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TMNT Kink Warm Ups & Requests

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This was a game they played sometimes. 


It’s been happening ever since they were little. Back then, it was just curious little kids exploring. And as they became older, it became more and more intense. Quick touches were drawn out, mouths were led to new places, and depths were explored. They tried new things, they experienced everything together and were each other’s first everythings. 


And god, did the two of them love each other. 


It was crazy how not even their brothers knew. It was Leo and Mikey’s best kept secret, and the fact that they managed to keep it one for so long was simply astounding. And it’s not that they were ashamed of their relationship. The two of them just knew their family wouldn’t understand, and the thought of being forced apart was unacceptable. 


So, to make a long story short, Leo knew his baby brother inside and out. Every kink, every desire, every fucked up fantasy. There was nothing to hide between them. At least, he thought that was the case. But sometimes Mikey has a habit of repressing things, even when they were playing their game.


Leo’s busy plowing Mikey. He’s got the other turtle on his carapace, propped up and supported by a couple of pillows. And Mikey just lays there and takes it like the good little brother he is, giving Leo encouraging churrs and mewls with every thrust inside his body. Leo loves it, how verbal Mikey is when it comes to sex. 


“You feel so good, Mike.” He gasps out. This is nothing new. He’s given little praises during sex plenty of times before. But then something seemingly possesses Leo, and he continues to talk in his hoarse fucked out voice. “You’re such a good boy for me.”


It was a phrase he’d never used before. But Mikey shudders suddenly and violently, his whole body trembling. He looks at him with those gorgeous eyes, the pupils blown wide and his mouth slack. Leo’s only encountered this expression if he’d done something Mikey really likes. And at first, he doesn’t know what it is he did that caused such a blissful look.


And then he realizes. Mikey liked being praised. And he feels dumb for not realizing sooner, because Mikey eats up compliments normally. Even a simple ‘excellent job, my son’ from Splinter would have the dude beaming for hours. 


“You like that, baby?” He whispers as he continues pounding. “It’s like you were made for my cock. You’re so perfect, Mikey. The best, I love my good boy so much.”


Mikey whimpers. “Leo, I’m gunna-”


“Shh,” He shushes and leans down to softly connect their lips. It’s not at all like the rough and frenzied movements from his hips. “Since you’ve been such a good boy, you can cum whenever you want.”


Mikey cries out against his lips. His muscles tighten around Leo’s dick as he cums hard. Leo doesn’t last much longer after that. There was just no beating the vice around his dick, and the way Mikey’s insides caresses and accepts his dick drives Leo to cloud nine. The entire time, he praises Mikey. 


And afterwards, they lay side by side, both extremely content and satisfied. “I don’t know how you managed to hide that so well before.” He says to Mikey. 


“Hide what?” His brother’s voice is sleepy. It’s extremely cute. 


“How you like to be praised while having sex.”


Mikey hums. “I didn’t know about it either bro. But we should definitely do that again.”


Leo can’t help but agree.