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Camp U.A

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Oboro wasn't enjoying this job.

Don't get him wrong, he absolutely adores the campers... but they were just too reckless! Those who gets sent to quests would always either come back successful but really injured or almost dying, some are unsuccessful, or they never even come back. It was rare for a camper to return successful without so much of a scratch. It's killing him! Not that he could die, but still!

He thought being a camp director would be easy, but oh how he was so so wrong. 

Believe him, he's really happy to see some campers learn how to defend themselves then move on with their lives to be successful or normal people. But there was too much death. He had watched too many campers grow up, get sent to quests, and then he would just receive a message that they had lost their life. The stress over worrying for them was making everything so much harder.

And this incident wasn't any help either! Tamaki and Eijirou just suddenly appeared out of nowhere after that lightning crashed near the Big House, they were accompanied by two other half-bloods, and one of them was dying! 

Tamaki explained the situation to him and Shouta with tear-filled eyes. How Toshinori arrived and saved them after another half-blood had just died, his child to be precise and turned the body into that tree that grew out of nowhere, Oboro hadn't met the poor child but he was still devastated with the news.

The poor children might be traumatized. Oh gods... how was Eijirou taking this? Oboro should have waited a few more years before sending the child out into the real world! And what the hell had he been thinking by making Eijirou escort a child of the Big Three?!

He was such an idiot! And he didn't need Shouta to repeat it to him over and over again!

One year.

It's been one year since Katsuki and the others arrived in this camp. 

He learned about this camp, the history, the staff, the cabins, the rules, and the customs done there every summer. It turns out he had siblings. They were all called 'brain children' because they were produced from their mother's brain.

The camp director, Mr.O or whatever, was overly enthusiastic. Too happy, he handles them like a bunch of helpless children, too much coddling for Katsuki's taste. Aizawa, a weird half-breed between a man and a fucking horse, was a bit more tolerable. He acts like he doesn't give a shit but he actually does, Katsuki just appreciates the space that he so respectfully gives.

Denki still wasn't claimed, it wasn't taken very well by the electric blond, he was still mourning over Mirio's death along with Kirishima and Amajiki. He was staying in Keigo's cabin since they say that place takes in all the 'Unclaimed' campers. What a bunch of bullshit. That cabin was too fucking cramped, why not just let the others live in the other empty cabins? Fuck what the gods think! They don't care about their children anyway, why care about some dumb old useless cabins?

Kirishima was straining himself. The idiot wasn't punished for his 'failure' (Katsuki doesn't blame him, but whatever), but Mr.O did give him a five years break before letting him go out again, but even so... he kept training and training, not giving himself any time to rest. His siblings and Amajiki were really getting worried but none of them could stop him. 

Amajiki... he was basically glued to Mirio's tree. Whenever someone goes to looking for him, they would always find him sitting under the pine tree's shade. He always looked like he was crying, it was really depressing actually, even Mr.O doesn't bother him most of the time... The man always sends him tin cans everyday though. The black haired satyr refused to go out to the mortal world all year round.

At the end of the summer, the newcomers were given a string necklace with a single bead which had a painting of a pine tree while the same beads were added to the necklace of the older campers that had other beads already. They said the design of the beads were always decided to be the most memorable event of the summer, Mirio's tree was the most memorable this year, and the amount of beads on the necklaces indicated how long a camper had been in camp.

Katsuki looked around and noticed that most necklaces were adorned by three or four at most. What the fuck? He thought this place was old? Why does it look like the longest anyone had stayed here was for four years? Not counting the half-blood satyrs of course... Oh wait... A fucking camper from the Hephaestus cabin had eleven beads on his necklace and he had... six fucking arms. How the fuck did he not notice that before? How had he not know any of these campers' names? He'd been in the camp for a year!

Damn... had he been too focused on training, studying and self-loathing all this time? And he thought he was the strong one out of the group.

How pathetic.

Two years.

It's been two years since Mirio died... since Eijirou failed.

Oboro had given him five years off, Eijirou knew he was just being protective as he always had been, he appreciates the gesture really... but it doesn't really do anything good for his anxiety. 

Eijirou drowned himself in training, not thinking about the effects it would have on his body.

He just needed to be strong. Because if he was strong, then he could protect those around him. What kind of man would he be if he can't protect them? How could he possibly find Crimson Riot if he was such a weakling?

But after Mezo asked him to spar then pin him down to the ground in record time, he was lectured about how working out wasn't the only way to get stronger and how he should take care of himself more. Eijirou had snapped out of his tunnel vision and started interacting with the other campers again.

He made friends with the Nemuri children, Ashido and her brother Aoyama, they were really good looking and nice. They were the ones who gave him a make over!

He started smiling brightly, like how he'd seen Mirio smile even in tough situations, he dyed his hair red and spiked it up to prove that he wasn't his old self anymore, he started bonding with Katsuki and Denki again, he had two new siblings to show around camp as well (Tetsutetsu and Hatsume Mei) and he tried cheering up Tamaki as best as he could. 

He kept reminding his senior that it wasn't his fault, and that Mirio wouldn't want to see Tamaki mourning everyday. Eijirou wasn't a fool, he knows Tamaki had developed some kind of feelings for the son of Toshinori, and the now red-head was certain the feelings were mutual, it was why Tamaki was so destroyed and why he was sure Mirio would be sad to see the raven head like this. Eijirou doesn't like it when his senior blames himself for something he didn't cause.

Eijirou never stopped blaming himself for what happened to Mirio, but he would put on a brave face for everyone who was affected.

It's what Mirio would have done... it's what he would want them to do.

Three years.

Katsuki was absolutely furious.

After three fucking years, he received a letter from his shitty dad who was asking for forgiveness and was trying to get him to return home. As if! He can go fuck himself for all Katsuki cares. The man never bothered to connect with him for so long and then he suddenly had the gal to change out of fucking nowhere?!

His own mother doesn't even give him a chance to complete a quest! Aizawa kept telling him that it wasn't the time for him to go out to the mortal world because of 'the prophecy' and that he should wait for the camper that will arrive one day who he would accompany on their quest, what the fuck?! He doesn't fucking care about that! He just wants to prove himself, not be a fucking side kick to some random looser!

It's not only that! His new arrival of a sister named Tokage Setsuna was unbearable! She was always running her mouth about everything and nothing every single fucking time she was near him! She was too confident and too much of a smart-ass, Katsuki doesn't like her. His other sister, Itsuka Kendo, was a smart-ass too (all brain children were) but she was much more bearable. She wasn't too talkative and she doesn't push his buttons like the Tokage does, she respects his personal space and doesn't treat him like 'we're related so we should be close'... unlike some people. They had other siblings, but he doesn't really care about them... they didn't make an impression on him like the other two did.

Kendo was leader of the 'Hunters of Ryuko', the goddess didn't have any children of her own so she lets the hunters sleep in her cabin whenever they were around. Jirou, the only other person besides Denki and Eijirou that could touch him without getting snapped at, was also a member of the hunters. Katsuki would never admit it, but he would always fret for the day his friend would not return with the others.

Oh right, the bitch named Monoma Nieto joined the camp as well. The prick was Miruko's kid, he had the knack to act all high and mighty just 'cause his mother was the goddess of war. The fucker was dead to Katsuki... he was dead. 

Amaijiki has finally stopped hanging around Mirio's tree and he started going out again. That was actually the only thing that had gone well that year...

Eijirou (the satyr insisted that he called him by his first name) was clinging to him like a fucking leach, but he doesn't really mind even though he acts like he hates the company. They were getting close and Katsuki couldn't deny that. The satyr had gained his respect after almost beating him in one of their sparring sessions. The red-head wasn't the only one who had gained his respect, that girl (Uraraka was it?) from the Chiyo cabin managed to stand up to him during one of their capture the flag game. Denki however...

Katsuki had no fucking clue what was going on with him.

After he was sent out for a quest, the electric blond came back saying he had failed. He was sad and bitter for it at first but Denki looked like he was back to normal, a bit flirty with the girls, but otherwise back to his happy and cheerful self. The electric blond also told him and everyone else that he was actually claimed, explaining that his aura didn't change and Keigo didn't claim him before was because he was already claimed when he was a baby. (His father was Keigo he said) But it doesn't wash away Katsuki's doubt. Denki was acting fine, but he was slowly drifting away from Katsuki and Eijirou, they were still close, but it wasn't like before. He doesn't say everything to Katsuki anymore, he doesn't pester him with random questions, he doesn't appear out of nowhere to ask him to spar anymore, and he doesn't complain about his godly parent... not that he cared. Katsuki doesn't care. Denki could keep everything to himself if he wants. Katsuki doesn't give a fuck.

Except he does.

Four years.

He would never admit it but... Katsuki was fucking scared intimidated by spiders. In his defense, all the brain children were! How could they not when their mother turned someone into a spider who vowed to get revenge on her and decided it would be fair to traumatize her children.

That's why the new arrival was being avoided like the plague by everyone in the Mitsuki cabin.

But goddammit he was being forced to say hello because Denki thought it was a good idea to sneak out of camp and come back with a half-blood that was also a half spider. The dumbass thinks it would be funny to introduce them.

"Come on Blasty!" Denki gave him that wretched nickname with the excuse of him having an 'explosive personality'. "Let us in! Don't make me go get Tokage to open the door!" The electric blond threatened with a teasing tone as he banged at the cabin door.

Katsuki scowled and reluctantly opened the door, only his eyes were visible as he glared at his friend. Denki was grinning triumphantly. Katsuki's gaze flitted over to the tall dark haired male beside the other blond. The guy looked nervous, uncertain... scared. Katsuki would have scoffed at how pathetic he was being, all fidgety and shit, but he just can't.

The fucker had two sets of eyes! And the extra set were pure black and beady! What the fuck?! It was situated higher than his somewhat normal eyes and were farther apart as if to mimic a spider's eye formation. Fuck you that is exactly what's happening here! It makes Katsuki flash back to the times a hoard of spiders attack him in the middle of the night, biting him and getting him in trouble with his step mother. It makes him sick.

"Uh... hi, my name is Sero Hanta... nice to meet you?" The raven head offers a hand with an uncertain and wobbly smile.

Katsuki scowls and slams the door on his face, well that's what he expected was going to happen until Denki stopped him with a foot on the door, refusing to let it close completely.

"Now Kacchan, that isn't how you treat new friends," Katsuki could see that Denki was trying not to burst out laughing. "Open the door, introduce yourself, shake his hand, then we'll get going. It's not that hard, unless..." A sly smirk appeared on the electric blond's lips as he trailed off.

Katsuki growls and snaps his head to face them again. "Fucking fine," He grumbled as he reluctantly opened the door and put on a scowl.

"Katsuki Bakugou." He said in a clipped tone and clasped a hand with Sero's own, and as fast as he said his name, he retracted his hand and slammed the door shut.

He could hear Denki hollering with laughter at the other side of the door.

He's so fucking dead.

Five years.

It's been five fucking years and Katsuki's still stuck at camp.

He's seen campers go on quests, some come back and most doesn't. He wants to go out there, he wants to prove himself, he wants a quest.

Eijirou had gone out to the real world just a couple of months ago. Katsuki's bitter about it because the red head got to go out and he didn't. He tried to sneak out like Denki did last year, but he wasn't successful since they increased security ever since. Nice going Pikachu. 

Speaking of Pikachu, he had started hanging out with Sero more now, not that Katsuki cared. It was good to see the other blond being happy go lucky again, that quest he went to two years ago really messed him up. Katsuki was just bored without the red head.

He would challenge Uraraka to spar every now and then, win at capture the flag, interrogate every single new camper to see if they were 'the one', read books, train, train, train... it was getting old. He's sick of being stuck here that he even tried to go back home like how his father suggested, it went unsurprisingly terrible. Katsuki never wants to do that again.

Katsuki had been practicing his sword skills when Eijirou arrived, carrying an unconscious body.

The blond, and some other campers, rushed to help. Katsuki paused when he realized who his friend was carrying.