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Byleth woke to the smell of sausages and eggy toast being fried. He slowly opened his eyes and looked over at Dimitri, who was standing by the fireplace, hovering over the food. The man was not a bad cook, but he was not confident either. He needed exact measurements and directions, which made the sight before Byleth so surprising.

He yawned and slowly sat up, “Good morning, do you need some help?”

Dimitri smiled at him and came over to give him a sweet kiss before hurrying back to the fireplace. “Good morning and no, it is almost done.”

Byleth laid back in bed with a sigh. He had no idea how Dimitri was not tired. They had been up far too late last night. His cheeks grew warm thinking about what they had done. It had been his first time. He had never had a sweetheart before, or even the chance for one, since it was hard to find a partner when living alone in a forest.

He glanced at Dimitri who was still fiddling with the eggy toast. The Prince seemed like a good lover, or at least what he imagined a good lover to be. He had been attentive and focused on making sure Byleth was comfortable and enjoying himself, though Dimitri did seem determined to introduce him to all the possible ways two people could come together. It had been lucky Sylvain had been both confident and wicked enough to sneak a vial of pleasure oil into their supplies.

Byleth closed his eyes. He was not sure what to think about last night. Given, the kiss he received this morning, he was guessing Dimitri did not regret it. Truthfully, He did not regret it either. He knew this was going to make their parting more painful, but he was happy for the chance to be with Dimitri, even for just a few days.

He had not realized he had fallen back asleep until he was awoken by a soft kiss. He opened his eyes and Dimitri was sitting over him, smiling at him. He had never seen such a smile on him before and Byleth could not help but to stroke his cheek as Dimitri said, “Breakfast is ready.”

Byleth gave him another kiss and though he was tempted to linger over the soft lips, he pulled back, not wanting food or Dimitri’s hard work to go to waste. “It looks great.”

The Prince gave him a boyish grin, “Thank you.”

Byleth knew they should talk about what happened and the reality that was facing them, but everything felt like a dream. In a week’s time, Dimitri would be gone, but for right now he had him in his bed and in his arms. He did not want to talk about the truth. So instead, he exchanged bites of slightly under seasoned eggy toast with his sweet Prince and allowed the dream to continue.


Unfortunately, that dream ended three days later when Sylvain suddenly rode into the clearing. They had been working on his riding skills and were both startled that the man arrived late in the afternoon. It was very unusual since when the pair would visit, they usually arrived by noon. Byleth quickly became alarm when he realized Felix was not with him and saw the grim expression upon his face.

“Your Highness, Byleth.”

“Sylvain, what is it?” Dimitri asked, taking a hold of Louis.

“I got a message from Gustave. He received my letter and was not amused. He will be here tomorrow with Ingrid and Dedue. From here, you will go see Felix and myself on a royal visit.” He threw a satchel over to Dimitri, “I brought you some proper clothes.”

“Ah.” Dimitri said, looking at the satchel with dread.

“And some extras if you should need it.” Sylvain said with wink.

“Thank you.”

“Good luck.”

Sylvain gave them a bow and immediately took off again. Dimitri tried to continue the lesson, but it was obvious that he was distracted and truthfully, Byleth did not have the heart to continue either. He thought he would have more time. He had hoped for the full three weeks and the knowledge that Dimitri was leaving tomorrow hurt far worse than he expected, but there was no other choice. Dimitri had to return and start ruling the Kingdom again. Byleth had to remind himself that he gotten months with Dimitri and that he would get to see him again at the coronation.

It was at dinner that Dimitri finally broke the silence that had fallen over them since Sylvain’s visit. “I need to talk to you.”

Byleth dreaded this talk, but knew they had to finally discuss everything that had been going on between them. “I know.”

Dimitri took a deep breath and then gently held his hand. “I do not want you to feel pressured about this. I had been hoping for more time before we had this conversation, but it seems like our time has run out, so I just need to put it out there…”


“Will you come to Fhirdiad with me?”

“I thought we already discussed this? I will be coming for your coronation.”

“No, I mean, I want you to move to Fhirdiad.” Dimitri said softly.

“What?” Byleth did not know what to think, this was an option he had never thought about before.

Dimitri sighed, “I know you are not happy here, well you were not happy here when you were alone and I cannot stand the thought of you being alone out here again. I would much prefer it if you moved to Fhirdiad, but if that does not appeal to you, I would appreciate it if you would consider living with Felix or Sylvain, I can assure you they would both happily accept you into their households.”

Byleth had considered the possibility of moving into Fraldarius Castle before, but he could not see himself doing so now. It would be too odd knowing Felix in such a personal way and still have to maintain the relationship of Lord and Servant. He imagined the same issue would appear at Gautier Castle. He thought about Fhirdiad. He was unsure about how he would fit into a city, since he knew nothing about city life. Still, he liked the idea of being there, of getting to be close to Dimitri, but he did not know if he could handle being so close and only getting to catch glimpses him in passing. “Would we…would I get to see you there?”

Dimitri stared at him and then sighed again, dropping his head, “I am doing this all wrong. Byleth, I would marry you right now if you would allow it, but that is really rushing things and I do not think that would be fair to you.”

Byleth felt his breath hitch at the word marriage. He was surprised that Dimitri would think of such a thing. “What do you mean by fair?”

“You would be agreeing to something you do not fully understand. Being a Prince is hard. It can be miserable and lonesome, even when surrounded by people. It is not the fairytale everyone thinks it is, but I want you to have the chance to come to Fhirdiad and see if being with me, living in the city is something that would make you happy. I think it will be, but I want you to have the opportunity to experience it.”

Byleth was feeling slightly overwhelmed and took a moment to think. He was not sure what to address first and went for the easiest thing. “Are we not courting now?”

Dimitri blushed, “I mean properly, I want to court you properly. Get to know you outside of the absolutely bliss that has been this cabin these last few days.”

Byleth felt himself relax. It was very sweet of Dimitri to give him the chance to get to see what he was getting himself into before asking for a promise of forever. It made him feel more confident in going for it. It was still a large risk, but he wanted to take. He did not want to be alone in the forest anymore. “What is Fhirdiad like?”

“It may be a bit of a shock to you. It is a city, small, but beautiful in its own way. There are plenty parks though and the Royal Forest, for hunting and riding.” Dimitri replied, hoping growing in his eye, “There are also theaters and shops, if you are interested. I am sure we will be able to find something that you enjoy there. Will you come?”

Byleth took a breath “I don’t know how this will work out, but yes, I will come with you.”

Dimitri looked shock and then grabbed Byleth, pulling him into a tight hug. “Thank you.”

Byleth leaned against, but wondered if they were not just trying to extend the dream, since he immediately thought of one issue with the arrangement. “But don’t you need someone who is nobility…or a woman?”

Dimitri nodded, “I need heirs, but I do not require a Queen for those. I would not be the first King to have a Prince Consort. There are contracts in place for the role of the Prince’s or Princess’s Mother.”

“I hadn’t heard about that.”

“It has been a while; I think it was my great-great grandfather who had one last.” Dimitri said relaxing, “I actually discussed such a possibility with my father. He was the one told me about the contracts. Do you know what he said, though?”


“Man or woman, he would support me as long as I found someone with a kind heart and noble spirit.” Dimitri smiled at him, “I meant it when I said he would have liked you.”

Byleth blushed, but could not help but to smile back, “My father would have still called you a brat, but I think he would have liked you too.”

Dimitri laughed and kissed him. Byleth felt like his heart was bursting with joy. This was not the end of him and Dimitri. He did not know if life in Fhirdiad would suit him, but he could not wait to try.


Dimitri helped Byleth dress the next morning. It turned out the extras Sylvain had mentioned were clothes for him. He was actually a little impressed by how close Sylvain had gotten his size. The boots were a little small, but his boots were high enough quality to function for now. “You should probably be thanking Felix.” Dimitri said as he finished tightening the last strap “I am pretty sure Sylvain just raided his wardrobe since you two are similar in size.”

Byleth shook his head with a snort. “I really should have figured it out sooner that he was playing matchmaker this entire time.”

Dimitri smiled, actually dressed in clothes fit for a Prince. Byleth would have felt imitated by it if he had not known him so well. “I was trying not to make it too obvious. I did not want you to feel pressure if you were not interested and if it makes you feel any better, it is also Sylvain, courting is his thing.”

Byleth’s bag was packed with the few items he was going to bring with him. Most of the items in the cabin had little value to him, but his father’s sword, his mother’s ring, and the blanket that Blue used to sleep on were coming with him. “Will you talk to Felix about retrieving the food brought here? I don’t want it to go to waste.”

“Yes, I will.” Dimitri then kissed his cheek, “Are you sure you are ready to go? I am actually the Prince, we can spend one more night here if you wish, even if Gustave has other plans.”

Byleth pressed his forehead against Dimitri’s making him smile, “No, we can leave today.”

They headed outside and got the horses ready. It was weird, getting ready to leave the cabin. It had been his home, and the only place he had known his entire life. He looked around and could particularly see his father standing in the doorway, Blue sleeping on the woodshed, and the many years he spent working on it. He took a breath and turned away from the little cabin, he was prepared.

They heard voices in the distance and Dimitri held out his hand. “Ready?”

Byleth took it and gave it a squeeze, “Yes.”


Dimitri: Savior King
Byleth: Guardian of the Wilds

After a short courtship, King Dimitri announced his engagement to Lord Byleth Eisner. At first, people were weary of this unknown man, but he quickly became popular for his compassion, intelligence, and understanding of the issues faced by the poor. The Kingdom flourished under the pair. Though they had their disagreements when it came to ruling, the pair were deeply in love and devoted to each other and it was not unusual to find them in an embrace with their foreheads touching. Every summer they returned to the woods and would spend a month in their little cabin, living the simple life, first just the pair of them and soon followed by a gaggle of children. History remembers this time as the beginning of the Golden Age of Faerghas.