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Harry Potter and the Greek Gods

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I sat by the window staring out at the passing cars, their lights bright against the setting sun. I missed my friends. I missed the wizarding world. It felt like I was trapped in a world that didn't understand me. My friends had written to me over the summer, but it constantly felt like there was a gaping hole in their story, like a puzzle with pieces that didn't quite match. And despite the fact that Voldemort was back, I hadn't heard a thing from Dumbledore.

I sighed heavily. Why was everyone ignoring me? Just as I was ready to hide back in the cool shadows of my room, a screeching call from the window made me lookup. Hedwig was sitting on the window frame. I hurried over and let her hop inside, taking the note from her leg. I unrolled it eagerly, only to be disappointed. It was only an old scrap of parchment with the words 'Be kind to strangers' written on it with slanted handwriting- Dumbledore's handwriting I realised. I eagerly turned it over, expecting there to be something on the back. Nothing. And so I spent the next hour poking and prodding at it, trying every magical and non-magical way to attempt to extract more from it.

Finally I gave up, chucking the note on my nightstand along with my glasses. It had been a sweltering day and I was tired- not that I had actually done anything that day aside from listen in on the news for any sign of Voldemort, but there was none. No proof for the ministry that Voldemort was indeed back. Fudge had no reason to believe me, aside from the fact that Cedric Diggory had clearly been murdered, and not by me.



It felt like only yesterday we had been at war with Gaia, but it had been months. We had had all sorts of adventures since then, especially me and Annabeth, even if we kept them a secret. But none of them were as exciting or as dangerous as our international adventures. It had felt nice to recount them to Sadie and Carter and then to Magnus. I missed the Argo II, the nights where you could hear Leo working in the engine room, us all being so close. I recalled blissfully the night on our way to Rome where Annabeth and I snuck down to the stables and fell asleep in each other's arms. The coach had been so mad. And then there was the time-

"Hey Seaweed Brain." Annabeth said.

"Huh?" I replied, lifting my head from the hot sand.

"I was saying that we should go to meet Magnus soon."

"Sounds good to me."

Annabeth hadn't been intending on telling me about Magnus, but I got suspicious with all the 'family trips' to Boston and mysterious phone calls, so eventually she told me.

"Come on." Annabeth stood up, her blonde hair shining in the sun, and offered her hand to me.

I took it gratefully, kissing her on the check before we started the walk up to the cabins to fetch our things. As we neared them, Clarisse strutted up to us.

"Chiron wants us in the Big House."

"Why?" Annabeth asked warily.

"Didn't say," She shrugged, "Just to be quick."

We exchanged a glance and then tore off towards the Big House. When Chiron says that, you listen. Clarisse followed grudgingly, quickly outpacing us. We rushed into the main room to see the other five from the seven, Nico and Calypso already waiting. Chiron was standing at the front of the table. Everyone was silent.

"What's going on?" Annabeth asked immediately.

Chiron hesitated before answering.

"There's a new prophecy."