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Rebel Just For Kicks

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Crowley and Tessa were woken up rather early next morning by Tessa’s phone ringing. “Just ignore it”, the demon mumbled sleepily, nuzzling his face into her neck.

“It’s Azira”, Tessa said, recognising the ringtone “He knows not to call this early on a weekend so it’s got to be important”.

“Screw the angel”, Crowley said “he’s not ruining our morning”.

“Alright but I’d rather be screwing you”, Tessa teased. That had Crowley wide awake and rolling on top of the blonde.

“So would I”, he stated before he kissed her and proceeded to do just that. He also miracled her phone away so that there would be no interruptions.

The angel in question was rather anxious to speak with his friend…to make sure that she was alright. Though he didn’t understand the new prophecy that had turned up at his home, he couldn’t shake the feeling when he woke up that morning that something had happened to her. Maybe he should stop by her home?

“Mm….that was so good”, Tessa murmured as she and Crowley lay there, completely satisfied.

“It sure was”, the demon agreed, lightly tracing patterns on her arm. There was knock at the front door and Crowley groaned “if that’s Aziraphale, there’ll be hell to pay”, he griped.

“I’ll go check”, Tessa said. She gave the demon a quick kiss before sliding out of bed and pulling on Crowley’s shirt. He grinned at how good she looked in it. The blonde walked to the front door, doing up a couple of buttons on the shirt as she did so.

“Oh…my…” Aziraphale remarked at the state of her undress “I’m so sorry to um…disturb you but I wanted to make sure that you were alright”.

“I’m fine”, Tessa said.

“She’s more than fine”, Crowley added coming up behind her, putting his arms around her, purposefully placing his hands on her stomach “now if you’ll excuse us, we’re really quite busy”. Before the angel could respond, Crowley shut the door in his face.

“That was a bit rude”, the blonde commented.

“But it was true. We ARE busy”, Crowley told her, scooping her up in his arms “very, very busy” and with that, he carried her back to the bedroom.


When Monday rolled around, Tessa was feeling a bit under the weather. However, she still went into work as she had to get Rachel started. “Are you alright?” the woman asked when she came into the store.

“Yeah I’m fine”, Tessa replied “just feeling a little out of sorts. I’m sure its nothing though”.

Boy, are you in for a surprise Rachel thought “So, whats on the agenda for today?” she asked.

“Well, I’ve got a couple of orders that need finishing out the back if you wouldn’t mind doing those”, Tessa answered gesturing to the back room.

“Sure”, Rachel said and disappeared into the back. Not long after she had gone, Vanessa entered the shop.

“Welcome to Leilani”, Tessa said in her usual greeting “I’m Tessa Nightingale. How can I help you today?”

“I’m looking for some flowers to give my friend. She’d just had a baby boy”, Vanessa answered.

“Congratulations to your friend”, Tessa said.

“Thank you”, Vanessa said “what would you recommend for my friend?”

“Well, blue hydrangeas are quite nice” Tessa picked a couple of them out “and you put some white roses in with it” she carefully plucked them out of the bucket and put them with the other flowers.

“I quite like that”, Vanessa remarked.

“Ok, we shall do that then”, Tessa said. Vanessa watched her take out some more flowers before she went over to the counter to start arranging them.

“Have you been doing this long?” Vanessa asked while Tessa worked.

“Nearly 3 years”, the blonde replied.

“Really? You look like you’ve been doing it a lot long than that”, Vanessa stated “you’re a natural”.

Tessa smiled “thanks. I’ve always been good with flowers. Actually any kind of plant really. My mom said that I had a gift”, she explained.

“I’d say she is right”, Vanessa agreed “Tessa may I ask you a question?”

“Of course”, Tessa replied.

“How far along are you?” Vanessa asked, making Tessa stop and look up at her, confused “I mean it must be still pretty early as you’re not showing”.

“I’m not pregnant”, Tessa told her. It was completely impossible for her to be as the only one she’s slept with is a demon.

“Are you sure?” Vanessa questioned “cos you’ve got that same aura about you that my friend had when she was expecting”.

“I’m very sure”, Tessa insisted.

“Perhaps I wasn’t mistaken”, Vanessa said. Tessa continued with arranging the flowers, handing them over once she was done. “These are great, thank you”, Vanessa said.

“You’re welcome”, Tessa said. She told Vanessa the price and the woman paid. With a ‘goodbye’, the brunette woman left the shop. She wasn’t gone long when Tessa gasped, feeling the crystal around her neck heat up. The blonde quickly removed it, dropping it onto the counter. Tessa rubbed the spot on her skin where the necklace once sat. She eyed the crystal before tentatively reaching out and touching it. She frowned when it felt surprisingly cool to the touch. “That was weird”, Tessa muttered picking it up and popping it into her pocket.

When Rachel finally came out of the backroom after finishing what Tessa had told her to do, she stopped short seeing that the blonde was no longer blonde! “Oh no…” she breathed. Tessa glanced to her and smiled though it faded seeing the shock on the woman’s face.

“Rachel? What’s….?” The brunette quickly snapped her fingers, freezing the florist in time.

“Please tell me it’s on you”, Rachel muttered as she hastily searched the 23 year old for the crystal. She let out a sigh of relief when she found it in Tessa’s pocket. Rachel clasped around her neck and snapped her fingers again.

“…wrong?” Tessa asked as continuing as if she hadn’t been put on pause like a movie.

“Nothing. Nothing at all”, Rachel replied, relieved that Tessa was back to normal now that the crystal was back around her neck. What could’ve been the reason she….Oh…Rachel’s eyes widened a fraction when she caught a whiff of Vanessa’s perfume. Of course. She should have known that woman would try something like that. After all, she herself was interfering in a big way. so it made sense for Vanessa to do something to get it all back on track.

She wouldn’t be getting directly involved if she didn’t feel so strongly about Tessa’s fate. It wasn’t right! Her destiny…if you could call it that…was going to take her down a dangerous path. And that was something she wasn’t about to let come to pass. No matter what the consequences were to her.

“Oh, ok”, Tessa said “you think you’re up to helping me out here?”

Rachel smiled “Oh, I’m more than ready”, she replied.


“Mmm that’s nice”, Tessa hummed as Crowley rubbed her feet and ankles that evening. For some reason the afternoon had been so hectic that despite having Rachel’s assistance, Tessa was exhausted. It didn’t help that she had been feeling a little off all day. “What did I do to deserve you?” she asked.

“It think the better question is what did I do to deserve you?” Crowley counter questioned.

“Being a very suave, sexy demon whom I love and adore”, Tessa answered.

“Suave and sexy, huh?” Crowley said with a smirk, crawling over her.

“Yep”, Tessa said “very, very suave and sexy”. That response earned her a big kiss followed by yet another night of unforgettable passion.

It was a mere 24 hours later when Tessa had announced to Crowley that she was ready for him to permanently move in with her. As a result, the demon had treated her to a night of a romantic dinner at the Ritz followed by several rounds of sex.

In the early hours of the morning however, Tessa woke suddenly feeling like she was about to hurl. She jumped out of bed, disturbing Crowley as she did so, and rushed to the bathroom. Tessa dropped to the floor by the toilet and threw up. Crowley held her hair out of the way so she wouldn’t get vomit in it. “Sorry for waking you”, Tessa mumbled sitting back.

“There’s no need to apologise”, Crowley said closing the lid of the toilet and flushing the contents away.

“Think I had bad piece of fish”, Tessa said, pushing herself up enough to perch on the toilet lid. Though, she couldn’t help but recall Vanessa’s question about how far along she was. Tessa shoved that thought aside. She wasn’t pregnant! She had been feeling unwell for the past couple of days but that was probably a tummy bug or something. And her being sick now…food poisoning. Had to be.

“Probably”, Crowley agreed though he thought it was more likely to be her ‘condition’ than food poisoning. This was good. Well, not good that she was sick but good because it meant that it wouldn’t be too much longer until she found out that she was pregnant. He went to the kitchen where he got her a glass of water and then he stayed with her in the bathroom, rubbing her back while she sipped the liquid.

“Hope I’m not sick later today”, Tessa said finally getting into bed after the nausea subsided “can’t really afford to take a day off work. We got a big wedding order to do”.

“I’m sure Rachel can hold down the fort for one day if that was the case”, Crowley assured her.

“Maybe”, Tessa agreed, already starting to fall asleep “love you”.

“Love you too”, Crowley said, pressing a light kiss to her temple.