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Slowly blinking awake, Killian felt what he recognized as Emma's warm body pressed into his front, making him release a sigh of contentment.

Gently tightening his arms around her, he pulled her closer to him, burying his nose in her hair. He wondered how long they could get away with just lazing together in bed before they would have to return to reality, finding himself to be reluctant for when that time came.

Feeling Emma stir, he nuzzled the back of her head before she turned around to face him.

"Morning," he said quietly with a gentle smile.

She hummed, skimming her nose across his collarbone. "Morning."

"Sleep alright?" Killian asked her.

She nodded, pulling back just enough to look up at him. "Yeah. Really good, actually. You?"

"Really good," he replied, his grin widening.

She smiled back before she suddenly became more withdrawn, unsure of herself.

"Swan?" Killian asked soothingly.

"Sorry," she said quietly, sitting up some and taking the sheet with her to cover herself. "I just- I don't do this. I've never stayed the night like this before, I've never done mornings, I don't know how to do this."

Propping himself up on his arm, he reached out to rest his hand on her leg in understanding.

"Emma, it's been a very long time since I've done this, too," he reminded her. "You're not the only one getting used to this."

Smiling meekly, she nodded.

"How about I make us some breakfast?" he asked to put her at ease.

He felt a sense of triumph as her grin became more relaxed as she nodded.

Leaning forward to kiss her, he climbed out of the bed, not bothering to try to hide his back or wrist from her. She had seen and felt them during the night and he knew she wasn't put off by them, making him comfortable enough leaving himself exposed.

Grabbing a pair of sleep pants and a tee shirt, he pulled them on as Emma got up to gather her own clothes before going out to the main room.

She came out as soon as the coffee was brewing, dressed in her rumpled clothes.

Killian bit back a laugh as she immediately went for the pot, taking one of the mugs he had set out for them to fill it.

"There's cream in the fridge," he said over his shoulder from his spot at the stove.

"Thanks," she said, the sound of the fridge opening following a second later.

The moment was so domestic that he couldn't help a wave of peace wash over him, making him smile to himself. He hadn't been lying the night before saying that he may well be getting a second chance, and casting a quick glance at Emma, he knew he wanted it with her. He didn't know how she had been able to capture his heart so quickly, but he found he wanted a life with her. He wanted to fall asleep with her in his arms every night and to wake up with her every morning.

A mug of black coffee appeared at his arm a moment later before she leaned against the island with her own cup.

"Thanks," he said.

"So what are you doing today?" she asked curiously.

He felt a wave of affection as he glanced back at her, seeing her looking like she was still half asleep as she nursed her coffee.

"I need to go check on my ship first thing," he responded lightly as he turned off their eggs. "Then, write up some tests for when the semester starts next week."

Snorting, she nodded. "Sounds like fun. Regina's probably gonna make me check out that guy again."

He nodded before freezing, an idea coming to him.

Every person who lived in the town or was able to come in was originally from the Enchanted Forest. The only exception was Henry, but he was Emma's son, who was not only born in their world, but was the Savior.

He wondered if the stranger was from the Enchanted Forest himself, if that was how he was able to enter the town.

Plating the bacon, eggs, and toast, Killian pushed the thought from his mind for the time being to set a plate in front of her before grabbing his own and sitting beside her.

"Not really," he replied. "But I need to make up some tests and assignments for them. I find it easier to do it all before and change it if I need to rather than do it all right before."

She gave him a teasing grin as she bit into a piece of her toast. "You mean you don't do it all the night before like the rest of us?"

He returned her grin with a chuckle. "No. Is that a dealbreaker?"

"Maybe," she hummed teasingly.

The effect was lost completely when she smiled widely.

"Think you'll be getting a lot of calls today?" he asked lightly.

"Probably," she replied. She looked up at him with a hopeful expression. "Do you think you might want to have lunch later?"

He grinned. "Aye, sounds wonderful."

His chest warmed as she smiled back.

She glanced at the clock on the wall before quickly finishing her breakfast. "Sorry, but I need to leave if I want to get to shower and get clean clothes before I have to go in."

Nodding in understanding, he stood with her. "Leave the plate, I'll take care of it."

She bit her lip as she nodded, making him consider making her very late for work.

Moving to let her out, she caught him by surprise as she suddenly rested her hand on his cheek and kissed him. He relaxed, bringing his own up to her hair to hold her close to him.

"I'll see you soon," Emma said softly as she pulled away from him.

Nodding, Killian kissed her once more before helping her out, watching her go to her car and leave.

Emma pushed the door to the loft open, wondering if her roommate would be there.

She knew of Mary Margaret's recent routine of being at Granny's by 7:15 so she could see David. Knowing the time was a little after 7:30, she suspected she would be gone.

Seeing the other woman at the breakfast bar, Emma looked at her in surprise.

"I thought you would have left by now," Emma told her.

Mary Margaret shrugged, trying to play casual. "I thought I would wait a while."

Emma nodded in understanding, knowing it was so she could avoid David.

Mary Margaret looked her up and down, her brows raised. "Did you come home at all yesterday?"

Feeling her cheeks flush, Emma shook her head. "No. I went to help Killian make sure his ship was safe from the storm, and it had started to kick up too bad. I stayed the night at his place."

Mary Margaret's interest peaked. "So did you stay the night-" her voice suddenly dropped, her double entendre clear, "or stay the night?"

"Well, we did do a bit more than just sleep," Emma admitted.

Mary Margaret smiled widely. "So you guys had fun then. How was it?"

Despite herself, Emma grinned. "Pretty great. Amazing, actually."

More than the physical aspect, which she had enjoyed immensely, her mind couldn't stop going to how she had felt emotionally, how she couldn't seem to get him close enough, the fire he ignited that she would gladly let her burn from the inside out, and how she felt like she belonged as he held her after.

"Well, I'm happy for you," Mary Margaret told her.

Emma nodded. "Hey, I need to get ready. I didn't have any clothes over there."

Nodding quickly, Mary Margaret nodded before looking at the clock. "I'm gonna head out to Granny's so I can get some coffee before class. See you later?"

Moving towards the stairs to her room, Emma nodded. "Yeah. I'll see you tonight."

Quickly ascending the steps, she locked herself in her bathroom, having a feeling she would be having a long morning.

Claiming a booth toward the back of the diner, Killian found himself eager as he waited for Emma for their late lunch.

School had already gotten out, leading to a couple of kids coming in with their parents. The place was relatively busy, but not overly crowded, making him wonder how much privacy he and Emma would have.

He wasn't surprised when Henry found him, sitting across from him in the booth.

"So, do you have any idea who this new guy is?" Henry asked curiously by way of greeting.

Seeing the boy looking at him so seriously with his hands folded on the table, Killian raised his brow in amusement.

"We still don't know his name," Killian told him. "Your mother talked to him yesterday, and he told her he's a writer."

Henry's voice dropped down lower so they wouldn't be as likely to be overheard. "No, I mean who he really is."

Killian shook his head, impressed with the boy. "No, unfortunately I don't, lad. But I did have that same thought."

Henry preened at having thought the same thing Killian did.

"Do you by chance have the book?" Killian asked quietly. "I did want to ask if I could perhaps borrow it. If he's in the book, I might be able to find out who he is."

Henry turned away from him, taking off his backpack and unzipping it to pull the book in question out. He passed it over the table to him. "I've been keeping it with me so my mom won't take it."

"Smart lad," Killian said, quickly tucking the book away in his own satchel. "Thanks. You don't need to worry, I'll keep it safe."

Nodding, Henry looked back at him happily. "So you're meeting Emma?"

Killian nodded just as he saw the woman in question come through the front door. "She actually just came in."

Without even being aware of it, his face slipped into a wide smile as he watched Emma approach the booth.

"Henry?" she said in surprise as she saw her son. "What are you doing here?"

"Just came to see if Killian was here to ask him something," Henry said easily. "Just to see if he knew anything about that guy that came on the motorcycle."

He moved to stand up, hiking his backpack up over his shoulders. "I wanted to see who he was."

"He's just some writer," Emma told him. "He said he was looking for inspiration for a new book."

"That's what Killian told me," Henry confirmed. "I need to go. I'm supposed to be home and my mom will be mad if I'm not."

"Go," she urged. "You know it will be bad if she finds out that you're seeing me."

Henry nodded before dropping his voice. "I'll find a way for us to have another meeting about Operation Cobra soon."

Killian smirked as he left, sensing Henry would be pushing the issue of the curse again soon enough.

Emma took her son's vacant spot, looking back at him. "Have you been waiting here long?"

"No," he replied lightly. "Henry came soon after I arrived."

She nodded, looking tired.

"Long day?" he asked her.

"Oh yeah," she replied, glancing at the menu in front of her before suddenly looking up. "Does Leroy always call for every single little thing?"

Killian hummed. "You were never warned about that?"

"No," she said with a small groan.

He flashed her a wry grin. "Sorry to be the one to tell you, love."

She gave him a playful glare, making him snicker as a waitress came by.

"You know, after the weather gets a bit more mild, I was thinking I could take you out on the Jolly Roger," he proposed. "You know, just spend the day out on the water."

"I didn't take you as the romantic outings type," she teased fondly. "But how can we do that if you don't have people to help you take it out?"

"I don't need a crew," he told her. He grinned. "I'm a hell of a captain."

His chest warmed at her happy laugh.

"Alright," she agreed. "When it gets warmer, I'll let you take me out."

He grinned.

Throughout their meal and even after they left, Killian caught Emma looking at him appreciatively, nearly making him preen, even if he had checked her out a few times himself, knowing they were both thinking about the previous night, and knew it would be much more than a one time thing.


Pouring himself a glass of rum, Killian pulled the storybook from his satchel, setting it carefully on his dining table.

Not expecting anyone to come over, including Emma, he retrieved a rumpled list that helped him keep track of the people in the town he knew the identities of. He knew he was right about August, that he had to be someone like them, and wanted to find out who, especially if they came from outside of the town.

A more morbidly curious part of him wanted to see if he could find Mara in the book, to at least figure out who she was, who he was dealing with. The only traits she possessed that he had an inkling she possessed before was her fears of keys and blood, the latter making him curious how she was able to work in the animal hospital.

Flipping through the book, particularly the parts he guessed Henry hadn't looked through, he paused when he saw a portrait of himself. Standing at the helm of the Jolly Roger, he was dressed in his old clothes with his hook gleaming in the sunlight.

Seeing the picture of himself was surreal, reminding him exactly of the life he had before.

Flipping it a few pages back, he saw a familiar tangle of dark hair and wild gray eyes staring back at him.

Slowly tracing a finger over her likeness, Killian found he didn't feel any pain, but instead wondered exactly what Milah would say about him. He guessed she would likely laugh at him, tease him about the job he had and using modern conveniences. Somehow, he knew she would like Emma and be happy that he had moved on, that he had found love with someone else.

He smiled softly as he imagined everything Milah would tell Emma to tease him, the women ganging up on him.

Forcing himself to tear away from the pictures, he flipped back towards the time everyone else would be alive, intent to look for August and Mara.

Killian had a feeling he would be having a long night.