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TMNT Kink Warm Ups & Requests

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While Mikey has always been the kinkiest, Donnie has always been the most experimental. He’s willing to try anything, really, and that's what excites Leo the most. If he wanted to do something new, and do it safely, all he had to do was approach the genius with his desire and his wish would be granted. 


So when Leo read about someone being obsessed with sensory deprivation, he knew he had to try it immediately, and he knew who he had to go to in order to get the best experience possible.


All he had to do was introduce the concept to Donnie. Not long after, Leo is bent over a table, his limbs tied to the legs of it and his mask turned on his face so he could no longer see. Donnie had gone the extra mile and put sound blocking headphones over the slits of his ears, and although he could still hear it was very muffled. 


It was hard, doing this, giving Donnie his vulnerability. His mind had trained himself to always be vigilant, to always be prepared for anything and everything. With his control stripped, he didn’t feel like Leo anymore. But with was undeniably different. He felt safe. 


Something cold touches his tail and he jumps. The ball gag in his mouth prevents him from saying anything. It trails down, leaving a wet chill on his skin in its path. And then it’s pressing directly at his entrance, pushing until it’s inside of him. Leo whines, the feeling of his insides freezing causing an electrifying sensation to spike through him. 


There’s heat on his buttox- a hand, his brain supplies. It gropes and carrases in a soothing manner. The juxtaposition between the heat and the cold is dizzying. And best of all, it’s intensified in a delicious manner. 


The cold, hard object in his ass liquifies at an alarmingly quick rate. It’s ice, he realizes. Donnie put ice in his ass. The melted ice drips down his thighs and he can feel every stream as it slides down into the crease of his knees. Drool begins to build up in the corners of his mouth, and it continues to grow as Donnie puts more ice into his ass. 


There’s pressure on his marginal scutes, pulling him backwards until his bindings catch and Anxiety him from moving ever forward. Leo tenses, his eyes darting beneath his mask. Nervousness and excitement coils, the unexpectedness and unpreparedness only intensifying those emotions. 


And then, all at once, he’s full. Achingly so, overwhelmingly so. The fullness pulls back and slams back in, over and over again. He feels more than hears the squeak of the table from the sheer force of Donnie’s thrusts. The sensation of everything is just so overwhelming, he can’t help but cry. 


His dick, which has been hanging over the edge of the table, twitches violently. He’s going to cum without even being touched, he realizes. That’s never happened to him before. Can he even do it? Or, he supposes the bigger question here is will Donnie let him? It doesn’t take long for him to get his answer, because Donnie slams forward one last time and floods his insides with boiling liquid. 


It pulses directly against that special spot inside him and that’s all it takes for Leo to burst. It causes him to scream. He can hear it through the headphones, and he figures that everyone in the sewers probably knows what he’s up to by now. The orgasm drags on for what seems to be forever, washing through his whole body and making the tips of his toes tingle. 


Leo doesn’t remember blacking out, but when he wakes up he’s cradled in Donnie’s lap, a blanket wrapped tightly around him. HIs mask is adjusted properly and the ballgag has been removed, leaving a numbness and ache in his jaw. On top of that, his backside is sore to the point where he knows he’ll be walking around with a limp. That’s a thought for later, though, so instead of dwelling on it he churrs and nuzzles deeper into Donnie’s comforting warmth. 


“Thank you…” He mumbles. 


Donnie smiles and kisses the top of his head. 


“Anything for you.” 

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In his defense, Mikey didn’t know Donnie was in a bad mood. All he knew was that he was bored, and worst of all he was so unbelievably horny . Painfully so. Walking in on Leo and Raph fucking like rabbits really did something to him, and he wanted his boner sorted out asap. The way he had seen it, there were two options;


A, Masturbate.


B, Grovel at Donatello’s feet and beg for a quickie. 


The choice was obvious, of course. It’s how he ended up in Donnie’s lab, begging like he’s never begged before. He was too focused on himself to notice the scowl that slowly grew the more Mikey jabbered on. So it came as a great surprise to him when one minute, he’s trailing Donnie as he walks around the lab from drawer to drawer, and the next he’s shoved up against a wall.


He’s plastron is pressed against the concrete, and Donnie has his arms pinned behind his back in the most uncomfortable manner imaginable. It’s moments like these were he’s reminded of just how strong Donatello truly is. 


Donnie hisses low against his ear . The sound is both a warning and an establishment of dominance. “Can you please be quiet, or leave?”


Mikey’s dick stirs from within his cloaca, ten times harder than it was before. He giggles a bit, which causes the other’s grip to tighten dangerously on his wrists. “Sorry! Sorry, I’m just kinda horny bro. Toss a poor little puppy a bone, pretty please?” 


“If I do that will you leave me be?” 


Mikey nods enthusiastically. “Yes!” 


A moment of silence passes before his hands are being released. He doesn’t get to celebrate because Donnie tells him sternly, “Do not move.” 


So Mikey doesn’t. He only shifts a little and puts his palms flat on the concrete. This is much more comfortable than before, although he definitely digs the show of strength. It’s one of the reasons why he likes fucking Raph so much. Usually, Donnie is so mellow and go with the flow when it comes to sex that Mikey would’ve never expected it. 


Heat radiating on his back tells him that Donnie is back behind him and he can’t help but churr. A slicked digit snakes between his legs and pushes roughly into his cloaca, making him gasp. It pumps in and out roughly, and maybe if he was a virgin it would’ve hurt a lot more. But now? It’s absolutely divine. 


He wriggles his hips and presses down on the finger, which earns him a firm whap on the outside of his thigh. “Behave.” Donnie says.


Mikey pouts but stills the movement of his hips anyways. He’s got a feeling that any more acts of annoyance will lead him to a long edging session, and while he loves them he’s got to be in the mood to want to participate. All he wants at the moment is to cum, not cry for it until the sun comes up. 


He both hates and loves Leo for that night. 


Luckily, Donatello slides inside him with a sharp thrust and all the air is pushed out of his lungs. He keens at the sensation. Mikey should bottom for him more often, because while Donnie’s dick isn’t the thickest it’s certainly the longest. It reaches inside him deep, rubs against places that have never been touched before. 


He loves it. 


Donnie doesn’t even give him time to adjust. He just starts pounding like an animal. Short, fast, hard thrusts that cause stars to burst in his vision. The brutality of it all is simply astonishing, really. Gentle and calm Donnie, fucking more beastly than Raph ever has. This anger has to be more than Mikey annoying him, because Mikey being annoying isn’t anything new. 


That means Donnie’s taking his anger out on him, doesn’t it? He’s using him as nothing more than a hole, nothing more than stress relief. His eyes roll at that thought. 


“Go on,” He urges. “Fuck me harder, Don. Use me up, harder, harder-” He yelps when Donnie slams into him so roughly that he’s thrown up against that wall again. His cheek is mushed against it now, and it kind of hurts but it’s exactly what he wanted. 


After a few more barbarous shoves, Donnie abruptly tenses and snarls. He buries himself as deep as he can manage before pumping his cum inside Mikey’s ruined body. He grinds his hips as he cums, and Mikey’s completion follows soon after, painting the concrete in white. His vision is flooded with a splash of color and his body is nearly overwhelmed with all the sensation washing through him. 


Donnie pulls out after a while with a wet pop. 


“Oh, Mikey.” He breathes out before pulling Mikey away from the wall and turning him around. He wraps his arms around the turtles shoulders and hugs him. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-”


“Aaand that’s where I’m going to have to shut you up.” Mikey laughs into Donnie’s neck, although it sounds exhausted. “That was fun! Dude, we should do that more often. Hey, my I feel all gross and sticky. Can we take a bath together?” 


Donnie blinks, before smiling. 


“Of course.”

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This was a game they played sometimes. 


It’s been happening ever since they were little. Back then, it was just curious little kids exploring. And as they became older, it became more and more intense. Quick touches were drawn out, mouths were led to new places, and depths were explored. They tried new things, they experienced everything together and were each other’s first everythings. 


And god, did the two of them love each other. 


It was crazy how not even their brothers knew. It was Leo and Mikey’s best kept secret, and the fact that they managed to keep it one for so long was simply astounding. And it’s not that they were ashamed of their relationship. The two of them just knew their family wouldn’t understand, and the thought of being forced apart was unacceptable. 


So, to make a long story short, Leo knew his baby brother inside and out. Every kink, every desire, every fucked up fantasy. There was nothing to hide between them. At least, he thought that was the case. But sometimes Mikey has a habit of repressing things, even when they were playing their game.


Leo’s busy plowing Mikey. He’s got the other turtle on his carapace, propped up and supported by a couple of pillows. And Mikey just lays there and takes it like the good little brother he is, giving Leo encouraging churrs and mewls with every thrust inside his body. Leo loves it, how verbal Mikey is when it comes to sex. 


“You feel so good, Mike.” He gasps out. This is nothing new. He’s given little praises during sex plenty of times before. But then something seemingly possesses Leo, and he continues to talk in his hoarse fucked out voice. “You’re such a good boy for me.”


It was a phrase he’d never used before. But Mikey shudders suddenly and violently, his whole body trembling. He looks at him with those gorgeous eyes, the pupils blown wide and his mouth slack. Leo’s only encountered this expression if he’d done something Mikey really likes. And at first, he doesn’t know what it is he did that caused such a blissful look.


And then he realizes. Mikey liked being praised. And he feels dumb for not realizing sooner, because Mikey eats up compliments normally. Even a simple ‘excellent job, my son’ from Splinter would have the dude beaming for hours. 


“You like that, baby?” He whispers as he continues pounding. “It’s like you were made for my cock. You’re so perfect, Mikey. The best, I love my good boy so much.”


Mikey whimpers. “Leo, I’m gunna-”


“Shh,” He shushes and leans down to softly connect their lips. It’s not at all like the rough and frenzied movements from his hips. “Since you’ve been such a good boy, you can cum whenever you want.”


Mikey cries out against his lips. His muscles tighten around Leo’s dick as he cums hard. Leo doesn’t last much longer after that. There was just no beating the vice around his dick, and the way Mikey’s insides caresses and accepts his dick drives Leo to cloud nine. The entire time, he praises Mikey. 


And afterwards, they lay side by side, both extremely content and satisfied. “I don’t know how you managed to hide that so well before.” He says to Mikey. 


“Hide what?” His brother’s voice is sleepy. It’s extremely cute. 


“How you like to be praised while having sex.”


Mikey hums. “I didn’t know about it either bro. But we should definitely do that again.”


Leo can’t help but agree.