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First Loves, First Times

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Oboro tried not to seem too nervous as he stared at the movie, some action flick they had chosen, not really paying attention to anything that was being said but instead his mind was just focused on the boy next to him. He'd invited Shouta over to spend the night with him after his parents told him they were leaving to finish some business in Beijing and wouldn't be back until Monday, leaving him a whole weekend with the house alone. 

The perfect chance to invite his boyfriend over and not be interrupted by nosy parents. 

Now, it wasn't like he expected them to go further than kissing. They didn't have to do more than the make-out sessions they already had whenever they had the time. But he had begun to feel a bit frustrated whenever their parents or even Hizashi interrupted them. He liked kissing Shouta! He liked being allowed to kiss Shouta! And it had taken him a lot of work to be able to earn that right, a lot of subtle hints ignored, dates mistaken for friendly hangouts, flirting attempts ignored or misunderstood...yeah he earned those kissing sessions. But he'd also admit that the more he had thought about it...well it was also the perfect chance to lose their V-card right? 

After all, their time alone had gotten very charged recently, it had been getting harder to pull away when soft and gentle pecks turned into passionate kissing and one of them ended up on top of the other. Hell, last time Oboro had ended up in Shouta's lap the two of them had ended up dry humping, they probably would have gone further if Shouta's dad hadn't called them for dinner. But this time it would be different! 


All he needed to do was make a move, he thought as he faked a yawn, letting his arms fall back on the couch. And yes, maybe this was a cliche move and, judging from the snort and the amused smirk on Shouta's face as he moved his arm to wrap around his shoulders, his boyfriend knew it. But hey, it worked didn't it? He managed to pull Shouta closer to him until he was resting his head on Oboro's shoulder. Both of them now ignoring the movie while pretending they were watching it. He didn't look at Shouta as he ran his hand up and down his arm, but he wondered if he could feel the way his heart was racing. Wondering if Shouta's own heart was thundering as hard as his own. 

You can do this, you can do it. Just kiss him. You've done this before. 

Unbeknown to them, they were both thinking pretty much the same thing, Shouta's mouth dry as he slowly looked up to Oboro. Black eyes meeting blue as the two of them blushed. Letting out an embarrassed laugh after a moment of silence just looking at each other. Shouta slowly moving one hand up to Oboro's shoulder, clutching at his shirt as he moved closer to the taller boy, Oboro's hand pressed to his back to bring him closer and closing the distance between them. Starting with a simple press of their lips, tentative and slow, simply testing of the waters as they pressed close, but it definitely didn't stay slow and chaste for long. 

Shouta tilted his head as he felt Oboro's large hand tangling against his hair, lips parting under each other as their kissing got more heated, both of them needing more. The tension built up from the expectations both boys had about the night just spilling over. They both knew where they wanted the night to go.


The movie lay completely forgotten as they were taken in by each other, hands tentatively running over their bodies, testing the waters. First, was Oboro placing a hand on his waist, slowly moving it lower as Shouta moved closer to him, his hands moving from his shoulders to his neck to pull him in as they deepened the kiss. Tongues rolling against each other, Shouta slowly climbing on Oboro's lap when the taller boy pulled him closer. 

For a moment they were the only thing that mattered, usually, this is where they would be interrupted by their parents, or Hizashi, or the phone. But this time...they could continue without being interrupted, pulling closer to each other and letting their bodies do the talking for now. Hips pressing together as the two kissed over and over in between sighs, clinging to each other with hunger and needing to be close.

They pulled apart after a moment, foreheads pressed together and panting as they felt the tension roll and uncoil around their bodies, Shouta's hands moved back to his shoulders curling and uncurling around Oboro's shirt, blue meeting black as their eyes opened and they just looked at each other. 


"Can I try something?" Oboro asked, trying to keep his face under control, but he could feel his cheeks burning. 

"Yeah." Shouta wasn't doing much better, wondering what Oboro wanted to do, not sure whether he should move, what to do with his hands or how to angle his hips, feeling the heat rise wherever they touched. 

"Aaah" He let out a strangled gasp when Oboro leaned in to kiss his neck, shivering as he felt the soft lips and warm tongue running over his pulse point, pushing him away and covering his neck when he felt him suck and nip on his neck, face burning bright and looking at him with wide eyes. 

"What? Did I do it wrong?" Oboro asked in a hurried tone, holding his hands up. "Did it hurt? Was it gross?"

"No! No, I felt...odd." Shouta answered, hands still on his neck. 

"Bad odd or good odd?" Oboro asked, relaxing slightly. 

"It was...good? I think? I...I don't know, it was like tickling but..." Shouta blushed, rubbing at his neck. "Weird." 

"Well, can I try again?" Oboro asked, waiting for Shouta to either say no or to let go of his neck, watching the wheels turn in his head before he finally let his hands drop and moving closer to him again, his hands going to Oboro's waist, gripping at his shirt. 


Oboro looked over at Shouta, hesitating a bit more before leaning in to kiss at his collarbone before moving further up his neck, starting with soft pecks before nipping on his neck, biting down gently before running his tongue over that same spot, sucking on the skin without stopping to think about the marks that Shouta would have tomorrow. All he could think about was the way his breath got heavier, the soft noises that left his mouth whenever he kissed on certain spots. As soon as it was clear that Shouta was enjoying it he just kept going, devouring his skin and tasting every bit of skin he could reach, only letting go when Shouta grabbed his hair to pull him up into a kiss, grinding down against his stomach, letting Oboro feel just what he was doing to the shorter boy. 


"Aah, Shouta..." He groaned, gasping as Shouta leaned down to kiss over his jaw, holding him close. Trying to stop him long enough to ask him to go to the bedroom. "Shouta.." 

It only occurred to him after Shouta whined against his neck that perhaps the way he was calling his name might have sounded more like a moan than an attempt to get his attention. 

"Wait, wait, Shouta, stop." He called over, grabbing his arms and pulling him back, feeling regret when he saw Shouta's uncertain and worried look. 

"What? Did I do it wrong? I was doing it like you..." He pointed out with furrowed brows. 

"No, no, you did great. It's not that!" Oboro hurried to reassure him. "I liked it a lot! But uhm, I was going to say...that maybe we should take this to my bedroom?" 


They both looked pretty embarrassed as soon as Oboro said that, mostly since they couldn't hide what they wanted to do anymore. It was right there in the open. Oboro offering and leaving it up to Shouta to accept, to admit that he wanted was embarrassing when it came down to talking about it as opposed to just acting. 


"We don't have to!" Oboro continued, clearly embarrassed by his own bold move. "We can stay here and just...continue like this? Aaah I made this awkward, didn't I? Forget I said anything!"

But it was stupid! Stupid and illogical! Shouta knew what he wanted, knew what they were going to do tonight. He'd prepared for that even, so why was it that when it was right there, one simple 'yes' away, he just froze and felt awkward inside his skin. 

"No," Shouta said softly, moving his hands to Oboro's shoulders, looking down to their laps, embarrassed by the obvious bulge on his pant, "you didn' didn't do anything wrong...I'd like to move to your room." 


The two of them looked at each other, both of them blushing, both of them uncertain of the next step until Shouta slowly stood up, holding a hand over to Oboro, who didn't hesitate to take it and stand up. He leaned in to kiss Shouta, fumbling with one hand to find the remote and turn off the TV, groaning when he couldn't find it and moving back, looking around for it while Shouta laughed. 

"What are you doing?" He asked. 

"Turning off the TV! But I can't find the...oh" He stopped as he saw Shouta holding it in one hand. "...You could have told me." 

"You would have seen it if you looked at me." He pointed out as he turned off the TV, ignoring Oboro's pout. 

"Well you're too cute, I would have gotten distracted okay?" Oboro huffed,  crossing his arms as Shouta looked over at him with wide eyes. "What?" 

"You can't just say...ugh.." Shouta shook his head, grabbing Oboro's hand and dragging him to the room, pulling him closer as they made it in, pushing him against the wall in a deep and passionate kiss. 

Oboro melted against him, holding Shouta close and whining against his lips, finger looking to unbutton his shirt, managing to get through two buttons before getting frustrated with how hard it was, trying to tear it off. 


"Hey, stop that. I can't break this shirt." Shouta complained as he broke the kiss, slapping Oboro's hands away. 

"But I hate buttons! They're hard to take off!" Oboro whined, shutting up as Shouta pressed another kiss to his lips. 

"Just because you weren't looking, it's not hard! Look!" Reaching over to unbutton Oboro's shirt, starting from the top and undoing three buttons before he could really think about it, trying to swallow the awkwardness as he got Oboro's shirt open, looking at his bare chest underneath and feeling the blue eyes fixated on him the whole time. "...See? Not hard." 

"...ah." Oboro nodded, looking at Shouta and the way the boy was looking at his chest, feeling his skin heat up and get goosebumps as Shouta ran his hands over his shoulders to pull the shirt down and take it off completely. " turn." 


Shouta didn't say a word, just nodding and letting his hands drop, Oboro's shirt dropping to the floor as he did. His heart was racing as he felt the larger hands so close to him, starting from the bottom and going up, the heat radiating through the shirt until they were ghosting over his neck, running his hands over Shouta's chest and his arms as he took it off, pulling him closer to kiss him again. 
Saying they stumbled their way to the bed was being very generous. Oboro tried to be smooth and impressive, pushing Shouta backward the way they did in the movies and then laying him down on the bed, in reality, he almost made Shouta trip and fall to the floor, got his own feet stuck on his shirt so instead of laying Shouta on the bed, the two of them had to take a moment to groan and huff to recover their breath when Oboro fell on top of him. 


"Okay, that could have gone better." He whined as he held his stomach. 

"You think?" Shouta huffed as he rubbed at his head. 

"...did that ruin the mood?" Oboro asked, wincing as he looked at Shouta's deadpan face. 

"You're currently ruining the mood, yes," he huffed, sitting up and hovering over him, one arm on each side of his head, "but that just means you have to build it back up. 

"...ah, you'll make me swoon, you're too hot," Oboro said without thinking about it, groaning when Shouta smacked him. 

"I'm going to leave." Shouta huffed, making a move to stand only to be stopped by Oboro. 

"No! No! Please! I was joking." Oboro laughed, sitting up and pulling him close. "Well, mostly. You are very hot." 

"You're very biased." Shouta points out, although he let Oboro lean in to press kisses against his neck and down his chest. 


Thankfully the next part seemed to be going okay, Oboro pressing Shouta down on the bed and taking his time kissing down his body, feeling the smaller and softer hands run over his arms and his chest, tracing his muscles. 

"Like em?" He teased after he felt Shouta's hand trace his abs again. "You've seen me like this so many times, you know? I don't get why you're so impressed now." 

"Shut up." Shouta groaned, pinching Oboro when the white-haired boy laughed. 

"Just admit you've been dying to touch the goods Shouta!" Oboro laughed, letting out a huff when Shouta punched his arm. 

"Shut up or shirtless making out is all you're getting tonight." He threatened, raising an eyebrow and he tugged on Oboro's pants to illustrate his point. 

"Shutting up now," Oboro said quickly, moving away from Shouta so he could get off his pants, trying to pull him down and taking off his belt before struggling to take off his pants. 


Shouta didn't get to warn him before Oboro was falling off the bed in his struggle, the black-haired boy holding a hand to his face as his boyfriend groaned held his head. 

"You're an idiot." He huffed, standing up and helping Oboro get up, pushing him on the bed. "Let me do it, moron." 

"Ah..don't let me stop you." He said softly, leaning back and watching as Shouta stood up and pulled his pants the rest of the way down. Instead, Oboro looked down to see the way his blush went down to his chest, getting even further down as he slowly got his own pants off. 


And Oboro was going to comment on the blue paws on Shouta's underwear but figured that it was probably the way to not only ruin the night but get his balls punched all the way into his stomach. 
Besides. he was more focused on Shouta's long legs, the subtle musculature there that he could reach out to touch, running his hands up his thighs. He sighed as he ran his hands over Shouta's thighs, looking up as his boyfriend climbed on his laps, going back to kissing each other. 

This time, they were a lot more desperate in their kissing, hands roaming over their bodies in a heated need, not knowing where to touch but wanting to feel every part of each other, pulling each other close, gasping in between kisses as they fell on the bed together. Oboro got between Shouta's legs, grinding against him and the two of them moaning and gasping in surprise at the sudden wave of pleasure as they lined up against each other. 
Soon they were almost feverish as they rolled their hips against each other, grinding and humping against each other in search of friction, trying to get closer, to have more, so much more. 


"Wait, wait, I'm..." Shouta pushed Oboro back, in between moans and kisses, putting a hand between his leg and gripping at his cock as he felt so close to ending everything, and this wasn't how he wanted this to end. "Take...take this off." 

Pulling on Oboro's boxers, biting his lips as the two of them kicked their underwear off, laying naked right in front of each other, with nothing left to hide. Shouta's eyes focusing on Oboro. 

"Stop staring at it!" Shouta complained after Oboro had stared at his dick for what he deemed far too long. 

"Sorry! I've never seen you like this!" Oboro complained, looking down at him and moving closer, running his hands over Shouta's thighs. "Can I.." 


He didn't finish his sentence, Shouta just guiding his hand to his dick as he touched Oboro's own. Feeling the length against his hand, how much bigger than his own it was, slowly moving his hand to test the water and jerking him off the way he usually liked to do it to himself. 
The angle was awkward though, everything felt just a little bit off and every time he tried to look at Oboro they made eye-contact, and he just felt shy and awkward all over again. 

"Do you know..." Shouta mumbled, looking down at Oboro's dick, mouth dry as he looked up at him. "Lube or...I don't know, something?" 

"Oh! Yeah!" Oboro nodded, moving away and rummaging through his bedside as Shouta sat up on the bed crosslegged, looking over at him as he held the bottle up triumphantly. "How do you want to do this then?" 

"...What do you mean?" The shorted boy asked with a frown. 

"Like, you know, who's going to be the pitcher and who's the catcher?" He asked. 

"Why am I dating you?" Shouta asked with an embarrassed look, hiding his face. "Is that really the best way you can describe it?"

"Well, how would you put it" Oboro pouted "It got my point across right? So, who's who?"


There was a moment of silence for a moment, neither of them had an answer until Oboro very slowly raised his hand in a fist, holding it towards Shouta with a questioning look and then yelping when Shouta kicked him. 

"I'm not deciding how I'm losing my virginity with a game of rock, paper, scissors!" He huffed, but there was an amused smile on his face making it obvious that he was trying not to laugh. 

"Well, we could try doing tic-tac-toe instead if you're so peculiar about it." Oboro laughed, moving closer to Shouta. "Or do you want to wrestle for it? Come on, come at me Shouta!" 

That did make the black-haired boy laugh, pushing Oboro away and pushing him back on the bed, the two of them trying to get the upper hand, using dirty tricks, tickling at each other to try and gain the upper hand, laughing and giggling as they tried to get away from any attack but not wanting to be too far apart from each other or stop the contact of naked skin on naked skin, climbing on top of each other before getting flipped over, almost falling off the bed three times before Oboro managed to pin Shouta down. Only because he was laughing too hard to keep fighting, both of them moving closer together in between laughs, kissing and pressing against each other, Shouta's arms pinned to either side of his head as Oboro kissed him. 


"I win." He whispered against his lips, grinning down at him. "So does that mean I get to top?" 

"It means you get to choose I guess." Smiling over at him, wrapping his legs around Oboro's waist to pull him closer. 


The tension was broken at least, and Oboro could start preparing Shouta carefully, trying to read his face as he slowly worked him open. In was awkward at first, the stretch was more uncomfortable to Shouta than pleasant, the only thing keeping him distracted were the kisses Oboro was giving him, each new finger had him tensing up, even more, starting from zero as he had to take deep breaths and relax or Oboro couldn't move his fingers. He would be lying if he said he hadn't tried this himself, Oboro too, they were teenagers, of course they had tried! Especially since they started dating, since now they had a face to think about when they touched themselves, and considering they were both men...more than once Shouta had tried touching behind him, had even managed to find some pleasure in it. But it was so different when Oboro did it.

It felt more like an intrusion, made him feel a lot more vulnerable than his own fumbling experiments had left him feeling, and it was hard to lay back and trying to stay relaxed until the pain and uncomfortable feeling started to fade, getting used to the feeling, relaxing and looking at his boyfriend until Oboro pressed against a spot that had white spots dancing over Shouta's vision, a spot he hadn't found before. Gasping and arching up on the bed as the other boy pressed down against him, adding more lube and another finger as he pressed in until he could find it again and he could rub against it.


"Oboro...fuck just...I'm ready, just go," Shouta complained when it felt like ages had gone by and he needed more, he wasn't sure what it was, but he was growing desperate. 

"Are you sure you..." Oboro stopped when he looked at Shouta's face, nodding. "You are, got it..ah wait, fuck I'm an idiot, I didn't get condoms! I thought I had everything but.."

"It's fine, we don't need them." Shouta rolled his eyes. "I'm not a girl, and we've never been with anyone unless there's something you want to tell me?" 

"Of course not! You're my first!" Oboro looked almost offended that Shouta would suggest otherwise. 

"There you go, then we don't need it. Now come on!" Shouta groaned, laying back down on the bed. 


Oboro took a deep breath as he got more lube, shivering as he spread it over his cock and lined himself up against Shouta's entrance. Looking down at his boyfriend and seeing the same nervousness he felt reflected back at him. 

"Breathe." He whispered, leaning down to kiss him softly as he pressed inside of him. 


Shouta let out a whine as Oboro pressed inside him, flinching at the stretch while Oboro moaned against his lips, trying very hard to go slow even if he wanted to just slide right into the heaven that was Shouta's tight body. It was...far better than anything he had imagined, even the way that Shouta dug his nails into Oboro's back felt like heaven as he pushed inside of him. Moaning and gasping until he had bottomed out inside of him, and the hardest part was both not cumming inside of him and not just thrusting into him mindlessly. 

They were both breathing heavily, clinging to each other, and letting out deep breaths as they tried to keep control of themselves. But it was so hard when Shouta looked so beautiful underneath him. Eventually, he was given the go-ahead to move, trying to find a good angle as he thrust into Shouta since he looked like he was either in pain or uncomfortable. 


"Is that okay?" Oboro asked between moans, thrusting into him. "Does it hurt or..:" 

"No, no's odd..." Shouta grit out, holding on to him. 

"Should I stop?" He asked, even if that was the last thing he wanted to do right now.

"You don't have to just..." Shouta shook his head, holding on to him. "Try a different angle, the spot you had earlier." 


He nodded, holding on to Shouta's legs and raising them up to his shoulders, looking down at him as he buried himself even deeper inside him, thrusting and trying different angles until he finally, finally, found that spot inside of Shouta. And he knew right away when he had found him, as Shouta let out a gasp and arched his back, clenching down around Oboro. Both of them moaning and gripping at each other. 


"There! it again. Please. Fuck." Shouta cried out, shivering as Oboro did it again, and again, every other thrust managing to hit the perfect spot inside of Shouta, sending them both into a feverish pace. "Faster...right there...faster." 

"Fuck." Oboro shivered as he fucked into Shouta, leaving fingerprints with how hard he was holding unto his thighs as he drove into him. 


Shouta's voice was breathy and weak, Oboro moaning above him as he gripped his thighs, leaning down to kiss and bite on his lower lip. They were lost to the moment, chasing after the pleasure as Shouta reached down to grab at his cock, jerking off and trying to match Oboro's pace as he drilled into him, sweat making hair cling to their foreheads and neck, hardly able to control even the volume of their voice as they got closer to their climax. 


Unsurprisingly, Oboro finished first, driving deeper into Shouta and trying to truly become one with him as he rolled his hips against his ass, moaning his name in between harsh breaths as he spilled himself right inside of him, breathing heavily as he almost fell on top of him. He only pulled back when he heard the frustrated whine that came from Shouta's mouth, looking over at him and pulling away, dropping Shouta's legs and leaning down to take his cock in his mouth, listening to Shouta moan as he used his hand to jerk him off, almost choking when he felt the salty taste of cum on his mouth. 

All worth it if only to hear Shouta moan his name the way he did when he came, clinging to Oboro's hair. 

Then again, the look of disgust on both their faces when Oboro swallowed...that was less nice. He had to go and wash his mouth before Shouta would let him lay down next to him and kiss him again, this time a lot slower and softer as they simply held each other, enjoying the afterglow and feeling a little giddy, knowing they'd lost their virginity to each other. That they had given each other this.  


"That was nice," Oboro said as the two laid facing each other, arms draped over each other, brushing his thumb over Shouta's arm. "All things considered I think we did pretty well."

"Hmhm..." Shouta hummed, moving closer to cuddle to his boyfriend and closing his eyes. "When do your parents come back?" 

"Eh? Oh, they come back until Monday night why?" Oboro asked, looking over at him, getting a thrill as he saw Shouta's smirk. 

"In that case, let me take a nap, and then we can go for round two when I wake up. 

"You got it, boss!"