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Junkyard in Progress

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They live in a big house filled with bigger feelings.


The house was always changing— it's just how it was. Sometimes you could walk outside from the third floor and sometimes the refrigerator would move to the other side of the stove in the kitchen and sometimes the staircase would lead to a side of the hallway that it almost certainly didn't lead to before. But again, that's just how it was, and the house was pretty good to live inside in spite of that, even if everyone was sharing the place with roughly eleven other people at all given times (the numbers, and the egos, always fluctuated. Obviously.)


It always amuses him to think about how the original arrangement of the floors was Septics on the second floor and Ipliers on the third. And, ignoring the obvious ‘but it's so annoying to have to go all the way up there!’ whines from some of the Iplier egos, you'd have thought it would've worked rather well.

It did not.

It lasted a week at most, really, before people began to shift around. It started off small, with Bing moving downstairs into Chase’s room so they could save space and hang out more. This change seemed to shift the entire feel of the building, crumbling the previously set boundaries between the two groups, as


Sharing a house with roughly eleven other people can get exhausting; those are really just the facts, the absolute truth. And not to be rude or seem too full of himself or anything, but Jackie is pretty sure that were he a lesser man, the whole setup would have driven him to the absolute peak of insanity ages ago. (Not that most of the egos were particularly sane to begin with— it was just the territory of these things, you know.)

But yeah, Jackie had lived in this humongo house for as long as he could good and well remember, amongst all the other egos. Sure some of them come and go (and then come again, and then go again, and so on,) but it's been the same general atmosphere. Some of the egos liked to describe their arrangement as something akin to an apartment building. Most of them, however, agreed that they were more like a giant family with a bunch of disaster children squished all together. Hey, at least they'd been able to settle all the ‘I want this room, you take that room’ disputes before anyone could get seriously wounded or die or something.