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Flames: A winx rewrite

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Hey guys!


Thanks for checking out this work of mine! Basically I read a lot of other people's rewrites and they were really good but I don't think any have really used material from the comics yet and I think that some aspects of the story in the comics is so good, even better than the actual show, so here is my rewrite incorporating my favourite parts of the series. There are some things that other people have used in their fics that I really love so I might use it in mine but I will definitely link the work that I got the idea from :) 

I'm going to start off with some character background/description stuff that is mostly for me and I wrote pretty quickly so u don't really need to read abt it but I'll still put it in here. (I've decided to take those down so that I explore the characters myself and convey their personalities and stuff through the writing rather than straight up telling you) Then I'm going to do some background on each realm and it's history because I want to integrate that aspect into my rewrite quite a bit. After that I'll actually begin writing the story yay!

I'd love some constructive criticism but pls don't be too mean, it's not like I'm a professional writer or anything, but tips are always welcome.

Hopefully you guys will like it,


So far worldbuilding is chapter 1-5 and the story starts chapter 6

* I have also now made pinterest boards for the girl's outfits and the vibes and architecture of the realms because I have too much time. My username is educational_syrup and here is the link