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Kiss me if you hate me

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......“Let me go asshole !”


“Not so soon, kitty-cat”


“Stop calling me that, stupid fuck”


“I’m not sure this is how ladies spouse to speak”






...Let’s take a look a couple mounts ago to understand where this all being...



After spending six long years abroad Oatbek Altin was finally back, in his home town Almaty, Kazakhsta. He was going to spend his summer here. 

Otabke was from Altin family. He was a descendant of one of the most powerful family. His parents Nurasyl and Dinara Altin are the owners of several international companies and five star hotel lines. And Otbek was one of the heir of all that estate. So besides spoiling him and his sister endlessly with designer clothes and expensive gifts his parents gave them high quality education. 

After finishing the elementary school, he continued his education in America and for his two years of high school he spent in Canada. As for his last year of school his parents decided that they missed their eldest child too much and wanted him to be near them. Sure Saint Petersburg was far away from Almaty but that distance couldn’t be compared to the one between America or Canada.




Though he wouldn’t be alone. His friends Leo and Jean Jacques (but he preferred to call him JJ or just Jey, saying that his name is to long and mouthful) were going to study with him. They were year older than him and were going to Saint Petersburg for college. 

He met Leo in midden school when he was in America and JJ in Canada. They were truly people whom he could call friends. With his family status it was hard to tell apart his someone was after his money or friendship.



Otabek was excited to study in Petersburg. He has never been there before but heard so much about the beauty of the city. Besides living there would allow him to celebrate Christmas or Ester with his family rather call them on face time. 



The first day of school came as quick as the summer ended. Otabek woke up in his too big apartment, which was an early gift from his parents for his upcoming birthday, and was deciding which Rolex watch would suite him more.

After the usual wash up and did his breakfast on his own which was a simple omelette with a bacon (he learned how to take care of himself early on). 

When he finished the breakfast, Otabek grabbed his beloved leather jacket (the one that he wore since ninth grade. It was a gift from his father for his fifteenth birthday. Back than it was slightly big on him but now it fitted him perfectly) grabbed the keys from his motorcycle and went out. Otabek got his license back in America and he will be eighteen soon either way.


He was parking his bike and already could feel stares at him and whispers behind his back. Everything got mote intense once he entered the corridors. 


Otabek would lie if he told he wasn’t just a bit nervous. He was used to being the knew one and learned how to get along with different people. The money in his pocket and his exclusively good looks (his previous partners could assure you that) sure helped him a lot to be liked by meany. 



The education system in Russia was quite different from American. Otabek didn’t have his own schedule. It was more like in university where everyone has a class and they all have the same schedule. However the classes are divided into several faculties. For example if you’re in biochemistry class then your schedule has more chemistry, biology and physics than other subjects such as english or any other humanitarian subject.

Otabek was of course in economics. His first class was math. He finally entered the room and everyone’s attention was all over him.


“Class, we have a new student today”, looked at him his math teacher, Miss Lesnikova, “Please, introduce yourself.”

“Hello my names is Otabek Altin. I came here from Canada and I’m glad that my last year of school will be spent here.”

His teacher smiled at him, “You may sit.” 
There was a empty seat in the middle of the back row. There was a girl next to his right. She was already smiling and blushing as Otabek came closer. 

When Otabek set the girl looked at him and said, “Hi, my name is Masha”

“Hi, Masha. Nice to meet you”, smirked Oatebk.

“You too-...”

“Masha! I didn’t put Otabek next to so you can distract him from my class. I’m sure that you want to know him better but all that can wait till the break!”, came the voice of their teacher.

“Sorry Miss Lesnikova”, the girl, Masha apologized and they continued the lesson.


The bell rang and the his first class was finished. Otabek pretty much liked Miss Lesnikovas technics of teaching. It was unlike from any other math teacher’s Otabek studied to. 


During the break he was introduced to more of his classmates. From girls there were Dasha, Liza, Inna and from boys Kiril, Adrey and Aleksey, the guy who set next to him. Otabek already couldn’t remember who was who. He had sixteen classmates and it would be hard to remember all of their names in one day.

They told him that the statistics which was his next class he would enjoy the most. Their class teacher, Mister Denisov was the best teacher that they had. He was a guy in his late twenties who was both friendly and strict with students. That sounds promising. Otabek will find out thay himself in a couple of minutes later.


His new teacher did live up to his expectations. Misstet Denisov was a true expert of his subject but he was also a good pedagog. Otabek doesn’t remember when he had so much fun during a class and simultaneously learned so much.

One of the girls told him that there was this teacher in Art class who was close to Misster Denisov’s age and they are always together during coffee breaks. Everyone shipped them, both students and teachers.



Finally the school was over. Otabek was getting ready to go to JJ’s and Leo’s place as they earlier invited him to their college party. He was collecting his books and some girls were helping him as if Otabek didn’t understand that they were after his attention. It’s not like he isn’t used to be everyone’s interest. Otabek was always the main event wherever he went but sometimes it was trying and he just wanted to be left alone. 


He was finally able to get out of his classroom. He was walking down the same hallways that he came in the morning from parking lot. He was near the lockers when he spotted him!

All Otabek’s motions stopped when he saw him. There was a boy standing with his back to him, talking to a girl who was leaning against the lockers. He was wearing tightest black jeans, white denim jacket and sneakers with red chita prints on them. 

The girl next to the boy seams caught his gaze as she whispered something to the boy’s ear. 

When he turned the world and everything with it stopped. Ocean green waves drowned Oatbek and hair shining brighter than the sun blinded him. His body was set on electric chair and his mind whet blank. 


“What you’re staring at, asshole?!”

Well that seamed to snap Otabek from his haze and bring him back to reality, “I-I just... I was going to the parking lot and I’m-“

“Yeah, yeah you’re Otabek Altin, the newest douche in our school.”

This has never happened to Otabek. This boy who was his dream-come-true (yup Oatbek didn’t only mingle with girls. He had his fair share with boys as well) was snapping at him and even called him asshole?! Only his close friends talked to him like that.

He was about turn away but Oatbek had other plans. He didn’t have enough of emerald eyes on him so without thinking because the boy cut the ties of his brain to his body with his ocean green eyes. 

Now that he saw the boy from the front Otabek noticed that he was wearing black shirt with roaring tiger printed on it. He smirked and said, “Oh, than you must be our school’s little kitten who so desperately tries to be a big tiger.”



Well that’s how it all began, or did it ;