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Rebel Just For Kicks

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Crowley let out a sigh for the nth time. He was so bored! This was not the kind of party he wanted to be at right now. His eyes flickered to his girl chattering away to one of the guests. Tessa had invited him to be her date to this thing so he would endure it for her. “You really must try these little nibbles Crowley!” Aziraphale said coming up to him with a small plate “they’re absolutely divine”. The demon didn’t answer him, he was too focused on the blonde a few feet from him. “I must say…I’m proud of our friend”, he remarked “this’ll definitely help her business to grow”.

“Definitely”, Crowley agreed. His eyes narrowed behind his shades when a young man approached Tessa, taking her hand and kissing it. “Oh no you don’t”, he growled and stalked over to the pair. Crowley cleared his throat, catching the attention of Tessa and the young man. “Care to introduce me, love?” he asked, putting a possessive arm around her.

“Yes”, Tessa said “Michael this is my boyfriend, Anthony. Anthony this is Michael, he’s the son of the people hosting this little shindig”.

“Nice to meet you Anthony”, Michael said holding out his hand.

“Uh huh”, the demon said, not really interested in getting to know him.

“Excuse me, Michael”, Tessa said and led Crowley away “do demons get jealous?” she asked him quietly “cos it sure looked like you were”.

“I was a bit”, Crowley admitted. He didn’t want any other man taking interest in his girl especially since she’s now carrying his baby.

“Do you know that you’re hot when you’re jealous?” Tessa questioned with a smile.

Crowley smirked at her “how hot?” he countered asked, settling his hands on her hips.

“Very, very hot”, Tessa whispered in his ear. The demon gripped her hips tighter and pressed a searing kiss to her lips.

“Let’s take this elsewhere”, he suggested.

“I have a room here”, Tessa told him. That was enough for Crowley to pull her out of the ballroom and up to the hotel suites.

As soon as they got into Tessa’s hotel suite, they were all over each other, kissing and touching. With a snap of his fingers, Crowley miracled their clothes away. Normally he’d like to take off her clothes but since they were rather eager, he thought he’d save time. The demon scooped her up in his arms and carried to the bed. Moans of pleasure filled the air as they made love.

“Is it me or does that get better every time?” Tessa panted as she came down from her high.

“Not just you, love”, Crowley replied, softly kissing her “gets better every time for me too”. The blonde smiled tiredly at him.


A couple of days later…

Tessa looked from her laptop where she was working on some job adverts when she heard a knock. She set it aside and headed to the door. “Anthony”, she greeted, smiling at the demon “you know, you could just let yourself in”, she added, stepping aside, allowing him to enter.

“I know I could but it’s not the polite thing to do”, Crowley said, pressing a kiss to her cheek.

“I should get a key made for you”, Tessa remarked, going back to the sofa “you’re here often enough”.

“Sounds like a good idea”, Crowley agreed, joining her on the sofa, propping her feet on his lap “and since I am here a lot, maybe I should move in”, he suggested, rubbing her ankle.

“I don’t know”, Tessa said “I’m not sure if I’m ready to take that step”.

“Oh”, Crowley said, disappointed. He’d hoped she would say yes that way he could be with her when she found out about the baby and to support her through what was to come after if she decided to keep it. Hell, he would even pray to God if that was what it took.

“However, I be willing to give a trial ‘move in’ a go”, Tessa continued “Say a week? And hopefully by that time I’ll be ready for the move to be permanent”. Crowley responded by giving her a very big kiss. “I take that as a yes?” Tessa asked with a smile knowing that’s exactly what it meant.

“A very big yes”, Crowley replied, kissing her again “so, what were you working on?” he asked, nodding to her laptop.

“I’m working on some job adverts”, Tessa replied, picking up her laptop, scooching closer to the demon “wanna help?”

“Sure”, Crowley answered. The pair sat there, working on the adverts until they’d finally came up with a good one that could be used for her shop.

“Thanks for helping me today, Anthony”, Tessa said as they both got into bed that night.

“It’s no problem, love”, Crowley said. The blonde rested her head on his chest and dozed off. Crowley placed a hand on her stomach, closed his eyes and fell asleep too.


Tessa twisted a strand of hair around her finger as she went over the orders. The bell jingled and she glanced up, seeing a woman just a bit older than her walk in “Welcome to Leilani, I’m Tessa Nightingale. How may I help you today?” Tessa greeted.

“I’m here about your job advert”, the woman said pulling out a piece of paper showing it to Tessa. The blonde flipped open her small notebook she was going to be using for interviews.

“What’s your name?” Tessa asked.

“Rachel Dubois”, the woman replied and Tessa jotted it down.

“And do you have a CV I can look at?” she questioned.

“Yeah, I do”, Rachel answered and took out a couple of papers stapled together. She handed it over to Tessa and she barely got to glance at it when a man in a very expensive suit walked in.

“You’ve got some nerve Miss Nightingale”, he said.

“I’m sorry?” Tessa asked, confused, stepping out from behind the counter.

“My wife is ranting and raving about demons!” the man said, angrily “and she’s also accusing me of having an affair with one of the staff!”

“And your wife would be…?” Tessa questioned.

“Veronica”, Mr Blake spat.

“Well, I’m sorry Mr Blake but I had nothing to do with that”, Tessa said “I’m a florist. Not a witch”.

“It was your boy toy”, Mr Blake accused “he did something to her!”

“Sorry, Anthony didn’t do anything either”, Tessa said “all we did was have some words and state that I will no longer be doing business with her. So perhaps your wife is coming up with these fantasies because she’s a little upset. Or maybe she needs to take a visit to the psych ward”.

“Why you little…” Mr Blake began, stepping forward only to be stopped by Rachel.

“Get out”, she ordered.

“I beg your pardon?” Mr Blake asked “just who the hell do you think you are?”

“Tessa’s friend”, Rachel replied “now get lost before I kick your ass out the door”.

“This isn’t over Miss Nightingale”, Mr Blake said in a threatening tone.

“Yes it is”, Rachel countered “now shoo!”

Mr Blake threw one last glare at Tessa before he left. “Thanks for that Rachel”, Tessa said.

“You’re welcome”, Rachel said.

“You know, I think you’re hired”, Tessa said “just gotta check you’ve got enough experience…” she picked up the CV and skimmed through it “yep. You have. Congratulations Miss Dubois, you’ve been hired”.

Rachel smiled “great!” she said, happily “when do I start?”

“Next Monday”, Tessa replied.

“Sounds good to me”, Rachel said “I know this sounds like a really weird request but can I read your palm?”

“Uh…sure”, Tessa answered “why not?”

She held out her hand and Rachel took it. “Interesting”, the brunette murmured, her eyes flickering up to Tessa’s bare wrist and at her stomach “very interesting”.

“What do you see?” Tessa asked, missing her glance.

“Your life line is long and apart from a little break, your heart line is strong. I’d say you are in a very good relationship right now”, Rachel said.

“I am”, Tessa confirmed with a smile.

“Here”, Rachel said, taking something out of her bag “I know we’ve only met but I’d like you to have this” she held out a purple crystal on a silver chain “and if you could wear it when you go to bed tonight”.

Tessa took the crystal from her “Why?” she questioned, confused.

“It’s kinda hard to explain but please just trust me and wear it”, Rachel answered.

“Alright, I will”, Tessa promised. Rachel smiled and left the shop. She walked down the street with a pleased feeling in her chest and the smile still on her face. As she passed between two buildings, a hooded figure stepped out of the shadows.

“You just couldn’t resist, could you?” a female voice called making Rachel freeze. 

“Vanessa”, she said, slowly turning around.

“Jessamine”, Seraphina greeted, pushing her hood down “or are you going by one of your silly little alias’? The last one was what…Rachel something?”

“Dubois”, Rachel said.

“That’s right. Never could understand why you would want to change your name”, Vanessa remarked “after all, we’re supposed to be observers only. But you…” the brunette circled Rachel “can’t seem to follow that simple rule”.

“She deserves a happy life with her baby and Crowley”, Rachel said.

“That may be what she deserves but you know that’s not whats to come”, Vanessa reminded her “It has been foretold since the beginning of time and there’s nothing you or that little crystal you gave her can do to stop it”.  

“I don’t care”, Rachel said “I’m not going to stand by and do nothing”.

“That’s exactly what you’re going to do Jessamine”, Vanessa said sternly “we observe and if needs be give a little nudge. That is all. So I suggest you don’t turn up for that job on Monday” and with that, she pulled up her hood and walked away. Rachel watched her walk away and her hands curled into fists.

“Sorry Vanessa. I can’t do what you say”, she said.


“Where did you get that?” Crowley asked, noticing the necklace around Tessa’s neck when they got into bed that evening.

“I got it from a lovely lady whom I just hired today”, Tessa replied, touching the crystal “I like it”.

“It does look good on you”, he agreed.

“Thanks”, Tessa said. They laid down together, the blonde curling up into his side.

Over at Rachel’s home, the brunette was staring worriedly at the prophecy in her book. When a red hue shone through the window, she got up and looked at the Blood Moon. “Please don’t let it come to pass”, she prayed.

On the street, Vanessa was gazing up at the moon with a smile on her face. “Its time”, she said.

At Aziraphale’s house, the angel was still up. Another prophecy had appeared in his shop and he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. It was about Tessa that much was for certain but he had no idea what it all meant. Though he hoped that nothing bad was going to happen to the young woman. 

On the eve of the 13th day

The trio will align

A Blood Moon will rise

The true Nightingale will be awoken

Back at Tessa’s flat, while the couple slept, the red light of the Blood Moon shone through the closed curtains. It landed on the 23 year old and several things started to happen. The purple crystal around her neck started to glow. Her golden blonde hair turned platinum and a tattoo shimmered into being on her wrist. Tessa shifted in her sleep, unaware of what was happening to her. About a minute later the red light dimmed and she returned to normal.