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Strong hands gripped at Bakugou's jaw, thick, calloused fingers prying the boy's mouth open long enough to shove a scent-free bar of soap in, holding the damn thing firmly in place.

"I've had," Aizawa ground out between clenched teeth. "enough of your mouth today, brat."

Katsuki failed in an upmost attempt to struggle away as the horrid taste of soap assaulted his tastebuds. He had been subdued by Aizawa's capture scarf; his Quirk having been erased about ten minutes ago when his damned teacher rudely dragged him from their classroom into the Teachers Lounge's bathroom. The boy gagged as saliva caked around the bar, suds spilling out the sides of his mouth as Aizawa began to scrub his tongue free of the filth he'd spewed earlier.

"Normally, I can tolerate you and your abundantly colourful vocabulary." His teacher's words pierced through his writhing attention span. "But to the extent of today?  Boy, count your lucky stars that my hand will be the only thing you'll be feeling. I was extremely tempted to paddle your ass right then and there in that classroom."

Displeasure and disappointment dripped from his tongue as the words shot through Katsuki like a fucking bullet, gagging as the solution began to build up at the back of his throat. The insinuation alone was enough for fear and the awful idealistic of humiliation to shoot through the teen like he'd been struck with lightning. The kid didn't even have the time to feel any residue of the usual intense anger that would normally have caused him to have a meltdown at this point as his teacher promptly bent him over the sink's counter.

"Bakugou, I let your mouth run way too much. I'm lenient when it comes to your choice of words, but calling Midoriya a cumrag for simply asking you a question was crossing every single line you could have hoped to cross."

Katsuki barely had time to register the almost unfamiliar feeling of mortification as his slacks and boxers were abruptly yanked down. Then, white danced behind the volatile teen's vision as a calloused, open palm whipped across his upturned bottom. The blonde cried out at the blatant harshness of the blow, sharp canines instinctively biting down into the softening solidified form in his mouth. Another cry was pulled from the back of his throat as his teacher continued the assault, landing blow after blow alternatively on each reddening cheek.

"That type of raunchy language will absolutely not be acceptable anywhere on campus." Aizawa said, tilting the normally emotionally constipated child forward more into the counter and attacking his pale thighs. "Not to mention, we've already discussed your treatment towards Midoriya. Bullying will not be tolerated."

Everything was moving too fast for Katsuki to be able to keep up. All he could comprehend was the horrid taste of staleness on his tongue, the blooming pain in his ass, and the mere fact that he'd majorly fucked up. Anger couldn't even break its way through as everything overwhelmed the boy. And finally, finally. Hearing the disappointment practically leaking from his Sensei's pores seemed to be the final crack that the floodgates needed. Hot tears that had been budding behind closed eyelids finally made themselves known, and slid down his cheeks. Katsuki cursed himself silently. It wasn't abnormal for him to shed a few tears during a punishment. Aizawa tended to be firm when it came to making sure his students understood where they had gone wrong, and always set out to correct those mistakes to the best of his ability.

His hand also stung like an absolute bitch.

Yet, for some odd reasoning, the fact that his Sensei had sounded more disappointed with his choices of action than he ever had had left an even worst taste in his mouth than the soap could ever try to do. Emotions weren't something Katsuki handled, nor understood well. Always keeping the more sensitive feelings tightly under lock-and-key. But shit like this has to go and happen, and his insecurities and forgotten emotions were ripped out into the open once again, stinging sharply as they were met with the cold, unforgiving air.

Before a sob could wretch its way out from his mouth, Katsuki was slowly righted up to his feet. What?  When had the spanking stopped? He hadn't even noticed. His eyes had continued to stay screwed shut, even as the vile bar was taken out of his mouth. Katsuki couldn't stop himself from leaning back over the porcelain and spitting and hacking the remaining suds and soap that had built up in his throughly cleaned mouth. God, that had been outright disgusting. The blonde wiped his mouth with the back of a shaky fist, and stood back up fully on trembling legs.


When Katsuki had finally gotten a look at his teacher's face, Aizawa looked something akin to a tired, angry hobo. Unfortunately, the idiot hadn't realized that those thoughts had somehow morphed into vocaloided words. His mistake was made known as he once again felt his world turning for the second time in the span of 30 minutes, and said angry hobo proceeded to land two branding smacks to his already tenderized rear with an angry, open palm. Tears had made themselves unwillingly present once again, cascading and coating down the boy's cheeks once again as Aizawa righted him back up to his feet, an unamused expression sinking deeply into his tired visage.

"Katsuki Bakugou."  Aizawa started again. Damn, he pulled out the full name. The blonde had to force himself to look and meet Sensei's eyes. Firm, burning charcoal met raw, confused and emotional crimson. "I care very much about your future. As I do with all of your other classmates." He started, a hand coming to clasp on the teen's shoulder to keep him steady. "That's why I must take precautions when necessary. Allowing you to assume that you can talk to anyone and everyone the way that you do now will greatly hinder your progress as a Hero, if what had resulted from your Provisional Exam was any indication."

Katsuki 'tsked, tearing his eyes away from his Sensei's as the wounding memory of his failure was reopened. That incident was a pretty sore spot for the blonde. That strong hand clasped his jaw once more, but this time, softer. Aizawa turned Katsuki to face him once more.

"But, everyone in UA can see the potential in you." He finished, his gaze firmly boring itself into the widening crimson. "You have the capability to learn and to grow from your mistakes, and rise from the ashes of who you used to be. And as someone who cares about both you and your future, I will do everything in my power to make sure that you succeed."

Gah. Words. When they actually got through to him, they tended to be one of Katsuki's greatest weaknesses. Aizawa seemed to be hitting the metaphorical nail right into his emotional coffin with every word he spoke. The teen bit his lip, unsure of how to respond, or to even handle the unfamiliar emotions threatening to bubble up and consume his entire being. Until he was ripped from his thoughts once again, his tear stricken face meeting Aizawa's chest. The boy could feel strong arms wrapping around his shoulders, pulling him into a tight, protecting hug. 

"Don't let youself be your own downfall." Aizawa murmered, feeling the tense boy slowly relax, bit by bit. "You are so capable. Show everyone that you can be a true Hero one day."

Perhaps it was the aching sensation of his rear that caused the ashen blonde to break down once again into fitful tears. Or, possibly, the lingering taste of soap molesting his tastebuds with each puff of breath he let out. It totally wasn't the gnawing words of soft encouragement and reprimandation Sensei just drilled into his very core.

For months, Katsuki would continue to deny to himself how much he needed to hear the right words. How badly he had to be reguided back onto the right path of becoming the Hero he was destined to be. How badly he needed someone to care. But for now, all he was capable of doing was basking in the comfort his Sensei would give him. The emotions that had been torn apart and realigned were pulled back out into the open as Katsuki let himself accept the comfort Aizawa was offering him, letting his hands clasp into the teacher's tear damped shirt and letting it all out.