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Take A Chance On Me

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Chapter One

It was a beautiful day in Sootopolis City. The sun shined brightly on the white stone walkways. The sounds of the waterfalls were tranquil, resonating throughout the city. The water pokemon were leaping out of the water. Everything seemed calm and peaceful that day as joggers ran up the stairs and merchants were going about their day. That wasn’t the case for one household. People passing by slowed down and stared in concern from the amount of yelling coming from the house. The door flew open and Vivienne ducked under the frame and stormed out with a duffel bag strapped over her shoulder. The ball cap on her head covered her face as she started walking down the stairs, heading towards the docks. A man was quickly putting a shirt on as he hurried out the door after her. Vivienne could feel the tears burning her eyes, but she wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry. She tried her best to ignore him calling out her name. She was about to step onto the dock when the man grabbed her elbow quickly, instantly she ripped it out of his grip. 

“Baby, that wasn’t nothing!” he told her, his voice almost pleading. 

“Walking in on you with someone else is nothing?” She snarled, her accent becoming heavier. 

“Viv, I can explain-” 

“No, Everett. No. We’re done. We’re beyond done. So you can just go back and dick down any slut you want to.”

 Vivienne was shaking at this point, her fists clenched into fists. The knuckles on her hands were turning white. She lowered her head so he wouldn’t see the tears streaming down her face. She cursed at herself for getting emotional over the likes of him. Everett stepped forward, Vivienne towering over him significantly. 

“Where are you going to go? Huh? This is your home.” 

“No. No, this isn’t my home. I’m going home, far away from the likes of you.” Vivienne raised her head just enough that he could see her cerulean eyes practically glowing in the shadow of her cap. She turned away from him and headed to the end of the dock. 

Everett scowled and his jaw clenched. His eyes narrowed as he watched her walk away. 

“Fine! Go home! Be a fucking coward. I just hope you know you’ll never find anyone better than me, bitch! You don’t fucking deserve anyone better than me, and you fucking know it!” 

Vivienne released her Gyrados into the water, feeling her chest become heavy from his words. She choked back a sob as she took a deep breath, putting on a brave face. She hopped onto the Pokemon’s back and pulled out her phone as it started heading towards the area to dive. She dialed the one person she knew was back home. She put the phone up to her ear and waited, with shaky hands, through the three tones before the person finally picked up. 

“Hello…?” The familiar voice came over the phone, sounding like they had just woken up. 

Vivienne forgot about the twelve hour difference between Hoenn and Galar. It must have been two in the morning, their time, at the moment. She released a shaky breath, biting her lip, trying not to lose her composure. 

“H-hey, bro…” She hoped he couldn’t hear the unsteadiness in her voice. 

“Vivienne, what’s wrong?” 


“No, none of that bull shit.” It sounded like he was moving around. “What’s wrong?”

“Everett cheated on me…” she choked, furiously wiping her tears away. 

“The fucking son of a bitch did what?” He growled. 

“I don’t want to be here anymore… I hate it here… I hate everything… I want to come home…” 

Gyrados turned his head as he heard her sob, frowning in concern. 

“Hey, now… sh sh, it’s okay. You can come home. No one said you couldn’t come home, okay? Did you talk to dad?”

“N-No, I haven’t talked to him yet… I’m-I’m sorry I woke you up… I don’t know who to call at home…”

“No, no, don’t apologize. It’s okay, alright? You need to come home, alright?”

“Rai, can I-can I stay with you…? Until I get my shit together?” She stammered, almost hesitant to bother asking him. 

“Are you kidding me right now? Of course you can stay with me. Where are you right now?” 

“I’m leaving Sootopolis City now.. I’m heading to the airport once I’m away from this hell hole…” 

“Text me when you get on the plane, okay? Or I can come there and beat the shit out of the asshole for you?” 

Vivienne laughed, wiping the new tears away. Raihan always knew how to make her laugh in these types of situations. She couldn’t have asked for a better older brother, even if they were just a year apart. 

“He’s not worth an assbeating from you. He’s simply not worthy.” 

She heard him chuckle sleepily over the phone. 

“Okay, okay. Well, I guess I’ll see you later today.” 

“I’ll see you later then…” She paused for a moment. “I miss you, Raihan…” 

“I miss you too, Viv… You’ll be home soon enough, alright?”

“Yeah, yeah I will. I love you, bro.” 

“I love you too, sis. Night.”

“Good night.” The call ended. She wrapped her arms around Gyrados’s neck, resting her head on his neck, closing her eyes. “We’re going home, buddy…”


Fourteen hours later, and she finally was on Galar soil again for the first time in five years. She gripped onto her bag as she left Wyndon Airport on the shuttle. She was exhausted, but that couldn’t stop the smile creeping onto her lips. The towering buildings and double decker buses passed by the window quickly as the shuttle headed towards the train station. There was still the long train ride to Hammerlocke, but she would be able to sleep on the train. It almost felt like a dream being back home. The shuttle stopped in front of the station. Vivienne waited for the people in front of her to get off then hopped off with a quick thanks to the driver. She stared up at the station, trembling from the nerves and excitement of seeing her brother in a matter of hours. Taking a deep breath, she walked through the doors. She purchased her ticket at the booth, then started heading towards the platform. She stared down at the words HAMMERLOCKE stamped on the card, smiling at the name of her hometown. She was so focused on the ticket that she didn’t see the person in front of her and bumped right into them. 

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorr-” She turned around quickly to apologize. 

Everything seemed to slow down when she locked eyes with the most beautiful amber eyes she had ever seen. He was a few inches shorter than her and incredibly handsome with long purple hair and dark, well-groomed facial hair lining his jawline. His choice of fashion was an interesting one with the uniform, compression pants, cape, and snapback, but he made it work. He never took his eyes off hers. The sounds of the station sounded far away at that moment. Her cheeks were burning from the amount of eye contact, but she couldn’t avert her gaze. 

“Hi…” He dumbfoundedly greeted.


They stood there, staring at one another. A voice broke them from their trance. 

“Champion Leon!” A League Staff member shouted from across the room. 

The man named Leon turned his head and nodded before turning his attention back to Vivienne. He flashed her a genuine smile before walking towards the staff member. He kept looking back over his shoulder to look at her, making her smile for some reason. She gave him a small wave, staring after him. A voice came over the speakers above. 

“All passengers: The train from Wyndon Station to Hammerlocke Station is leaving in five minutes.” 

Vivienne shook her head and cleared her throat, turning and heading towards the platform to get to her train. She took one last look at the man she had bumped into, knowing full well she would probably never see him again. She grinned lightly as she stepped up to the train. 

“He definitely has a nice ass.” She mumbled to herself, stepping up onto the train. 

Vivienne found her seat and plopped into it, staring out the window. The train shifted and slowly started trekking its way down the tracks. Her eyes fluttered shut as the movement of the train lulled her asleep, exhaustion taking over.