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Gift of god

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Sandor Clegane was a forty-two year old history teacher of Winterfell Prestige College; he is a big fucker, scarred and full tattoos mostly of his motorcycle club and angry hounds. Sandor knew how terrible he looked at the eyes of the closed-minded society of the north of the country, but he also knew young rich women, like Margaery Tyrell, fantasized men like him. So it was no surprise when he was talking with her, one of the afternoons that she stayed behind, and Margaery seated, in very slow sensual way, on the top of his wooden desk right in front of him with her legs wide open exposing her commando under her light blue skirt. Yeah, he fucked his student for three months until she got married to some rich heir Joffrey Baratheon and dropped out of college. What Sandor didn’t expect was someone like Sansa Stark to have a crush on him.

Sansa fucking Stark is the heir of the fucking mayor of Winterfell. A twenty-two year old, tall redhead girl with the best grades of the entire school. She is five feet and ten inches with long legs and creamy thick thighs. Sandor had been distance crushing on her for all the two years he had been on that school and when she asked him on a secret date, he simply couldn't reject her. After their first date, they fucked hard. Sandor was not able to stop fondle and cherish Sansa’s smooth thighs that would tremble with his thrusts. It was like heaven! And she started to catch on to his worship and decided to provoke him even more by wearing shorter skirts and shorts during the good weather days in Winterfell.

On their first year anniversary of dating, Sansa called him about having planned a surprise and Sandor was happy to take her out in public for the first time, but she had more in mind. Sansa pulled him inside of her apartment and started to kissing him throughout his body; having her tongue and mouth around his cock was always a paradise yet when she lay down naked on her bed, called for him and order him to pleasure himself using her thighs; Sandor felt like heaven was definitely calling him. His hard cock on the top of her extremely wet pussy while her beautiful thighs surrounded it made him cum as fast as a virgin and to compensate his girl, he ate her out.

They ended up going full public with their relationship causing almost a heart attack to Eddard Stark, her father and the mayor of town. Sandor Clegane continues to worship his girl’s thighs like they are a gift of the god that he doesn’t believe in and Sansa loves every second of it.