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Flames: A winx rewrite

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A couple of days later and classes were well underway for the girls. Bloom had begun to feel a bit less homesick with Kiko by her side. All 5 girls were more comfortable with opening up to each other, especially after the events of their trip to Magix.


It was a bright and sunny Thursday when the girls had their first Metamorphosymbiosis class with Professor Wizgiz, who none of them except Stella had met before. They made their way down the stairs and into the classroom, where it was clear the teacher had not yet arrived. The 5 made their way to the empty seats, in between other girls, some of whom Bloom had met and others that she hadn’t. The 5 girls all shared the same classes because they were in the same apartment, but their other classmates were different almost every class. There were 9 other first year apartments and each class had 2 or 3 of them per lesson, except flying, which all the girls in the year were in together. 


Bloom’s conversation with Tecna about drawing on paper versus a tablet and stylus was in full swing until a small cough came from the front of the class. Sitting cross-legged on the teacher’s desk was a short, dainty man wearing a long sleeve yellow shirt, with a red flower at the collar and mossy green overalls. He was wearing flat, black pumps and resting on his curly, pumpkin orange hair was a pointy, tall dark green hat that looked like something a wizard from Harry Potter would wear. 


“Well class, I don’t think we have introduced ourselves yet! So let me begin, I am your metamorphosymbiosis teacher, Professor Wizgiz! To avoid any awkward questions, I’ll start off by saying yes, I am a leprechaun, and yes this is as tall as I’m going to get!” He stared at Bloom as she squinted her eyes, trying to figure out what had just been answered. She suddenly became conscious of her facial expression and Wizgiz walked closer to her front row seat, she noticed that he had quite an abnormally large nose, and bushy eyebrows as bright as his hair. “So you, red-head, tell us about you!”




“So now that we’re all acquainted, let me introduce the wonderful subject of metamorphosymbiosis, which is, in simple terms, the art of transforming from one form to another. Take for example…”


The leprechaun snapped his fingers, a pink tornado enveloped him and a figure double the height stepped out. The professor came out with shoulder length, dead straight brown hair and pointed glasses perched on his nose, a spitting image of the Assistant Headmistress Griselda. Gasps and oohs filled the classroom, quickly drowned out by the applause and cheers for the professor. 


“Thank you, Thank you! Now you lot won’t get to that level very soon, as it requires a very high level of magic. Also full transformations like that one cannot last very long! But we’ve got to start somewhere don’t we?” Wizgiz was back in his body and snapped his fingers again, producing an ornate mirror in front of each of the girls. “Focus on trying to change your hair colour, it’s not difficult but it’s a good start!”


Bloom looked to her left at Stella, who was fiddling with her bangs looking deeply into the mirror. A few rows in front of her Musa closed her eyes and took a deep breath, envisioning her short pigtails in bright red. Slowly, she opened her eyes and there she was, exactly the same except her hair had changed from a deep navy blue to bright orange-red. A huge grin crept up on her face and she looked around the class, to her surprise she appeared to be the first! She turned her head to Flora, who was sitting on her left.


Flora was twirling her golden brown hair in her fingers and focused on that single strand. Slowly, it was as if pink was spilling out of her fingers and on to the hair, spreading from where her hand was to the rest of the strand and eventually her whole head of hair was bubblegum pink. She felt giddy inside and looked around to show off her achievement. Tecna gave her a thumbs up and looked at her own mirror.


Tecna looked deep into the mirror, concentrating on what she would look like if her deep magenta was a platinum blonde and almost immediately her hair switched to a shiny, silvery blonde. She brushed her fingers through her bob-cut hair and looked around to see Stella, still her blonde self, trying to fix an odd curl in her hair.


Stella looked around to see that many of her classmates had already switched up their hair, and completed their task. Brunettes had turned green, black hair was bright blue and she was sitting, still blonde, twiddling her bangs around. She grasped the mirror in her right hand, tightened her grip and took a deep breath. All of a sudden her scalp began turning black, and a few seconds later, the colour had spread to her roots. She turned to Bloom, “So how do I look?”


Bloom had been trying to focus on her own hair, everyone around her had already completed the task, everyone except her. She closed her eyes, like she had seen some of the other girls doing and imagined her with bright, cotton candy blue hair. She felt a little bit of a tingle inside of her and upon opening her eyes she saw nothing. Nothing had changed, she was still fiery, red-head Bloom. She looked down at her watch, 5 minutes left. She wasn’t successful and the whole lesson had passed. She was the only one.


“You weren’t successful my dear?” The professor, who was just as tall as Bloom was when she was sitting down, approached her. 


“No, I tried so hard, I don’t know what’s wrong…” 


“Well, you have to practice young lady! Becoming a fairy requires hard work, sacrifice and determination, which I’m sure you have plenty of. Just give it another try later on, you’ll get the hang of it… Now, class is dismissed!” 



“Come one Stella! Just one more time… please!” Bloom made puppy eyes and pleaded with Stella, who sat on her bed, arms crossed. 


“Fine! But this is the last time, ok? I’m so dead right now.”


“Of course Stella, I think I’ll do it this time…” Bloom tightly clasped the hand mirror she borrowed from Stella, she closed her eyes and imagined her hair, completely different. She felt something inside her, stronger than from this morning. “I think I’m doing it! OMG!”


“Ok, just focus, don’t get distracted!” 


“What?” Bloom opened her eyes and gasped. Her hair was on end, like she was grabbing a plasma ball and was an electric blue.


“BAHAHAHA! At least something happened!” Stella was on her back, rolling around clutching her stomach to hold in her laughter. 


“Yeah, I guess…” Bloom was running her fingers through the frizzy hair as it slowly settled down and turned back to its original colours. “Can I ask you something… Why did you come to Alfea?”


“Well, I guess to become a great, powerful fairy. It’s what my kingdom needs, a powerful queen that does good for them. What about you Bloom?” Stella sat back up, fiddling with the buttons on her night shirt. 


“That’s just it, I don’t know… All the other girls have pretty solid reasons to be here, but me, I just don’t know…” 


“Well, I’ll be here with you no matter what you choose to do. I guess you’re kinda my best friend now Bloom…”


“Really Stella? I guess you’re mine too!” Stella pulled Bloom into an embrace, the first day Bloom met Stella, she would never have imagined they would get so close so quickly, but here they were. 



“Guess what guys?” Stella walked into the hall, where the girls were eating their breakfast, late as usual, with a smile on her face. She slid onto the bench, next to Tecna and across from Bloom. 


“What?” All the girls piped up.


“So I was talking to this guy from Red Fountain-”


“Ooh, which one Stella?” Bloom winked at her, lately Stella had been enlightening her with all of her romantic endeavors of old and her future plans, including a boy she had her eye on for a while. Stella blushed at Bloom’s words.


“Uhh, the prince guy… Edmund?” She mumbled to Bloom, who gasped at the words.


“Wow, Stella, you’ve been going on about him for-” She stopped, realising the princess began turning slightly red.


“Well, anyways… he told me that Saladin, the headmaster of Red Fountain, said at breakfast that the boys were going to come to Alfea tonight, for a party! Watch, I bet Faragonda’s gonna announce it right now!” As soon as Stella stopped speaking, the headmistress got up out of her seat and walked towards the podium to make an announcement to the school.


“Good Morning girls! If I could have your attention for just a moment. As you know our magic school has a long tradition of hospitality and friendship, so tonight we have arranged a welcome party for the new students to mark the end of your first week! Our school will host the specialists and magicians of Red Fountain, gifts will be exchanged, dances danced and friends made. I expect you girls to decorate the hall as best you can, so to make sure you have enough time, all classes have been cancelled today!”


The speech was followed by cheers and clapping, filling the whole room, all the girls eagerly discussing their plans for the night. 


“So, guess what I heard?” Three tall, leather clad girls were making their way down a drab, dark corridor. 


“What Darcy?” A cold voice came from the tallest of the group, her name was Isadora, but she was better known as Icy.


“Well, I heard from Camara, who heard from her fairy friends at Alfea, that the fairies are having a party tonight, with the boys from Red Fountain…”


“Ok so?” A third voice peeped up from behind the two. Sasha, better known as Stormy, was a curvy, short girl with frizzy, navy hair. 


“I thought that this might be our window to get the ring of Solaria, everyone else will be distracted, especially that mega slut Stella.” 


“Interesting… well then ladies, tonight we’re going to pay Alfea a visit!” 




“A little higher guys… more… more… more… perfect!” Stella was standing in the nearly completely decorated hall, leading the effort in trying to get the space ready in time for the party. Girls were on ladders putting up banners, blowing up balloons and pouring vodka into punch. “Girls, I think we’re ready! But now I’ve got to get ready!”


Stella rushed out of the hall and up the stairs to her dorm, her four roommates close behind. 



“Ugh, don’t I look amazing!” Stella pranced out of her room, her hair tied up in a loose bun with two strands flowing freely. She wore an elegant, body hugging, silvery blue full length, mermaid dress with a halter neck and cuts at the sides of her midriff. Bloom thought she belonged on a red carpet and not a high school dance with that ensemble.


“Wow Stella! But what about me?” Flora twirled, showing off her knee length, asymmetrical cut light green dress, with frilly lace at the bottom and on the spaghetti straps. It was simple but suited her curves perfectly.


Just then, Tecna walked out, in a more unconventional outfit. She wore a lavender, silk jumpsuit with a matching belt tied around her waist and dark purple, open toes platform heels. Musa came out just after her, fiddling with a bracelet. She wore a silk, red slip dress that cut off just above her knees, and let her hair down, for the first time since she came. She slipped on a pair of black and white sneakers. 


“Oh my god! You two look amazing!” Stella felt a grin creep up onto her face. “And Musa… you let your hair down!” 


“Uh, yeah. Probably for the last time...” 


“No! You look so good, I literally can’t!” Stella turned to face Bloom. “So Bloom, why don’t you get ready too! We should defo take pictures!” 


“Yeah, I’m just gonna go now!” Bloom didn’t have anything to wear, well except for a dress she wore to some school dance last year, but nothing as nice as the rest of the girls.


“Hmm, there must be a costume room or something around here… I’m sure I saw one…” She mumbled to herself as she made her way down the stairs to the notice board, where there was a huge map of the whole school. She traced the map with her fingers, stopping at what she was looking for, a costume room. “There!” 



“Hmm, where did Bloom go?” Stella wondered, as she sat on the sofa, slipping on her shiny silver, pointed toe stilettos. 


“I don’t know… So Stella, are the guys at Red Fountain cute?” Musa questioned, playing with the gold bangle in her dainty wrist. 


“Ugh, to say the least! I’m just curious, are all of you into guys? Like not that I’m against being otherwise, I’m just wondering, seeing as we’ll live together...” Stella wondered.


“Yeah, I’m straight.” Musa replied.


“Me too.” Tecna responded.


“I’m bi,” Flora said, twirling her hair in her fingers.


“Nice! I’m sure there’s some girls at Red Fountain too, so Flora, you’ve got the whole range hun!” Stella winked at the quiet girl. “Well, how about we take some pics without Bloom, I wonder where she went!” 


Stella got up, handing her phone over to Musa, a sign for her to start taking pictures for Stella’s Mystigram. 




“Ugh, where is it!” Bloom made her way down the dimly lit hallway in her quest to find the costume room. Behind her she heard voices.


“Just put it down here boys,” It was Griselda, that must mean the boys were already here. Bloom edged closer to the source of the noise and saw a few familiar faces.


“Thank you, Professor.” The voice came from a tall, muscly young man, with shoulder length blonde hair and electric blue eyes, next to him was a taller young man with spiky, deep purple hair... Bloom's heart skipped a beat when she saw Sky. If he was going to be at the party she better get something really nice. 


The boys made their way back to the hall and Bloom suddenly realised she wasted a lot of time, gazing dreamily at Sky. She went back down the corridor and saw a big wooden door with the words ‘Costume Room’ etched in the doorframe. She reached for the golden door handle and walked into a dusty, dark room. She flipped the light switch and in front of her were hundreds of what looked like picture frames, each with an item of clothing. There were suits, elegant dresses, poofy ball gowns, everything you could imagine. 


“God, there’s so many…” Bloom walked around the room, glancing at the ensembles, some were too old fashioned, others too crazy. She kept looking around, until a shimmery something caught her eye. The dress was a pale blue halter wrap dress, exposing the navel. She walked towards the frame of the magnificent dress and upon reaching in, the dress had appeared on Bloom, in a flash of light.


“Hmm, it’s a bit big…” with that the dress automatically shortened and fit perfectly. Bloom grinned. “Must be magic! Ugh, I love this dimension”


Bloom twirled around, noting the ebb and flow of the dress and made some minor alterations so that the dress was absolutely flawless. She changed back to her normal clothes and, dress in hand, skipped out of the room. Down the hall, she heard voices, cold ones that sounded all too familiar. She peered behind the wall, making sure she wasn’t seen.



“Ugh, these tunnels are an absolute shithole, how am I gonna get this crap off my shoes?”


“It was the only way Darcy, they’ve been sealed for years, whaddya expect!” Icy snapped back. The three snapped their heads upon hearing footsteps not far away.


“What was that?” The three made their way to the source of the noise, hands in front of them, ready to pulverise anything that moved even an inch. 



“They saw me!” Bloom thought to herself. She picked herself off the ground and pulled at the door right next to her, climbing in and closing the door behind her. She stayed, a few moments, glued to the door to make sure the three witches were far enough away. She turned to observe the room she was now in, and her eyes widened. In front of her was a huge chamber, the end wall was nowhere in sight, and there were walls in all sorts of haphazard places. It didn’t take Bloom long to realise she was in a labyrinth of sorts, a terrible place to be when in a hurry. She quickly snapped back, only to see that the way she came in was no longer there. “Only one way out I guess…”


Bloom began unravelling the beautiful dress in her hands, wrapping the thread around a dead end door next to her, to indicate to her she had already been here, acting as her breadcrumbs. 


“Ugh, Stella would flip if she knew I did this…” She began her trek through the complicated maze, growing more confused with every turn. It felt like she had spent hours in that room. 



“It’s gone!” 


“Must’ve been a mouse, Alfea can’t be all that much better than Cloud Tower” Darcy shrugged. “Hey look, an RF chest… must be the gifts those lousy simps bring every year,” 


Darcy kneeled down in front of the shiny red chest, swinging open the top to show dozens of yellow-gold eggs. She picked one up and a few moments later the egg casing vanished, freeing a group of colourful tiny butterflies. 


“Eh, don’t leave it to a bunch of guys to get a good present…”


“Hmm, sisters, I have a plan…” Icy kneeled on the ground next to Darcy. “How about we give our little fairy friends and their knights a surprise, our own little present…”



“Girls look, they’re here!” Stella jumped up from the sofa to look out from the window in the lounge, sparks in her eyes. “Do I look alright? We better get downstairs!”


She grabbed Musa by the arm and dragged her down the stairs as the rest of the group followed, nearly losing her balance because of a lump in the rug. They made their way into the colourfully decorated hall, a group of senior students were setting up band instruments, others were placing cupcakes on the tables and some were just standing around. 


Musa made her way to help the band, wondering if she could convince them to let her join in the performance. She had been extremely musically inclined as a child, as were many people of Melody, however she had a special connection with every instrument she played and was a remarkably quick learner. As a child she was constantly top of her musical class, as well as all the others, but music was her one true calling, until her mother died. Her father became a hermit of sorts, unsocial and slightly hostile. He frowned upon Musa’s willingness to pursue a musical career, afraid that it would end in no good. She wanted to take advantage of her time at Alfea, and engage in music as much as she could, otherwise it would be talent gone to waste. 


Flora and Tecna stood by the entrance with Stella, who was anxiously twisting the curly, free flowing strands of her hair. 


“Why’re you so scared Stel?” Tecna asked the princess, she had never behaved like this.


“Oh, I don’t know, it’s just… I guess it’s the first time I’m seeing some guys since last year, y’know and I don’t know what they think of me…” 


“Stella, you look great, you’re an amazing person, what guy can resist you tbh.” Flora reassured Stella, as the princess jumped up at the sight of the large group of boys making their way into the hall. All of them were wearing full suits or tuxedos, with either ties or bowties. 


“Hey Stella!” A familiar voice came from behind Stella as she was acting calm in front of their guests.


“Brandon! How are you? These are my roomies, Tecna and Flora.” Stella gave Brandon a quick hug and the group made their introductions. 


“Hey Stella!”

“Sky! Where were you?”


“I had to put the gifts in the basement… So are these your roomies?”


“Yeah! Musa’s here too somewhere and, uh, Bloom… actually I don’t know where Bloom is…” Stella looked around the hall and at the girls, a puzzled look on her face as she tried to figure out why it was taking Bloom so long.


“Stella?” A deep voice came from behind Stella, who turned around to see a tall, muscular young man with short chestnut brown hair and cloudy blue eyes. 


“Edmund! Oh it’s so nice to see you!” Stella’s voice was suddenly much higher, her fingers furiously twirling around her golden tendrils and a wide smile plastered on her face.


“Yeah! You too, you look really great… wanna get a drink?” The boy stood casually, hands in pockets as he nodded over to the drinks table. Stella, without looking back, went along with him, leaving the girls with Sky and Brandon, who was eyeing Edmund suspiciously.


“So, are you guys good friends with Stella?” Sky initiated the conversation, his mind wandering to Bloom and where she could be.


“Yeah, Stel’s pretty cool, I mean we’ve only known each other a few days. I’m Tecna, from Zenith!” She stretched out her hand.


“Prince Sky of Eraklyon, and this is Brandon, but I’m sure Stella already introduced you guys…” Sky looked over to Brandon, who was sneaking glances over at the drinks table, where Stella was laughing hysterically at one of Edmund’s jokes.


“I’m Flora, from Linphea. That’s Musa up there, she’s Tecna’s roommate.” She pointed up to the band stage where Musa was strumming a bass guitar, getting ready to play with the school band after a long time spent pleading. “And Bloom’s probably still getting ready… you know Bloom right?”


“Uh, yeah… saved her ass like a week back.” Sky chuckled to himself.



Bloom felt her face heat up and her eyes fill up like wells. A small, salty tear rolled down her cheek. She had been in here for hours, no end in sight… she was never going to make it. She slumped against the wall, the once beautiful dress was no bigger than her hand now. She was alone in this chamber, devoid of any noise except for her own sobs. 


Out of nowhere, Bloom began to hear whispers, slowly getting louder. She picked herself up and followed the noise, unravelling the low in stock thread from the dress as she carefully planned her steps. She pressed her ear against a door, where the whispers seemed to originate from. 


“Instead of butterflies, they’ll get bees… makes for a good distraction as well as an absolute circus of a party.” Bloom knew that voice.


“Hah! Well then let’s get the show started!” Another shrill voice shrieked. Bloom knew these witches were up to no good, but it also seemed like it wasn’t long since she last heard them.


“Turn haec ova in papilionem apes.” Bloom pushed open the door to see, just as she thought, the three witches from Magix, forming a triangle over a chest of golden eggs. They had already cast the spell… it was too late, but in other news Bloom had only been in the maze for a few minutes… magic was weird.


“What’re you nasty hags here for?” Bloom stood, hands on hips, with her rag of a dress still firmly clasped in her hand.


“Ugh, you again? Why do you just have to pop up everywhere?” Stormy had her arms folded in front of her and rolled her eyes.


“Don’t worry, I’ll get rid of this bug…” Icy put her arms above her head, a sort of ice ball forming, she pushed her arms in front of her and propelled the ball in front of her to attack Bloom, who, just in the nick of time, had slipped behind the door, back into the labyrinth. 


“What do I do?” Bloom felt confused, she couldn’t stick around here, the witches were getting closer to the door and she couldn’t just wander around or she would get lost in the labyrinth, she didn’t have much thread left. She looked around and in her hand, the rag that used to be her dress began glowing, along with the trail of thread.


“Maybe I should follow it?” Bloom muttered to herself and shrugged as she retraced her footsteps with the thread, which seemed the only half-decent option. 



“Where did that little bitch go?” Icy shrieked as she looked around the labyrinth, doors surrounded her at every turn.


“It’s like some sort of labyrinth… I think we should get out.” Darcy turned to reach for the door handle, but was greeted by a blank wall, where there used to be a door. “What?!”


All three girls began running around frantically yanking at every door in sight, all opening to the same scene, a room with even more doors. 


“It takes more than this to beat us… Et omnes fores aperi mihi clausa sunt via ” Icy put her arms above her head and formed an orb of ice. She pushed the ball out in front of her, aiming for a door. The ground beneath them began rumbling like a beast’s belly and the ground collapsed beneath them. The three witches plummeted into a gloomy cavern, devoid of life and light. 


“We’re hallucinating, I can feel it…” A sense of worry filled Darcy’s eyes, she hoped the others couldn’t see it in the dark. Stormy snapped her fingers and a spark of light came from the end of the cavern, the light revealing a dozen other doors along the walls, the ceiling and the ground. Stormy reached for a door in front of her on the ground, pulling it open filled the room with light, she climbed through, her roommates following close behind.


“NO!” Icy collapsed to the ground, in front of her the same labyrinth they had just fallen out of.



Bloom continued following the glowing string, back to the door she tied it around.


“Almost there,” Bloom prayed silently in her head that this would be the end, she would find the exit and could get back in time for the party and before the gifts were given, before the chaos that would result if they are opened. 


She reached the first door and stretched out for the handle, pulling it open to reveal the corridor she had been in a few hours ago, minutes ago? Whatever, she was out! She untied the string and ran out, glanced at the RF chest… still there! Up the stairs and out into the entrance of the castle, the party in the hall was in full swing and the last thing on her mind was what she was going to wear, until now. 


“Shit, what do I wear now?” She looked into her hands, the bundles of string wrapped around her fingers glew again. In a flash of light the dress she had picked out was back as if nothing had happened, all the threads in the right place. She ran to the girls bathroom to change into the dress, leaving her clothes in the stall, taking out the little pieces of jewellery she stuffed in her pockets, a dainty silver bracelet and dangly, coin-like earrings, put on some sparkly clear lip gloss and tied her hair half up half down. 


She sprinted into the hall, scanning it for her roommates. Musa was playing at the stage, Flora and Tecna having a conversation with Brandon, Sky and Timmy but Stella was nowhere to be seen. 


“Guys!” Bloom fast-walked over to the group, blushing when she caught Sky’s eye.


“Bloom, where were you?” Flora smiled at her. “You look so nice!”

“Thanks, but no time… witches… Magix… bees…” Bloom was panting, taking a moment to catch her breath. 


“Bloom, are you alright?” Sky touched her shoulder as she was grasping her chest and bending over, her skin heating up and cheeks turning red. 


“Yeah I’m fine.... Where’s Stella?” 


“I saw her walk out with that guy she was with… um but I’m not sure.” Brandon quickly added, looking over at the door. 


“We need to get her!” Bloom’s heart was still furiously beating after her sprint across the castle. 


“What wh-” Tecna began to question but was interrupted quickly by Bloom.


“I’ll explain later!” She grabbed Flora’s arm and began pulling her out of the hall, Tecna and the boys not far behind. 


“Hey guys?” Musa jumped off the stage at the sight of Bloom, who grabbed her arm with her other hand and started storming out of the party.


“What’s going on?” Musa yelled.


“We don’t know either.” Tecna shrugged.


“Ok guys, I’ll explain after we find Stella!” Bloom looked around the corridor outside of the hall, pulling at doors and yelling for the princess. 


A few moments later, Sky called out at the group, biting his lip to hold back his laughter.


“Found her!” The blonde stepped aside to show the inside of the cloak room, where the princess was standing, next to a chestnut haired boy, her lipstick smudged around his lips. 


“Heh, hi guys… I was just uh-” Stella avoided making eye contact with the seven people peering into the cramped room, glancing embarrassedly at the prince next to her. 


Musa was smirking, Sky holding his stomach as he bellowed with laughter, Brandon stood mouth slightly ajar but then replaced with a little smirk, Timmy looked embarrassed, Tecna and Flora kept exchanging glances, smiles creeping up on their faces as well, Flora biting her finger. Bloom, however, reached in to grab Stella’s arm and pull her out, too focused on her plan to save the school to notice the situation she walked in on. 


“Explain later Stel, we have a situation!” The girls surrounded Bloom as she began to explain what was going on. She replayed what she witnessed and her time in the labyrinth as boiled down as she could. 


“So like we need to do something!” She ended her story, confused and worried looks surrounding her. 


“Um, guys… a couple Red Fountain guys just walked past with the chest…” Sky interrupted from outside the circle of girls. 


“WHAT?” All the girls exclaimed simultaneously.


“Ok, I think I read a countercurse spell in our charms class!” Musa remembered, trying to recall the exact words in the textbook. “Um… In quae prius , that’s it!”


The girls grabbed hands and formed a circle.


“3, 2, 1…” Bloom counted down.


IN QUAE PRIUS” The girls chanted, a sort of glow forming between them. They looked around at each other, all of them worried.


“Do you think it worked?” Stella was twirling her hair in her fingers.


“We’ll see.” The girls walked over to the entrance of the hall while two Red Fountain seniors opened the chest, picking up one of the eggs and passing it to a brown haired girl in a lilac full length slip dress. Upon touching it the shell disappeared, freeing dozens of tiny butterflies. 


“We did it! We saved them all!” Flora yelped, high fives and hugs exchanged between all the girls. 


“Bloom, did I mention you look amazing!” Stella began examining her dress.


“Thanks Stel, but I’m not the one that scored half an hour into a party,” Bloom chuckled. Stella’s cheeks turned red. “Don’t you have somewhere to be?”


Bloom pointed behind her, where Edmund was leaning against the door frame on his phone. 


“But I want all the details!”


“You betcha!” Stella winked at Bloom and made her way over to the boy she was with a few minutes ago, the lipstick wiped off of his face.


“Hey!” Bloom turned around, ending up inches away from Sky. “Good job out there…”


“Thanks, couldn’t have done it without the other girls!” 


“Yeah…uh... wanna dance?” Bloom felt her cheeks heat up and turn red.