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After causing a scene, Gulf was held at the police station for not following the traffic rules. His family rushed to the police station and paid a penalty that was charge on him. Gulf was spacing out and his eyes were swelling from crying when his parents arrived at the station.

The police and Gulf's parents had a talk when Gulf wouldn't say even a single thing when his parents asked him about what happened. His tears just kept on falling. Gulf's parents explained to the police about what their son is going through. Luckily, the police was kind enough to understand Gulf's situation. They just let them pay the penalty and freed Gulf without listing him in their record.

Their trip going home was really silent. Gulf and his mom sat at the back seat while his father drove the car. Gulf's mother was hugging her son the whole time until they reached home.

"What happened to him?" Grace immediately asked as soon as her parents arrived with his younger brother. "Nong, are you okay?"

Instead of answering his worried sister, Gulf just looked at her and plastered a small smile on his face.

They let Gulf sat on the couch, his mother held his hand before she asked. "Gulf, can you tell us what really happened? Why did you cross the street like that? It could've killed you."

"We all thought that you are already recovering. But why... you're trying to kill yourself once again?" His father said, expressing his disappointment towards his son.

Gulf slowly lifted his head to looked at his father. "I'm not trying to kill myself, dad."

"Then why did you do it?" His mom asked.

He glanced to them once again. If he's going to tell them that he saw Mew, they would think that he's gone crazy. But it's true, it's really true, he saw Mew.

"Come on, Nong, tell us." His sister tried to encourage him.

"If I tell you, you won't believe me."

"How will you know if we believe you or not? You haven't said anything yet." Said his mom.

He pursed his lips and took a deep breath. "I saw P'Mew."

He looked at his parents reaction and they all let out a sigh. His father shook his head as he leaned his back on the couch.

"See? You don't believe me."

"Son, Mew died almost a year ago already. It's impossible for you to see him."

"You were just having hallucination." His father added.

"No, I'm not having hallucination. It's really true. I saw him."

Gulf parents and Grace glanced at each other when he kept on insisting that he saw Mew. He knew that they won't believe him, but he didn't want to give up, and so he continued telling them about what happened.

"Mom, dad, I really saw P'Mew. He came out from the milk tea shop. I called him but he didn't hear me, that's why I crossed the road. But when I finally reached where he was, he has left already."

His mother placed her hand on her son's back and caressed it, trying to calm her son. "I think you're just tired. Let's have our dinner, so that you can take a rest after."

Gulf felt a great disappointment towards his family for not believing him. He needed someone to be on his side and to believe him at that time. He wanted it to be his family, but no. They didn't believe him and they even thought that he was having hallucination.

"I'm going to my room now." Gulf stated as he stood up from the couch.

"How about dinner?" Grace asked.

"I'm not hungry." He then gave his parents a wai before he went to his room. "Goodnight mom, goodnight dad."

His parents just looked at him as soon as he left them in the living room. They all plastered a worried look on their face as they exchanged gazes.

"Mom, dad, what if Nong really saw P'Mew?" Grace said, trying to help her brother to convince their parents about it.

"Grace..." Her father called her.

"Dad, can't you see the look in his eyes when he tried to tell us everything?"

"I don't want to talk about this anymore, Grace. All we want here is for Gulf to overcome everything. If we're going to play along with him, it will be more difficult for him to cope up."

Grace's mother slowly nodded her head, agreeing at her husband's statement. "Your dad's right, Grace."

After hearing her mother agreeing with her father. Grace gave up pursueing her parents to believe his brother and dropped the conversation just like that.


Gulf woke up earlier than the other days. He prepared himself and dressed up like he's going somewhere. Before going downstairs to have his breakfast. He sat on his bed and grabbed his picture frame with Mew that was sitting on his nightstand.

He stared at it and he suddenly recalled his encounter with Mew the previous day. He was really sure that it was Mew. There's no way that he was having hallucination just like what his father said. He was with Mew for 5 years, of course he knew the appearance of his boyfriend better than anyone.

"I know you're alive." Gulf muttered as he was staring at Mew in the picture. "I know it was you that I saw yesterday."

He placed his thumb on Mew's face and caressed it. "I will find you. I promise."

Gulf's parents were having their breakfast when their son suddenly appeared at the dinning area. They were both surprised since Gulf usually skipped his breakfast because he likes to sleep more. But that time, it was different. Gulf was there, dressed up with a belt bag hanging across his chest.

"Aw! You woke up early today." His mother commented.

He gave them a nod and greeted them. "Good morning mom, dad."

"Hmm, have a seat." His father said while pointing to his chair.

As he sat on his chair, his mother grabbed a plate and placed a lot of food on it. "Here, eat a lot son."

"Thank you, mom."

"Gulf, are you going somewhere?" His father finally asked after staring at him from head to toe.

"Ahm... yeah, I'm going to P'Run's house. He said he wanted to play games with me."

His parents hummed in unison as they both nodded their head. But Gulf's father wasn't convinced with his excuse. It was just almost 9 in the morning, and he's leaving the house just to play games with Run. It's very suspicious.

After leaving their house, Gulf went straight to the milk tea shop where he saw Mew. He was just right on time as the shop started to open as soon as he arrived in there. He looked around the area before he got inside the shop.

Once he got inside, he chose a table which was a little closer to the door. He sat in there and waited for Mew to come. That was the place where he saw Mew the previous day, so he wanted to wait in there thinking that maybe Mew might come back in that shop.

He doesn't have a sweet tooth, so he doesn't like eating sweets. But he's in milk tea shop anyway, he couldn't just sit there, waiting for Mew the whole day without ordering something. The staff might shoo him away if that's the case. He stood up and went to the counter area to order a boba milk tea.

"Hi, good morning." The staff greeted him. "Can I have your oder?"

"Ahmm..." He looked at the menu and chose from there, but for him everything was just the same. They are all sweet. "Just... just one boba milk tea I think."

"Okay, what's the size? And the sugar level as well?"

"The small one and... I'm not into sweets, so I think 25% of sugar level is okay."

The staff smiled at him. "Okay, that would be 45 bht."

"Okay." He handed his payment to the staff and waited for his change. As he was waiting for his change, he spoke to the staff once again. "Ahm, can I ask you something?

The staff immediately nodded her head with a small still plastered on her face. "Yes sir, what is it?"

Gulf grabbed his phone and showed a picture of Mew to the staff. "Do you recognize him? I saw him yesterday here in your shop. I just wanted to ask if he always comes here in your shop."

The staff looked closely to the picture while furrowing her brows. "I'm sorry but I don't remember him. We actually have a lot of customers, so I can't remember him. But if he's a regular customer then I think I will notice him."

"Ahh I see. Thank you." He gladly took his order from the staff before he went back to his seat.

Even though the staff hasn't recognized Mew, that didn't stop him from continueing his plan of waiting the older there.

Hours had passed, but Gulf didn't see Mew coming to the shop. But he didn't give up and he kept on waiting. He played games, surfed the internet, and he tried reading books as well while waiting.

The night has come and Gulf had finished two small size of boba milk tea and two medium size of fruit tea already, but there was no Mew appeared at the milk tea shop.

In just a few minutes the shop would be closing, so Gulf started to gather his things and placed it back in his bag. He stood up and ready himself to leave when the staff talked to him.

"He didn't come?" She asked while cleaning the table next to Gulf.

He showed her a sad smile.

"It's okay. Don't give up." She tried to encourage Gulf who's face looked like he was defeated.

"Thank you. I'll come back here tomorrow." Gulf said, flashing a smile to the staff.

"You're welcome. See you tomorrow." She responded and waved a goodbye to Gulf as he left the milktea shop.


Just like what Gulf said to the staff. He really came back at the milk tea shop the next day. When his parents asked him where he was going, he used his friend Boat as an excuse.

As soon as Gulf got inside the milk tea shop, the same staff as yesterday greeted him. The other staff who were arranging the tables and chairs also greeted him with a big smile. He smiled back and chose the same table, which was located near the door.

"You came back." The girl said when Gulf approached the counter to order something.

"Ohh, you remember me." Gulf shyly smiled at the girl.

"Of course. You were my first and last costumer yesterday and today as well. Since you're my first costumer once again, I'm going to give your first drink for free."

"Really? Your manager might fire you for giving it for free."Gulf said jokingly.

"Of course not." She chuckled. "Actually, I'm the owner of this milk tea shop. It's my business with my boyfriend."

Gulf's eyes widened after hearing the fact from the girl who he thought was just a staff in that shop. But it turned out that she was actually the owner. He immediately apologized while doing a wai to the girl. "I'm sorry I didn't know about that."

"It's okay, you don't have to do that. So, what's your order? You can choose anything."

"Just like what I ordered yesterday, Pi..."

"Eye." She continued, introducing her name to Gulf as she started making Gulf's drink. "My name is Eye, and you are?"


"Ohh Gulf. Okay Gulf, I will give you one of our bestsellers here. The golden boba milk tea. The ingredients for this are organic, so this one is better than the one that you drank last time."

"Thank you, Pi Eye."

"Here is your drink." Eye handed Gulf's drink after she finished preparing it. She stared at Gulf and got curious on why he was searching and waiting for that man. "I bet you're going to stay here until the shop closes, right?"

He pursed his lips while grabbing his drink at the counter. He looked at Eye and slowly nodded his head. "I need to wait for him. Maybe he would come back here."

"If you don't mind, I want to know who's that guy that you want to meet."

He stayed silent for a moment and took a deep breath. Sensing Gulf's reaction at her statement, Eye thought that it was a bad idea to ask about it.

"You know Gulf... I didn't mean to---"

"He's my fiance, Pi." Gulf cut her. He looked at her reaction who was quite surprised at his revelation. But Gulf didn't stop there as he continued to speak. "He got into an accident almost a year ago, few days before our wedding. We all thought that he died from that accident, not until I saw him the day before yesterday. That's the reason why I come here everyday, thinking that I might see him again one day."

From a surprised look, Eye's face changed completely after hearing those things from Gulf. She felt really bad for him, for experiencing such pain. Because of that, she suddenly felt like wanting to help the younger to find his fiance. "I didn't know it was like that. I thought you just have a crush on him that's why you want to see him. But, he was actually your fiance."

What Eye said made Gulf laughed. She was about to say something when her phone rang. "I just need to answer the call, Gulf."

"Okay Pi." He nooded. "Thank you for this."

After thanking Eye, he went back to his table and started playing with his phone. Just a few minutes after he sat down, he saw Eye approaching his table and sat across him.

"Yes Pi?" Gulf asked in confusion when Eye suddenly sat at his table.

"Gulf, didn't you say that you would come here everyday to see your fiance?"

"Yes P'Eye. Why?"

Eye placed a hand under her chin. "Instead of coming here, sitting at this table the whole day and spending your money with how many cups of milk tea or fruit tea you can finish for a day, how about working here? One of my employees just called me for an immediate resignation, so I was thinking that maybe you could replace him."

"Really Pi?" His eyes lightened up after she offered him a job at the shop. "Are you serious? But... but I don't have experience about this job."

"Ohh no need to worry about that, I am here and the other staff, we can help you." She proudly smiled while pointing to herself. "If you want to work here, then we can start your training... today!"

And that's how Gulf ended up being the newest employee at the shop. He spent the whole day learning about lots of things in the shop. He realized that being an employee in a milk tea shop was not really that difficult, but it was actually really fun. He was so thankful not only for Eye, but also for the other staff who welcomed him and trained him.



Now that he's working at the milk tea shop, he would always wake up early and go to the shop early as well. His parents were confused at him already on why he's leaving their house early in the morning. Gulf's parents would ask him and he just used his friends as his excuse.

Gulf had fun working at the milk tea shop, Eye and her boyfriend were really kind to him and also the other employees. Even though he's working in the shop, he still didn't forget on why he's there in the first place. It wasn't only him who's waiting for Mew to come at the shop, but also Eye. If Gulf took his lunch, Eye would be the one who's going to be his substitute in waiting for Mew while he was away.

But Gulf wasn't able to work at the milk tea shop for a longer time when his parents found out about it. He's constantly lying to his parents everyday using his friends which made them doubt him.

When Gulf arrived home from work, his parents were sitting at the living room, discussing about something.

"Good evening mom. Good evening dad." Gulf greeted them.

"Yes, have you eaten already?" His mother asked in which Gulf nodded his head as a response to the question.

"I'm done eating my dinner."

"I see."

"Gulf..." His father called. "Can you sit for a while first? Your mom and I have something to discuss to you."

"Sure, dad." He obliged right away and sat on a couch across his parents.

When their son was already sitting across them, they both glanced at each other then to their son. And his mother talked first.

"Gulf..." She started. "These days, your dad and I noticed that you're actively going out of the house early in the morning and coming back at night. We asked you and you always said that you're going to visit your friends, but we found out that... you're actually working at a milk tea shop."

"H-how did you know about this?" Stuttered, as he asked his parents.

"I followed you this morning." His father admitted. "Not only that, I also found out that the milk tea shop that you were working was the shop where you allegedly saw Mew, right?"

"Dad..." He didn't know that his parents were as good as an investigator that they found out even the reason on why he was working there.

"Look, son, we are not angry because you're working there. We are just concern about your reason for doing it." His father added. "You're working there just to wait for Mew, but what if he won't show up? Are you going to work there for the rest of your life, waiting for someone who has gone forever already?"

"You don't understand. It's because you don't believe me, that's why I want to find him on my own and prove to you that he's alive. I really saw him on that day. Why can't you just believe me?"

His father glanced at his wife who's sitting beside him. It was a cue for his mom to speak and explain something to their son. "Gulf, I went to see your doctor to talk about this. And she said that you're experiencing grief hallucinations. She said that it's just a normal reaction to bereavement."

Gulf looked at his mother in disbelief. "Grief hallucinations?"

"Your mom and I discussed about this a while ago, and we both agreed to send you to Surat Thani tomorrow."

"Wait what? Surat Thani?" Gulf was starting to get irritated because of his parents' decision. They were planning something for him without even asking for his consent. "I'm not going there. I will stay here."

"Someone will come here and pick you up tomorrow, so you can't back off now."

"Why don't you guys go there instead of me? After all, it's your decision and not mine. You were the ones who agreed on this, not me."

Gulf has never talked back to his parents ever since. So hearing those things from their son, made their heart ache. They couldn't believe that their son, who would always obey them and respect them, would say something that can offend them.

"We're doing this for you. It has nothing to do with us. We want you to cope up everything, but if we want that to happen then the city is not a good place for you." Said his father, who's really disappointed at him. "You have all your memories with Mew in here, wherever you go you remember him. That's why we are sending you in Surat Thani to have a new environment and to heal that wound in your heart."

"I may disapproved your relationship with Mew at first, but that is not the reason on why we are doing this if that's what you're thinking. We're just helping you overcoming your grief for you not to live a miserable life that is full of pain. Can't you understand that, my son?"

It might be difficult for Gulf to admit, but his father was right. They were helping him, but it was him who's not helping himself. Just by looking at his parents, he realized that it must be really painful for them seeing him that way, especially for his father.

Gulf didn't say anything anymore as he was also disappointed to himself for disrespecting his parents for the first time. He kept his head low, stood up from his seat and bow to his parents before going up to his room. "I'm going to my room. Goodnight."

Gulf parents just watched him going upstairs and they both shook their head at their son. Gulf is a stubborn kid and the more they scold him, the more he will become stubborn.


A black mercedes benz car stopped in front of the Traipipattanapong's residence just an hour before lunch time. It was the person who's going to pick up Gulf. Gulf's parents welcomed him and invited him inside their house to have a lunch before driving back to Surat Thani.

"Good afternoon Auntie, good afternoon Uncle." The man greeted Gulf's parents as soon as he got inside the house and sat at the living room.

"Ohh~ Tong, it has been a long time since the last time we saw you. You've become more handsome this time." Gulf's mother said, praising the younger.

Tong let out a soft chuckle at the older's compliment. "Thank you so much, Auntie."

"Tong, how's your mom and dad?" Gulf's father asked the younger this time.

"They're doing good and excited as well. They can't wait to start travelling Europe. Mom and Dad want to say thank you for letting Gulf stayed at the province for a month."

"We're glad to hear that, Tong. But... actually... Gulf doesn't want to go to Surat Thani."

"Yes Tong, we tried to talk to him last night but he got angry and he said that he didn't want to go."

"Oh really?" Tong mumbled. "But why---"

"I changed my mind. I am going there." Gulf suddenly appeared and cut Tong's statement.

"Aw! Gulf..." His mother cooed. "Son, I thought you don't want to go."

"At first, but... I chose to go there." He approached his parents, crouched down in front of them and held his parents' hand. "About what I said last night, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to say those things."

His mother placed her free hand on Gulf's cheek and she smiled lovingly to her son. "It's okay. We know that you didn't mean to say it."

"Thank you mom." After thanking his mom, he shifted his attention to his father. "Dad..."

"It's okay, no need to apologize." His father gave him a nod and smile. He then glanced at Tong who was smiling while looking at them.

Gulf followed his gaze and was surprised to see someone sitting across from them. He stood up and greeted Tong with a wai. "Hi."

There's really no need for Gulf to do that, to give such respect for Tong. Since the younger did it anyways, Tong responded Gulf's action with a wai as well.

"Tong, this is Gulf, my son." Gulf's father stood up as he introduced the two kids. "Gulf, this is Tong, he is the son of our closest friends in high school. They used to live in the city, but after his parents bought a land in Surat Thani, they moved in there. So, Tong came here to pick you up."

"Oh I see." He nodded his head multiple times after his father introduced Tong to him.

"Oh! You guys were friends when you were little, don't you remember? But as you both grow older, you rarely see each other."

"I could remember Gulf, uncle." Tong stated.

"In my case, I remember P'Tong as well. But only his name." Gulf added which made them laughed.

"Before going to Surat Thani, let's have lunch first." Gulf's mother said. "Oho~ going to Surat Thani will take a long time, so you two should have your stomach full before leaving the city."

She then headed to the kitchen to prepare the food that she cooked as she dragged Tong with her while her husband and son followed them.



"Take good care of yourself there, okay?" Gulf's mother muttered as she caressed her son's cheek.

"I will. Don't worry about me. And... I promise to be a better person when I come back here. So that you two won't worry about me anymore." Gulf held both of his parents' hands as he said it. He pulled them into a hug before he got inside the car.

Tong bid his goodbye to Gulf's parents before he got inside the car and drove away. As he was driving, he noticed that Gulf kept on looking at him.

"I don't have any dirt on my face, right?" Tong jokingly asked the younger in which Gulf innocently stared at Tong's face to see if there was something on it.

"There's nothing, Pi."

"Then why do you keep on looking at me like that?"

"Aww!" He looked down as he was slightly embarrased after realizing that Tong noticed him staring at the older. "Hmm, P'Tong, can I ask you a favor?"

"Yeah sure, what is it?"


At the milk tea shop, Eye was getting the customer's order when he saw Gulf got inside the shop. She was shocked to see Gulf at the shop when the younger messaged her about his parents' plan to send him in Surat Thani.

She let the other staff to take her place in assisting the customers as she came out from the counter to talk to Gulf.

"Aww Nong Gulf!" She exclaimed as soon as she approached him. "I thought you're going to Surat Thani today, why are you here?"

"I just came to say thank you to you, Pi." Gulf explained then he pointed at Tong, who was standing behind him. "He's the son of my parents' close friends. He came here to pick me up and I just asked him to stop over in your shop."

"Aww~ You don't have to." She cooed with a smile and greeted Tong.

"I really had fun working in here though it's only for a week. If my parents didn't plan to send me to Surat Thani, I would love to continue working in here."

"Thank you for such a compliment Nong Gulf. Don't worry, while you're in there I will help you look for your fiance."

Gulf's face lightened up after hearing that Eye would help him find Mew. "Really Pi?"

"Yes, really! If I see him, I will let you know right away."

Gulf pulled Eye into hug, making her laughed at his cuteness. "Pi, thank you so much."

"You're welcome." She caressed the younger's back and tapped his shoulder before they pulled away from the hug. "You should get going now, the place where you're going is quite far."

"Yes Pi. Thank you once again and I will come here after I get back in the city."

"I will wait for that day Nong, take care."

Gulf waved goodbye to Eye before leaving the shop while Tong smiled at her and followed Gulf going out.



Since Gulf loves sleeping, he fell asleep as they headed to Surat Thani. Tong, who's driving the car, glanced at Gulf who's peacefully sleeping beside him. He must be feeling at ease after visiting the milk tea shop and bid goodbye to Eye before leaving the city, Tong thought.

A few minutes later, Gulf let out a deep breath as he opened his eyes and looked out of the window, then he turned to look at Tong.

"Where are we now, P'Tong?" He asked.

"Prachuap Kiri Khan." Tong simply answered.

Gulf looked out of the window once again and got mesmerized by the beauty of the broad bay of the province. Prachuap Kiri Khan is known for its sleepy seaside town and delightful place to relax.

He leaned unto the window and placed his chin on it as he continued admiring the scenery. He stared at the beautiful sea and the people playing on the shore. "It's a beautiful province."

"Yes, it is." Tong happily agreed to the younger. "If you love the beach, then you will surely love Surat Thani."

"I actually don't like beaches. I prefer the mountains." He leaned his back on the seat and looked on the road ahead of them. "But I know someone who loves the beach so much. I remember, that person took me to the beach just to take a picture and watch the sea."

"Judging from your face, that person was your boyfriend, isn't it?"

Tong knew about it which made Gulf to look at the older. "You know?"

"My parents told me about it." He said while driving. "They said that your parents were totally worried about you, after your..." He glanced at the younger before he continued. "Your fiance died."

"I think it was my parents' fault on why your parents sent you to Surat Thani. My mom and dad will be visiting their relatives in Europe and stay their for a month. I won't go there with them since I'm currently preparing for my Master's degree exam. We have a cafe and a bar, I'll be taking care of it as well. So my mom and dad looked for someone who can be with me while they were away and your parents recommended you. They said you need a new environment."

"I am a stubborn kid. I always disobey my parents nowadays and make them worry. I feel bad for them for worrying about me. I don't really like this plan at first, but I ended up agreeing anyway. I don't want them to feel stress just because of me."

"Just like you, I am also stubborn. About my master's, it was never my plan. My parents wanted me to do it, but I always said no. Then I realized that they we're just doing this for my own good and so I did it." Tong glanced and smiled at the younger. "Your parents are doing this for your own good. And also, my province is really beautiful. You'll like it there. At the end of this, I'm sure you're going to thank them for sending you there."

Gulf smiled at Tong for comforting him. He's not really good at communicating with people whom he don't usually meet, but he's glad at Tong for trying to open up about his life. He would be spending his time at Surat Thani with Tong for a month, so it would be really good to start getting along with the older. He then let out a deep breath and continued enjoying the scenery of Prachuap province.


After  long hours of driving, Gulf and Tong finally arrived at the province of Surat Thani past 8 in the evening. Tong's family house was located right in front of the beach and they have their cafe and bar beside their house. So when Gulf got out from the car, he shivered as the cold wind struck against him.

Tong's parents waited for them and they gave Gulf the warmest welcome. They cooked food for Gulf and had their late dinner together while talking about a lot of things. They talked about the strong friendship they have with Gulf's parents, the reason why he was sent there, their plan going to Europe, and also they talked about their one and only son, Tong. Also, they never missed to compliment Gulf with his good looks.

Tong was asked by his parents to send Gulf to his room after they had their savory dinner. When Gulf entered his room, he was amazed to see such a spacious and classy guestroom. The room has a queensize bed, a desk and chair, a single sofa chair, a cabinet, a window with an ocean view and a bathroom as well. With all of these, he thought that staying there for a month wouldn't be really that bad especially if he has such an amazing room. He also thought that it was like he's staying in a hotel rather than a house.

Gulf walked going to his bed and placed his backpack on it so that he could start unpacking his things. As he opened his bag, a picture frame of him and Mew greeted him. It was the picture that he had on his nightstand, and he didn't forget to bring it to Surat Thani.

He picked up the picture frame and stared at it. "P'Mew, I am at P'Tong's parents' house. I'll be staying here for a month. Mom and Dad said that it would be better for me to stay away from the city for now that's why they sent me here."

Gulf smiled and placed the picture frame on his nightstand table. He always talked to Mew in the picture frame ever since Mew's funeral was over. For him, it was his way of communicating his boyfriend and that's the reason why he brought the picture there.

After setting the frame on his nightstand, he apporoached the cabinet and placed his clothes in it. The remaining things that he brought were placed on the desk, including his couple bracelets with Mew. Once he was finished setting everything, Gulf took a relaxing night bath and took a rest afterwards.



If Gulf woke up late in the city, then it was totally different in Surat Thani because Tong woke him up at 7:30 in the morning for them to eat their breakfast together.

The cafe was closed for the day because Tong's parents are leaving for their flight going to France in the evening. But they needed to leave earlier since the nearest aiport from there was in Phuket and it would take three hours to reach the airport. Tong left the house to attend his review for his entrance exam. And that was the reason why Gulf was left all alone with no one to talk to, except Tong's parents.

Gulf was holding a soccer ball as he went out of the house to explore the place and play soccer as well. He looked and walked around, then he saw a beach resort just a few meters away from Tong's house. It's not the only beach resort in the area because there were a lot of resorts next to it.

Instead of playing soccer, Gulf was dragged to the shore because of the beauty of the ocean. He placed the ball on the ground and placed his foot on it while watching the clear blue sea. He could hear the sound of the waves and it was truly relaxing. And he could tell on why Mew loves the sea so much.

Gulf let out a deep sigh before he looked down at the ball and kicked it really hard. When he looked at where the ball was going, it aimed towards a man who was busy taking pictures of the sea while standing with his back facing Gulf.

Gulf widened his eyes after the ball hit the man and he cursed himself for being so careless. He didn't even looked at the surrounding before kicking the ball. He ran towards the man and bowed several times. "Hi, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit you with the ball."

The man in front of him slowly turned around and Gulf kept on bowing to the man to apologize.

"I wasn't looking when I kicked the ball and so I hit you. I'm really---" This time, Gulf lifted his head to look at the man. And when he saw the man standing in front of him, he was shocked that he stopped himself from blabbering and held his breath.

The man whom he was hit by the soccer ball was the person he saw coming out from the milk tea shop and the person he waited at the milk tea shop for the whole day.

It was Mew.

Standing right in front of him was the person he missed the most. His tears started to well up in his eyes as he was staring at Mew's face. He thought that he would never see Mew's face ever again, but he was wrong.

"P'Mew." He mumbled and he immediately launched himself to the older, hugging him so tight.

On the other hand, Mew was stunned and confused at the sudden hug. But what made him confused even more was that he couldn't bring up his hands to push the stranger who's hugging him. It felt like the hug was really familiar to him and comfortable.

Mew let out an awkward laugh as Gulf hugged him so tight that he could possibly die from not being able to breathe. When Mew had the courage to place his hands on Gulf's shoulder, he slowly pushed him away to let go from the hug.

He stared at Gulf who's tears were flowing down like a river. He plastered a small smile on his face and brought his hand up to wipe away Gulf's tears. "Why are you crying?"


"Because you hit me with the ball? It's okay. It didn't hurt me anyway. So, stop crying na."

"No, P'Mew..."

"Oh! My name is not Mew." He said, cutting Gulf's statement. "My name is New, not Mew, but they sound alike. How about you? What's your name?"

And it hit him, Mew couldn't remember anything and forgot about him as well.