirting doesn't stop. It never does. Kaoru flirts with her every time she sees her, even if it's subtle, it's still there.


The cute pet names. The suggestive phrases. The teasing lilt in Kaoru's voice, as if this was just a game to rope Rimi in closer.


And it works. Every time, Rimi stutters, she blushes, doesn't know what to do with this.


And it doesn't stop Rimi from seeing the way that Kaoru flirts with other girls too. The same way she flirts with her.


But it's fine.


She can get over this whenever she wants, she's just indulging in the affection when it happens, nothing more. At least, that's what she tells herself.


Until Rimi actually tries to break away.


At first, she avoids Kaoru, but they meet every once in a while due to how deep in Rimi was in her crush and wanting to see the guitarist as much as possible, so much so that it was a part of her routine.


Kaoru smiled at her. Rimi's heart does a little jump, but she carries on.


She changes her schedule, and when that doesn't work, her resolve breaks.


Maybe she can't contain her crush.


Maybe she can't break the cycle.


Maybe she was doomed to this forever.


But it's okay.


As long as Kaoru's happy, breaking Rimi's heart like this.


She's okay with that.


Ultimately, her own happiness comes second to others'.


So she's fine with this.


She has to be, right?


Chapter Text


Masuki was honestly, truly, not listening to anything that Rokka was saying.


It wasn't like she wasn't trying, she was trying her damn hardest to pay attention! It was just impossible when Rokka kept making that face, or maybe it wasn't her expression, maybe it was just her face in general that was adorable. Yeah, that was it.


Rokka was telling her a story, and from the looks of things, she was getting very fired up about it. Yet another thing Masuki loved about her; whenever Rokka got passionate about something, even to a small degree, she could put so much gusto behind it. Maybe not gusto, but power. Energy? It was really attractive nonetheless, especially up on stage when her hair was down and her glasses were off. God, her heart was doing all sorts of crazy things just thinking about it.


She remembered the time when Rokka had come all the way to her fucking school when she thought Masuki was going to quit RAS and gave a very passionate speech. It was very embarrassing, sure, but also quite endearing (even if she had to deal with questions about her "girlfriend" for days afterward. She tolerated her classmates, but jesus if they kept reminding her of the fact that they weren't dating she might've just lost her cool, and she almost did).


It was really damn impressive, the fact that Rokka could be so many things at once. Cute, hot, shy, intense. Those adjectives could all describe Rokka at any given moment, and she pulled it off so well. If only Masuki could be like that.


Wait, was Rokka still talking? She was, and looking so adorable while doing it. Masuki could hear her voice, and see her lips moving (don't think about kissing her, DO NOT think about kissing her), but she comprehended none of it. It was just... Too easy to stare at Rokka, and it was almost infuriating.


Ah, well. Wasn't Rokka's fault that Masuki was so gay around her. She could only hope that this story wasn't supposed to get any kind of big reaction out of her.


Otherwise, she was doomed.