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Kiss me if you hate me

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It was beautiful sunny Saturday. Otabek along side with JJ was invited by Leo to accompanied him on his so called ‘date’.




Apparently JJ’s advice was surprisingly useful for once and when Leo gathered his courage and finally talked to the Chinese boy they decided to meet up with their friends at some new-opened caffe.




Guess soon Otabek will no longer be able to teas Leo about his ‘unsuccessful’ crush and will be left alone with JJ’s teasings....








From afar Otabek could spot seven people sitting around the table. He didn’t expect that Guang Hong would invite so many friends. It was only three of them while they were seven!

One of them stood up and left and the other one took his place. Well better, more seats left.






As they walked closer Otabek could make out that one of Guang Hong’s friends was Victor Nikiforov! Did he develop problems with his eyesight? Was it really him?!

The living legend of Bolsoi theater himself and Otabek were going to share the same food and table!




His mom was always fan of ballet. He often went to different operas and ballet concerts when he was little or when he visited his family during summers vacations.



Holly shit! It wasn’t only Victor! His fiancé Yuuri Katsuki and Christoph Giacometti were also there! What was this, his luckiest day ever!? Otbek must ask for their autographs! Now that would be a perfect gift for his mother when he will visit her this summer. And of course Otabek would make sure that Yuri knows that he has the most famous and talented ballet dancers’ signatures. This day couldn’t get any better...





They approached to the table. There were also two boys one of which was obviously Guang Hong and one girl sitting with them.


Leo set next to Guang Hong as expected. He and JJ took chairs each and adjusted them around the table.




“Looks like we have guests here. Hi I’m Chris”, said Chris in his thick Swiss accent.


“I’m Mila”, that was the girl with red hair. She had deep blue eyes.


“I’m Victor and next to me is the most handsome man alive, my fiancé Yuuri.”


This was real wasn’t it? Otabek was actually talking with those legendary men.


“Hi I’m Yuuri” said the blushing man with a smile.


“I’m Phichit”, introduced the guy sitting next to Yuuri. He was the most tanned among every one. He had black hair and grey eyes.


“Well I’m Ji Guang Hong.”



So this was the boy who stole his friend’s heart. Otabek could see why Leo was in love with him. The boy looked like sixteen instead of nineteen. It was due whis chubby cheeks and slender body. He had light brown hair and maroon eyes. If you looked up close you could spot freckles adorning the bridge if his nose. He was cute and would look even cuter once he was Leo’s boyfriend.




“My name is Leo. I’m the one who studies in the same college as Guang Hong. These are my friends”, Leo turned his head to them.


“I’m Jean-Jacques but you can call me JJ or just Jay. Either way is ok. I know my name can be difficult to pronounce.”


Looks like it’s his turn to introduce...

“I’m Otabek.”


“So you’re Otabek”, speaked Victor and looked directly at him. He whispered something to Chris and he smirked then gave a knowing look to Mila.


Right, Otabek forgot that he was also quite popular here. He was an Altin after all.


They ordered some drinks and food and started to chat. Everyone was nice. The girl Mila was quite funny and easy going. Victor was as cheerful and energetic as he was portrayed in media. Yuuri was shy at first but once his shell was cracked he became more talkative and told funny stories about him and Victor. Chris was low key flirting with him but it was Chris and he was low key flirting with everyone. Apparently it was a wide known fact.







“So boys, what are you doing, still stuck with school?”, asked Chris.


“I’m also studying in the same college as Leo and Guang Hong. But my major is communications”, explained JJ.


“Well I’m still in high school. This is my last year.”


“Which high school?” asked Yuuri from where he was sitting with his hand around Victor’s shoulders.


“Oh ‘A’ high school.”


“Oh my god! What a coincidence! Our Yuri is also studying there. Do you know him?”, Victor voiced and leaned slightly towards him.


Otabek nearly choked on his water. No way Victor was talking about the person Otabek was thinking he was talking about.


“Yuri Plisetsky. I’m sure you two met each other. Although he is year or two younger than you and he is in art faculty I’m sure you would know him.

Aww you know Yuri was also here but had to go home. He left just as you came.”



What Yuri was here?! So that was him whom Otabek saw leaving! No if only he came earlier and didn’t spend too much time on his clothes choice!



“Um....yeah I...I know Yuri, yeah”, Otabek swallowed hard...Really hard.


“Oh that’s so wonderful. Nobody is messing around with our Yurochka right?”


“N...No, no one. Why do you ask? Did he say something about it?”, Otabek’s heart was  pounding.


“I wish! Yuri never tells us about his problems. But recently he comes late to his ballet classes and it bothers me. He is always on time. I wanted to ask if you knew what keeps him after school.”


Otabek felt that any moment his heart would come out from his chest.

“Umm...You know the new semester has started and....And our schedules are rearranged everyday. Maybe he has difficulties with it.”


“I thought that was the case at first too but when this Friday he came to the class covered all in dirt my suspicions grew. You would’ve told us if you knew something about it right?”



“Otabek you should understand that Yuri is dear to us. Ballet is like our second family and for me and Victor it became a really family. We don’t like seeing him hurt” joined his fiancé Yuuri.



“Yes, I’ve trained with Yuri so many times. He became precious to me too”, glanced at him Chris, with a tone that wasn’t flirtatious anymore.



“Yup. Yuri is like a little brother to me and I’ll rip everyone’s throats out if they somehow harm him”, Mila was more intimidating than the other two.




Otabek wasn’t stupid. Quite the opposite he was a smart man. He was smart enough to understand that their warnings and threats. But at the same time he was stupid enough not guess that Victor and Yuri are training together. He didn’t know what exact studio Yuri went to. All Otabek knew was that Yuri had ballet classes. At least now he knows that Yuri is training for Bolshoi theater.



“I remember the first day I met my Yurochka. He was just up to my knees. Since back then he was something else. Always wanted to do things by himself. Till this day he refuses to accept any kind of help. Also he has a very competitive nature. If he could we would make everything into competition”, Victor’s eyes softened when he spoke about Yuri. It was clear that the boy was dear to the silver haired man.



Otabek envied Victor. He envied him because the elder man knew so much more about Yuri than he did. Otabek wanted to know things about Yuri that nobody else knew. That only he would know.



“You know Yuri, he can be difficult time to time. It is hard for him to trust people. It’s like he always has a shield to protect him from any kind of affection. But he has his own way of showing love. Like  when he would call me different names but would also cheer me up before concerts. And he is like that with everyone.”



Otabek smiled. Yeah it sounded like Yuri. Even back then when he first saw him he felt as if it was some force of a nature standing in front of him not a human. He has never seen him experiencing any deep emotion to anyone. The only one time he can recall was when he cried the other day. Although Otabek would rather forget that incident.



“Umm...Can you give me any advice on how can I have Yuri’s trust. Actually I really want to get close with him”, Otabek was blushing. He thought that having waves of emerald gaze on him was enough but have decent relationship with Yuri was more appealing.



The corner of the silver haired man formed a slight smirk, “Hmm the wish you have is quite challenging one. However nothing is impossible after all, right?


There isn’t much that I could say. You have to know that Yuri isn’t someone who believes in words. If you want to have his trust you should do something worthy of his trust.”



It made sense. Otabek was also someone who didn’t believe in sweet words. Actions always speak louder than words. Especially since everyone around him always knew about his family status no matter where he went it was difficult to decide which one was a friend and which one was there only after his money.




“And what can I do? What could be worth of Yuri’s trust?”


“That one you should find on your own Otabek.


Listen I don’t know if it’s my place to say this but what you should know about Yuri is that he didn’t have a childhood that you would consider to be normal. His parents died when he was only five years old”, Victor was now leaning closer then before. His eyes were focused and he is tone sounded serious in comparison to his usual cheerful one.




Otabek didn’t know about that. Things were slowly clicking into their places. He felt that he could understand Yuri more, about his trust issues, about his defensive behavior of not letting people get close to him, about his attitude to new people. Still it wasn’t enough.



“Oh. I didn’t know about that. Does he-“, Otabek was little bit hesitant about asking the next question, “Does he have any family left?”



“I would like to consider myself as part of his family but if you’re asking about his biological family then he lives with his grandpa and has an aunt”, Victor’s tone was back to it’s normal and his eyes were less narrowed.




At least he wasn’t completely alone thought Otabek. He was so angry at himself. Yuri had all this complicated problems and on top of that Otabek with his stupid teasings and fights.


If Yuri is still only fifteen and it’s expected from him to be more childish Otabek is seventeen. He was spouse to be the mature one. Instead he made bunch of excuses for his childish behavior. He should do something while he has time, while it’s not too late...






“Well we had a great time. Thanks for inviting us today Guang Hong”, Leo’s  smile was from ear to ear when he spoke.


“Me too. I’d like to meet up with all of you more”, Gunag Hong was also supporting smile when he talked.



Those two are definitely going to be together. At one glance you could tell how much they liked each other. Leo never took his eyes off of Guang Hong and Guang Hong always smiled shyly and blushed whenever he caught Leo’s gaze on him.





“Yes it’s time for us to go. We have lots of homework to do. I’m sure you’re also busy”, said JJ while standing up.


“It was nice to meet you” Victor shook his hand and said goodbye. Everyone started to gather and leave. Otake, JJ and Leo left together. They planned to stay for a while before heading back home.










“Man...I’m in love”, Leo’s eyes sparked as he spoke.


“We’ve figured it out”, smirked JJ.


“Jay I think we should get drunk more often so you would give us another genius advices.”


“Hey! I don’t need to be drunk to have genius thoughts”, protested JJ.


“Of course you do. Leo is right for once”, agreed Otabek.


“Are you two teaming up against me. I’m deeply hurt.”


Otabek lightly chuckled, “What I’m an honest man. Are you offended by hearing the truth?”


“Oh in that case at least I can be genius one way or another.”



Leo and Otabek gave each other knowing looks. They were pretty much used to their friend’s ego by now.





“Ok as much as I love when you talk about me I wanted to know why Leo didn’t tell us that his future boyfriend’s friends are one of the most famous ballet dancers?!”



Leo blushed at JJ’s comment, “I didn’t know myself ok? But I didn’t know that you were interested in ballet?”


“Duh you don’t need to be into ballet to recognize them!... Shit I forgot to asl for their autographs!”


“Fuck...Me too. I was going to give it as gift for Mom. You know how much she loves ballet” Otabek was cursing himself for getting distracted.


“Oh I know why you got distracted. I guess Yuri Plisetsky can mess with your head without even being there.”



Just as Otabek thought that JJ was distracted by chatting with Phichit about which  angel was the best to take selfies and wouldn’t hear his conversations with Victor. Guess he was wrong.



“So you want to do something that is worthy of Yuri Plisetsky’s trust. How nobel of you”, Otabek was sure JJ spoke with shit-eating grin.


“What if? If that’s what it takes to make him stop hating me then...”


“Beks don’t listen to this idiot. At least not when he is not drunk. It’s always worth to take the risk for the once you love.”


It’s good that Leo wasn’t half as bad as JJ.


“Hey I didn’t say he shouldn’t take the risk. But Beks don’t get false hopes. You have long way before being in good terms with the boy.”


Otabek hated it but he knew that JJ was right. After the last fight he was sure Yuri didn’t even want to see his face.






They walked for a while. JJ talked about Bella, how much he missed her. That he their wedding would the best.


Leo’s head was only filled with Guang Hong. Every minute he would ask to reassure him that the Chinese boy also liked him back. That it wasn’t only his biased mind giving him false hopes.


Otabek stayed silent. He occasionally joined to his friends’ conversations but mostly he was mulling over the world he has exchanged with Victor today.



He was so shocked to learning about Yuri’s parents. His childhood wasn’t by any means ideal. Separated from his parents and sister at ten years of age wasn’t easy but he still had them. He still had their support. Though it was a relief that Yuri had his grandpa and aunt by his side and so many new ones people he didn’t know cared for him.



Otabek really wanted to understand Yuri better. What went wrong in the beginning? Usually people like when Otabek pays attention to them. What made Yuri react to him like that? What did he see in him that made him defend himself?


One of his most often used names for Otabek was douche. Does Yuri really mean it? Does he really see him as some douche or like Otabek calls him different names only to make the other one angry. Well Otabek for sure knows that he doesn’t mean anything of what he says to Yuri (well expect maybe Yuri does kinda resemble a kitten).



Now that he his questioning Yuri’s actions Otabek noticed that his action are more questionable. Seriously, why was he trying to make Yuri angry? Wasn’t he spouse to make Yuri like him? Why was he doing the opposite?


Otabek knows all the answers to his own questions yet he still continues to hide behind bunch of excuses for his immature reasons. But not anymore. It was time to grow up and fix everything.








It was time for them to go home. Otabek said good bye to his friends and continued to walk to his apartment. It wasn’t far away and as much as Otabek loved riding his bike he also enjoyed taking a walk.



Since it was Saturday he could postpone his homework for tomorrow but his schedule was still unstable it would be better if Otabek did it all. He can’t know for sure if his schedule for Monday won’t  change.








Monday. The most hateful day of the week (besides when it’s summer). Otabek’s fourth class (he had two left) was about to finish. It was english. His teacher mister Borisov was writing down their homework on the blackboard while everyone was checking the time on their phones to see if the break has already started.



The bell rang and everyone was ready to enjoy their break when their class teacher mister Denisov (Otabek’s favorite teacher since day one) came in, “Class for some organizing issues today PE and my lesson will switch with places.”



Everybody cheered. It was always good to have PE but it was better to have it for the final class.


“But you wouldn’t be alone. You will share the class with 10-6 since you have the same coach”, continued his announcement his teacher and left once he finished.



Wait 10-6 class? Wasn’t...wasn’t it Yuri’s class?! No, noway! Does that mean Otabek was going to have PE with Yuri? Was he going to share the same locker room with Yuri?!



That’s it. That was fucking it! Today Otabek was going to die. He was not sure if could handle seeing Yuri only in his underwear. Seeing those long creamy white legs, his bare chest, his toned stomach...Blood was rushing threw Otabke’s veins rapidly.


No, no, no! Yuri was still fifteen! He is too innocent for his filthy thoughts. Shame on Otabek. How dare he think such a things about Yuri! He was spouse to make the situation better not worse! He needs to cool down, right now!






Statistics couldn’t pass any longer. Otabek was convinced that time was passing agonizingly slow. He couldn’t focus on the class either. Mister Denisov asked him couple of questions and he hardly gave any answers. And this was statistics! The subject he is most good at! Yuri Plisetsky this was all your fault!





Finally...Finally the bell rang! Now that Otabek has to go to the locker room he isn’t sure if he is glad that the bell rang. He grabbed his spot bag and exited the classroom with anticipation.



Otabek’s hart was pounding like crazy. His felt electric bolts in his belly (when people say that they have butterflies in their stomach, are they talking about this feeling?). His pulse was beating faster with each step. Was Yuri already there? Will he walk on him while he still hasn’t change? Those torcheres thoughts didn’t let Otabek to breath calmly.


He entered the room one. His male classmates also came into the room and started to pull off their clothes.


Otabek felt this feeling he couldn’t exactly describe. It was similar to disappointment. Like all of this emotional built up has disappeared once he entered the locker room, leaving him empty. His heart beat also calmed down.




He also followed his classmates and started to change into workout gear. He was taking off his shirt over his head when he heard the door open.


His earlier state was back only ten times worse now that the familiar voice was near. Every hair on his body was standing straight. His body was paralyzed. Like some creature injected it’s venom into his blood system. He was with his back to the door so he couldn’t see anything, but his ears where more sensitive than normally. Though he was glad that he couldn’t see anything. He wasn’t sure if his heart wouldn’t jump from his chest. He was  already sweating and the class hasn’t even started yet. The room became cramped as more students went in.



All Otabek wanted right now was to change as soon as possible and rush to the gym. He put the top on and striped from his pants. Then he pulled on shorts and set on the bench to wear his shoes.



There was this tiny second where his mind decided that there would be no harm if he peeked just for a split second and that tediously amount of time was enough for Otabek to turn his head from where he was sitting.




Once Otabek’s eyes set on Yuri he could no longer take them off (sure his mind didn’t count on that). Like a bug caught in spider’s web Oatbek could only wait for his tragic fait.


He was slightly bent, pulling his leggings on where creamy thighs were to be covered. For a moment Otabek forgot how to breath. When his lungs remembered how to deliver oxygen to his brain and the ability to think came back he made his way out from the room in hurried and clumsy steps.





Even from hallways coach Yakov’s yells could be heard. There were already people jogging in circles doing heel flips, Otabek joined them.



“Knee up running”, whistled his coach and they changed their exercise. Slowly more people were coming. Otabek really tried to be focused but once he saw golden hair he knew he couldn’t resist.




“Enough. Now line up into four rows”, they arranged the position that their coach said them. Now he would choose one boy and one girl to come beside him to demonstrate the exercises. Coach Yakov was respectable old and no longer possessed the flexibility that once he was known for. But any other person of his age would envy his physical state.




“Yura, my boy come here. Show those stiff sticks how a proper body should function. And you Dasha also come here.”




Was this some karma, some cosmic joke? Was Otabek spouse to feel blessed by God or cursed by Satan? Now he had no choice but to look at Yuri.






“We start with head, moving it back and forth, side to side and we will do it four times for each side”, said Yuri and started the exercise.



Actually this wasn’t that bad. Maybe Yuri’s leggings cupped his long legs too tight for Otabek’s heart but he was given a chance to watch him without worrying to give any explanations.



Also Otabek would like to mention that his coach was quite fond of Yuri. Which was surprising. He has never seen coach Yakov even look and speak to someone as he was doing with Yuri.




They continued doing their usual exercises like rolling their shoulders back and forth, moving their torso left and right while keeping their legs in place.





“For the next couple of exercises I want you to look at my Yurochka to understand how their properly done.


The first one I would like you to bend your back to each side.”




When Yuri moved to the back the arch of his spine wasn’t even ninety degree it was over! Otabkes doesn’t think normal human body is capable of doing something like that! Sure he has seen different gymnasts doing even more complicated movements but seeing it in person was not the same. It was unbelievable!



His coach nodes in approval, “Now all together.”



Otabek could hear how backs cracked. Seams like lots of students didn’t do their work outs properly as coach Yakov said.






“The next one is squats. I want you to watch how his knees don’t go forward and stand in their place, letting his thighs to do the work. When you dumbasses move your knees, you put extra weight on them which can cause you an injury!

Turn to your side Yura, so they would have a better look.”





The girl from his class Dasha was trying her best to get everyone’s attention. And her attempts did go in vain, but Otabek’s eyes were glued on Yuri. The way his strong muscles moved his body up and down made Otabek hypnotized. The fabric of Yuri’s leggings was thin and tight so it was clearly seen the movements of his muscles under them. Especially the once located on his....No no, Otabek should not look there, he is not a pervert!




He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and when he opened them Otabek stared at the the floor, not daring to raise his head up. He didn’t know how much he could bare like this.




“Now to the plank. When you lay down on your elbows, don’t push your fat asses up. Your body should be on the same level. When you arch your back you lose considerable amount of body weight plus expose yourself to a potential back injury.


Yura please show them in which posse they should and shouldn’t start the plank.”




When Yuri showed the wrong position and arched his ass, Otabek nearly stumbled on the floor. This whole day was like a test for him to see how much willpower does he have.



”You should keep your plank at least for a minute. The rest who want to keep longer can do so. I’ll stop the count on four minutes” everyone groaned.



”Oh keep your mouths shut and do your plank. Now!” whistled their coach and all of them positioned themselves for the plank.



The first minute has passed and most of the students were helplessly laying on the floor. For Otabek it was like nothing to do planks. When he is at the gym he even puts extra weights on his back.



After the third minute almost everyone was out. The remaining students were him and...Yuri! Dasha also gave up after three and a half minutes.



Yuri too looked like it was nothing for him and he could do longer if their coach demands. Strangely enough Otabek didn’t feel rivalry between them or any competitiveness that was presented whenever they were in the the same space. He felt almost proud of him that he could do such an impressive work out. Staying in a plank for four minutes was far from an easy task. Although he was not sure if Yuri felt the same way.


The final whistle was blown and they stood up from the floor.



“You, what was your name?” looked at him his coach.


“Otabek, coach Yakov.”


“Now I know that my Yuri is strong enough to hold plank even longer but I didn’t know that there was another kid who has good athletic abilities. Four minutes of plank, very impressive Otabek.”


Otabek knows that Yuri is strong. He witnessed that first hand when he was trying to hold the boy the other day on the ground. He barely managed to keep him steady. He was not only strong with his body but also his personality was strong too.



“Ok we are done with the warm up. Since we have two classes together today, we will have volleyball competition. But it won’t be one class competing against another. I want you to mix. I’ll pick up the teams.

Girls will be playing inside and boys will go outside.”




Hmm, so will Otabek compete with Yuri as usual or will they have to set aside their dislike of one another (more correctly Yuri than Otabek, of course) and work together to win the set.



All the boys went outside and waited for their coach while he was choosing team for girls. After five minutes or so he returned and started to pick for their teams.That’s how Otabek ended up with Yuri in the same which meant that they have to work together.





The other team switched the positions and it was Kiril’s turn to serve. Otabek served the ball for his team good but they didn’t manage to keep the ball and the score became twenty one and nineteen. Four points and their opponents will win.


Kiril from his class and he his serves were very good. He could aim the ball anywhere he wanted. Usually he aimed at the setter or the libero which meant either Otabek was going to take the ball or Yuri. Though sometimes he would hit to the fronts too. Everyone held their breaths, waiting for the ball to be thrown.



The ball was coming to his direction. Otabek’s all focus was on the ball. Nothing could distract him at that point. He jumped to take the hit and.........


The second he opened his eyes he was on the ground and someone’s agonizing screams rang through his ears.



“No.....No....This c-can’t be!”



Otabek froze. He knew exactly whom those painful cries belong. The sight of Yuri screaming in pain cut his breath from his lungs. He didn’t want to breath either. The beating of his heart also stopped.



Not long enough coach Yakov hurried to them to see what was happening, “Yurochka, what happened, where does it hurt?!”


”M-my ankle.” The sobbing in his sounds made everything so much worse.



Their coach helped him to stand but once his right leg hit the ground he winced. The pain written down Yuri’s face was too much for Oatbek. He would gladly took Yuri’s place and land unfortunately hurting his ankel than see another tear slide his now red cheeks.



“Somebody, help him get to the nurse!” His coach’s voice echoed.



Without a second thought Otabek stood up and went straight to the blond boy.


“I’ll take him”, volunteered Otabek to everyone’s shock, especially Yuri. He didn’t waste any second and picked him up in a bridal style.


Carrying Yuri was a harder task than Otabek initially thought. His body was lean and he wasn’t much tall but he shouldn’t have forgotten about all those muscles that he had.


Then the realization hit him that Yuri Plisetsky is in his arms. The warmth of his body was too close. Otabek felt it could burn him alive.


His sunshine hair are tucked against his chest. His nose is able to pick the smell of those golden threads and it is intoxicating. They smell like honey and vanilla mixed together.


The underside of Yuri’s knees are soft where Otabek is holding him. Even through fabric he can feel how delicate the skin is there.


Otabek was sure that his face flushed as if  he was having some fever. He prayed to God that Yuri wouldn’t notice that and won’t suspect anything.


Once they were inside the hallways and nobody was there Yuri finally spoke, “What the hell is this Altin?! Why the fuck are you helping me out?!”


Ah there they go again. Their endless childish insults and hurtful words. But maybe Otabek will change the rules.


“Listen Yuri I don’t know what you think of me but you hurt your ankle and it was my fault and this is the least I can do to make it up to you-...”


“I don’t need your help, bastard! I’m not some damsel in distress for you to  rescue me! Let me down!”


Yuri started to wiggle and it made harder for Otabek to hold him.

“Stop that or I’ll drop you! Look at your ankle, you can barely walk and if you put extra pressure the damage will go further! Just let me help, ok?”


That seamed to work because Yuri stopped moving. He only crossed his hands and made a grumpy face.


“I can jump with one leg”, muttered the blond.


Oatbek rolled his eyes but smiled. Of course Yuri would refuse any help till the end.


They reached to the nurse’s office. Yuri helped him to open the door and they walked in. There were to women sitting in chairs, drinking coffee.



“Oh my, what happened?”, one of them stopped drinking when she saw Yuri being carried.

Otabek gently put Yuri down on the bench.


“We were playing volleyball. Both of us went after the ball. We didn’t saw each other and crashed. I fell on top of him and he hurt his ankle”, explained Otabek.


“Can you pull your shoes off, dear?”, spoke the nurse with a very soft tone to Yuri.


Yuri didn’t hesitate and obliged to her. He gently took off his shoes.


“Please tell me I didn’t brake my ankel!”


The nurse inspected the injury for a while. She asked Yuri if he could moved his ankle to which he answered that he could but it really hurt did that.


“You have nothing to worry about. Fortunately you got away with only sprained ankle.”




Otabek quietly leaved the office. Today was a roller coaster of emotions. He was worn out and wanted to hit his head with his pillow as soon as possible. Then he smiles stupidly when he remembered how he was carrying Yuri in his arms. Maybe God in fact did bless him today.


The rest of the day Otabek felt like flying and even JJ’s teasing remarks did wipe the stupid smile from his face.