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I can't be Tinker-Bell, I hunt Tinker- Bell

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If Bloom's life were a movie, this would be the moment where there would be a record scratch and her voice would come over the paused still shot of her here, being held up by her wrist by a giant yellow monster. She would probably say something like, “Hi, you’re probably wondering how I got myself into this mess.” The thing is, her life was not a movie, it’s a shit storm. It’s so much of a shit storm that Bloom wasn’t even sure herself how her day, a day that started out so normal could have even gotten her into her current predicament.


Bloom slid out from underneath the Ford mustang she was rebuilding and wiped her hands off with a towel. She had been working on it for much of the past couple of days, the need to hit the road again boiling up inside of her. She had never done well with being stationary for long periods of time. Even though she knew that the only way to handle her grief was to go through it, a part of her felt the best place to do that was to be out doing what she does best: saving people, hunting things. She wasn’t really sure if it could still be called the family business; after all, most of her family is dead.

Looking at her phone, she saw no messages from Bobby or Sam. Sighing, she finished off what was left of her soda, grimacing at the taste of the now warm drink. She looked at the car, assessing what else she needed to do to get it running, when her stomach let out a loud growl alerting her to the fact that she did need to eat. Heading inside Bobby’s house, she washed her hands, before starting to look for something to eat. Sighing at the empty fridge, she closed the door and started to head towards town.

It was a bit of a walk, but, in all honesty, she didn’t mind. She needed to do something to stop this kind of itch that she felt. The itch that was pulling her to where she was headed in life. There wasn’t much to do on the 2- mile walk into town, so she just relaxed into a comfortable stride and let her mind go back over the events of the past ten days.


At 12:01 AM on May 15th, she watched her oldest brother get ripped to shreds by Hell Hounds. By noon that day, she was helping Sam dig a grave for Dean. Sam insisted that they bury Dean, while Bobby wanted him salted and burned--a traditional hunters funeral. The two had argued for a bit about what to do, but when she butted in her opinion, she declared that it wouldn’t hurt to bury him. After all, they all knew where his soul was. Sam had slipped away while Bloom and Bobby were gathering the shovels back up. When they finally emerged from the trees where the cars had been parked, Sam and the Impala were gone. Bloom’s bag was sitting on the hood of Bobby’s car, and a note was tucked under one of the wiper blades.

I’m going to find a way to bring Dean back. Please be careful, stay with Bobby. Don’t do anything Dean would do.

Bobby brought her back to the salvage yard. Together, they researched for other hunters, and Bobby took over for Dean helping Bloom rebuild a ‘65 Ford Mustang. They had been making really good progress when, three days earlier, Bobby got a call from another hunter needing a hand with a hunt a few hours away. He asked Bloom if she wanted to go with him, but she decided to stay behind. While she was ready to get back to hunting, she really hated the hunter that needed help. So, she had stayed back and had hoped to have her car up and running before Bobby got home. The plan was to hit the road and find Sam and knock some sense into that man, while taking out every evil son of a bitch along the way.

Bloom was pulled out of her thoughts at the sound of her phone ringing in her pocket. Pulling it out, she saw that Bobby was calling her.

Putting the phone to her ear, “Hey Bobby what’s up?” she said stepping out of the way for a car that was driving down the road.

“Heading back from the hunt. Should be there soon.” his gruff voice said over the phone.

“Alright. How did it go?” she asked as she passed by a sign that said Sioux Falls one mile away. She smiled, glad that she was halfway there.

“Not bad, just a vamp nest that was too large for one guy.”

“Alright I’m walking to town to get some stuff from the store all you’ve got is beer and molded bread.”

“I'll meet you in town and give you a ride back.” she could hear the sound of him fiddling with something, “I’m not far only about 30 minutes twenty minutes outside of town.”

“Sounds good. I’ll see you…” Bloom was distracted from the call by the sound of fighting in the woods to the left of her. She started when she heard what sounded like a roar coming from the trees. She pulled out the knife she kept on her and started towards the trees but stopped when she heard Bobby shout her name over the phone.

“BLOOM WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” he shouted. She could hear him picking up speed, the sound of the engine coming through the phone.

“I’m not sure Bobby. Get here as fast as you can. I’m about a mile outside of town. I’m marking the tree.” She hung up the phone before he could say anything else and stabbed off part of the bark on a tree before heading into the forest making as little noise as possible. She knew that He would be pissed at her going off like this into an unknown situation, but decided it was better ask forgiveness then wait and ask permission. It didn’t take long before Bloom came upon a clearing and saw what was making the noise.

Bloom looked around a tree and stopped in shock at what she saw. A giant yellow beast, at least 8 feet tall, stood surrounded by these demonic looking gremlin things. And across the field standing there was a…fairy? The girl was about the same height as Bloom, wearing orange shorts, halter top, and boots that went over her knees. Her clothes glittered in an unnatural way that was almost magical. Her golden hair, pulled into low hanging pig tails with a blue headband, the color matching that of her wings and arm cuffs. In her hand, she held a blue scepter. Looking beaten, she held herself up like the worst thing she could think off was letting the thing know she was hurt. Bloom understood the look on her face--after all, she herself had spent most of her life running head first into fights that were never in her odds to win. This was another one of those; the only difference was that this time, she didn’t know how to win.

She watched as the monster came up and backhanded the girl and sent her flying back, crashing into a tree. The force of the blow knocked the scepter out of her hands. The thing picked it up and growled in her face.

Steeling her nerves, she stepped into the clearing and shouted at the top of her voice, “HEY, YOU FUGLY SON OF A BITCH, PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE.” Running full speed at the yellow thing, she knew if she went for a high attack, he could easily swat her away like he did with the other girl. Going low, she swung a right hook that hit him in the stomach, before stabbing at him with her knife. Unfortunately, this didn’t really do much more than make him angry. Before she could get away, he grabbed her and held her up off the ground by her arms. Knowing that if he squeezed any tighter, both her arms would be broken but feeling both her shoulders not sitting right in her socket, she started to struggle and kick at the beast. The smell coming off the creature reminded her of sulfur mixed with rotten garbage.

Bloom started to feel something start to bubble up inside her as the thing got into her face, and it snarled at her, “Stupid girl. You should learn to mind your own business.” His breath smelt worse than the rest of him.

Unsure of what was happening, the feeling burst out of her, throwing the thing back and causing her to fall to the ground feeling like she just ran a marathon. Looking up she saw the blonde pick up her scepter and grin at the creature.

“You are, like, so going down.”

Bloom stood up. Not seeing her knife, she grabbed a tree branch off the ground and braced herself. The gremlins started at the two girls. Bloom knocked one away but didn’t see the other come up behind her. It knocked her to the ground, tearing off a part of her shirt while also tearing at her flesh. As more started to surround her, she looked to the blonde who was dealing with the big guy. She quickly stood back up and felt the feeling start again. This time, however, she focused on what was happening and felt a burst of pure energy come from her, destroying most of the things that surrounded her.

Looking over, she saw the few that were left run back over to their master as he looked at the two girls. “We will meet again, fairies.” Clapping his hands, he disappeared.

The blonde, after seeing him vanish, let the fight out of the way she held her shoulders, and started to lean on the scepter to keep her upright. She only stayed like that for a moment before she promptly fell to the ground, completely out cold. Bloom stood in shock as she watched the girl’s outfit completely change right before her eyes.

Before she could even think about what she should do next, she heard Bobby whisper behind her, “What the hell?”

Turning around and looking at the man that had been like an extra father to her for so many years, she mentally prepared for a fight. Most hunters didn’t trust anything that wasn’t 100% human, and while Bobby had accepted Sam, demon blood and all, Bloom wasn’t sure what to expect from him. “How much of that did you see?” she asked, squaring her shoulders.

“Enough to know you got something in you, kid,” he said looking at her.

“What are you going to do about it?’ Bloom asked hesitantly, knowing that there was no way she could beat him in a fight right now, and that her best bet would be to run, but knowing that meant she would leave the blonde behind.

“Calm down ya’ idjit. I ain’t gonna try and hurt you as long as ya’ don’t try and hurt me.” Hearing this, the fight left her shoulders. Bloom had known Bobby long enough that she could spot his tells when he was lying. “So how long have you known you could do that?”

Laughing to herself, she said, “It’s a pretty recent development.” Kneeling down, she brushed the hair from the girls face and felt her pulse. Her breathing was good, and her pulse was fine. Bloom assumed that she just passed out from exhaustion--who knew how long the girl had been fighting before Bloom showed up? Bobby walked up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“I’ll carry her to the car and we can take the two of you back to the house so we can stitch you up.” He gestured to the large gash across her abdomen. Bloom looked down and was shocked she hadn’t noticed how big it was. Looking closer, it was shallow and not bleeding too much.

“I’ll be fine Bobby, I'm just worried about her.”

Bobby grunted as he lifted the blonde up in his arms. “Bloom, go ahead and make sure that there’s no one around the car, this is the last thing I wanna try to explain.” Nodding at Bobby, she started on ahead. After emerging from the trees, she was relieved to see that not only was there no sign of anyone near the car but there were no cars on the road. Waving Bobby over, she helped him set the girl upright in the passenger seat. Bloom went around to the driver’s side and slid over into the middle of the seat leaving enough room for Bobby to get into the driver’s seat. Setting back in the seat she relaxed, waiting to get back to Bobby’s house.


Bloom came back into the house as the sun started to set. She headed upstairs to check on the blonde. She checked her pulse and felt her face to make sure she wasn’t running a fever. After making sure that she was still out cold, Bloom went to the room she was staying in and grabbed some clothes to take a shower.

Relaxing under the hot spray of water Bloom traced the stitches from her fight that morning. She thought over what had happened, but she couldn’t figure out how to use those powers again. She knew that if most hunters found out, she would be killed. Her mind drifted to her brothers and the question of what they would do, what John would have done. Everyone who had ever known John Winchester knew that he didn’t care--a monster was a monster--but would he have killed his own daughter? Would he have thrown her out and told her their paths should never cross again? Or would he have pulled her into a hug and told her that it didn’t matter, that she was still his kid?

These thoughts swirled through her mind, keeping her in the shower until the water ran cold. After drying off and getting dressed in the usual jeans and a white tank top with an old flannel thrown over it, she pulled her short mess of red hair back into a ponytail before heading down stairs.

“Hey Bobby,” Bloom said walking into the kitchen, she saw that he was starting to cook dinner, making what looked like hamburger helper. “Need any help?”

“Nah I got this, if you could grab plates I’d appreciate it,” he said, pulling the pan off the burner, “I saw you got the car running, not much left to fix in it, I guess.” He set the pan on the table and looked at the girl.

Setting the plates and forks on the table, she looked over at Bobby. “Yeah, she’s running good, the only thing really left is to paint her and clean up the inside some. I ordered the paint last month and it should be in any day now. After that, I’m going looking for Sam. I just know if he hasn’t done something stupid already, he’s going to.” She walked over to the fridge and grabbed a beer for Bobby and a soda for herself, then walked back and handed him the drink before sitting down.

“Oh, I don’t doubt that boy’s gone and done something stupid, but don’t you go gettin’ yourself killed trying to rescue that idjit. You’ve got enough to deal with as is.”

“Oh, don’t worry Bobby, I know. If any other hunters find out, I’m good as dead. And even if some find out and don’t try to gank me on spot, it’s doubtful that any will work a case with me if I ever need help.” She looked down and sighed. “I don’t know where these powers came from, but I can’t seem to use them again and I’ve tried multiple times today since getting back. For some reason it’s just not clicking.” Taking a sip from her drink, she looked down at the food and started to push it around. “I don’t know anything about what happened today, and the last thing I wanna do is hurt someone, but I know that I very well could if I don’t know how to control them. That’s part of why I have to leave. If I don’t, I could hurt you. If I’m on a case, I could accidently hurt a civilian. I just need to learn control of them and I think that might be better away from hunters.”

“Don’t be an Idjit like your brothers and go off doin’ something halfcocked. Stay a few more days, wait for that friend of yours to wake up and see if she might be able to offer some insight on what the hell is going on with you. After that, decide what the hell you’re going to do. But just know, kid: I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both you and your brother got powers of some kind.”

“Yeah I’ve been wondering about that. What are the odds that two out of three of dad’s kids would be…not completely human.” She leaned back in the chair. “We know how to explain Sam, but me…I don’t know it just seems…different. What I did, it wasn’t like anything I’ve seen before, it was pure energy. There is no other way to explain it.”

Bobby sat back and sighed, “We know why Sam is different: demon blood. Dean is completely human, so I don’t think you got this from your Dad.” Moving the plate out of the way Bobby leaned forward placing his forearms on the table, “Kid, how much do you know about your mother?”

Bloom placed her hands on her lap and looked down, “Not much. I never even saw a picture of her until a few years ago. All I know is she and dad meant, on a salt and burn. Dad showed up at the cemetery to dig up the body but she was already there working on it. They argued about whose hunt it was. Fast forward a few hours, and they saved each other from the ghost and while the body was burning, they…did…it. Then they went their separate ways. A little less than a year later she showed up at dad’s motel with baby me in her arms. She handed me over and told him that my name was Bloom and that I was ‘his problem now.’ She set down a diaper bag with everything then left. 48 hours later she was found dead in a motel room the next town over.” Standing up and walking the dishes over to the sink, she braced herself on the sink. “Then a few years back I was with dad on a hunt, and there was this wall of pictures on Pastor Jim’s wall and he pulled it down and handed it to me and told me that was her. Pastor Jim told me I could keep the photo. That’s all I know about the woman.”

“Did anyone ever tell you anything about her? Anything at all?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

Walking back over to the chair, she flopped down, “Um, I was told she was a loner, she grew up in the life, and that she was a fighter. Apparently, her personality was as fiery as her hair.” She ran a hand through her own red hair. “She was never one to back down from a fight, and she was one hell of a hunter.” Rolling her eyes, “all of it honestly sounds like stuff people made up so I could feel like I know her.”

Bobby sighed as he stood up. “Alright you go check on your friend, I’ll go research…Hell if I know.” Nodding her head Bloom headed upstairs.


(many Realms away)

The Yellow Ogre was terrified as he stood before his bosses. Their anger at him was radiating off them. Their bodies were partially obscured by shadows, and the only thing truly visible about them were their eyes, glowing blue, purple, and red respectively.

“KNUT!!! HOW DARE YOU FAIL US? WHY DIDN’T YOU BRING US THE SCEPTER?” the first voice demanded, ce and venom dripping from every word she spoke.

“It’s not my fault, Your Wickednesses. I had the scepter in my hands, but then this earth girl attacked me.”

“You were stopped by a measly human.” the second voice said. “Just how did you manage to mess up this badly?”

“She wasn’t a normal earth girl. This girl had magic powers. She took us on single handedly. She was even more powerful than Princess Stella.”

“I WANT YOU TO FIND THIS EARTH GIRL AND DESTROY HER,” commanded the first voice.

“Don’t worry Your Highnesses, I already have a plan.” He fished out a piece of black cloth from his pocket, and waved a Blue troll into the light. “One of my ghouls tore this from the earth girl’s clothing. I’ll get my hunter troll to find her, and we’ll find them, take the scepter, and crush them into fairy dust.”

“Fine. Go and don’t you dare disappoint us again.”


Two hours later Bloom sat in the chair in the room the blonde girl was resting in looking for anything that could explain what had happened in the forest that day. The only book that even came close to what she had seen was an old children’s book about fairies. Bloom looked up from the book she was reading at the sound of the sheet rustlings. She saw the girl start to sit up clearly sleepy and confused.

“good morning?” she said rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

Standing up and walking over to the bed, “It's evening. How are you feeling?” she asks, pulling out her phone and sending a text to Bobby that the girl was awake.

“Better now.” Sitting up and looking more awake and perky than before. “and it's thanks to you.” She said as Bobby walked through the door to the bedroom.

“Maybe we should call your parents kid.” Bobby said alerting the blonde to his presence.

She startled slightly at the voice coming from behind her, before smiling brightly at the old drunk, “I’m afraid that’s like so easier said than done. They live at least six whole realms away. In a kingdom called Solaria. That’s where I’m from, my names’ Stella and I’m the princess of Solaria.

“Nice to meet you Stella, my names’ Bloom. And this is Bobby.”

“Nice to meet you Bobby. Bloom I’ve got to say you’ve got some serious powers, girl. I was on my way to the Alfea College, you know to continue my magic training, when this Ogre attacked me, and she kicked his butt all the way to another dimension with an energy blast.”

“Thanks, but I have no idea how I did it. Or even what allowed me to do that.”

“You didn’t know?” Stella said looking at Bloom, “You’re a fairy. Hey you should come to Alfea with me. It's like that best school in all the Realms.”

“I don’t know about that. I know I fought that ogre in the woods but I’ve haven’t been able to use any powers since then.”

“Your powers are probably just rusty from being unused for so long.” She said waving a dismissive hand to that.

“Bloom you know that whatever you do I’ll back you.” He said before turning and heading back downstairs, ‘probably to do some research on fairies.’ Bloom thought. Looking back over at Stella she saw that she had made a cell phone appear out of nowhere and was texting someone. She then stood up from the bed and walked around the room, sitting back down next to Bloom.

“So, Bloom I’m going to guess that you didn’t know anything about your powers before today.”

She gave the blonde a look that she hoped showed her feeling of ‘no shit’ and ‘WTF’ adequately, before responding, “I didn’t even know fairies were real until today. Magic like that isn’t really here.”

“Hu. That’s weird.”

Walking over to the book about fairies she had sat down Bloom picked it up and walked back over to Stella, “Is magic where you’re from like what’s in this book?”

Flipping through the pages for a few minutes Stella looked up and handed the book back, “I mean kind of but this book was written by humans. We are so much cooler than this and more Fashionable.”

“Wow I can’t believe I do have magic.” Flopping down on the bed.

“Your magic has always been inside of you. It's like my Fairy Godmother used to say ‘Sometimes you just need an Ogre to attack you to find out what you're really made of.’ Trust me come to Alfea with me and you’ll find out just how much magic you really have.” Looking around the room she saw a couple of pens and pencils sitting on a notepad Bloom had sat on the dresser, “Now try this it’s a simple matter merge exercise,” waving her hands the items floated up and merged into one large pencil, “Ok now try and put them back how they were.”

Bloom stood up and focused her mind on separating the pencils, but after a minute of nothing happening, she sat back down, “I don’t feel anything.”

With a flick of her wrist She returned then back to how they were, “You just need some practice, that’s why you have to come with me to Alfea. Before long you’ll be doing this in your sleep.”

“So where is this Alfea at?”

“It's kind of hard to explain.” Standing up she pulled what looked like a postcard out of nowhere and threw it to the ground as it landed, it got bigger looking more map sized, “Why don’t you come with me and i'll show it to you. This is an express portal.” Stepping on it she sunk threw it disappearing. Deciding she had nothing really to lose she stepped on herself and started to go through instantly.



A little way away the yellow Ogre and a blue troll landed in the same field the ogre had been in hours prior. Handing the piece of cloth over to the troll. The troll took the cloth and smelled it.

“I smell her. She closed. I smell two Fairies.” He growled

“Then that means the Earth girl is with Stella.”

After a few minutes of walking the Blue troll started to sniff the air in all directions, “What is it troll.”

“I lost the scent.”


Bloom was in aww at what she saw. Ahead of her was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Sitting on the horizon was a castle made of pink sandstone; the windows were made a blue glass. The whole thing glittering in the light. The sight took Bloom’s breath away.

“Well here we are.” Waving her hand at the Castle, “This is the Famous Alfea Castle. Isn’t it amazing?”

“I’ve never seen anything like it before. What goes on here?” she asked not wanting to take her eyes off the Castle, a part of her afraid that if she did that it would be gone and this would all be just a crazy dream.

“This is the best school for Fairies to study to learn how to control their powers. Many of the Fairies are princesses like me but any girl can come here to study magic, And get this we are just an enchanted Forest away from the Red Fountain School for Heroics and Bravery there are so many Hotties there, But on the other hand we are just across the lagoon from the Cloud Tower School for Witches.”

“This is a big decision Stella.” She said finally taking her eyes off of Alfea, she started to see everything else about where she was. Everything about this place was breathtaking.

“Well to make it easier for you I may have invited some Red Fountain Specialist over to your house.”

Tuning to look at Stella in shock, “Wait some of the hero boys are coming to Bobby’s. I’m not sure that will go over too well. When are they going to get there?” her gut telling her that Bobby might not take too well to a group of strange guys showing up at her house.

“They should be there soon.” Jumping up and going back threw the portal. With a sigh Bloom did the same.


Suddenly the Trolls headshot up, “I SMELL THEM.”

Jumping back in shock Knut looked at the Troll, “Where?”

He sniffed around for a moment before pointing to a large metal sign that read, ‘Singer Salvage’ “Me think they're right in there.”


Bobby was reading everything he could find about Fairies, the only problem being that up until the past hour he was convinced that they didn’t exist. Pouring himself another glass of hunter’s helper. He sighed and started in on another book, but stopped after a minute hearing a rumbling sound coming from the yard. Standing up Bobby grabbed a double barrel sawed off and raised it as he started walking towards the back door where he thought the sound was coming from.

He was about 10 feet away when the door flew open, the Yellow Ogre from earlier stood there. As he walked in Bobby saw a Blue creature that was even bigger walk in behind him. Lifting the gun, he fired off two shots, of rock salt, one at each creature. The creatures roared in rage and started for him.

“What the hell?” Bobby said, taking a step back.

The yellow creature motioned for the gremlin creatures to surround Bobby, “Tell us where the Girls are or Your Ghoul food.”


After coming back through the portal Bloom and Stella sat on the bed as Bloom asked about magic. Stella was in the middle of telling Bloom about the first spell she ever cast, when the girls heard a loud bang. Standing up they jumped in shock as they heard two-gunshots ring out followed by a loud growl.

Running down the stairs they stood at the entrance of the room and heard the Yellow troll shout, “Tell us where the Girls are or Your Ghoul food.”

“We’re right here.” Stella shouted transforming to the fairy form that Bloom had first seen her in. “I’m gonna kick your butts and not even mess up my hair.” Flying up she sent two blast at the creature.

Bloom grabbed a machete and went after the ghouls. After taking out two of the dozen that were there she saw Bobby motion to the broken in door, nodding she went and kicked one away, “Hey Ghouls come and get me.” She said running outside.

Once outside Bloom and Bobby made quick work of all but one of the ghouls. Just as the two hunters started towards it the yellow ogre came flying out the window landing on the ghoul. A moment later Stella came flying out the door, the blue troll following after her. With one hand Bloom quickly helped Stella back on her feet with the other she caught a sawed-off Bobby tossed to her.

Taking aim at the Blue troll she fired a round of rock salt into the troll. “BOBBY DON’T YOU HAVE ANY REAL AMMO!?” Bloom shouted over her shoulder, pumping the gun and taking another shot at the monster. The troll stumbled back a few steps when a golden wire came out of nowhere wrapping around the troll’s neck.

From behind the troll Bloom heard a voice belonging to a boy she had not noticed showing up, “Hey princess Stella I hope your friend is the pretty one with the red hair.”

Another voice responded, “Yeah and not this ugly guy at the end of the leash here.” Looking over Bloom saw four guys each wearing the same outfit, they wore what looked like uniforms, with capes and boots. She could see that the second voice belonged to the guy with Red spiked hair holding the troll back.

“Alright I suggest a three-pronged rescue Op.” The first voice said, this one clearly belonged to the hot one with long blonde hair, in one hand he held a sword and in the other he had a shield.

“Forget that I got this puppy all wrapped up.” His expression and voice were cocky and full of himself. Apparently, he was proud of himself for holding back a troll.

The brunet boy was leaning on his sword looking bored, “Dude one summer at a swashbuckling camp doesn’t mean you can go solo on a troll.” He said just as the red head got thrown back knocking Bloom and Stella to the ground, “I rest my case.”

As she started to push the guy off her a small mean part of her thought that the guy deserved to get thrown like that, just next time maybe not into her. Looking past the troll Bloom watched as the other three jumped into action quickly taking out the troll all while bantering in a way that reminded Bloom of her brothers. Standing up Bloom watched the yellow Ogre start at them, trusting a gut instinct Bloom blasted it with her magic, then ran up while it was stunned and hit it in the face with the butt of her gun splintering the wood.

The Ogre looked around and saw that he was both outnumbered but also surrounded, he then clapped his hands together and disappeared before their eyes.

“Balls.” Bloom heard Bobby say behind her, looking over her shoulder at the man who looked completely at a loss for what had just transpired and gave him a weary smile. She hoped that it was reassuring and not, ‘how the fuck has our life’s gotten so much weirder.’

Walking up Bloom got a better look at the four boys, the first one and the smallest of the group was a light ginger, who was wearing glasses. The second one and the tallest and most muscular of the group was the blonde, he had a warm smile and the bluest eyes. The third was the Redhead that had gotten thrown into her, his eyes were a violet color and the look in his eyes and the way he held himself reminded Bloom of Dean, he was just an inch or so shorter than the blonde and almost as muscular. That last was the brunette he had brown eyes and a carefree air to him, he was the same height as the third guy and just as muscular as the blonde.

Stella walked forward pulling Bloom along, “Bloom these are the Red Fountain guys I was telling you about, this is Timmy,” pointing to the first guy, “Riven,” pointing to the third, “Prince Sky,” Pointing to the brunette, “And Brandon.” Pointing to the blonde.

The one Stella identified at Brandon smiled at her, “How are you doing.” After a moment his face started to look concerned, pointing at her abdomen, “Are you alright?”

Looking down Bloom saw that Blood was soaking its way through the white top, “I’m fine I probably just popped a couple of stitches.”

At that moment the group heard the blue troll start to move, the boys quickly jumped into action and clamped a collar around its neck. The troll begins to levitate, golden lighting like ropes cuffed his hands and feet.

A bright light opened up and the boys started to lead the troll into the light, Brandon turned around and smiled, “It was nice meeting you Bloom I hope I get to see you at Alfea.” He said as the light closed around them.

Bloom was pulled out of her musings by the sound of Bobby’s voice, “Well looks like we got a fair amount of cleaning up to do.”

Cleaning was the last thing Bloom wanted to do after having worked in the hot sun on her car, and getting into two fights. Every muscle in her body was hurting and Bloom just wanted to fall asleep and stay like that for at least the next week if not longer.

“Don’t worry about the mess.” Stella said, pulling the two-hunter attention to her, taking firm hold of her scepter she spun it around and sent a ball of light around the house and yard. Once the light was gone the hole that was in the ground was gone, the broken window was fixed, and the door that was hanging off its hinges was fixed.

Bobby stood and looked wide eyed at what happened before walking towards the house muttering something about going to bed. The two girls smiled at each other before heading inside to go to bed themselves.