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Harry Potter and the Greek Gods

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The sequel is now posted. It's called Harry Potter and the Norse Gods, and it should be accessible through the series thingy, but let me know if it doesn't work, I'm new to this. Some people asked for an update on here when it was posted, so here it is.

Following the events of 'Harry Potter and the Greek Gods', Alex Fierro and Magnus Chase take the place of their Greek and Roman counterparts at Hogwarts, joined by Nico di Angelo, Will Solace and - to quote Annabeth - a century-old huntress with anger issues.

Tension is building in the wizarding world. They're preparing for war, just as they did twenty years ago. Only this time, they aren't alone in their fight. Unfortunately, Voldemort has also gained a new ally. One who calls himself 'the rightful king of the gods' and demands human sacrifices. It's just another year in the life of our favourite wizards, demigods and einherjar, right?