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Kiss me if you hate me

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Currently Yuri was in the back yard of his school, pined against a wall, two strong hands keeping him there.


“Let me go asshole!”


“Not so soon, kitty-cat.”


“I said stop calling me that, stupid fuck.”


“I’m not sure if this is how ladies spouse to speak”





That’s it! That was it! That was the last straw for Yuri. That douche bag could call him different names, put his leg on purpose so that he would trip over but calling him a lady.....HELL NO!




Yuri kicked Otabek right between his legs. That caused him to loosen the grip on his wrists. He didn’t waist any time and launched on Otabek. Soon Yuri was all over him, punching and hitting wherever he could reach. Then he grabbed Otabek by his collar and yelled.




Maybe that wasn’t a smart decision because next he was on the ground, trapped by Otabek’s body above him.


Yuri was starting to feeling panic covering all over him. He hated being weak and feared of being helpless. And when Otbek pinned him again only this time on the ground he wasn’t able to move. Not his limbs, not his digits, nothing....All that he could do was scream.




“Calm the fuck down or you’ll hurt yourself! You can’t even properly punch. Continue like this and you’re gonna break both of your wrists!”


But Yuri wasn’t listening. He was fighting to break free. He was trying to squirm, to pull at his hands, to pull at legs. Nothing work. Yuri didn’t notice when he started to cry but there were tears sliding down his cheeks.


“Shit! Just relax ok? I’ll let you go....Promise!


Surprisingly those words did calm Yuri and the violent cries turned into soft sobs. Soon the weight on his body disappeared. He got up from the ground as quick as possible and stepped back.


“Fuck you, Altin”









Oh Fuck. This time Lilia definitely was going to kill him. Yuri was going to be late for her ballet classes and this would be third time in a row. And all thanks to that motherfucker.


It wasn’t that his ballet studio was far away from his school. Only ten minutes if you walked fast (that was the reason why he chose to study in this school in the first place). But giving to his current condition Yuri doubts if he can walk fast. And he had only five minutes left till the classes.












“Yuri Plisetsky you’re late. Again. Care to explain why is my student late from my class for the third time?”


Oh no. She was giving him the look. The look that could tear your soul in to millions of pieces and burn them down.


“Miss Baranovskaya it’s just because of the new semester has started and there are problems with schedules....And my teacher...She held us little longer then usual because of the schedule problems.”


Well it wasn’t entirely false. There were  problems with schedules as they where organized and reorganized every single day but that wasn’t the reason of him coming late. Not at all.


“Oh my Lord. What has happened to you? Yuri there is dirt all over your clothes and even your face! Get ready right now!”


Yuri trying not to anger her further more, didn’t waste any second and quickly changed into his uniform.


His group was already doing plie. He stood on his place, grabbed the pole and slowly sank on to the floor. His movements weren’t steady as his legs refused to listen to him and would shake because of the earlier events.


That of course didn’t pass Lilia’s site. This time she gave a look which meant that Yuri should get a hold on himself and don’t fuck up.










Finally it was their ten minutes break. Yuri sat on the floor to catch is breath and try to relax his muscles when a certain red haired girl came to him.


“So are you gonna tell why did you look like some gardener who spent too much time doing his work?”


“Shut up hag! It’s non of your business what happened to me!”


“Oh Yuri stop being a brat and tell us.”


“I said I’m not going to tell you what happ-....”


“Yuri, Mila is right. We just want to help. So stop being so rude.”


As if Mila wasn’t enough Victor Nikiforov, the living legend, the pride of Bolshoi theatre himself spoke to him.


“Why are you here? Aren’t you busy helping your Katsudon so he could at list play the small roles.”


“Ah children. So difficult with you isn’t it?”


“I am not a child!”


“Is it that boy Altin again?”


“Can’t you just knock it off!?”


“Yup it’s definitely Altin” spoke again Mila.


“What did he do today?” asked the silver haired man.


“Existed! That’s what he did.”


“Can’t you just avoid each other and try not to come across?”


“You think I haven’t tried?! The piece of shit always finds a way to get me!”


“Then why don’t you ignore him? Eventually he will stop.”


“I’m trying! Every time I learn to ignore his stupid tricks he finds a new one to mess with me!”


“So what you’re saying is that Altin wants your attention, he does everything to get it and in the end it works for him?”


“Whaaat?! What attention?! All he ever wants is to mess with people like me because he is a douche like his stupid friends who don’t have anything else to do!”


“So he just wants to make you angry? Without a reason?”


“Why are you asking me? How do I know that is going on inside that jerk’s head?!”


“Ah Yuri, If you don’t understand what is actually goin on you really are still a child. No you are both such a children.”


“Huh. What that’s spouse to mean?”


“Don’t worry, sooner or later you’ll understand what I mean. But please Yuri don’t let that Altin boy become a problem for your ballet.”

As Victor finished his speech, Lilia came back and they continued their class.












Finally after hours and hours of hard work the ballet is over. Yuri can barely move any limb. Everywhere aches as he walks. It’s not like Yuri has much choice. There is no bus station near his house and ordering a cab is out of the options. It would cost him too  much. Besides it wasn’t like his house was that far from the studio. Usually he gets there in twenty minutes but taking account his current state Yuri doubts if he will get their less then forty minutes.


The weather wasn’t doing him a favor either. It was spring but it was it was cold as it was in winter. Maybe the sun shining brighter gave the illusion that it become warmer. Well this was the weather in Saint Petersburg. And to be honest Yuri has adjusted to the harsh conditions of the city long time ago.


Yuri calls his grandpa, to inform him that he’ll be late this time. As expected the old man scolds him for overworking himself. Yuri just brushes it off saying that everything is fine.


Yuri’s grandpa was his only living relative besides Lilia and Yakov (Lilia was his aunt from his mother’s side and Yakov was her husband. Unfortunately they couldn’t have a kid of their own so they treated Yuri as if he was their son). His grandma died when he was only one years old and his parents passed away in a very unfortunate car crash. He doesn’t remember much from his parents even though his grandpa would always talk about them to give Yuri as much of memory about them as he could.

His grandpa was also his inspiration. He wants to be strong to be able to take care of him. He works hard every day to make him proud. All he ever dose he dose for his grandpa, Lilia and Yakov.




Suddenly his thoughts shifted from his grandpa to the earlier events.

Yuri couldn’t believe that he cried in front of his enemy (yes Yuri is that childish to call Otabek his enemy). He finally had that piece of trash and then lost his focus. So stupid! He was defending laughing at him after.


He didn’t pay much attention to Victor’s words. That guy was a total douche ! He always wears some fancy clothes and expensive accessories as if nobody knows how wealthy his family is.

He was riding his stupid motorcycle when the weather was good and now he drives his own fucking car to. Such a show off ! People get that you’re rich get over it.

Yuri remembers like yesterday the day when his eyes locked on his enemy. He was talking with Alisa about their homework when she said that Otabek Altin was looking at their direction and more specifically he was looking at him. Fucking douche he was for sure looking at his wearing. Yeah some people don’t get even a penny from their parents and work hard to earn their living and can’t afford money to spend on clothes.

Even though he remembers washing them properly they were from two years ago. A gift from his Grandpa for his fourteenth birthday. Those jeans and sneakers and the rest of his outfit from that day where his favorite clothes. He wears them only on rare occasions and wanted to look good on his first day of freshman year.

The jeans where tight on him but since he had lithe body he had no problems getting into them. Besides Yuri wasn’t shy about his body. It took years of hard work to get it to the shape that it is now today.


But when he turned and saw Otabek dressed in all brand clothes, the Rolex on his wrist and his Valentino shoes Yuri felt so small compared to him.

Maybe he was trying to be nice when he said that he was just little bit lost in new school and didn’t want Yuri to know that he was starting at his worn out clothes.

But then he called him a kitten who is trying to be a tiger! And that stupid name stuck after three months! Otabek makes sure every time they encounter to call him that!

Don’t get Yuri wrong. He was obsessed with cats (and by cats it means all cats. Big cats, small cats it doesn’t matter. They are all magnificent to Yuri.) He himself owns a cat. His Potya who is more loyal then many other people. But he was not a kitten! He was a tiger God damn it. He will show that to Otabek!  Yeah, he’ll show him how much of a tiger Yuri can be!