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To Save A Genius

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Chapter Seven

"Hi Tony,"

"Harry?" Tony put down his tablet and turned his full attention to the phone at the tone of his fiance's voice.

"You can track my phone right?" Harry asked.

"Yes, I am now, what is going on Harry are you…"

"I'm ok. But I am currently watching who I am fairly sure is a kid scaling a 48 story building, he's on the outside and he is on around the 24th story," Harry assured him.

"He's...scaling the building?" Tony asked as he climbed into the suit.

"Yeah, he doesn't seem to be using anything either, he's literally just happily scaling up," Harry sounded beyond bemused.

"I will be with you in about 3 minutes, you said he was a kid?" Tony asked as he and FRIDAY took off.

"Yeah, he ran into me chasing someone, said that he was dealing with it and I should get out of here. He sounded about 12, but then he ran straight at the building and just...climbed," Harry paused before adding, "he seems to be wearing some sort of homemade costume,"

"Like, superhero costume?" Tony asked.


"I'm nearly with you," Tony said quickly.

"I'm going to glamour myself and head up on my broom, you and the kid will be able to see me," Harry said, glancing around to ducked into an alley just in case.

Tony reached the kid at the same time as Harry did, his fiance motioning to the blue and red-clad person scaling the glass building in a 'see' gesture.

"Woah how are you doing that? That is so cool, is that a broom? Are you a wizard, that is just amazing, and oh my god you're Iron Man, Mr Iron Man sir, Mr Stark, I am such a big fan and…" Harry and Tony both lunged for the kid when he took both hands off the glass to gesture at them, but he remained stuck to the side of the building.

"How exactly are you doing that kid?" Tony asked baffled. He couldn't see any technology keeping the kid on the building.

"Oh, I got bit by a radioactive spider, got like super spider powers, I stick to things and can climb them the same way spiders can," The kid explained easily enough. "That guy robbed someone back there, he said something about destroying evidence before taking the guys briefcase and coming to this building I think he owns it, I just need to…"

"Yeah no," Tony plucked the kid from the side of the building and held him out to Harry. "You're going back to the Tower with Harry, I will deal with this, and then we're going to discuss the fact you're superheroing when it sounds like you should be doing homework right now," Tony sighed.

"Come on kid," Harry snorted.

"...I can ride on your broom?" The kid asked, trying and failing to hide his excitement.

"Yes, come on," Harry said, grinning at Tony amused, knowing his lover was laughing in the suit.

And so Harry found himself flying back to the Tower with the kid holding on and whooping happily.

"Welcome back Master Harry, and…" FRIDAY paused pointedly as the two of them walked in from the landing pad.

"What is your name kid?" Harry asked.

"Peter Parker Sir, Spiderman," The kid stammered taking the mask of his...onsie.

"And how old are you exactly Spiderman?" Harry asked motioning for the kid to follow him to the kitchen.

"15," Peter sat when he was indicated, but he tilted his chin in a challenge to Harry.

"And how long have you been doing this?" Harry asked placing a bottle of cola down in front of Peter and started making sandwiches.

"Six months," Peter turned when Tony walked through the door from the landing pad.

"That...prick had killed a woman and the guy he stole the briefcase from had proof, he was trying to destroy the evidence when I got there," Tony huffed.

"And what did you do?" Harry asked amused.

"Punched my way through the window and took him and the evidence to the police," Tony scowled before he focussed on their guest. "So, who do we have here?"

"This is Peter Parker, Spiderman fifteen and he has been doing this for 6 months," Harry listed.

"Don't worry he used to be a sort of police officer, he is good at interrogating you without you realising that that is what he is doing," Tony laughed seeing the expression on the kid's face.

"Am I in trouble?" Peter asked worried, playing with the bottle in front of him.

"Depends, have you been doing anything wrong?" Tony asked dropping down next to him.

"No! I promise Mr Stark sir, I haven't, I have been trying to help and do good things! I normally stick to my neighbourhood trying to clean it up and help people there, mainly it consists of helping old ladies across the road to be honest, but I have managed to stop a few muggings and there were a couple of women that were going to be attacked so I webbed up the attackers and told the police and then made sure that the women get home and…"

"Webbed?" Tony asked.

"Oh yeah!" Peter made a gesture and a small amount of webbing, like spider webbing, came from his wrist.

"I kind of don't want to know the answer to this, but did that actually come from inside you?" Harry asked poking at the webbing with his knife and then blinked when it stuck to the web.

"No! I designed a fluid and dispersion device, to make it easier to get around, and I figured web because well, Spiderman,"

Harry blinked when between one second and the next he lost his fiance to the kid, the two of them talking about the fluid and device that Peter shower Tony. He was completely lost, but he gathered that Peter was crazy smart. Happy to watch Tony geeking out with the kid, Harry just made a pile of sandwiches while listening with half an ear.

"Well Peter, we needed to decide what to do with you now," Tony sighed sitting back just as Harry finished the last pile of sandwiches.

"Ok," Peter's shoulders dropped and the kid looked so mournful Harry couldn't help ruffle his hair.

"So, I am thinking an internship with Stark Industries, you will carry on going to school and such, but you will send time here training and upgrading your uniform for as long as you are out there superheroing, we will have rules in place, and you will stick to them otherwise I will stalk you around New York City, once you are of age if you want to carry on working with us, of course, you can, or if you want to go your separate way you…"

"I can join the Avengers!?" Peter squeaked.

"When you are legal age, before that only if there is like a super apocalypse. It will be more that we will be your back up if you need help. I don't think that I am going to be able to talk you out of doing this?" Tony levelled him with a stern look.

"My uncle always said that with power comes great responsibility. This happened to me, and I don't know why, but all I can think is that it was to be able to help!" Peter said firmly.

"He's as stubborn as you dear," Harry said as he dropped the huge pile of sandwiches onto the bar in front of them. "Eat up,"

"These are...I can have some?" Peter blinked at the food, and Tony watched Harry's eyes narrowing, suddenly seeming to scan over the kid again looking for something different.

"You eat as much as you can fit into your stomach," Harry said firmly, and the kid fell on them like he was starving. Harry's lips pursed.

"So, you aren't going to stop me?" Peter asked, actually being polite and finishing what was in his mouth before speaking, and then taking another massive mouthful.

"We are not exactly the right people to be preaching about age-appropriate actions. I was at MIT living the college life and worrying my best friend grey early at your age, and Harry had faced and fought a dark wizard 3 times, helped a suspected mass murderer who had escaped from a top-secret wizarding prison go on the run, was running an underground fight club and had broken about 9000 rules," Tony snorted.

Peter turned to look at Harry wide-eyed who just grinned innocently and nodded.


"I do have a question for you, Peter. Where are your guardians?" Harry asked gently, but the kid folded in on himself.

"My mum and dad died when I was 10, my aunt and uncle were killed in a mugging five months ago," Peter muttered.

"So, where are you staying now?" Harry asked.

"Foster homes," Peter shrugged. "They're not too bad, I have had to move school twice now, but it is ok,"

Tony and Harry shared a look over his head, but both of them knew they had a conversation to have without Peter there.

"Alright kid. You had better get back then," Harry grabbed the plate and bagged up the sandwiches with magic quickly, holding it out to Peter who just stared with wide brown eyes at him.

"I will be around tomorrow to get you signed up for the internship, and we will get started on all that," Tony nodded standing as well.

"Mr Stark sir? Where are you going?" Peter blinked when Tony's suit started forming around him.

"I'm escorting you, home kid," Tony snorted.

"No buts, and eat another sandwich before we leave or Harry will cry," Tony motioned into the Tower where Harry was watching them. Peter quickly shoved another sandwich into his mouth before pulling his hood back on, and watched Harry nod happily.

"So," Tony said as he walked into their bedroom where Harry was waiting for him in bed.

"So," Harry nodded, watching his lover strip down before crawling onto the bed and into Harry's arms.

"What did you see?" Tony asked softly, resting his cheek over Harry's chest.

"He's starving, I would guess he has a higher metabolism with his powers,"

"Like Steve, Loki and Thor, makes sense," Tony nodded.

"But he isn't getting enough food for a normal kid. He's tired and hurting. He is being disrupted having to move schools, which even though he is amazingly smart, that is going to start becoming detrimental to him," Harry sighed.

"We…" Tony started to say and then clammed up, fisting the covers over Harry's chest.

"You know that you can say anything to me," Harry frowned, taking the clenched fist in his hand and kissed the knuckles until they relaxed.

"There is something about him, I don't know what it is, but I...I just wanted to swaddle him up and not let him go back, leaving him on that roof even though I knew I will be going back tomorrow, I just...I wanted to grab him, bringing him back here and stop that hurt look in his eyes," Tony exploded.

"His eyes remind me of yours," Harry smiled at the ceiling, Tony turning to look at him confused by the seemingly random response to his outburst.


"They're so like yours, big and brown and clever. They're also like yours were when I first met you, hurt and tired, but still trusting and awe-filled. I...maybe we could look into...maybe we could...he…"

"I want to foster him," Tony declared, and was gifted with bright happy green eyes as Harry sat up sharply.

"Really? Kids are something that we haven't spoken about?" Harry asked.

"He's smart, so smart, and he needs stability and support,"

"And we would both be able to understand losing parents and loved ones too young, and be able to understand his superpowers,"

"And he is less likely to get hurt sneaking around helping because he would be here with us to watch out for,"

"And we could offer him a happy home,"

"With lots of family to care for him and make sure that he is ok," Tony nodded.

"Are...are we really going to do this after spending an hour and a half with the kid?" Harry bit his lip, happiness glittering in his eyes.

"We're not even married yet but...I want that kid Harry, I want him here and safe and cared for," Tony looked at his lover, and the Wizard could see how much Tony had bonded with Peter, and how hard it was to leave him.

The two paused for a second, before they were both scrambling back out of bed. They had work to do.

"Parker!" Peter grimaced at Mrs Hammet's bellow. This house was not the best, it was one of the worst that he had been in really. It was more like an orphanage, and there were too many of them here.

The older, bigger kids were rewarded for keeping everyone else in line, and Mrs and Mr Hammet didn't care how they did it.

"Someone is coming for you, you're being fostered out. Pair of poofs by the sound of it," Mrs Hammet sneered.

"Parker, you lucky so and so," Flash smirked at him. Flash was the one that enjoyed inflicting the most pain on the other kids, and disliked the fact Peter put himself in front of a lot of them to protect the other kids.

"But…" Peter froze, Mr Stark was supposed to be coming to sign him up for the internship, but if he wasn't here...Mrs Hammet would keep where he had gone from Mr Stark on purpose and he wouldn't…

"Go pack!" Mrs Hammet smacked him around the head hard enough that he would have had a headache without his powers.

"Peter…" Morgan was waiting for him on his bed when he got to his room, the little girl was only 5 and she had latched onto him when he had protected her from one of the older girls, earning himself being locked in the cupboard without food for 18 hours.

"I am so sorry Morgan, I didn't know this was happening," Peter frowned kneeling down by her.

"Not your fault," Morgan shook her dark head, but her lip was trembling. Peter desperate scanned his brain to try and think how he could fix this and help Morgan and the other kids here.

He had no clue who was fostering him now, and he had no clue what he could do to help, even as Spiderman he was still a kid and unknown, Mr Stark and Harry...but…

"," Flash had never looked so stunned or defeated before and Peter was completely confused when he drifted away like a ghost.

Peter took up the few things he had and shoved them into his bag before standing. Morgan grabbed his hand and even though she was sniffing and trembling slightly, she held on with a determined look as they walked down the stairs.

The last thing Peter was expecting was to see Harry and Tony standing there, arms crossed and looking around disgusted, Mrs Hammet and Mr Hammet standing there open-mouthed, and who Peter thought was his social worker's manager standing looking cowed and panicked.

"Peter," Tony beamed.

"And who is this pretty young lady?" Harry smiled seeing Morgan holding onto him tightly.

"Morgan, this is Morgan," Peter blinked rapidly, his brain doing the calculations but not computing.

"Hello Morgan," Harry smiled.

"Are you the ones taking Peter?" Morgan asked quietly, her wobbling lip become worse.

"We're fostering Peter yes. What happened to your eyes sweetheart?" Harry asked gently sitting down in front of Morgan cross-legged and carefully brushing her brown hair away from her bruised eye and cheek.

"She is accident-prone she…" Mr Hammet started to say but Harry turned furious green eyes onto him, stopping him from speaking with just a look.

"Morgan has a voice and I asked her, not you!" Harry hissed.

"What happened sweetheart?" Tony joined Harry on the floor.

Morgan looked between Harry and Tony and Mr and Mrs Hammet, before showing that bravery that Peter admired her for. "Mrs Hammet told Lila to hit me, because I asked to have breakfast because I was hungry and hand not eaten since breakfast the day before!"

Mr and Mrs Hammet looked stricken, Social Worker Manager looked defeated. And Harry and Mr Stark looked beyond furious.

"Alright kids, Peter, you're coming with us, everyone else go and pack your bags, the Maria Stark Foundation will find somewhere for you until somewhere safe can be found," Tony said firmly standing. Kids around them let out small whoops and hurried away to pack their things, delighted to be getting away from Mr and Mrs Hammet.

"What will happen to Morgan?" Peter asked shakily.

Harry and Tony looked between the two children and their joined hands clinging to each other before they seemed to have a silent conversation.

"Well, she is coming with us of course!" Harry smiled.

"Mr Potter, Mr Stark," The manager spluttered.

"We will be taking her with us as well. And you will be sending social workers to come to perform the full and thorough checkers to make sure that she and Peter are ok, just as you will do for all the other children!" Harry said with a dangerous tone.

"Yes, of course!" She said before hurrying from the room.

"We're really going with you?" Peter asked, his head spinning.

"If that is ok with you, yes," Tony nodded.

"I am underage, I have to go where I am told," Peter frowned.

"No you do not," Harry said firmly.

"I...would like to come with you," Peter nodded.

"If Peter likes you, and I get to stay with Peter, I want to as well," Morgan said looking between the three of them. She didn't really understand what was going on, but she knew she got to stay with Peter.

"Wonderful, let's get your things, and go home," Harry said gently, carefully reaching out to pick Morgan up. Tony took Peter's bag and squeezed his shoulder as they followed behind the two.

Peter would admit that the expression on Flash's face, the jealousy was wonderful.

"You have a mini human!" Thor cried delightedly, freezing in the doorway.

"A child Thor, they're called children," Loki rolled his eyes but he was stepping around his brother and looking at Peter and Morgan with clear delight of his own.

"This is Morgan and this is Peter, guys this is Thor and Loki," Harry introduced their foster children of three weeks proudly.

"Loki is exceedingly fond of children, thank you," Thor said softly to Tony as he and the genius watched Harry, Loki and Peter playing with Morgan.

"We want you all to meet them, if anything happens to us, we want them to have you, and to know that they are safe and cared for. They have had a hard start to life,"

"It is good that they have you and Harry then, for you both have much love to give and to share! They are your heirs, we shall love, protect and care for them with honour at the trust that you are granting us!" Thor nodded.

"They are everything to me, in such a short amount of time," Tony admitted softly, watching with such love in his eyes as Morgan convinced her audience to play dinner party.

"That is because you are a kind and loving man. This is what you deserve friend Tony, a family and love," Thor smiled patted Tony's shoulder firmly enough to knock him off the sofa. "Oops."

"I am not going to bite you," Morgan frowned at the large man perched in front of her tensely.

"I know! I just...I don't want to hurt you," Steve squeaked.

"Ignore him, he is a super big softie," Clint rolled his eyes, scooping Morgan up and seating her on his knee, throwing Steve a book. "Read us a story please,"

"I can do that!" Steve squeaked again nodding.

"Is that really Captain America?" Peter asked biting his lip.

"That is Steve Rogers," Harry chuckled throwing his arm over Peter.

"Thank you," Peter said looking down at his feet.

"For what kiddo?" Harry smiled at him before sobering when he saw the look on Peter's face.

"You gave us a home when you didn't have to, you gave us a chance an opportunity that we would never ever have had. You didn't have to do this, you could have just made sure we were looked after and…"

"Peter. Tony and I...fostering you and Morgan has given us something that we didn;t realise we needed in our lives. You have completed our family in a way we didn't realise that we needed, fostering you two is the best thing that we could have done, you make us smile and laugh and you make us feel complete," Harry squeezed his foster son gently.

"You're not a sacrifice Peter, you're a gift," Harry said firmly.

"Look daddy look!" Morgan squealed excitedly, bouncing on Harry's shoulders where she was sitting, pointing at another animal in the zoo.

Harry listened fondly as Tony and Peter started spilling all sorts of facts about the animal to an eagerly listening Morgan, who was also already getting distracted by the next animal.

It was a hot, sticky day in Central Park Zoo, and his face was sticky from where Morgan had had melted ice cream on her fingers when she gripped onto his face excitedly. Peter and Tony were as excited, they had done a hilarious amount of research before coming, both of them as eager as ever to learn more and know more.

He and Tony had made sure that the four of them had a time like this together, family time, sometimes including Hermione, Ron and their brood, or the Avengers, sometimes just the four of them. With the homes that they had both come from, this was important to them, putting in the time and care to the two of them.

It had been six months, their wedding had been delayed with the inclusion of their two children joining their lives, wanting to focus on them rather than the whirlwind their wedding would cause. They knew that they loved each other unconditionally, and they knew that they would marry, but Peter and Morgan were more important, making sure that they knew they were loved, cared for and safe. Becoming a family.

At home were the adoption papers for the two children, after their day out here Tony and Harry would ask them if they would be ok with Harry and Tony officially adopting them. Going from the bright, happy, honest smiles on their faces, and the love in their eyes when they looked at the two men they had started called Dad the month before, Harry doubted that they would say no.

Right here, with his family around him, enjoying a simple day out, Harry could not stop his happy smile. Tony insisted that he had saved him, but the reality was his Stardust had swept into Harry's life, given him everything that he had always dreamt of and saved him.

And they had the rest of their lives together as a family to enjoy what they had created together, all four of them.