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If these scars can speak

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Aizawa entered the classroom, and Iida raised his hand, "Aizawa-sensei! May I ask, where is Izuku?"

Aizawa sighed again, "I was just going to talk about that. Midoriya has been hit by a quirk that separated him into his multiple core emotions. Can you two please come in?"

Two different Midoriya's came into the classroom, both of them had green hair and donned the UA uniform, but one had a reddish tint to his skin while the other had a more bluish tint.

"Now, if you have any... questions..." Aizawa paused, as all the student's hands shot into the air.

"What are the emotions?"

"And why are there only two?!"

"That one is anger and hatred." Aizawa gestured to the reddish Midoriya, who just glared at the teacher. Aizawa sighed, before gesturing to the blue-ish one, who just looked away and stared ah the ground, "That one... we're not too sure... but he's some form of sadness mixed with... guilt."

The students froze up; to Midoriya, self-loathing was a core emotion.

"There's one more, but he's... not here at the moment. Love and happiness, and that Midoriya has a bit of a yellow tint." Aizawa added, and Uraraka immediately raised her hand, "Where is the yellow Izuku right now?!"

"He's with Nezu. We have a... small problem with him." Aizawa narrowed his eyes, "A very literal... small problem..."

Ashido piped up, "Why are there only three emotions?"

"Shut up!" The red Midoriya growled, baring his teeth, and Ashido flinched at the hostility of the usually calm boy. Sorrow tugged his arm weakly, "Calm down, yelling isn't going to solve anything -"

"Oh you shut up too!" Hatred snapped, turning to his blue counterpart, "What, do you think that sitting around and letting people walk all over you is going to solve anything?!"

"No, but -" Sorrow tried to defend himself, but Hatred grabbing him by the collar and slamming him into the wall, "I said, shut up!"

"Let go of him." Aizawa growled, pulling Hatred away from Sorrow , "You were okay just now, what's gotten into you?"

Sorrow sank to the ground, coughing as he tried to breathe.

"You think I'm a problem child, aren't I? Aren't I, Aizawa-sensei?" Hatred spat, as Aizawa flinched at the venom dripping from his words. Hatred pushed himself out of Aizawa's grasp, "I thought you might be different, given that you're a hero, but you're just like all the other teachers we had."

"And you're still as useless as ever." Hatred glared at Sorrow, before shoving the door open, and storming out of the classroom.

Aizawa was still standing there, stunned, as Iida rushed to the front of the classroom, helping Sorrow up.

"I'm sorry... about him." Sorrow coughed, facing Aizawa, "I'm so sorry, Aizawa-sensei..."

"It's... not your fault." Aizawa replied, as Sorrow shook his head, "No... he's right... I'm useless... It's my fault he's so pissed... I should go get him back...

Sorrow opened the door, chasing after Hatred, and Iida just stood there, not really sure what had happened.

"Uh... Aizawa-sensei... why are there... only three emotions?" Ashido stammered, still remembering the hostility of Hatred, and Aizawa sighed, "We came into contact with the child with the quirk that caused this... and usually, a person would be split up into six or seven emotions, like fear. We weren't so sure in Midoriya's case, but they're either part of one of the core three... or they just don't exist within him at all. There's also a part of the quirk that would also... age the emotions, depending on how much they exist within a person."

"How long will this last?" Uraraka asked, and Aizawa shrugged, "No idea. Either a day, or up to a week. With our luck... it's probably going to be a week."

"But the angry one is just... I don't know... Is that what is going on inside Midoriya's head all the time?" Yaoyorozu asked.

"We're not sure..." Aizawa replied, "We're just hoping we can contain this before either of them get out of hand."

Nezu just hummed to himself as he finished up some paperwork. His pup had been split up into three emotions, and Aizawa was currently dealing with Anger and Sorrow, but a much smaller version of Midoriya was currently sitting on his lap, watching quietly as Nezu read through some papers. This version of Midoriya was tinted yellow, and was literally just a baby, just under twelve months old.

None of the teachers had any idea on how to deal with a baby, save for Kayama, but the little greenette didn't seem to like her too much. In fact, he didn't really seem to like the teachers too much, though he seemed okay with Maijima.

The little Midoriya prefered to cling to Nezu, and Nezu didn't mind much; Happiness was a very polite and well-behaved child, and Nezu could easily take care of him while doing his work.

"Kitty!" Happiness smiled, as Reiko sat on the ground, looking up at the babified form of her human. Happiness reached down, but Nezu held onto him before he fell, "Be careful."

Nezu carefully lowered Happiness to the ground, and Happiness hesitantly reached out, gently patting Reiko on the head. Reiko chirped in delight, prancing up to nuzzle him, and Happiness laughed in glee, reaching out to cuddle the feline.

"Pwetty cat! Rweiko!" Happiness blabbered, as Ryuto hopped up to inspect him, "Ryuwuto!"

Ryuto chirped, as Happiness gently patted him on the head.

Nezu just smiled sadly at the baby, ensuring he didn't hurt himself. He was the literally embodiment of all the happiness and love that Midoriya possessed. According to the information they had gotten, Happiness was so young only because through his entire life, Midoriya had gotten really little love, and was never really allowed to be happy given all the circumstances.

The scars that littered Happiness' arms did bother him though; it seemed that as de-aged as Happiness was, he was still Midoriya, and retained all the scars that the original possessed. And Midoriya already had an alarming number of scars for a teenager...

"Nezwu! Dada!" Happiness looked up at him proudly, holding both Reiko and Ryuto, who were both being very patient with the babified embodiment of happiness. Nezu reached down, picking the baby up, and Happiness just smiled as he held onto the two animals tightly.

"Holy shit." Yamada muttered, as he stared at the door to Nezu's office; the principal had brought Happiness into his office a few minutes ago, and they had to leave for their lessons.

"His eyes sparkle! I didn't know they do that!" Yamada whisper-yelled, and Kayama turned to him, "I know, right? He's so cute!"

"He didn't seem to like us too much..." Ishiyama sighed, dejected, as Kayama patted his back, "Don't worry about it, Blocky. Maybe he's scared of us because we're all big and scary adults."

"His eyes sparkle." Yamada repeated, and Snipe nodded, "Yes, Mic. We know that."

Luckily, Hatred didn't cause any trouble, or, at least, any trouble they were aware of. Sorrow managed to drag him back to the cafeteria during lunch.

There was some blabbering, until Nezu brought Happiness into the cafeteria, walking up to the 1-A students.

"Hito!" Happiness reached out, and Shinsou blinked as Nezu picked him up, "Can you guys take care of him for a while? I have a meeting with the Hero Commission... and I don't think they'd be too happy if I brought him along as well."

"Ah... yes sir..." Shinsou replied, confused, as he gently took the baby from Nezu. Happiness just stuck his tongue out, and laughed, and Shinsou just stared as his eyes literally sparkled.

"Oh my god, he's so cute!" Uraraka cooed, and Iida leaned over the table to get a better look. Happiness reached out with his stubby little arms, "Ocha! Tenwa!"

"Ah! So this is the yellow one!" Ashido practically screamed, "So cute!"

"What on earth happened?" Kendo asked, gazing at Hatred and Sorrow, who were sitting opposite each other, before glancing back at Happiness. While Hatred and Sorrow were wearing the UA uniform, Happiness was just wearing some clothes meant for babies, and the scars that littered his arms were bothering her.

"Izuku was hit by a quirk... and it split him up into three emotions." Iida replied, as Happiness grabbed his finger weakly. Happiness seemed to notice Hatred and Sorrow, and his face lit up, "Othwer me!"

Sorrow looked away from the baby, but Hatred just growled, "Fuck off!"

"Jeez... and I thought Bakugou was bad..." Ashido sweatdropped, as Happiness tilted his head; he wasn't sure why he was being scolded. He tried again, "But ywo me!"

"I said, fuck off!" Hatred snapped, and Sorrow muttered, "Leave him alone."

"He's fucking useless! He should just die!" Hatred growled, as a menacing aura filled the air, freezing everyone else in place. It was so much more potent that the aura Midoriya usually exuded when fighting villains; this was just filled with pure, unadulterated anger and hatred.

"He's not useless-" Sorrow tried to argue, but Hatred just picked up a knife and stabbed it into the table, makng everyone flinch, "Not useless? We don't need fucking happiness or love. All he does is just hurt us! You fucking want that?!"

"You know that isn't his fault..." Sorrow weakly countered, but Hatred just spat, "It doesn't matter! He's the reason why we're fucking hurting all the time! There's no such thing as being happiness or being loved. He's just a fucking drug, and you know what a drug is? Something we can live without! He should just die!"

"What the hell..." Kaminari muttered, "It's like... Yellow's very existence just pisses Red off..."

Still rather confused over everything, Happiness reached out for Hatred, but before he could even get remotely close, Hatred ripped the knife out of the table, and bared his teeth at Happiness. He attempted to slash at the child, but Sorrow quickly intervened, catching the blade of the knife with a fork.

"Stop it. You're disturbing other people." Sorrow tried to stop Hatred, but Hatred just snarled, "Who gives a shit about any of them!? They can go die for all I care!"

Sorrow sighed, "Calm down. Just stop..."

"What, you're going to tolerate all of these fuckers?" Hatred growled, slashing at Sorrow with his knife, but Sorrow was just parrying the blade away with his fork, "I'm sick of people always pushing us around, treating us worse that the dirty beneath their feet! You think I like getting pushed down pretty much every single fucking flight of stairs, getting our head smashed against the wall almost three times a day?! You think it's funny, being told that we shouldn't fucking exist, and that we should die, every single fucking day!?

"This isn't funny." Sorrow muttered, "But these people have nothing to do with that."

Hatred kicked the table away, and stabbed his knife at Sorrow, with his blue counterpart, dodging. Hatred was being ridiculously aggressive, always on the offensive, keeping Sorrow on the defensive as he parried and avoided the blade, looking for openings to counterattack.

"Fwends!" Happiness piped up, playing with the pads on Uraraka's fingertips, but Hatred just turned to him, "Did you think these people actually care about us? There's no such thing as fucking friends, you naive piece of shit!"

"You know that first hand! They're just trying to act nice, to try and make us like them, and then they tell us to fucking jump off a roof or stab ourselves to death or hang ourselves or run in front of a fucking car!" Hatred pointed the knife at Happiness, "You remember that fucking girl, right!?"

"Kanri Hadaai?" Sorrow asked, Hatred nearly took his head off had Sorrow not reacted in time, "Don't you dare fucking mention her name! If I see her again, I'm going to gut her so badly that she'd be begging for mercy. She made us jump off a fucking roof, for fucks sake! It's the exact same fucking thing with these so-called friends!"

Hatred angled his knife at Shinsou, Uraraka, Iida, Todoroki and Koda, "All of you listen here, you fucks. If you think this stupid facade of yours is going to work, let me tell you, it isn't! I bet you're all just laughing inside right now, now that we're in this state. But now, there's no more hiding the truth."

Venom was dripping from Hatred's words as he spat, "You're just a bunch of fucking fakes and you know it! You're not our friends, and you'll never be our friends. There are no such thing has friends."

"All you want to do is manipulate this useless piece of shit into blindly trusting you, and then you're just going to break him." Hatred growled at Happiness, "Or maybe I should just let you liars break his heart; it seems like that fucking idiot never learns his lesson."

Hatred just pushed Sorrow to the ground, before storming out of the cafeteria. Happiness waved his arms at the ground, and Shinsou carefully placed him on the ground, letting the baby crawl over to Sorrow. Happiness reached his stubby little arms out, gently patting Sorrow on the head.

Sorrow winced as he pushed himself up, and Happiness crawled into his lap. Sorrow carefully cradelled his yellow counterpart, and turned to his stunned classmates, "I'm so sorry... I can't really control about Anger... I'm sorry... this is all my fault..."

Shinsou's heart sank, "It's not your fault..."

Happiness nuzzled himself against Sorrow's chest, as Sorrow gazed at the ground, "Either way... we're still part of the same person... anything he does is my fault too."

Sorrow looked up to face his classmates, "I'm sorry that we're so fucked up."