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“10 minutes ? Woah I talked quite a lot huh” he can’t helped but chuckles to his own chattiness.

He open his instagram to watch the remaining insta-live, who will shintaro call next?
“Aah It’s not connected, what’s up with Juri... well this kind of thing happen sometimes haha” Shintaro keeps talking on the screen, with his phone ready to call the other members left.

Then suddenly Shintaro’s phone ring
“eh eh there’s a call from Jesse, eh what happened it’s scary!”
“Hello Jesse?”
“Oy! Hokuto is too looooong!! What was that?!!”
“Ahahaha he keeps coming so I can’t helped but go with the flow!”
“It’s surprised me! Well that’s it!”
“Eh?!” Shintaro looked so dumbfounded so Hokuto can’t help but to laugh over it.

Second later his own phone ringing, he said before that he doesn’t have any number saved except his manager, well it’s true because his phone is kinda new so he hasn’t got the chance to organize his contacts.
But this number appeared on his screen now just too familiar so he knows who’s that even without being on his contact list.

“Hello, what’s up Jess?”
“Why you have to talked soooo long?!”
“Is it not enough for you complaining to shintaro and witnessed by the whole nation” he said it like that but he can’t help but to smile over it.
“No it’s not enough! You stole the whole spotlight for yourself! Ugh you sly~”
“Haha what was that, you got your spotlight by your second call right?”
He can imagine Jesse’s expression right now, it must be so cute.
“Tsk! It’s because I’m so smart that I could take preventive measure for my lack of spotlight”
“Well well if it could make you feel better I’d get along with that “smart” thing”
“Gzzzz what an annoying brat!!”

Jesse sounds like he’s complaining but Hokuto knows there’s no hard feeling at all.
Even if it’s just through a phone call, he knows Jesse is not exactly mad or annoyed at him. Even with those harsh words he could hear the usual kindness the younger always hold.

They stay silent for a moment, just listen to each other breath.
Then Jesse breaks the silent,
“Hokuto” his tone already changed 180 degrees. Now it’s not the loud and childish Jesse, it’s the usual uh-so-kind-Jesse he always looking forward to talked to
“You really likes SixTONES don’t you?”
“Hmm? What’s with this sudden topic?”
“You started to open up more, you talked more, and I can see you smile more when we’re together”
“Well... it’s a good thing wasn’t it?” Even now he is smiling to his own word, to Jesse’s words.
“Yeah... it’s good. I’m glad you’re happy” hokuto can hear Jesse also smile to his own words just now.
Then there’s another silence, but it’s not uncomfortable at all.
“You know it’s you who brought me into this in the first place, so... thank you”
“....” then he can hear Jesse’s soft chuckles “stop it you sappy”
“Wow so now I’m the sappy ones when you’re the one who bring this up”
“Ahahahaha that smart mouth will be the end of me” Jesse already back to his loud ass
“Shut up you’re so loud!”

“Want to come over?”
“Eh? ....
Weren’t you celebrating with your family?”
“Well yeah”
“Then I can’t just brag in!”
“You dumbass I invited you so nobody brags in”
“Ugh! That smart mouth strikes again”
“Just come here” he talked with his sincerest tone, he got Jesse freeze a little before accepting his invitation
“... Okay”
“Hurry up, the meals are getting ready”
“Okay okay”
“See you”
“Mm see you”

The phone ended there, it’s just barely five minutes but it feels like they’ve talked about a lot of things.
Actually from that simple conversation they do conveyed a lot.
He knows Jesse’s been worrying over him for ages. In the beginning when SixTONES was just formed he feels out of place, of course they’re not strangers, they have worked together during Bakaleya. But after went through some separation phase he can’t really opened up to the others. And their bond was still weak back then. It was Jesse who pulled him out, he has promised himself he will follow Jesse and if Jesse bring him there then he will try his best to make things work.

Now after they went through a lot as a group finally Hokuto can feel at ease around them. It’s not only Jesse but the other members also held his hand and pulled him out.

But still, he’d still be grateful for Jesse the most.
Jesse will always have special place for him.
And by how he’s doing right now he can feels Jesse is at ease and happy for him.
It’s send warm feelings through his heart, what kind of good deeds he has done to deserves Jesse in his life...

“Well maybe I’m really the sappy one”