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The Bunny and the Knight

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"We're too late, sir." Definitely not what knight captain Tensei Iida wanted to hear. The bandit's had already escaped with nothing but the burnt remains of the Naruhata village behind. The elemental knights had put out the flames before he arrived, all of which claiming the town was deserted of its residents and the villains behind the attack when they arrived. Luckily there were no bodies found but that still left the question of where the survivors escaped to.


'The Naruhata village is made up of mostly rabbit-kin, meaning they likely escaped into the nearby forest rather than traveling to the next village over.' Tensei's hunch proved itself correct as he approached a lightly disguised path into the forest. 


"Alright, Kan, Beau follow me." The captain started towards the forest.


"Sir, you shouldn't go in there!" Beau called out as he met Iida at the entrance. 


"Demons are rampant in these woods, sir. We aren't equipped to handle them." Kan explained."We should send for some hunters before heading in there." 


"Alright then you guys send for the hunters and I'll start tracking the survivors who ran in here willingly to escape" Tensei chuckled to himself. He only needed to let the villagers know the coast was clear and make sure none were captured.


Ducking past a few branches a path opened up just a few feet past the entrance. The path curved its way through the forest likely in an attempt to make it harder to follow. As he made his way down the path a large rundown house became clear as he snaked his way down the path. ' Surely the whole village isn't shacked up here', Tensei thought as he approached the house. He began to call out,"Hello! Anyone out he-” he stopped as he walked into a magic barrier. The magic rippled and glowed around where he tried to walk through. A wide eyed  young man popped his head out of the barrier. 


"Captain Iida! Are you alright?" The young man said passing through the barrier. He pulled down the hood of his tunic to get a better look at the knight, revealing his floppy shoulder length rabbit ears.


"I'm fine. Just didn't notice the invisible wall." Tensei joked. The young man laughed and pulled up the captain by the hand. " So I'm guessing the rest of your village are just past this wall." 


"Yes sir all accounted for. Is it safe for us to return?" Tensei's face dropped.


"I'm sorry-"


"Koichi." He interrupted.


"Ah thank you. Well I'm sorry Koichi but the bandit's didn't leave much behind. The majority of the town has been burned." Koichi nodded solemnly at the news. "We've already informed the next town over to begin refuge preparations you just need to let them know and head that way."


"Oh they already know"


"What do you mean?" 


"I mean this thing isn't soundproof and they're just waiting for me to take this down." Koichi walked over the barrier and started a small whispering chant. He waved his hand along the barrier as it melted away the concerned chatter of the large group of rabbit people increased in volume. 


A large man emerged from the group and took the lead down the path with the rest of the small population following close behind. Tensei stayed behind to bring up the rear with Koichi.


"Woah!" Tensei exclaimed as he caught Koichi by the shoulders and eased him down to the ground. 


"I may have overdone it" Koichi chuckled

 breathlessly as he slipped unconscious into Tensei's arms. He quickly lied the young man down on the forest floor and began chanting the only magic spell he knew. A quick healing spell he learned from the head enchantress for the kingdom. It wasn't a very difficult spell. It simply took a small amount of his own vitality and transferred it to another. 


As he felt the drain of magic, Koichi shot up with a start. "WOAH! Th-thats a lot! Thatsalotalotalot-" he exclaimed running around looking at his hands, shaking. He froze for just a second and raced back over to the captain. "Youknowyouhavetobecarefulunloadingahealingspellintosomonelikethat! Iwasn'tevenphysicallyinjured-" Tensei could barely focus being barely an inch from the bunnykins face like this as he ranted about spell usage whatnot. "-youknow? Butmaybethiswillhelp." He closed the distance so quickly, Tensei froze before melting into the warmth of Koichi's lips. 


His shaking subsided, replaced by yearning. All the extra energy he received, now being used to explore. Parting his lips, gently pulled into an embrace to simply be closer, Koichi slowly dragged his tongue across the top of Tensei's mouth before giving one more small kiss and pulling away. 


Both gasped for breath in silence for a few moments, still wrapped up in each other's arms when a young woman's voice cut through the tree's. "Captain!" 


He sighed "That's me. We better get going." Koichi's ears perked up.


"Oh yeah sorry about that." 


"I didn't mind. I'm just glad I could help."