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Kiss me if you hate me

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“Grandpa I’m home.”


“Yurochka why so late again?”


“Lilia held us longer then usual because we are preparing for a new concert. That’s all.”


“Have you eaten anything? Are you hungry? I’ve made your favorite peroshki with cutlets.”


“Grandpa you’re the best! Let me shower first and then we can eat together.”


“Then hurry, don’t spend too much time in shower or my peroshkis will get cold.”



Yuri hurried to his room. He dropped his backpack and sport bag on the floor, pulled his sweats and oversized hoodie. Then took some fresh pair of underwear from drawer. He also took with him his favorite towel and entered to the bathroom.



God he stinks so much. However it’s good thing if you are an athlete. This means that you worked hard and Yuri was proud of himself, of his hard work, of every sweat that was dropped.

Soon his sweat soaked clothes were scattered on the black and white checkered floor of the bathroom.

Yuri stepped inside the shower. He turned it on and instead of warm spray of water, cold drops were sliding down his delicate skin.

It’s not like they didn’t have hot water and who wouldn’t want a session of warm, relaxing shower that makes you almost fall asleep after a long training. Warm water increasing your blood flow, soothing your tired and sored muscles and making you relax faster. But as an athlete it was more beneficial to take a cold shower because it helps prevent any type of swelling or bruising caused by the waste of build-up fluid in your body and especially muscles. Also it helps to cope with the harsh weather conditions.


Yuri poured shampoo on his hands and started to gently thread his fingers through his hair.  He knows that his hair acquires lots of attention. It was a real hard work to keep them this shiny and soft.

After finishing his hair treatment session it was time for his body to be cleaned. Yuri put some shower gel on his loofah and started rub it down miles of stark white skin.


He was quick with his movements. The cold water didn’t let much time to space out and get lost in thoughts. That was another plus to cold shower. Yuri was certain if he was under warm water it would’ve taken hours to get out of the shower.



Finally Yuri was done. When he got out of the shower he didn’t even shiver at the temperature change. He pulled on his tiger printed briefs and  looked at the mirror.

Yuri look at his reflection, at his body. There where some really defined muscles especially on his abdomen. His legs were entirely different story. Every inch of his lower limbs where muscles. Strong thighs, strong knees, strong calfs, very strong insteps and ankles. But with all his muscle structure Yuri didn’t feel strong.

When he looked at himself he didn’t see anything masculine other then the fact that his Adam’s apple was visible and his average sized cock. Yeah he had tons of muscles but most of them were lean and not shaped. His waist was more defined than some other girls’ for fuck’s sake.


Maybe if he cut his hair it would be better. But Yuri has seen fair amount of men supporting long hair like his and they didn’t look girly or feminine.


He wished he had broader shoulders, sharper features, that he was taller, that his body wasn’t so lithe.


He wasn’t like Otabek. He had all those features Yuri dreamed of having. He hated how the other bay was everything he wished for himself.

Otabek was handsome not beautiful (Yuri have seen enough girls drooling over the older boy). He looked super cool when he rode his bike to school. His clothes were also cool and edgy as their owner.

His body was well built. Unlike Yuri’s his muscles were well defined and shaped. And while both of them worked out Otabek was still the stronger one and today’s encounter was the evidence of that.


Yuri still remember how he couldn’t move, how Otabek’s muscles didn’t let him move.



On the other hand because his body was lithe Yuri was so good at ballet.  Because his muscles are long, flexible and not stif he can do over slits and other positions that normal people could never do. Because his face was soft and delicate Lilia always picked him to play the main character of many concerts.






Eventually Yuri pulled his sweats and hoodie on, put his feet in socks and started drying his hair. When he was done he immediately went straight to the kitchen where his grandpa and peroshiks were waiting for him.




“Here Yurochka. Eat well” said his grandpa while Yuri was making himself comfortable on the chair.


“Thanks granpa.”

Yuri picked one piroshki with glinting eyes and took a bite.

His grandpa was looking at him with his usual soft eyes but there was glimpse of saddens in them.


“You know your father’s favorite food was also piroshkis with cutlets.”



Well that was something new for Yuri.


“Yes, he always asked your grandma to cook them for him.

One day your grandma went to salon to style her hair or somewhere else I don’t remember well but me and your father were left alone. Everything went well until he started to demand his favorite food.

Back than it was your grandma who took care of kitchen. I didn’t even now how to peel potatoes.

He started to cry, said that he wouldn’t eat anything if it wasn’t piroshkis with cutlets.”


“And what did you do?” asked hurriedly Yuri.


“What was I left to do? I started to make piroshkis with cutlets. That’s how I learned to cook them”


Yuri was amazed. He smiled at himself. It kinda reminds him of himself, demanding piroshkis with cutlets.


When he looked back at his grandpa his eyes were glassy. It looked like he was trying to hold himself. Yuri immediately hugged his grandpa. In response he hugged him back. Yuri felt wetness on his cheeks but decided not to mention it.


Maybe losing parents was a great grief but losing a child is even greater. We expects to lose our parents one day no matter how much we don’t want to but we expect our children to live longer and better life than we do.



To change the atmosphere his grandpa asked,  “How is Lilia, still fierce as ever?”


“Ugh don’t even mention. She is stricter with me than any of her other students! And I am supposed to be her nephew.”


Because you are her nephew she demands lot from you. Look how much you’ve grown Yurochka. Any concert that I’ve seen you, you’re in main roles.”


“It’s because I have pretty face than other boys she keeps picking me.”


“Yurochka don’t be ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if you have a pretty face. If you’re not talented you could never play the main role or any role. Sure having a beautiful features are important in ballet but you think people in the back sits can see your face? People value your movements and artistic skills more than anything else when you preform.”


“I guess you’re right.”


“Of course I’m right. You’re my grandson you were gonna be talented one way or another” his grandpa said with slightest smirk on his face. Yuri smiles back at him and they continue to eat piroshkis.









Today is Saturday but that doesn’t mean Yuri doesn’t have ballet classes. He heard that stupid Victor’s and Katsudon’s friends are coming over today. Chris and Phichit more insufferable than the other two. Greorgi also has practice today which meant more dramma stories and tears. Great things could get any better.


Looking on the bright side after ballet Yuri is free for the rest of the day. He could do as much of homework as he was given. Not only for Monday but for the rest of the week. He was in Art faculty so he didn’t have much work to do. His head teacher was also understanding and didn’t demand much from him.






Classes were over and everything went quite well besides Georgi’s whining about is ex Anya, Victor’s and Katsudon’s disgusting flirting, Phichit’s obsession with hamsters and oh God Chris’ adult stories that Yuri was still too young to hear.



“Yuri if you’re free would like to come with us? There is this new caffe that has recently opened. We are going to see what’s it like.” asked the the silver haired man.


“And why would I do that, old man.”


“Yuri. Everyone is coming with us Mila, Chris, Phichit. Also Phichit invited his friend Ji Guang Hong. Apparently he is from China but is studying in one of our colleges as a transfer student in engineering department”, tagged in Katsudon.


“And why should I care about this Gunang Hong dude?”


“Yuri just come with us it’ll be fun, promise”, said the Swiss.


“Ok I’ll come. But if Chris starts to talk about imporporate stuff I’m leaving!”





That’s how he ended up in a that caffe with bunch of clowns. Why did Yuri agreed to come where again? Never mind the point is that he was already here and there is nothing he could do. Even if he wanted to leave he is blocked by two sides. On his right side was sitting Victor and on his left side was sitting Chris. Yup great day indeed



“So everyone tell me about your crushes. I wanna hear some tea”, said Chris.


“Isn’t mine obvious?”, said  Victor and pulled piggy’s hand up to show their matching rings. So disgusting.


“Vitya we all now about your hot sexlife with Yuuri over their. But I gotta say I was surprised to hear that our shy Yuuri is a stamina beast in bed.”


“Victor!”, protested Yuuri and for once Yuri could emphasize with Piggy.


“What? can’t I brag about my future husband?”, said Victor and kissed him on the cheek. Gosh could they get any worse.

“Victor that’s not an excuse!”

Wow Yuri was agreeing with Katsudon for second time. That’s a record.

“Alright what about others, what about you Mila? Has any of the guys managed to steal your heart?”, continue Chris.


“Well someone did manage to catch my heart but it’s not a guy”, said Mila and winked.


“What?! Why haven’t you told me about that, hag?!”


“Yuri you know who she is. I’ve talked about her so many times.”


“Is it who I think it is?”


“And who do you think it is?”, asked Chris.


“Can I tell?”, Yuri looked at Mila to ask for permission.


“Well it became official yesterday so...”


“Are you and Sara dating?!”


“Yes! I confessed to her yesterday and she said that she liked me back. We plan to meet each other this summer.”


Mila looked happy. Yuri knew that she was talking with Sara but didn’t know that things were that serious. In all honesty Yuri was good as long as Mila was happy. He would never admit it to her but he really cared for her and thought of her as big, annoying sister.


“Well congrats on your new girlfriend Mila. That’s was a wonderful tea you served”, announced Chris.


“What about you, Phichit still single as ever?”, asked Piggy.


“You know you were virgin before meeting Victor. At least I have some experience. But yes it’s still me and my hamsters.

But I know Guang Hong here has a date today with some hot latino guy.”


“It’s not a date! He said that he will come with his friends”, said this Guang Hong dude.


“And who is your charming prince ?”, asked Chris. God why was he so interested in other people’s life.


“His name is Leo. He is a transfer student like me and came here from America. We have lots of classes together that’s how we got to knew each other.”



Hmm, Leo. That name rang a bell in Yuri’s mind. He definitely heard that name before but where?


“Who are his friends? Is there someone hot. It’s been long since I’ve been laid”, again Chris with only sex on his mind.


“Chris hey are too young for you but one is JJ that’s what they call him. Leo said that his full name is too mouthful to pronounce and he has a girlfriend so sorry Chris no chance . And the other... Oh my his other friend his Otabek. You know the one from Altin family.....”

He continued to talk further but Yuri wasn’t listening. His mind went blank for a moment or two.


“...Oh there they are”, Guang Hong pointed at three men.


Something snap inside Yuri.  That motherfucker was coming here?! What the hell?!

Yuri knew that it was a mistake to come here but he didn’t expect that things would go wrong to this degree


“I think it’s time for me to go. I remembered I promised to help with something to my grandpa. Anyway I don’t have time to spend with losers like you.”


“Yuri, wait where are you going?”, asked Piggy but he was already on his way.


Yuri took the opposite direction so he wouldn’t bump into certain someone. What’s happening to him? His heart was beating so hard and fast.

Was Yuri afraid of Otabek after what happened? No that’s not the case. It’s something else, sometimes different.

He felt all flushed and hot. What the hell was happening to him? What the hell did Otabek do to him?!