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Harry Potter and the Greek Gods

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"What do you mean another prophecy?" I demanded.

"Exactly what I said."

"Great," I muttered, collapsing on a chair.

Annabeth sat down beside me, and then Clarisse beside her.

"What does the prophecy say Chiron?" Annabeth inquired.

"We would like to know that too," Leo added.


"Seven of prophecy venture afar

Joined by three who are quite bizarre.

To a place blessed with magic

And haunted by fear.

A great threat looms

The end is near

Twelve moons must pass

Before they can leave

Divine hosts and ghosts will follow

They are never at ease

Boy blessed of lightning

Will find no justice

Instead uncover a secret

Buried in darkness

Storm approaches the horizon

Heroes none the wiser

Beware, spirits say,

Before death explodes like a geyser."

(I don't know. Just roll with it. I suck at poetry.)


We all just sat there in stunned silence.

"So... we should all just avoid geysers from now on?" Leo joked breaking the silence.

We were so desperate not to worry, that that one comment made us all burst out laughing uncontrollably.

"Do not take this lightly," Chiron warned. "What does it mean? 'A place blessed by magic'?" Annabeth asked.

"Yeah, it could mean Camp Jupiter, Camp Half-Blood, Olympus, Brooklyn-" I trailed off.

"Brooklyn?" Jason raised an eyebrow.

"I feel like there is more to sentence," Chiron said softly.

"Nope," I replied quickly. "I feel like I'm missing something."

Annabeth frowned, "Why Brooklyn? If anything I thought you would say Boston."

The other eight demigods (Or seven demigods and one former immortal) just stared at them.

"Remember," I hinted, "Sadie? Carter?"

"Ohhh. Right. Yes."

"Wait, why Boston? And who are those people?" Frank seemed to speak for everyone else.

"I feel it is prudent the two of you disclose everything you know to your friends soon." Chiron told them firmly, "But as for the 'Place blessed by magic', I believe it is time for Hecate to tell you everything."

"Tell us what?" Clarisse demanded.

"About the wizarding world."



It was the day after I received Dumbledore's note. I was skulking in the bushes outside an open window so could listen to the muggle news. Usually, I would listen from inside, but Uncle Vernon had caught me and thrown a temper tantrum. So now I was sulking in the bushes. Luckily I could still hear the TV fairly well. I heard the familiar news intro play and began to pay attention. Nothing. The whole summer, not a single hint of trouble on the muggle news. The most entertaining segment was that about a silly waterskiing parrot. Impressive, but not really what I was looking for.

Growing bored, I go to stand up, but a noise like a firecracker goes off. I jump, bumping my head of the windowsill and causing a vase to fall down and smash. I can see my Uncle Vernon get up and stride towards me, his face turning red. My eyes widen and I bolt down the road. I don't really know where I run, just away from the stuffy house. By the time I'm puffed enough to stop, I realise I'm almost at the park.

The sun is going down. I sigh. That means I would have to head back soon. Dejected, I walk into the park with my head down, hoping no one recognises me. Dudley had spread a bunch of nasty rumours about me that people were afraid not to believe. Speaking of Dudley, him and his little gang were beating up another poor kid. I sit down on the swing and look around. Across the park, a couple of kids were staring at me intently. Probably some of the kids who thought I was a delinquent. Although one of them with striking grey eyes unnerved me. I glanced back to my cousin, still pushing around that poor kid. Maybe it was time I taught him a lesson.