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Parental Succor

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You were woken from sleep by a little body climbing over you and burrowing herself underneath the covers between Kai and you.

“Eri, what’s wrong?” you asked quietly, rolling over to face your adopted daughter.

A little horned head poked out from underneath the white comforter. “Bad dreams,” she said before ducking down again.

“Aww, honey. I’m so sorry. Do you want to talk about it? Sometimes talking about it helps.”

The little head popped back out. “I-I had a dream that Daddy used his quirk to break me down into little tiny pieces and put me back together. He did it again and again and again until I—“ Eri’s voice came out as squeaks until it broke off into quiet sobs. Her body shook from recalling the horrific dream.

“Oh, sweetheart,” you cooed. You wrapped your arms around her small trembling form, pulling her to your chest; you gave her a tight squeeze. She needed to be grounded in reality, to know her dream was over and that you loved her.

“That sounds like such an awful dream. But you’re okay now, it’s over and now I’ve got you.” Buried in your bosom, Eri sniffled, and shortly after you felt her rubbing her nose against your shirt. It was a little gross but you didn’t comment on it. Some grossness came with the territory of being a parent—a role you cherished every single day. However, that didn’t mean you couldn’t sneak off and change your night-slip once your daughter fell back asleep.

You kissed the top of her head. “You know Daddy would never, ever, ever-ever-ever hurt you?” He wouldn’t. You’d never tolerate being with such a person. Even when the two of you were at each other’s throats about large sums of money suddenly disappearing from bank accounts, or his shady business dealings; even when you both got up in each other’s face, swearing to do something crazy, Kai never once raised a hand to you. Your husband’s work and questionable business aside, while it was true that Kai’s quirk could be seen as scary, especially when he used it to break down large objects, it was also true that he could use it in incredibly beautiful, even helpful ways. The two stone unicorn statues out back, centerpieces in your reimagined English garden, were once half-naked angels until Eri begged him to make them unicorns. He did. To this day, you still pestered him about turning them back.

Eri nodded. Her horn poking into your neck, but you didn’t care. “And if anything ever happened to you, you know Mama would bulldoze through anyone, right?”

Eri giggled, nodding. She stopped to look up at you. “Even if it was Daddy?”

You smiled down at her. You could barely see her face in the dark, only a rough outline. Her big round eyes caught the glimmer of the moon poking through the partially drawn curtains. They looked up at you, searching the darkness for an answer that would make her fear subside.

“Especially if it was Daddy,” you answered, poking her in the sides to make her giggle and squirm. “Nobody’s gonna stop this Mama-bear. Sweetie, you do know I’m telling you the 100% truth. I’d fight anyone who tried to hurt you.”

You felt Eri nod against you. “Mm-hmm. I know Mama would thrash Daddy.”

“Who would thrash who now?” Your husband chose that moment to roll over and join the conversation. You had no idea when he had woken up, but you were glad to have him there to help settle your daughter’s fears.

Eri giggled but you noticed how she scooted away from him and clung to you tighter than before. She must still be scared because of her dream.

“Eri had a bad dream,” you explained. “She dreamt that you used your quirk to repeatedly break her down and rebuild her over and over again.” You felt his body tense up next to you. You couldn’t see his face in the dark but knew he’d be frowning. “I was just explaining that I would fight off anyone who dared try to touch our little girl. Even if it was you.”

Kai scooted closer and reached his arm across Eri until it was wrapped around you both, his hand settling just below the base of your neck. “I would never hurt either of you,” he said firmly. “You’re my special girls and I’d do anything to keep you both safe.”

“But what if you needed to? What if it was to save the family business? What if it was the only way?” Eri asked hurriedly. You could feel her racing heart just holding her. It made your chest clench.

“No. Not a chance. It’s just like you said, Mama wouldn’t hesitate to kick my butt if she ever needed too. She’s a gorilla.”

“Kai!” you hissed, with a laugh.

“What does that mean?” Eri asked.

Kai responded before you could. “It means Mama wears the pants in this relationship.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that Mama is a dom,” he said, dodging a swipe of your hand as you leaned over Eri.

You both were laughing while Eri looked up at her parents blankly. She tugged at your arm. “Mama, I don’t know what’s going on!” she cried out, partially due to frustration, and partially you figured from being overtired. Her shrill whine made the two of you settle down and cozy up to your cute little daughter.

“It means Daddy will never go against Mama and her wishes,” Kai said. “I will give her everything her heart desires.”

Eri thought for a moment. “Like a prince and princess?” she asked with a yawn.

“Yes,” you said, leaning over her to your husband, “exactly like a prince and princess.” His lips met yours in a kiss filled with such love it was practically palpable. You were certain Eri could feel just how much you both cared for one another and her. It didn’t matter to either of you that she wasn’t related biologically. She was yours, your baby girl, her real parents. No one was going to harm a hair on her head without Kai or you having something to say about it. And that was if they could pass the two large armed guards stationed to Eri at all hours of the day.

“More like King and Queen,” Kai corrected, now deepening the kiss and adding a bit of tongue. You giggled into his lips, wholeheartedly accepting and meeting his passionate advances with your own.

“Ew, ew!” Eri cried. She turned to push her feet into her dad’s chest and pried you both away from each another. “What about me? I’m the one who had a nightmare!”

Kai gripped your shoulder and you understood just what he was trying to communicate. You both simultaneously started a kissing assault on whatever part of Eri’s face/head you could find in the dark. She cried out in fits of breathless giggles as she squirmed her little body around, trying to escape the lovefest she found herself in the middle of. When her legs started gleefully kicking in the air, just narrowly missing striking Kai in the chin, he took hold of her ankles and swiftly swung her body back to lie vertically between you both. It really was time for bed now. And as the three of you settled back down it didn’t escape your notice how he wiped his hands on the back of the blanket. He was never one for feet.

Eri detached her hands from your shirt and curled into the chest of her father, seemingly forgiving him for her dream-daddy’s horrific treatment. As you watched father and daughter embracing tightly, your heart began to swell with warmth. It was so good to be a family.

You were preparing to quietly sneak out of bed and quickly change your shirt when Kai’s arm pulled you into the embrace, thoroughly sandwiching Eri.

“Why don’t I take the day off tomorrow and spend time with my girls instead?” he whispered to you over Eri’s head.

“That’s sweet of you, but don’t you have an important meeting with the L.O.V. tomorrow?”

He chuckled and your heart seized up at the low, rich sound. Sleepy Eri also seemed to like the sound too, for she snuggled her little horned head deeper into her father’s bare tattooed chest.

“It can be rescheduled. Shigaraki already isn’t too thrilled about coming all this way, anyways. I think it would be a welcomed relief to him to meet in more neutral territory, especially considering the unfortunate accident involving his affiliates recently.”

“Mm.” You still had your doubts about what actually happened that night--the night they met in the warehouse. You’d long since resigned yourself to the knowledge that your husband had a hand in criminal activity. To what extent you didn’t know, and you didn’t care to find out. All you knew is that when he spoke, men listened—strong, hardened men. And as long as he didn’t bring it back to the house or put Eri and yourself at risk, you could let sleeping dogs lie.

He squeezed your arm. “Trust me. It’ll be fine. I’ll have a quick phone conference with him first thing tomorrow morning, and after I’ll be all yours for the rest of the day.” His hand moved down the length of your arm to your hand, interlocking your fingers with his. He brought your hand to his lips and imparted a kiss onto the back of it. Kai released you with a deep sigh. “I’ve been so busy lately; it’s been so long since I’ve had a day with just my girls.”

You stroked his chiseled jaw, staring at the dark place in front of you where you thought his eyes were. Kai relaxed under your touch, letting out another deep breath. Your hand eventually moved down his neck stopping at his strong shoulder to rub at the muscles. When had he gotten so buff? Had it really been that long since you last shared a night in bed together? It was definitely something to explore later, possibly even tomorrow night—

“Okay, if you’re sure he won’t feel disrespected. Eri will be so excited to spend the day with you. I am too.” You looked down at your daughter nestled between both your bodies. Her breathing had since evened out and the slight twitching of her fingers indicated she’d found her way back to dreamland. This time hopefully settling into a pleasant dream, but if not her mother and father would be right there to hold her tight.

“Goodnight, Kai,” you mumbled through a yawn.

“Goodnight, (Y/N), my angel.”

A soft little voice, hardly even a whisper, came from between you. “G’night.”

You whispered into her hair, “Goodnight, princess. We love you.”

That night, Eri fell asleep surrounded by the loving warmth of the two most important people in her life. You were happy to report there were no more night terrors to be had.