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i heard you had a slut mouth

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Rumors spread like wildfire in high school. Especially when the rumors are true. And especially when there is video evidence for it.

Harry shows up Monday morning after Friday's night events like nothing's happened. Because, for him, it feels like nothing has. There was a small little frat party at the community college near his high school and he had (obviously) attended. He figured it didn't matter much and it would just be a fun time.

He looked for someone to hook up with, finally letting it happen in the bathroom after having one too many cranberry vodkas. While he was being slammed into the counters by Evan, someone opened the door to his moans and crammed into the bathroom with them, watching and touching himself and God, Harry wanted a cigarette so of course, he lights one while he's being fucked. And when he cums from Ethan, the other boy follows suit. It's intense and lovely and they laugh into each other's mouths sloppily. Evan opened the door to leave, and just like it was meant to be, the song changed, the frat house went nearly silent and Harry shouted, "Fuck," in a whiny and angry and coarse voice and everybody within ten feet of the bathroom opened it up again.

Mystery boy was slamming into Harry and Harry was moaning and smoking a cigarette and laughing. Two other boys walked in and pulled down their pants immediately. There were six other guys outside, but the four of them kept the door open and the walls between the bathroom and the main room were suddenly very small.

Of course, in their crossed nature, three of the guys recorded it, recorded Harry talking to them like he was a porn star ("I'll let you fuck me and pretend I'm your girlfriend. I'll tape my cock down for you." and "Yeah, you're a dirty faggot, aren't you?" while sweaty and fucking tired and so high). Two of them saved it in their private images, as one should, the third posted it on his close friends story.

Harry walked away from the frat party with nine phone numbers, having taken four cocks in one night, and a grin on his face because fuck, I look good in these videos.

But now it's Monday, and the whole school has seen them, trying to figure out who Mystery Boy is, and trying to see if it's okay to comment on it. Harry's not ashamed; he's the hottest person in his grade and he has a perfect mix of femininity and masculinity and he was just a track star, for God's sake. Who cares enough to talk shit about a boy that runs track? It was just about the person who was fucking him, who he still doesn't know, and whether he would be fucking weird about it. He went to their school, he was wearing a Class of 2021 bracelet that they got earlier that day in school, and he had the prettiest moans out of any of the guys.

It takes him half of the day to figure it out. He remembers his laugh when Harry was laughing. And he hears the same laugh during Calculus when Liam reaches over to tell Louis a dumb joke.

Harry locks eyes with Louis behind him, and Louis turns red and away instantly. That's him.

Harry liked Louis. Or, well, the way he looks. He's attractive, generally; slightly rounded face with a tight brow and perfectly pursed lips. He dislikes Louis because he's an asshole. All guys on the football team are, he supposes. But he's closeted and sexually frustrated and cheating on his girlfriend, and so, Harry talks to him after class.

"Louis, right?" He approaches in the hallway, and Louis chuckles and nods nervously. There it is again. Harry leans in closer, bringing his mouth to his ears, "I know it was you."

Louis shivers, goosebumps over his body as he stares at Harry. He regains his posture and coughs awkwardly. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"That's a shame," Harry smiles, and Louis has to stop himself from getting a boner because he's suddenly remembering all of it so quickly. "Come to room 216 after school, I'll wait for you," Harry whispers it into his ear, licking below it secretly and Louis actually fucking whimpers.

Louis spends the rest of his American Lit class trying very hard not to think about Harry's beautiful smile when he's getting fucked. Or his moans. Or his body. Or his anything. It fails miserably, obviously, and he has to think about dead animals for the rest of the class in order to get rid of his boner. And it doesn't help that he's counting down the minutes until school's out so he can go to room 216 and do something with Harry.


When school is over and everybody's gone, which Louis made sure of, he sauntered over to room 216 nervously. There's a genuine fear coursing through his body when he turns the knob and gets ready to enter.

Harry is tired. He's been waiting in room 216 for ten minutes. He's a little bit stoned and he's kind of hard from looking at the Snapchat videos for a little too long. But then he hears the doorknob jingle. He thinks back to the party and to Louis entering and watching them. The only reason Harry doesn't remember his face is because he was tripping. He kinda looked like a monkey.

"Hey," Louis says awkwardly, his letterman jacket shrugged onto his shoulders and his hands in his pockets, smiling over at Harry laying down on the desks in the middle of the room.

"Hey," Harry says back, a lot more confidently, and he sits up. He motions for Louis to join him in between his knees, and so, he does. He stands right in front of Harry, just touching his knees but not yet in between them, and he smiles. "So, Louis," Harry rubs his hands over the jacket, feeling at his number, "Quarterback, right?" Louis gulps, nodding again.

"So, what- what did you wanna talk about?" Louis's always been a charismatic little asshole. Super wise and a know-it-all. Excited about making fun of people, excited about making sex jokes about his girlfriend who he doesn't really love. But now he's standing in front of this boy who he fucked and it's like all the wind has been knocked out of him. He can't make any jokes. He's fucking star-struck. Because fucking him was the best thing that's happened to him in a while. And God, Harry looked so good shouting at me. He called me daddy a few times. That was hot, too. I wanna fuck him again.

Harry moves forward, pressing Louis in between his knees and smiling, looking him up and down. "I didn't know boys like you could fuck like that." Louis shifts, half uncomfortable, half too excited to see where this goes. Harry peels Louis's jacket off of him, letting it drop into the floor.

"I didn't know fucking a boy would be like that," Louis responds, tired already of a lazy facade, and he breaths onto Harry's skin and it's so wonderful and Louis feels like he's ready to explode.

Harry wastes no time, pressing his hand to the back of Louis's head to bring him closer, immediately crashing their lips together desperately.

"I have a girlfriend," Louis pants into Harry's mouth while Harry lifts his shirt over his head.

"That's fine by me," Harry responds before sucking on Louis's lips eagerly, swirling their tongues around carefully and excitedly and warmly. "Would you wanna fuck me again, Louis?"

He was drunk last time. Harry knows that. He wasn't piss drunk, but he was buzzed and maybe he's one of those guys that can only really admit he's gay when he's drunk.

"Holy shit, Harry, I would fuck you right here if I could."

And well, guess that's not who Louis is.

"Why don't you?" Harry says back, leaning forward, shirtless and excited and so hard. Louis's eyes widen as he kisses up and down Harry's neck and Harry wants to cry because Louis's huge hands on his little body feel too good to be true.

"Won't anybody come in? I wouldn't want anybody to come in, baby," Louis pants, flicking his fingers around Harry's nipples and Harry does that beautiful little laugh-moan and Louis feels so sexually frustrated he might come right now.

"Why do you think I chose this classroom?" Harry smiles, hands fumbling with Louis's button fly while they make out. "Fuck me on the desks, Louis. Fuck me like I'm your little bitch." Louis's eyes go wide at Harry, and Harry stares back at him with swollen lips and a flushed face and Louis can't possibly say no.

And so, Louis drops his pants, and Harry fumbles with his own pants, dropping them quickly and working hard to get them off of his ankles and onto the floor. And then he's naked, and Louis wants to cry because he looks so good. Harry grabs his dick, and it surprises him, but when he starts to jerk him off it feels like a dream and he never wants it to end. "Shit, Harry."

Louis grabs Harry's cock, too, hesitant on what to do next. He jerks him off, and then they're both moaning into each other's mouths with leaking dicks and tired bodies and so much excitement. Louis feels like he's on top of the world. Harry feels like he's just beneath him.

Everything moves so fast, Harry completely forgets about the condom in his back pocket. And it's almost intentional. Because he wants to feel every fucking part of Louis this time, to feel him come inside of him. "Louis, God. Uh-- fuck." Louis's handjob isn't god-tier, definitely not, but it's enough to make Harry moan and it's enough to make Louis feel like he's not doing anything wrong.

Harry spits onto his hand, lathering it with his tongue, and he spreads it all over Louis's hard dick, leading it to his hole as he spreads his legs to be around Louis's neck. He leans back until his back is against the desks again, and Louis shuffles forward to get a perfect angle.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard, baby," Louis mumbles it to himself as he enters Harry. Immediately, Louis knows this is the only thing he ever wants to do again. Harry feels tight and wonderful and he looks like a dream and he sounds like he doesn't even exist. "You feel so good," Louis whines, starting to snap his hips into Harry. Harry's mouth is open the whole time, moaning through his hand, which he's placed on top of his mouth just to make sure nobody would actually hear them, and he can't help but feel like this was how today was meant to go.

"Harder, daddy, harder, harder," Harry whines, pressing himself forward to kiss Louis. Louis doesn't hesitate to listen, slamming into Harry as fast as he can, panting into his mouth. "Ah! God, yes, fuck!" He does his little laughing moan and Louis feels himself go weak in the knees.

"I love it when you moan like that," Louis growls, holding Harry's waist to get leverage, while Harry looks at him and smiles with pleasure deep in his eyes. "Like you're laughing. So pretty. Oh- uh-" He's already so close, and it's fucking embarrassing, and he leans over to leave a big hickey on Harry's collarbone. "Wanted to tell you that Friday, too." He moves Harry so he's hanging off the ledge of the desk slightly, and Harry squeals when he feels the change.

"Touch my cock, Louis. Make me come -- make me come all over your hand," Harry smiles at him and Louis growls again, wiping sweat off of his forehead. His hand reaches for Harry's hard cock, immediately and roughly jerking him off while still trying so very hard to keep his pace of slamming into Harry's little body up. "You like that, Louis? You like -- uh! God, fuck me! -- you like fucking boys and touching their cocks? You like -- you like watching me come?" Harry's sentences morph together but Louis somehow separates them again in his head and he's so wound up and hot and he almost feels dizzy.

"Yeah, yeah, I love fucking you. I wanna make you come. I wanna make you come, baby," Louis's whimpering, his thighs shaking as he tries his hardest to keep slamming into Harry. His speed slows down, now going balls deep and moving himself around as he gets ready to come inside of Harry. Somehow, his hand is still extremely busy with getting Harry off while he rolls his head backward and moans and shakes, "I'm gonna come inside of you, pretty boy."

And well, he does.

It's fast and sloppy and so desperate that Louis feels like he must be dreaming.

"Oh my God, your fucking cum inside of me feels so good," Harry stretches his back, panting as Louis keeps fucking him, slower now, with cum surrounding his dick. "Louis, daddy, oh, fuck. I'm gonna come, fuck, fuck, oh my God!" Harry's body is so wound up, shaking as Louis lazily jerks him off and lazily fucks into him, hitting his prostate over and over again. Louis reaches down to kiss Harry again as he comes all over his hand with furrowed brows and quivering lips.

And only after Harry's completely done coming, Louis pulls himself out of him, watching his cum drip out. And in a moment of both weakness and delusion, Louis decides to dip down and sit on his knees, pressing Harry's cheeks further apart, and start sucking on his little fluttering hole. "Holy shit," Harry whimpers, looking down at his covered chest and feeling Louis's mouth around the tight muscles.

Louis licks his own cum out of Harry's asshole, licking thick stripes all the way from his balls to his hole, covering Harry's entire thighs with his huge hands. "You taste good, baby," Louis hums into his asscheek. Harry whimpers, squirming in place. Rimjobs are a weakness for him. You don't get a lot of those with random hookups.

"God, Louis," Harry laughs again, heart beating out of his chest, "you love this, don't you? You fucking love touching me like this, don't you?"

Harry takes the satisfied hum and wet tongue lick inside of him as a yes. Louis can't even deny that this is the best thing that's ever happened to him.

"You're really, ah, ah, you're really good at that," Harry groans out as Louis bites around his hole, dipping his tongue in and out, swirling it across everywhere he can. "Shit, you're making me so hard again."

Louis takes that as an invitation to reach over and touch Harry's dick again, firmly feeling his new boner and spreading his come from earlier onto it to slick him up. "You fucking love this too, huh? You're a little slut," Louis whispers it into Harry's thigh, biting the surface as he jerks him off. Harry nods, moaning with the purpose of letting Louis know just how much he fucking loved this.

"Yeah, I am, I am, daddy. I'm a little cockslut." Louis whimpers then, feeling something inside of him tingle like it never had before, and he moves back onto his feet shakily. He sees Harry's red face and sweaty forehead and panting body and he is 100% sure this is just a dream. "Slap me," Harry says, pressing Louis's hand from his dick to his cheek as Harry takes over jerking himself off. Louis hits Harry softly, and Harry chuckles, "That's all you can do? Slap me, daddy, hit me hard."

Louis hits Harry harder, and Harry laugh-moans, jerking his hips into his hand. Louis hits him again, watching Harry just jerk himself off to the view of him. "God, you look so hot," Louis mumbles, now pressing kisses to his cheeks and trailing them down to his chest where he stops at his nipple, biting on the hard little nub and Harry moans so fucking loud. Harry moans and he whines and he digs the balls of his feet into Louis's sides. "Come on, you can come again. Come again, baby. Show me how much you love being touched."

Harry nods, closing his eyes and biting down on his lip. He fucks himself into his hand and he feels Louis biting on one of his nipples while playing with the other and he feels Louis pressing a finger inside of his ass and he's gonna fucking come, oh my God. "Uh- ah! Ah! Daddy, daddy, I'm gonna come. I'm about to come, shit, fuck, fuck!"

And Harry comes again after a few more seconds of touching himself, and his cum squirts to Louis's chin and Louis's surprised but certainly not upset. He stares at Harry as he comes through his eyelashes and he's amazed by his beautiful orgasm face and his gorgeous little mouth. "You are fucking beautiful," Louis says then, wiping the cum from his chin, and grabbing Harry's jaw. Harry's so fucking tired he might as well be a rag doll. He watches, delirious and slightly high, as Louis kisses over his jaw and neck and as he nips at the skin just below his tiny patch of facial hair. "Did ya have fun, babe?"

Nadine, Louis's girlfriend, has called him daddy in bed a few times because Louis really wanted her to. But she never likes to hear shit like that. She never likes to talk about being a slut or how she's orgasming. She likes to just moan and it's fucking boring and Louis loves having sex with Harry, Jesus Christ.

"Of course," Harry answers with a loopy smile on his face. He reaches Louis's lips to press an open-mouthed kiss onto him, hot and sloppy and just tongues and breath and Harry fucking loves it. "I wanna show you I can be a good boy."

"Harry, holy fuck," Louis whines, staring right at him, "you were such a good boy. You're making me hard again without even touching me. How the fuck do you do that?" It's kind of a genuine question.

"Your cock makes me say things like that, daddy," Harry whispers back, pressing a kiss to his lips and wrapping his arms around his neck, "you fucked me so good and full."

Louis feels his knees go weak and he's fucking exhausted but he wants to fuck Harry again so badly.

"You took it so well," Louis kisses Harry, now, and it only then starts to kick in that he's in a fucking classroom having sex with a literal stranger and that stranger is also a boy and oh God. "I have to go."

"Louis, c'mon, just a little longer," Harry mumbles, kissing Louis's neck all over and smiling. Louis wants to leave so fucking bad, but he wants to stay even more. "We can get dressed if you want. Just stay a little longer."

"I have practice in an hour, I-" Harry kisses Louis's mouth, pressing his tongue against the roof of his mouth.

"Just a bit, for me." Louis looks at Harry and he feels the same type of dizzy as before. He's fucking a boy. He's kissing a boy. He fucking loved it, too. Shit. Louis nods, then, kissing Harry again. He separates them carefully, putting Harry's underwear back on for him and putting his own underwear on, too. He pants, sitting down next to Harry.

"I'm not gay," Louis says then, quickly, like it means everything. And Harry nods.

"I know you're not." Harry leans against Louis's shoulder, still slightly out of breath. He looks down at his chest, and then he looks at Louis and he feels like a million bucks. He's trying his best not to notice the pain in his ass right now. "Would you... would you wanna do that again sometime?" He presses, staring up at Louis, who stares down. Their lips meet quickly and Louis feels all tingly and he fucking hates it.

"Yeah," Louis admits it like somebody else just spoke for him, "I would." He kisses Harry again, and again, and then he sucks on his bottom lip and he presses his thumb against Harry's nipple and suddenly he feels really fucking ready for another round. "Gimme your phone," he mumbles into his mouth, and Harry nods, pressing his phone into Louis's hands from right next to him.

He quickly types his number into Harry's phone, and then he places the device in between them. He pushes another kiss against Harry's mouth, hands on his cheek. Missing practice sounds alright. "Maybe next time we can fuck on a bed," Harry giggles and Louis chuckles with him, resting his head on top of Harry's.

"Don't tell anybody about this," Louis says quietly, almost like he's ashamed to be an asshole about it, and Harry hums. "Please."

"I won't, don't worry," Harry responds, "I like being your secret."

"Then that's what you are," Louis smiles, and he kisses Harry's hair, patting it down with his hand before getting up from the desks. "My little secret."

He rolls himself back into his jeans and letterman jacket and smiles at almost naked Harry. "I'll see you around, daddy," Harry teases, smiling back at him. Louis laughs, walking back towards Harry and kissing him one last time before turning around and leaving the room.