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{20XX} FRI, DEC. 4, 4:12 PM
He sighed, looking out the train’s window as he stood. Next to him was his best friend and twin sister, Kiyoko. With a courageous smile, she looked up at him. 

“It’s gonna be nice finally seeing Pops after all these years, huh Koushi?” She chuckled. “Momma says we were four when we last saw him.” 

Koushi shrugged. “We don’t go far often, especially to Canada. In all honesty, I’m surprised the guy’s still alive,” he smiled, facing his sister. The speakers announced their stop, and they got off the train, bags secured on their backs as they trekked to their home.

“Well, he did live through the Killing Era, right?” Kiyoko questioned. She then laughed. “You think Poppy was in a gang~?” 

Jumping back, Koushi snickered. “Don’t give me that creepy look! Koko, you’d fit right in with that face.” 

“Your face is almost the same as mine, I’m sure you can do it too!” She told him, wiggling her fingers. She pushed open the front door, which was left unlocked. “Mama! We’re home!” she announced.

“Wash your hands!” a woman yelled from the hallway. “Good afternoon, how was your day?”

Koushi’s mother was a relatively small woman, not unusual for someone half-Asian. She stepped out into the living room, greeting her children. Koushi and Kiyoko ran to their rooms to set down their bags, before racing to the bathroom to wash their hands. Kiyoko shoved Koushi over, knocking him into the shower curtain. “I made a new friend! She’s on the basketball team, so when the coach was scheduling who got the gym and whatnot, we talked,” Kiyoko announced, drying her hands and bouncing over to her mother for a hug.

“That’s great,” Their mother returned the hug. “What’s her name?”

“Uhh,” Kiyoko paused to think. “Emily? I don't exactly remember.”

Koushi snickered, making his way to the faucet to dump out his water bottle. “Can’t even remember your own friend’s name? Geez,” he laughed, readjusting his glasses.

Their mother clicked her tongue. “Be nice. What’d you do today?” 

“Forgot to untape my fingers,” he grinned, displaying his hands covered in white tape. “Buddying them is proving to be more useful, easier on my fingers especially when I’m spiking. Difficult to remove, though.”

She nodded in return, moving to grab scissors from a drawer. “Skating should be starting up soon, yes?” 

Koushi nodded, giving his hands to his mother. “They start up next week, Thursdays after volleyball.” 

“Hey, ‘nastics is Thursdays after club for me too,” Kiyoko told them. “That gives you a whole afternoon to yourself, then, huh Momma?” 

“I guess it does!”

The three continued moving around for a few minutes before Kiyoko gasped. “Oh yeah! ‘Shi and I were talking, did Pops live in the Killing Era or is he too young?” she laughed at the last bit.

“I believe he did,” their mother confirmed, taking a seat on the couch. 

“Was he in a gang? Do you think he knew Tsukikoba before he died? I mean, he is Japanese. What if he murdered people?” Koushi started spitting questions, a gleam to his dark, teal eyes.

Their mother threw her head back, laughing. “Koushi Raye! I don’t think your grandfather ever killed, in fact, from what he told me, he was a normal civilian at the time. So was your great-uncle Akiteru.” 

Kiyoko gasped, ignoring her mother’s words. “‘Shi, what if we’re named after super-cool killers from Tsukikoba’s gang!?” 

With an evil grin, Koushi replied, “I hope my dude was like that Sugawara guy, the one that was friends with Aoba Johsai’s leader! The way he blew up whole entire buildings with that Sawamura? Epic.”

“I dunno what Missus Kiyoko did, but if I were her, I’d totally join a boys gang and absolutely kick some ass!” Kiyoko roared with laughter, her mother hitting her on the arm for the language.

“These questions would be something to ask your grandfather,” she told them, with a smile on her lips. “He can probably you more than you would ask for… knowing him, though, the stingy old man won’t. Ah! I know!” 

Their mother made her way to the kitchen, where her phone was placed on the counter. She brought it to them, showing them a picture. “He texted me this morning, he and a friend are on their way from Montreal. It’s his friend’s birthday tomorrow, so he’ll stay with him and their other friend in Albany, and come down on the sixth. He promised not to miss your fourteenth birthdays.” she smiled sweetly at the phone. “Anyway, you can ask his friends!”

“Do you know his name?” Kiyoko asked.

“I bet it’s the famous Bokuto they’re going to see. He lives in Albany, right?” Koushi interrupted with a smug look on his face.

With a chuckle, their mother shook her head. “It might be, I wouldn’t know. Growing up, we never went to see his friends, only Mister Keiji came to visit us. He has the same last name, you know.” 

Koushi’s eyes brightened. “TEN BUCKS SAYS THEY WERE MARRIED!” 

Kiyoko stared at him like he was dumb. “There was a population drop because people didn’t have relationships, ya dingus!” 

“Fine fine. Coincidence, then.”

Their mother laughed. She remembered being young, asking questions almost daily, and never getting answers. She knew her father was hiding something. Maybe her children would get it out of him.

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SAT, DEC. 5, 11:03 AM

Kei rolled his eyes. “Keiji, we’re not late.”

“Yes, Kei-darling, yes we are. I told Koutarou and to be there with the cats at eleven. It is now three minutes past, and we are nowhere close.” He exhaled through his nose. “I hate North America.” 

“Hey now,” Kei warned. “I live in America.”

Akaashi glared at him. Kei didn’t need to be told twice. 

After a few minutes, his friend spoke again. “Can’t believe you made it illegal for me to stab you.”

“If that’s what you want for your birthday, go ahead. I still carry my swiss~” Kei snickered, raising his fingers so his mouth. 

His expression softened. “I could never.” he sighed, hanging his head before lifting it again. “You excited to see everyone? And Marina?” 

“Excited isn’t the right word,” Kei breathed out. “I haven’t seen Koushi and Kiyoko since they were three. Remember how many questions Marie asked? Double that.” 

Kei groaned. “That’s not exactly all I’m worried about though. Marina’s not an ignorant kid anymore, more than likely she’ll connect the dots. And Koushi’s gonna be taller than me!” 

Akaashi smiled, stifling his laugh. “I don’t think she’ll be too surprised if she does. Oh, would you mind texting one of them, we’re a few minutes away.” 

Doing as he was asked and tapping away on his phone, Kei sighed. “I miss our technology.”

“Shame we had to burn literally everything,” Akaashi agreed. 



We’re probably

like five minutes 


Keiji’s a road




U dont have 2

call me that

still Tsukki


And you don’t

have to call

me that


Alright then

:O, i forgot 2


Kuro sucks so

were probably

farther away 

than u 2

Kei grinned. “Told you we weren’t late.”

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{19XX} WED, NOV. 11, 10:38 PM 
Being anywhere other than here would be nice, really. He’d prefer to be taking a bath in a garbage incinerator near a smelly lake than in this stuffy, carpeted drawing-room. 

Kei was currently being hit on, not like it was anything out of the ordinary. When you’re specially groomed to look pretty for decoy purposes, you get used to it. Used to, does not mean it’s made enjoyable. He could only shift awkwardly so many times, and the two guys in front of him were not taking the hint very well.

Sure, being taller than the two, it’d be possible to intimidate them. Normally, that’s the quickest way to do his job, and what he favors. Unfortunately, he was specifically ordered by Ukai-sensei to stall these two for as long as possible, so he had to humor these absolute rocks.

Deadhead and Dipstick over here decided to waltz up to Kei, doing his job for him. They immediately started talking all sweet things and flexing their money, muscles, and looks.  To any other rando in this gala room, this kind of flirting would have them at their knees within moments, no doubt. However, once again, this is where Kei’s practice kicks in. 

Dingbat (or did he call him Deadhead) was the one making most the moves and seeing how he was more brawny, it seemed likely that he was dumber of the two, maybe getting his ‘flirting training’ time in. His grin stretched wide across his cheeks, his eyes slowly lidding, though they didn’t seem to do that all the time. When looking at him from a wide perspective, he simply looked like a buff owl of sorts. The way his hair and eyebrows stood up… his broad stance… if Ukai hadn’t suspected him for a worldwide class killer, Kei could’ve called him attractive.

Now, the same statement applied to Jackass (maybe Dipstick fits better), who was making the shots, taller and leaner, but unmistakably slightly brighter than owl-face. Somehow, the rooster shaped void on his head, as Hinata-kun put it, seemed slightly normal if you focused on his many other, more appealing attributes. One could be determined as his chiseled face, alluring eyes, or even his legs, but certainly not his ugly smirk or laugh.

It may seem as though Kei had a lot to say about these two men, but he can assure one that they had a lot more to say about him, out loud, at least. Dingus didn’t fail to bring up Kei’s height (he’d be good at volleyball), or his blonde hair (rare for someone Japanese), or how all three of them had matching eye color (Wingus’ color was slightly darker). 

Up until that moment, Kei had kept his mouth shut, nodding along mindlessly. He avoided blatant eye contact until then too, because he knew something dangerous might happen. Unfortunately, when he did look up from the oh-so-interesting floor and met the man’s searching gaze, rooster-head piped up. 

“Works every time, I told you, Bo,” he nudges his friend’s shoulder, that stupid smirk of his back in Kei’s peripheral. ‘Bo’ held his eyes for a moment too long, only dropping to laugh vociferously, dying down as he turns to his friend. Kei attempts to hide his scowl at the rooster’s comment, shying his face away as the two talk to each other instead of him.

In the corner of his eye, slightly blurry since it’s out of his glasses lense, he catches a glimpse of bright orange hair sticking up. Kei is thankful it’s only a slight bit because it means Kageyama-kun must be doing his job. 

He lifts his head again, to watch behind his two confronters, and see Hinata-kun sneakily swiping wallets, cellphones, and weapons off party-goers, and tossing them lightly into his handbag. Kei can see, as he lowers his sunglasses to the tip of his nose, Hinata’s focused stare as he expertly steals without a hitch. 

Kageyama-kun is making good and quick conversation with the guests, with a friendly fake-smile and warming tones. Very out of character for him, but Kei guesses that’s what makes him the new disciple to Sugawara-san.

Speaking of the higher-ups-

“Hey hey, Megane? Whatcha lookin’ at?” The rooster questions, snapping in front of Kei’s face. Kei politely lowers the man’s hand from his face and shakes his head. “Apologies, I’m zoning out,” he gives them a sweet apologetic smile. 

They both seem to believe it, and owl-face shrugs humbly. “Say, I don’t believe we’ve formally introduced ourselves,” he starts. “I’m Bokuto, and this is my good friend Kuroo.”

Kei bows his head slightly, having no intention of giving out his real name, knowing full well it could endanger not only him but his family as well. “It’s nice to meet you, Bokuto-san, Kuroo-san.” he nods again. “Je m’appelle Lafayette,” he tells them. Since ‘Bokuto’ brought up his hair, Kei might as well flaunt a bit of French to give them something to talk about. Additionally, he doubted they knew who Marquis de Lafayette was.

Well, wouldn’t they be in for a surprise when they tried to google him...

As Kei suspected, this did start some brainless chatter between them, in which Kei could focus on his surroundings once again. 

Moments ago, Kei watched as Tanaka-senpai and Nishinoya-san got Sawamura-san and Suga-san across the room without anyone noticing. Daichi’s face was clearly beaten, whereas Suga’s was slightly bloodied, but he seemed awfully bubbly. If Kei had to guess, Suga saved Sawamura’s ass and killed someone in the process. Yes, that seemed likely.

Now, Hinata was walking while speaking to a man who looked as if he were tempted to hurt Shou-kun, almost with a snake-like expression. Hinata led him behind a wall, out of sight, and seconds later, emerged, wiping the flood off his face with his coat sleeve. Kageyama, rolling his eyes, quickly led them out of the room and towards the exit without being noticed.

Kei, focusing back on Bokuto and Kuroo, looks down at his wristwatch. “God, I’m going to be late for her bedtime,” he mumbles, just loud enough for them to hear. “It was very nice talking with you today gentlemen, I do wish to see you again, but I’ve got to get going home.” 

He begins to turn before a hand is placed on his shoulder, firmly stopping him. “Hey, why you leaving so soon?” Kuroo asks, a pleading look in his eyes.

Kei is sure it’s fake.

“Ah, my daughter, you see,” he begins, his go-to excuse well-rehearsed. “My job requires me to be here but I promised her I’d be there in time to see her to bed.” 

Their expressions went dark. Not a good sign for Kei, but he knew he could make it out in one piece, even if he had to use the swiss tucked in the pocket inside his coat. 

“Let us walk you out, then,” Bokuto responds. “Consider it an act of chivalry,” Kuroo adds. Kei shrugs, allowing them. However, when Kei notices they’re taking the ‘scenic route’, he pushes his glasses to the bridge of his nose. “Oh dear, it’s already eleven ,” he mutters under his breath.

After a moment of silence, Bokuto pipes up. “What’s her name?”

Kei looks at him, confused, before nodding. “My daughter? Hitoka.” he cringes using the name, although it was the only name that came to mind the fastest.

“Lovely name,” Kuroo responds, a bit too quick, just a slight drop of loathing making it’s way to Kei’s ears. “You married?”

For a split second, Kei searches his pockets. When he doesn’t feel his back-up ring, he answers no.

A resounding scoff can be heard in the empty hallway before Kei is pinned to the wall. Bokuto is extremely close to his face, glare starved and menacing. With a slight movement, Bokuto had both of Kei’s arms to the wall with an incredibly stronger grip than his own. 

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A resounding scoff can be heard in the empty hallway before Kei is pinned to the wall. Bokuto is extremely close to his face, glare starved and menacing. With a slight movement, Bokuto had both of Kei’s arms to the wall with an incredibly stronger grip than his own. 

Kei expected this, cursing himself for forgetting his goddamn ring. Now, he had to act frightened and wait for someone to pick up his calls, all while mentally kicking himself. He’d probably get an earful from Suga-san, or even Azumane-san…

He turns his face to the side, only for Bokuto to hold Kei’s jaw in his hand to face him, Letting his arms go, and instead pressing their bodies together. Now Bokuto’s knee is in between Kei’s legs, pressing up against Kei’s thigh harshly. 

Kei chokes back a fake gasp when Bokuto licks his top lip, and carefully removes his glasses, sticking them in his back pocket.

“Bo…” Kuroo says, in a warning voice. His arms are crossed and is leaning on his hip. Kuroo looks at Kei, the rolls of his eyes telling him this happens all the time. 

Bokuto looks back at Kuroo with a snarl until Kuroo saunters up to them both. He pecks at Bokuto’s cheek, slightly surprising Kei. He then moves over to whisper in Kei’s ear. 

“I really do apologize, he throws a fit not getting what he wants. I’ll pay you for the troubles…” He whispers, before backing away completely. 

Gaze trained back on Kei, Bokuto grins, driving for Kei’s lips. The split second they connect, Kei can tell he’s been drinking tonight. Deciding resisting would do nothing to help Kei’s case (sometimes it did, but not this time), he let himself close his eyes and go limp. He felt Bokuto trail down his neck, leaving a long, deep kiss right between his collarbones.

Right as Bokuto repositioned his left hand near Kei’s secret pocket, a faint voice was heard in the hallway, followed by a short, sharp whistle from Kuroo.

Bokuto instantly separated himself from Kei, just as quick as he had pinned him. With a wince, Kei pushed himself off the wall, shaking off his enjoyment. 

“Hey, Naka, I think I see some people!” a familiar voice says from the ends of the hallway. Kei grins, careful to hide it from the watchful eye of Kuroo. 

Suga-san is dragging Tanaka-senpai behind him, waving vigorously at Kei. “Oh hey, is that- HEEEEEY!” he smiles as they get closer. 

With a too-sweet smile, Suga greets Bokuto and Kuroo. “Hello good sirs!” he then turns to Kei. “Hey! We’ve been looking for you!” he dangles a phone (probably one of the ones Shouyou stole) in front of Kei’s face. “You left your phone, and someone claiming to be your daughter is calling? Hitoka, is it?” he tries to hide his giggle, but Kei catches it.

He snatches to phone. “Damn it,” he grumbles. Feigning anger, he pushes past both Bokuto and Kuroo, towards the exit. He then stops, turning to Suga and Tanaka. “Well?” he says, and they follow, leaving Kuroo and Bokuto behind. 

At least, that’s what he’s supposed to think.

Kei starts tapping away on the device, as if he knows it well, just in case. Suga and Tanaka don’t drop their act, seeing as Kei hasn’t. Good thing that they don’t, because after they make a turn into a more populated corridor, Kei catches a glimpse of Bokuto’s signature hair in the crowds. When they get back into the empty hallways, Kei keeps his eyes open. Not a split second too late, he notices the broken panel in the ceiling.

“Wait, shit,” he says, dead frozen. Suga and Tanaka stop behind him. 

“Ay, I thought you were in a hurry, eh?” Tanaka grumbles, mock anger in his voice evident. Kei quickly glances up at the ceiling, and Tanaka takes the hint. 

Kei tucks his hand into his sleeve, pressing the bridge on his glasses. “What is it… five past eleven ? I must’ve left it in room two… uh,” he says, turning around n circles like a lost man.

Sugawara finally understood. “What? Is something lost ?” he asks.

“Are you serious?!” Tanaka yells. “They might’ve seized it by now, whatever it is!”

“Well it’s not my fault, I was-” 

Kei’s cut off by a gloved hand clamping his mouth. He smiles, leaving a small kiss against the palm. The person’s other hand goes to hold Kei’s wrists together behind his back.

The three of them struggle as four men in “crow” (black plague doctor) masks and black-and-orange jumpsuits push them towards the exit. Tanaka begins to shout before the smallest of the bunch presses a pistol to his back. This effectively makes him shut up. 

The second-shortest leads them out the exit, and into a black van, where Suga, Tanaka, and Kei are shoved inside.

Once the doors are closed, the van takes off. 

And the masks are also taken off. 

“Hey! Kei-kun!” Hinata beams, taking a seat on the bench next to Kageyama. Hinata leans down to where Kei was thrown. He blows a kiss, and Kei plants a peck to his cheek in response. 

Nishinoya tosses off his mask to jump at Tanaka, smothering the taller man in a hug. “Bro! Enno-kun and I were about to get really worried!” 

“Don’t sweat it!” Tanaka burst into laughter. “I’m all good bro, you see?!”

“Hey Koushi, get up here, and Tsukishima, good work” Sawamura patted Kei’s back, waving Sugawara over, and the two of them climbed past the seats. Tanaka and Nishinoya followed after them.

Kageyama was staring at his hand. Kei smirked. “Can I have-” he stopped when he noticed Kei’s expression. “Well nevermind.” the tone of his voice changed.

“Come here, King,” Kei opened his arms.

“I don’t want it anymore,” he scoffed, his head upturned. 

Hinata jumped at the chance, snuggling up to Kei’s left side. “I’ll take one!” he said with an innocent smile. “Boke!” Kageyama screeched, hopping to Kei’s right. 

Kei snickered. He turned to Kageyama first, his fingers lacing in his hair. Kei moves in for a deep, loving kiss, and he can tell Kageyama missed him, even if the little pissbaby won't say it. When he pulls away only an inch, he mutters against Kageyama’s lips, “I missed you too, Tobio.” 

Pulling against Kei’s sleeve, Hinata whines. “Keiiiiii!!! Talk to me like that too!!!” 

Instead, Kei whips around. “No, you brat,” he says blatantly. Kageyama snickers.

“I’m telling Tadashi-kun!” Hinata complains, but still hugging Kei's side.

He hums. “Mmm… not if I beat you there,” he proposes.

Kageyama lets out his laughter, holding his stomach. Hinata pipes up, looking across Kei’s chest. “Washoo laughin’ bout Kageyamaaaa!?” He sneers, getting a chuckle out of Kei as well.

“Boke,” Kageyama says

“Bakayama” Hinata grumbles. He sits on the bench, looking through the window.

Kageyama smirks, brushing his hands off on his jumpsuit. He moved to the opposite bench, and Kei took his glasses off.

He reaches in his coat to find his knife, unscrewing the inside of the bridge of his glasses with it. He takes the little cartridge out, placing it in his pocket. He then re-constructs the glasses, putting them back on his face, taking out the wallet he lifted from Kuroo and began to flick around the knife while he looked through cards and counted the money. There wasn’t any identification card. He puts the wallet back.

The van stops, and the back doors open. The moon hung in the night sky, illuminating the abandoned buildings in their surroundings. The cold, swift wind blew into the van, hitting Kei’s face.

Kei grinned as his eyes met beautiful brown ones.

“Tsukki!” Yamaguchi grins, arms flailing wildly. “I thought you were gonna die, man!” 

Kei crawled out of the van, still playing with the knife in his hand. “That’s why I didn’t,” he says, as he delivered a swift peck to his lips. 

“That’s why I menehenemnehhhh- I’m Kei-kun and I’m sooo cooooool ~” 

“I’d watch your mouth, Shrimpy,” Kei warns, not sparing a look as he entered the main building after Sawamura-san. 

“Yessir,” Hinata salutes.

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WED, NOV. 11, 11:46 PM
“Looks like your assumption was right, Ukai-san.” 

“Hell yes it does, Specs. From Sawamura’s last encounter and now this? Basically confirmed,” Ukai replied to Takeda, a twinge of pride in his words as he gestured towards the footage being displayed on the white wall. 

On the wall was the moving image of Bokuto and Kuroo talking. Kei leaned back against the counter, watching Hinata swivel with unimaginable speeds on his barstool. Sawamura nodded with agreeance, speaking up.

“When Koushi and I were out last week, I specifically saw… that haircut put on the mask.” He said, certainty evident in his tone. 

Beside Kei, Hinata stilled, tilting his head to the side as he studied the faces. “Why are they even called Yin and Yang again?”

“Their mask colors are black and white, dumbass,” Kageyama scoffed somewhere near the wall of the dark room.

“Sounds Chinese, though,” Nishinoya butted in. “They’re Tokyo’s gang leaders, Nekoma and Fukuroudani, right?”

“Somethin’ to do with Feng Shui,” Spitting out his toothpick in the trashbin, Tanaka put in his two cents.

Kei groaned. “Yes, it’s exactly that, but even if they’re Japanese they can use the phrase or whatever. However, isn’t Yin the feminine energy?” Kei pauses, taking a moment to look over Kuroo again. “Not very feminine to me.”

“Don’t be so harsh, Tsukishima-san.” Azumane grins. “It’s not like they chose the name themselves.”

“What do you mean, Asahi?” Kinoshita asks, urging Azumane to go on.

“The people of Tokyo gave them the names, not only because of the color of the masks. Whenever the two are pulling off a stunt or job, they often like to put on a sort of performance. Fascinating to watch, if you ever want to look it up. Point is, the one in the black takes the role of the female always .”

“I love being danced to death,” Sugawara giggles. Sawamura rolled his eyes.

Ukai coughed. “Did they give you any names?”

“You know well enough that they could be fake-” Kei started.

“Just spit ‘em out kid, we’ll take what we get.” 

He sighed. “Kuroo,” he pointed. “And Bokuto.” The tape was playing the part where they were waling him down the hall.

“Good. Specs?” Ukai signaled, and Takeda turned around to face his computer, typing away with incredible speed. “Alright, get that sent to the main computer, and everyone’s free for the night,” he waved a stack of papers towards the door.

Suddenly, the name ‘Hitoka’ rang loud from the speakers, and Kei immediately turned around to bang his head on the bar.

Everyone in the room had a good laugh, exiting the room. Yamaguchi, Hinata, and Kageyama stayed, eyes still watching the video. Kei quickly recalled what happened, and turned around to see darkness on the screen, followed by silence. When Bokuto took his glasses, he probably muted the microphone. 

Yamaguchi, moving from his spot in the corner of the small room, pushes away from his leaning posture, and walks up to Kei. with a foreboding expression, he pops the top button of Kei’s dress shirt. 

Lo and behold, a very dark mark, placed right in between his collarbones. Kei scoffed, making no attempt to defend himself. He didn’t have to, he wouldn’t be blamed.

Kageyama stood, slowly making his way to the door. “If a top region gang leader goes missing, you know why.”

“Not if I get to him first.” Yamaguchi and Hinata looked at each other with surprise, and then determination. 

The three of them turned to face Kei.

“Sick ‘em, boys,” Kei threw his head back in a laugh.

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WED, NOV. 18, 12:30 AM
He released the smoke from his lips, exhaling deeply. Resting his wrist on the railing, he sighed.

Oftentimes, he wondered what it would’ve been like to grow up in a more civilized age. But this age was not that. If anything, Kei would call it a dog-eat-dog world. He could spend all the time he wanted wondering, imagining, and dreaming, but unfortunately, none of it would ever be real for him.

Unless he disappeared off of the face of Earth. Fake his death, maybe. Wouldn’t be too long before someone figured him out if he even did. His guard boys would go questioning every second of the day they had. He had no protection, no cover.

So he told himself to suck it up. He told himself to come to terms with the fact that there were rules he was to abide by in this world.

First things first; he either trained and put his life on the line to have protection, or risked being a normal civilian. There was no law enforcement, only gangs to correct anyone’s wrongdoings with brutal methods. Inconvenience anyone even slightly and you could get your face blasted right then and there.

Gangs provided a home base and team members to protect you from something like that, but you have to pay your dues that way too. Initiation processes always got bloody. Someone always dies. 

Kei initiated into Karasuno about three years ago, when he was sixteen. After discovering his brother, Akiteru, had wussed out on his initiation to the Karasuno gang, Kei did it himself. He killed a guy with ease and showed his brother up. If he was being honest, though, he just felt like he needed to ensure his family’s safety.

To further keep safe, Kei was to never love. It would provide a weak spot to other gangs, and endanger Kei’s hypothetical lover. He was okay with this rule, it applied to everyone, and it made it clear that anyone was safe playing game. It made decoying easier. So many gang members out there looking to feel something, anything, that a tasty slut would do any time of the day.

Lastly, Kei would never use his surname. Keeping his mother and brother out of harm’s way was his top priority. Many people didn’t use their surnames on missions, like Kageyama or Hinata, as it would endanger their sisters.

Speaking of them, it had been a while since Kei had seen Natsu or Miwa. 

The glass door behind him slid open, dragging Kei out of his head. 

“Hey, Kei,” Akiteru greeted, placing a hand on his shoulder. 


“Mere made dinner inside, unsure if you planned on eating any time soon.” he let out a weak chuckle. The stood in silence for a while, the hand on Kei’s bare shoulder becoming clammy.


Akiteru sighed. “I worry for you, Kei.” he patted his back, turning to go back into the house.

Kei followed after him, wishing him a good night, and turned off all the lights, save for the kitchen. He stared at the pasta for a few seconds, before deciding on a nice glass of water. He pulled out his phone from his sweatpant’s pocket and skimmed through the news for the first time in a while.

A fight broke out at that fancy party they broke into last week. Between Nohebi and Itachiyama… hm. Kei vaguely remembers the face of Nohebi’s leader.

“You let that orange fucker get away! What if he was with Karasuno?” the video in the article screamed. 

Suguru Daishou… Kei remembered him now. He had a huge thing against Nekoma and found their HQ to blow it up. Nekoma since moved so Karasuno couldn’t ever catch up with Nohebi’s actions. Nevertheless, they were reckless and Daishou exposed all of Nohebi’s identities. Nekoma’s Yin beat them to a pulp, or so it goes. 

Now Nohebi’s members were in danger constantly. Itachiyama had a backbone, but now they have the description of one of their best members, Sakusa, or something. 

Most gangs preferred to keep their usage of full names to a minimum, and their appearance too. If anyone knew Kei’s face was linked to Karasuno, he’d be shot trying to buy bread. 

Kei kept scrolling through the article. There was an eye witness account to Karasuno abducting three men. The account said they didn’t get any names. An alert for the missing people along with vague descriptions was sent out to the Miyagi city.

So Kuroo and Bokuto knew the name he gave him was fake. Damn. maybe they weren’t as idiotic as he first assumed. Did they assume the other’s were too, though?

There was a soft knock at the door, two taps, a pause, and then three. Kei let himself relax from the initial surprise of the noise, considering it was one in the morning. He set his phone on the counter, sauntering to the door to slide it open.

The devil himself grinned up at Kei, expression sickeningly sweet. 

“Hellooooo Tsukki!” Sugawara greeted, waving. “I figured you were still up. My my, you just walk around your home like that?” 

Kei looked down at his bare chest and loose grey sweatpants. “Uh, yes? Look, Suga-san, why are you at my house?” 

“We takin’ a ride, bitch, hop in.”

Chapter Text

WED, NOV. 18, 1:00 AM
Most people would consider Suga a sweet, innocent man in his late twenties. 

Kei knew that he was just really batshit crazy.

It was guaranteed fun taking rides with Sugawara. He drove in the craziest way imaginable, going somewhere around 160 km/h (100mph), and continuing to gain speed. He drifted whenever he got the chance and somehow managed to not cause any damage to anything . Anyone could tell Suga spent a lot of time in his racecar. 

His trademark, sinister grin grew wider as he gripped the wheel. The city’s lights illuminated Suga’s face to add that perfect effect. Kei looked over him with a smirk of his own, letting the bass-heavy mainstream rap wash over him.

While swaying to the left, Suga yelled over his music. “I would go faster but I can’t see shit right now,” he laughed, all bubbly. Kei smiled at the sight of him enjoying himself. He wondered if Sawamura knew where he was right now.

Suga slowed, pulling up in an alleyway of a nice-looking building. Kei noticed the windows on the upper half of the building, wondering if it was a hotel of sorts.

The two of them got out of the car, walking inside the back door without question. Suga’s worn-down wedges resounded on the floor, making his presence known.

He looked exceptionally better than Kei, but he didn’t doubt his fashion sense from being a decoy much longer than Kei. He had a too-large black puffy jacket over a white v-neck blouse, which was tucked loosely into black denim shorts. Monochrome always worked for Sugawara.

Kei, however, was wearing something much less stunning. He threw on a three-fourths sleeved muscle shirt to go with his sweats, thick gold cuff bracelets, and white chucks. He wasn’t really going to try hard at one in the morning.

“Mister Refreshing!” a man walks up to Suga, arms wide for a hug. Suga returns the hug and takes a step back. 

“Hello, again Tooru! It’s been a while.” Suga greeted.

Kei was currently having a staring contest with the man behind this ‘Tooru’. Intimidation was key, and he hated to admit the other was doing a better job. 

“Iwa-chan! Stop staring, it’s rude!” Tooru hooked his arm around the man’s neck, successfully pulling him down and provoking him. He opened his mouth instantly, arguing with Tooru.

In the midst of this, Suga cleared his throat. “Gentlemen,” he starts. “This is my coworker, Tsukishima Kei.”

Tooru sticks his hand out beside Suga, shaking Kei’s. “I’m Oikawa Tooru. I’m the second-in-command for the Aoba Johsai company.” 

“And I’m his manager, Iwaizumi Hajime. I can assure you I do more work than he does.” He made no attempt to greet Kei.

“Pleasure to meet you both,” Kei bows. “Not to be rude, but what is a professional profit modeling company like Seijoh doing in the presence” Kei shifts his spare glasses.

Oikawa threw his head back to laugh, placing his hands on his hips, moving his beige coat out of the way. “Koushi and I have been friends for some time, back when I got into all sorts of trouble, he used his position of power to protect me. Then I got myself this job, thanks to Iwa! Not to mention, Karasuno’s really been jabbing at our sides lately, we want to make amends.” 

“I’ve known him since we were ten. Can you imagine the toll.” Iwaizumi told Kei, with an enormously tired expression.

Suga turned to face Kei. “We’re here for a mission,” he explained. Kei had just had his whole perspective of companies flipped on its side, but he didn’t mind too much if he got some work out of it. Trouble had been at its quietest since the fight at the gala, and it had been a refreshing break, but he was itching to do something again.

“Go on,” he urged.

“It’s better to explain while touring, cut the time. It’s late, and we’ll be up early tomorrow.” Iwaizumi said, waving his hand for the group to follow him.

Oikawa started explaining first. “We plan to hold a modeling camp, as per usual. We can do with the money anyway, but I figured I’d pay my dues to Karasuno while we were at it. There are flyers around the city for the four-week camp, which will be held here.” He gestured his hand in thought of the whole building. “This is our lobby in the front doors, the drawing-room is to the left. Participants will be leaving their stuff with my staff, whom you will meet shortly.”

“Upstairs are dorms, a social space, six dorms, with a tv room, five bedrooms, and two shower rooms in each. This is where participants will stay.” Iwaizumi picked up where Oikawa left off. “Up ahead is our kitchen,” he waved to a room, “and our dining hall.”

Walking into the room, Kei was amazed. His jaw hung open, ogling the sparkling chandeliers and pristine table cloths, the shiny platters, and intricate table decors. Kei noticed how six of the tables had folded cards with written kanji on them, with fruits matching the kanji sitting in front.

They moved on, explaining how the participants weren’t going to be forced to do anything, all the rules would be very lenient.

“A factor that’s very attractive to gangs,” Kei noted, almost without thinking.

Oikawa smirked. “You catch on quick, kid.” 

“The job is a spying opportunity. Everything about this setup is what any Tokyo or Miyagi gang looks for in an opportunity.” Sugawara continued. “We’re going to catch these guys’ decoys and have leverage over all these big gangs. All with Seijoh’s help.” 

“You’re welcome,” Oikawa threw up a peace sign. 

Iwaizumi rolled his eyes. “That’s the plan, yes. The dorm doors have newly installed metal shutdown and vents.”

Kei nodded in understanding. “Great news. What exactly am I doing here, then?” 

Suga raised his hand in the air. “When Oikawa told me about the plan and told me to bring a kohai, I immediately thought of you!” He waved his hands around in glee.

“Why not Kageyama…?” Kei asked.

Oikawa laughed. “Tobio-chan isn’t exactly what we’d call model-material!” He cackled, wiping his eyes.

Kei looked towards Suga, not bothering to question how Oikawa knew Kageyama, as it was likely to be another childhood story he didn’t want to hear. “Pardon?”

Sugawara was wearing a sheepish look. “Oh yeah. We’re working from the inside.” 

“So we’re participants. Great.” 

“Yeah but! I chose you because one, Tobio-kun needs to stay with Shouyou to practice, two because you’re our only other decoy so you have the skill, and lastly, you have more training in dealing with people you don’t want to.” Suga admitted, giggling.

Iwaizumi looked Kei over. “The skill? There are a few things to tweak.”

Kei sneered at him. His lack of manners was thankfully overlooked by the other man.

“We begin individual meet-ins with the people who call on Friday, going into Saturday! We’ll be recording the sessions, so you guys have some time to look over the data before we begin camp on Monday.” Oikawa announced. 

“That’s three days from now,” Kei pointed out, wary.

“Two days, actually,” Suga corrected, noting how it was well into Wednesday.

Oikawa nodded. “And Iwa’s right. We have a lot of work to do in that time.”

Chapter Text

WED, NOV. 18, 9:30 AM
They weren’t kidding in the slightest. Suga and Kei had gone home that night, sleeping until nine in the morning, packing their things, and meeting at Karasuno’s HQ. Azumane had packed up the van, dragging Sawamura, Kageyama, and Hinata along. 

When they got to the building, Oikawa shrugged off his initial disgust of Kei’s sloppy comfy outfit, and handed him and Suga over to Iwaizumi and his team, while Oikawa gave the other four a quick description of how to answer the phone and what to write down. 

Kunimi-san made short work of Kei’s hair, curling it that extra bit and trimming the back, all with just the occasional “look up/down”. Iwaizumi made small talk with Suga in the chair next to Kei, the two catching up. Suga stepped out of his chair much quicker than Kei and stood behind Kunimi. 

Kei glared at him in the mirror as he clapped his hands together, praising Kunimi’s work. “Akira, Tsukki looks even better than before! You truly are a miracle-worker!” 

“I’m not done, Suga-san.” 


In a few minutes, Kunimi stepped on the pedal of the seat, lowering Kei. “The curls should stay, even after showers, at least until we meet for this again.” He told him, taking off the apron and grabbing the broom.

Kei and Suga thanked him, making their way back upstairs with Iwaizumi.

Oikawa had ended his phone call when he saw the three, pointing at Suga’s hair, saying it “curls up like Shigeru-kun!” 

“Mm? Yahaba-san? Kind of!” Suga had giggled.

By late noon, the five phone receivers had thirty-seven callers for the camp. Notes were shared between the party of eight, and the names, heights, and ages were put into Karasuno’s computer folders.

Oikawa let everyone go home once work was done, save for Kei and Suga. 

It was sickening to see how sweet Suga and Sawamura acted as they said their goodbyes.

Oikawa treated the two to dinner with the staff, and Kei got to know everyone there and even sent his compliments to the cooks. 

When they were sent off to the staff bedrooms (a floor above all the dorms), Sugawara and Kei agreed on staying in the same room. The two dressed in clothes for the night, brushed their teeth, and sat on the bed, discussing game plans.

Chapter Text

THURS, NOV. 19, 7:30 AM
The next morning, Kei’s hair was more a mess than usual. He looked to his side to see Suga snoring lightly, so he got up and had himself a shower. He had to admit, the whole place was a tad too fancy for his liking.

He used his soaps from his suitcase and stepped out to find a fluffy towel and his folded clothes sitting on the marble counter, one he hadn’t put there before.

Stepping out of the room in a light pink sweater and black cuffed jeans, Kei kept the towel draped over his damp hair. 

Suga was sipping a cup of milk tea, scrolling on his phone in the chair next to the sliding window-wall. 

Kei met his eyes when he looked up, his silent thank you being understood.

The two eventually made their way down on their own time, thoroughly surprised to see Yachi and Shimizu-san chatting with Michimiya-san.

Kei had barely interacted with the girls’ side of Karasuno, so seeing Michimiya in a public setting shocked him slightly.

“Yui! How are you!” Suga began to chat.

Yachi turned to wave to Kei. “Hello, Kei-kun!” 

“Hi Hitoka,” he smiled, leaning down to place a kiss on her cheek, to which she returned. 

“Shimizu-san and I were discussing with Michimiya-senpai about the deal,” she told him.


“Yeah! Oikawa-senpai invited Shimizu-san and me on the job, saying he needed some extra girls. And I can’t say no to work- and getting paid!” She laughed, giving Kei a genuine smile. “Michimiya overheard and got the details from Oikawa-senpai, but it doesn't seem like it’s in her best interest for the team.”

“I see…” Kei trails off

“Oikawa Tooru!” 

The strong voice rang clear throughout the room, startling everyone within it. Yachi squeaked, hiding behind Kei.

“Walk with me,” she demands. And he does, he turns around, guiding Yachi to a hallway on the left. Sometimes he wonders how such a timid girl qualified for Karasuno.

He knew better than to think that though, Yachi was an incredibly smart girl, not to mention an insanely quick thinker. “That woman was Haiba Alisa! She works in the same line as my mother, she no doubt knows my face by now.” 

It took Kei a moment to remember that Yachi’s mother, Madoka, was a region-known woman. “Ah, smart thinking,” Kei compliments, listening in to the conversation being had in the main hall. 

“Ah, Haiba-san! To what do we owe the pleasure of having you here?” Oikawa welcomes. There’s a scoff heard. Probably Iwaizumi.

“Who are these women,” Haiba’s once-confident tone seemed to dissolve. Oikawa tells her they’re just there to pay a debt, no need to feel endangered. The way he says the words seems to calm her.

Kei can almost hear the way she holds her head up higher. “I heard you were having a camp this Monday?”

“Oh Haiba dear I’m afraid you’re-“

“My brother, Oikawa.” 

“Ah. I see. Have him come in tomorrow or Tuesday. We’ll see.”

“It isn’t up for discussion Oikawa,” she pauses, Kei isn’t sure what’s happening. “Take it or leave it.”

“Deal. I’ll still need to have him come in, though. We ask a few questions to get a feel for how we’re going to set up around camp. That and allergies,” Oikawa giggles. 

When Haiba’s heels can be heard clacking away, Yachi and Kei step out from their hiding space. Oikawa has a fistful of cash, and Suga and Iwaizumi are fuming.

“I can't tell whether she called me a woman, or just disregarded me in general!” Suga screeched, getting a chuckle out of Shimizu.

Iwaizumi grunted. “And I can’t believe you took that risk, Shittykawa.”

Oikawa threw his arms up in defense. “I make money from her, money off of him. Knowing that woman she’s going to come in at candid times, so as long as we keep an eye on our doors, we’re covered. I accounted for that, yes, Iwa-chan.”


Shimizu raised her hand. “Oikawa-san? Hitoka and I will be taking up your offer. Michimiya-san will not.”

Oikawa waved as Michimiya left the building. “Save travels Yui-chan! Alright, ladies and gents, we’ve still got more calls to take and hair to do!”

Chapter Text

THURS, NOV. 19, 9:24 AM
Kunimi and Iwaizumi once again put their skills to work. Yachi’s hair was let down fully and trimmed to even out the ends, And Kunimi gave her cut-across bangs, which Kei thought was a wonderful decision, it looked stunning. 

Iwaizumi had put some oils in Shimizu’s hair to lighten the color, giving it a blue-ish tint. He suggested on Monday morning to come to see him and do it again.

Kei had remarked that all four of them were going to be visiting for preparations Monday morning, provoking Iwaizumi, to which everyone had laughed.

Later, Shimizu and Kei had their prescriptions checked, because no offense to their looks, just the camera’s didn’t take well to the glare of the lens, and contacts worked better. Not to mention the electrical barrier they used when shooting would render their recording devices useless, so they had no need to fear. 

The mention of the cameras and microphones built into their eyewear brought up a few thoughts for Kei. He asked Watari-san if the other participants with glasses would need to be checked for contacts too, and he confirmed. Kindaichi told him they could run an electrical barrier and see what reacted in each of the rooms. Kei was satisfied with this.

The four Karasuno members and the Aoba Johsai staff had dinner together once again. That night, deeming it safe, they all separated into their own rooms, sleeping peacefully.

Chapter Text

FRI, NOV. 20, 9:00 AM
When they all awoke high and early, they met up with Kageyama and Hinata in a small game-room downstairs for breakfast, hanging out and talking the majority of the morning. Around two hours after eating lunch at noon, they were all outside enjoying the city views. Yahaba had popped by the room to notify them that Oikawa was in his office organizing the videos. 

Arriving at Oikawa’s “office” (it was very bland and not-personal for an office, but it made sense since they were borrowing this building), Kageyama took over. The first video was a girl, and Oikawa admitted he was surprised to see his first interview be a girl, and on-time nonetheless. He then let the crew be, heading out with Yahaba.

She started talking in a very posh voice, possibly North American, and Kageyama dismissed her video a minute in. Hinata had squawked at him, saying how he couldn't just assume she wasn't anything special! 

“I know what I’m looking for, Hinata Boke, it’s my job,” he simply retorted, clicking over to the next file. A few more videos passed through like this, Kageyama not suspecting a thing yet.

This time, it was a guy, with light brown hair and loose, comfy clothes. Kei had to admit, the guy was right when he called himself a seven of ten. 

In the video, Oikawa had asked for a name immediately, “Just one if it makes you feel more comfortable, we’re very lax with naming. We just need identification, feel free to cover up a name with your hands.” 

The man had taken out an ID, hiding the given name with his thumb. The surname was Futakuchi. Kageyama instantly leaned closer to the monitor, eyes flickering to every little movement Futakuchi made.

As the video came to a close, Kageyama leaned back in his chair. “Seventy-five ish.” He said after some thought.

“What the hell does that mean,” Kei questioned.

“It means, I’m about seventy-five percent sure he’s a gang leader. Yes, the leader. Not a decoy of any sort, he doesn’t carry any charm to him, it’s all learned confidence. He evaded some of Oikawa’s questions expertly, to the point you guys probably didn’t even notice.” He stops. “That, and I met Date Tech’s leader a few months back. Exactly the same voice. And I don’t forget a voice.”

“Sure, Tobio-kun,” Suga turned to Yachi, asking if she could find a piece of paper and a pen and write this down. She obeyed, eventually sitting in the chair on the opposite side of the desk.

The next video was another girl, taller and with black hair. A bit timid at first saying hello, and she built up confidence as Oikawa talked. She had no problem showing him the ID with the name Amanai and a picture of her teenage self. 

“Woah woah, pause the video,” Hinata told Kageyama. With a little reluctancy, Kageyama did so. Hinata rubbed his temples as if trying to remember something. 

He held up a finger. “Oh! I know! I know that name!” He says, smile as bright as ever. “A few years back, when we were doing a warehouse search, we ran into Niiyama Joshi! Tanaka-senpai told us not to mess with them, he had an old friend in there, her name was Kanoka Amanai, and she looked exactly like that!” 

Kageyama nodded, accepting the story. Yachi quickly wrote down on her notepad that she found; Amanai Kanoka, Niiyama Joshi.

The next three videos bored Kageyama, twin girls, and another, all just normal citizens.

And then came two people in one video. The man was very obviously the infamous Daishou, and the woman, his lady. Oikawa greeted them, “Mika! Ah, and Suguru. To what do I owe the honor?”

Mika wanted to take the job. She told Oikawa how bored out of her mind she was as of late, and that knowing Oikawa on a personal level, she knew this was some sort of set up. She wanted to just work with Seijoh, make some cash, and get off scot-free. 

Of course, Oikawa agreed, telling her she had a definite spot. When Mika stepped out of the room, Oikawa’s friendly demeanor dropped. 

Apparently, Daishou had some debts to pay, and Oikawa was going to need those soon.

“Yacchan,” Kei spoke over the video. “Write down Daishou Mika. And a side note that Daishou Suguru will be stopping by during camp.”

“Good eye,” Suga complimented as Yachi did what Kei told her.

The next one was Haiba Alisa’s younger brother, who kept fiddling around nervously. 

“I’m not sure I actually want to be here, but Alisa said I should so I guess I will,” were the first words to leave his mouth other than a greeting. 

His name was Haiba Lev, and he was a very hyperactive, attractive, tall, Russian multimillionaire’s brother. Hinata commented on his height, being taller than Kei, even. 

Kei could tell where Haiba had similar traits to his sister, who was one titled one of the most beautiful women in all Japan. His eyelashes were a light grey and long too, his hair well-kept and his skin glowing. If a jaw could cut, it’d be his. 

Oikawa was going to enjoy putting this guy in, even if he wasn’t bribed to do so.

Kageyama scoffed as the video came to an end. Kei wondered what that meant. With questions still unanswered, Kageyama pulled up the entrance hallway’s security cams on the second monitor, 

Pulling up the next video of a much much shorter, raven-haired kid. His eyes darted to the corner of the screen, where the time the video was shot was displayed. Kei started to piece together what Kageyama had suspected.

He returned to the end of the video, pausing at a certain time. On the second monitor, he brought the hallway camera to the time the video was at. 

Playing both videos, everyone in the room saw how Haiba stood from his chair, and the shorter guy walked into the building, hands in his hoodie pockets. The interview video ended, and Kageyama used the few intermission seconds between videos to switch the camera to the next hallway. 

In the second hallway, the two men passed each other, and both of their backs went rigid.

Kageyama paused the video, playing the interview. The boy looked insanely nervous, more than he did when he walked in.

“So what happened there? They can’t possibly know each other unless this guy knows Haiba because he’s famous or whatever.” Hinata says, tilting his head to the side with confusion.

“No, they very much do know each other,” Shimizu spoke up. “They’re in the same gang together. This one right here either walked in too early, or Haiba came out too late, but they weren’t supposed to meet, and it created a panic in their eyes. My bets are they’re the new ones.”

Kageyama nodded along with Shimizu’s words, watching through the quieted interview video simultaneously. “Kid’s name is Shibayama Yuuki, he’s obviously a newer decoy, but he has a talent for smooth talk while feigning timidness. Not to mention the way he teases his body with those clothes.” He pointed to the muscle shirt with a puffy jacket and sweats. 

Grinning, Sugawara indulged. “Hm. The method kinda reminds you of someone, doesn’t it?”

“Sure does,” Kageyama leaned back once more. 

“The way their flow was broken off the moment they made a mistake, too.”

Kei shook his head. “You guys can’t be possibly suggesting that someone like Haiba Alisa is somehow related to…”

“Hey, isn’t that, like, Nekoma’s saying or whatever?” Hinata questions, waving his arms out in front of him. “We flow like the blood on our v e i n s~~~ or… something?”

“It can’t be!” Kei argued. “There’s no way Nekoma would even be that reckless- bbanaand and and! Haiba said his sister put him in. Not Nekoma.”

“The story about him not wanting to be there, was a ruse, Keikei. A method he learned from Yaku. Just like where that kid got his skills from.” Kageyama said calmly, trying to tone down Kei’s disbelief. “But Haiba is far from a decoy, he’s most likely a fielder.”

Shimizu added in. “Yaku is Yin’s famous second in command, the oldest decoy they have on their team, and the shortest. He has a nasty tactic of pretending to be shy or weak, but the whiplash is brutal and unpredictable.” 

Kei was beginning to paint the picture, put the puzzle together. Eventually, he accepted their assumptions. Going through four more videos, everyone began to relax.

“It seems like we’re kind of too good at this so far, huh? I mean, you’re matching names to gangs so easily- it’s cool!” Yachi laughed. 

“Don’t speak too soon, Hitoka-chan,” Kageyama said. “These two may be our defeat.”

They were the last two interviews Oikawa had done for the day, and Kei wouldn’t believe that the King Kageyama was really stumped!

Kageyama was skimming through the videos at first, he too, believing it to be too easy. Instead, he had to go back and watch the videos thoroughly. 

“These two claim to be friends, in both videos, but they’re set so far apart, more than an hour,” Kageyama said when the group questioned what he was stuck on.

The first man was named Konoha, a stunning man with very dark green eyes. Oikawa’s voice seemed excited, in a manner, meeting him. Kei could imagine how he saw this opportunity; good money.

In the video, Konoha claimed to be friends with a man named Akaashi, and they signed up together, deciding it would be a fun vacation from their families in Tokyo. He mentioned how his friend liked to get stuff done during the morning though, so he was probably going to get to this later rather than sooner.

Konoha had said he was a bit worried he would become his friend’s shadow, as he wasn’t “nearly as goddamn attractive as Akaashi.” Oikawa denied, praising Konoha’s looks.

But goddamn, no offense, Kei agreed with Konoha. When one would use the term “drop-dead gorgeous”, Akaashi was it. He apologized for being right on the closing time, and replied to Oikawa’s questions with short, polite and curt answers, bringing up how his friend Konoha probably got to it before him as he clasped his hands.

Kageyama stood. He looked through every detail about the two, going as far as to point out that their clothing was two completely different styles. Konoha wore sports gear, and Akaashi wore a turtleneck and blazer. 

“Why don’t you just stop trying to put them in a gang? What if they are just normal distanced friends?” Kei suggested. Unfortunately, Kageyama refused to do so, saying he got a feeling about the two. He instead, put the idea to the side, flying through five more videos without an accusation.

To everyone’s dismay, Sawamura called for Hinata and Kageyama back to HQ, just before the sunset. Kageyama promised everyone he’d think about it, and if he didn’t have an explanation by Monday, they’d have to wing it.