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Rebel Just For Kicks

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In the days that followed, Tessa and Rachel worked hard to complete the wedding order for the deadline that was set. The blonde had to be sneaky when it came to using her gift to help speed things along as she didn’t know how Rachel would react to it.

“Thank god that is done”, Rachel said leaning against the counter tiredly when they finally got the last of it all boxed up, ready for delivery.

“You said it”, Tessa agreed, taking a swig of her water.

“How are you doing anyway?” Rachel asked, glancing at her. She figured from how tired Tessa looked that she was starting to have pregnancy symptoms.

“I’m good”, Tessa answered.

“You sure?” Rachel questioned, eyeing her.

“Yeah…I’m fine”, Tessa insisted, straightening up.

“Alright then”, Rachel said “I’ll be back in a moment. Nature calls”. She pushed up from the counter and slipped into the back. Tessa took another drink and fixed her hair which had become a little messy due to being so focused on completing the arrangements for the wedding order. The bell above the door jingled and she took a breath to compose herself.

“Good afternoon”, she greeted to the woman that entered “I’m Tessa. How may I help you today?”

“I’m looking for a houseplant for my home”, the woman replied  “you wouldn’t happen to have a Bird of Paradise by chance?”

“As a matter of fact, I do”, Tessa answered. She moved out from behind the counter and started over toward the house plants section when she stopped, a wave of dizziness coming over her. “Oh…”

The older woman, Lisa, was quick to place a hand on her elbow, steadying her. “Easy does it”, she said.

“Thank you”, Tessa said, grateful “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me”.

“I know”, Lisa said “it happened to me a lot while I was pregnant with my boy”.

“But I’m not pregnant”, Tessa said “I can’t be”.

“Trust me, dear. You may not be showing it, but you are carrying a little one”, Lisa insisted.

Tessa shook her head “I’m sorry, I think you’re wrong in this instance”, she said.

“Perhaps I am”, Lisa agreed “though in any case it wouldn’t hurt to take a test. Just to be sure”.

“No, I guess it wouldn’t”, Tessa conceded “anyway. Let’s get you that plant”. She continued over to the section with the house plants and picked up a Bird of Paradise “how’s this one?” she asked.

“That’s perfect”, Lisa replied.

“Would you like it bagged up or left as is?” Tessa questioned, taking it to the counter.

“The plant as it is will be fine, dear”, Lisa answered.

“Alright”, Tessa said “that’ll be £12.50”.

Lisa handed the money over to her and Tessa gave her the plant. “I wish you the best of luck if the test is positive”, she said.

“Thanks”, Tessa said.


Tessa took the test that she’d purchased after work into the bathroom. She held the box in her hands. If she did this and it turned out to be positive, her life was never going to be the same again. And if it was negative…well life would continue on as normal. Whatever the outcome, she had to know. “Ok, lets do this”, she said to herself and opened up the box…

Over in Aziraphale’s shop, the angel was busy organising his books when a piece of paper slid off his desk. He picked it up and saw it was the prophecy about his two friends being bound to one another. He really must tell them the truth now more than ever since they had a baby on the way. Aziraphale turned it over and froze.

Bound by love

But lost to another

The nightingale and the snake

Their future undiscovered

Taken by force

To a world like no other

Where the supernatural rule

The secrets she’ll uncover


Love will be tested

Lives will be lost

But for the demon and angel

They will find her at any cost

“Oh my god”, Aziraphale breathed. He had to get a hold of Tessa now! He rushed over to the phone and dialled the florist.

At the flat, the blonde’s phone vibrated on the coffee table. “Hey this is Tessa. I’m unable to come to the phone right now but if you leave a message after the beep, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible”.


“Tessa, it’s me. Aziraphale. You’re in grave danger. You need to call me back straight away”

About a minute later, Tessa slowly emerged from the bathroom, staring at the test in her hands. Positive. It was positive. “I’m…I’m pregnant”, she breathed. She couldn’t believe it, she was having Crowley’s baby. Yes she had two people tell her that she was pregnant but she didn’t believe it until now. She had no idea how it was possible given that she was human and he was a demon. Yet she couldn’t deny what the indicator on the little stick was telling her.

Speaking of…she had to tell Crowley the news. Though she had no idea how he would react. Yes, he loved her and showed her every single day. But a baby…would he even want it? The blonde placed a hand on her stomach, rubbing her thumb against the fabric of her shirt. “I want you”, she whispered to her unborn child “even if he doesn’t”.

Tessa picked up her mobile from the coffee table and dialled the demon. “Hey, love. What’s up?” Crowley greeted after he picked up.

“Are you busy?” Tessa asked.

“When it comes to you, I’m never busy”, Crowley replied.

“Do you mind coming home?” Tessa requested “there’s something important I need to tell you”.

“I’ll come right away”, Crowley said and hung up. The demon grinned at his phone. He knew what she wanted to tell him. She finally found out that she was pregnant. He darted to his Bentley, hopped inside and sped off.

Inside their flat, Tessa was tending to one of her plants, trying to keep her hands from shaking. She frowned when plants and flowers started rustling from a breeze. It shouldn’t be possible as all the windows were closed. “What the hell?” she asked as it grew stronger, blonde strands whipping at her face. There was a loud crack that sounded like thunder behind her making her jump and scream. Tessa spun around and her eyes widened at what appeared to be a portal in the middle of the living room. Suddenly, a woman stepped through it and grabbed her hand. “Let me go!” Tessa cried, struggling in her grip, digging her heels into the carpet. But it was all in vain as the woman was far too strong for her.

The door to the living room burst open and Crowley entered “Anthony!” Tessa screamed as she disappeared into the portal. The demon lunged for it only for the swirling mass to vanish causing him to land on the floor hard. He slowly sat up, staring at where the portal used to be. She was gone… taken to god only knows where…

He caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye. A pregnancy test. He picked it up, seeing the two little lines which had confirmed what he already knew…she was carrying his baby. Crowley grasped the test so tightly in his hand that the plastic cracked. Anger surged within him, kick starting a fire that would fuel his desire to get the love of his life and unborn child back. Nothing was going to get in his way. NOTHING.

He was broken from his thoughts when his phone rang. “Crowley! Thank goodness! Are you with Tessa? She’s in serious danger” the angel exclaimed.

“She’s gone Aziraphale”, Crowley said “she was taken…right in front of me” he looked down at the hand that was clutching the pregnancy test “and I’m going to get her back, no matter what the cost”.

So that’s it folks. The end of this story. However, it’s not the end of Tessa’s journey. Keep an eye out for the sequel!