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It was another alone day for New, Kaownah didn't have his intership but he needed to report to his university. Kaownah left the house with his childhood friend, Turbo, while New left the house with Kaownah's parents going to the resort.

The beach is beautiful and relaxing to watch everyday, but something was different at that time. The weather wasn't really that hot and the strong waves can be clearly heard, making it more relaxing for New. He pulled his phone and took a picture of the sea when a ball hit his back. He was furious about what happened and he was so ready to vent his anger to the person who's responsible for it, but was stopped when he heard a quite familiar voice behind him.

"Hi, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit you with the ball."

New slowly turned to see who was the owner of that voice. And when he turned around, he saw a man bowing in front of him while apologizing.

"I wasn't looking when I kicked the ball and so I hit you. I'm really---"

As the man lifted his head to look at New, he plastered a surprised look on his face that he couldn't even continue his statement. New stared straight in his eyes when the man's tears started to well up. Then he heard the man calling him with another name before launching himself at him.

"P'Mew." The man mumbled and launched himself to New, hugging him so tight.

New was stunned and confused at the sudden hug. But what made him confused even more was that he couldn't even bring up his hands to push the stranger who's hugging him. It felt like the hug was really familiar to him and comfortable as well.

The man tightened the hug that New could possibly die from not being able to breathe. New let out an awkward laugh as he built up his courage to place his hands on the man's shoulder and slowly pushed him away to let go from the hug.

He stared at the man who's tears were flowing down like a river and he can see the sadness from the man's eyes. To comfort the man in front of him, he plastered a small smile on his face and brought his hand up to wipe away the man's tears. "Why are you crying?"

"B-because..." The man stuttered to answer New's question.

"Because you hit me with the ball? It's okay. It didn't hurt me anyway. So, stop crying na." New reaasured.

"No, P'Mew..."

"Oh! My name is not Mew." He said, cutting the man's statement when he kept calling him with another name. "My name is New, not Mew, but they sound alike. How about you? What's your name?"

New waited for the man to speak as he was just staring at New the whole time. It took a while before he was able to utter his name.

"Gulf." The man finally said. "My name is Gulf."

"Ohh~ Gulf, nice meeting you."

"Don't you remember me?"

With that question, New tilted his head as he made a frown. He looked at Gulf while he's trying to remember the time that he met him, but there's nothing. Gulf was never in New's memory. "I'm sorry, but... I don't remember you. Have we met before?"

"Really?" Gulf said in disbelief. "I am your fi---"


Before Gulf could even continue his sentence, someone called New. New turned around to see Kaownah waving at him with a big smile on his face.

"Aw! Kaownah!" New exclaimed, then he looked at Gulf once again and said goodbye. "I need to leave now. Nice meeting you, Gulf. See you!"

"B-but wait!" Gulf was about to held New's hand to stop him from leaving because he didn't know when and where was he going to see him again. But New was in a hurry that he immediately ran towards the guy named Kaownah.

"I thought you went to your university?" New asked as soon as he approached Kaownah.

"Yeah I did, but my professor just gave us some documents. So, Turbo and I went here afterwards." Kaownah explained as he placed his arm around New's shoulder.

"Ohh, I see."

"Hmm, who was that?" Kaownah immediately asked after seeing New talking to someone that he hasn't seen before.

"Ahh, it's nothing. Just a boy who accidentally hit my back with a soccer ball."

"Aw! Were you hurt?" He placed his hand on New's back and caressed it. "Was it painful?"

New snorted and shook his head. Kaownah is really a worry wart. Everytime he got into something, Kaownah would always get worried even though they were just small matters. "I'm okay, no need to get worried. And also, the boy apologized many times already."

"Okay, it's good that it's not really that serious. And oh! Let's play games at home. Turbo will be there as well, he's waiting for us outside."

Since Kaownah was free. New went home and spent the whole time with Turbo and Kaownah.


Gulf, who was left behind by New, stared at New who was wearing a big smile on his face while talking to Kaownah. He remembered that New only showed that kind of smile when they were together. And he didn't miss to witness the scene where Kaownah, wrapped his arms around New's shoulder as well as placing and caressing New's back. It was too much for him to look at. Those touches were only done by him before, but seeing someone else doing those things, it's like his heart was broken into a million pieces.

Was that his lover? Gulf mentally asked himself.

He immediately grabbed his phone from his pocket to call someone and tell them that he saw Mew. That Mew was alive and he was able to talk to Mew. While scrolling down on his contacts, he suddenly stopped and thought about something.

No one will believe him.

Even his family didn't believe him, then how much more his friends. They would totally think that he has brain problems or he has gone crazy already.

He let out a deep sigh. He was about to put his phone back on his pocket when he heard a voice from behind and he almost freaked out.


When he turned around, he saw a man holding his soccer ball. He frowned. "Who are you?"

The guy who was holding a soccer ball was speechless after Gulf turned around. He was fascinated by his looks that it took a while before he could introduce himself.

"I'm First. And you are?" The guy finally said.

"Gulf." He quickly answered. "What do you want?"

First's mouth formed into an o while nodding his head. "Ahm... I saw this soccer ball while walking along the shore and I'm guessing that this is yours."

Gulf reached his ball from First without sparing a glanced at him. "Yes, this is mine. Thank you."

"I'm sorry to ask but... were you crying?" First asked. He was busy staring at Gulf's face and spotted the tearstain on his face.

Nosy. Gulf thought.

He slightly panicked and was about to wipe his tears with his hand. But before he could do it, First was fast enough to hand him a handkerchief. Gulf stared at the handkerchief that was handed to him then shook his head. "No need. I'm fine."

"I insist. You need it. You can blow your nose if you want."

He glanced at First who's flashing a reassuring smile at him, then he slowly took the handkerchief. "Thanks."

"I have to go. Thank you for returning my ball."

First wanted to talk more to Gulf and asked him a few questions, but Gulf left quickly bringing his handkerchief with them. Just thinking about that, First let out a smile and hope to see Gulf again.



After leaving First behind, Gulf immediately went back to his room. And when he arrived inside, he sat on his bed, grabbed Mew's picture frame with him and stared at it.

"My name is not Mew."

"What's your name?"

"I don't remember you. Have we met before?"

He broke down in tears as he remembered his encounter with Mew. He's alive, but he completely lost his memories. He couldn't remember his own name, their relationship, and even Gulf. And the worst part was that, Mew seemed like he has a new lover already.

Gulf thought that after finding Mew, everything would be okay and would go back to normal, but no, it's not. Knowing that Mew has lost his memories was as heartbreaking as knowing that Mew died in a car accident. And he didn't know what to do. He didn't know how to be able to bring back Mew in his arms and how to bring back all the memories that was lost.

He cried even more. All he wanted was to be with Mew again, but it seemed like fate was making it hard for him to achieve it. He lied down on his bed and cried until he fell asleep while hugging the picture frame.



"I'm back." Tong arrived home in the afternoon and found his parents sitting at the living room while having a conversation.

"Finally you're here, Tong." His mother said.

"Why? Is there something wrong?"

"Not really." It was his father who answered. "Gulf, we've been trying to call him and knocked in his room but he never answered. He may be sleeping. Please call him to have his lunch with you."

"Okay, dad."

Just like what his parents told him to do, Tong went upstairs to check on Gulf. He kept on knocking, but the younger didn't answer. So he slowly opened the door and peeked inside the room. There, he saw Gulf lying on his bed, curled up on his side while his back facing the door.

Tong slowly walked inside, he looked around and saw a soccer ball on the floor. When he was already standing beside the bed, he leaned closer and peeked at the younger. He saw Gulf sleeping peacefully while hugging a picture frame, but he made a frown after noticing a spot on Gulf's bed that was soaking wet. He looked at Gulf once again and let out an inaudible gasp when he saw the streak left by tears on the younger's face.

He let out a sigh. Seeing the tear stained on the younger's face, he was so sure that Gulf was crying until he fell asleep. And he also knew the only reason behind this. Gulf's fiance. He thought that it was really difficult for Gulf because even after almost a year, Gulf was still mourning the death of his fiance.

Tong went out of the room with a heavy feeling. He stood up in front of the younger's room as he remembered his parents telling him what Gulf has been going through, and he could understand how difficult it was for Gulf's parents after seeing it with his own eyes.


"Gulf was... peacefully sleeping upstairs. I think it's better to let him sleep." Tong told his parents after he came back from checking on the younger.

"Ohh I see. He must be really tired from the trip yesterday." Tong's father presumed.

"Yes, and we even woke him up early to eat breakfast." His mother added. "Gulf's mother said that Gulf usually wakes up in the afternoon."

Tong plastered a smile on his face while listening at his parents. For him, it would be better not to let them know about what he saw. They might get really worried and they were even leaving at night. They should at least relax their mind and enjoy their trip.



After defeating Kaownah and Turbo in the game, New got bored already. He was just sitting on Kaownah's bed while watching the two playing the game. When he saw that they were done playing the first round of the game, New stood up and informed them that he's going back to his room.

"I'm going back to my room first." New said to the two.

"Aw! Why? Don't you want to play anymore P'New?" Turbo asked.

He nooded his head. "I'm tired na. I need to take nap."

"Are you okay?" Kaownah asked, looking at New.

"I'm fine. Don't worry."

New left Kaownah's after reassuring the younger that he's just fine and there's nothing to worry about. After he left, the two just continued playing the game.


Instead of lying on the bed, New dropped his body on the couch as soon as he got inside his room. He stared at the ceiling before letting out a deep breath, he closed his eyes getting himself ready to take a nap. But his mind immediately went to the boy he met at the resort in the morning.


"Don't you remember me?"

Then, abruptly, he opened his eyes and mumbled. "Gulf... why are you so familiar? Have we met before?"

He was still curious on why Gulf called him with another name and cried just by seeing him. As he looked at Gulf's eyes, he could see pain, sadness, and longing. He tightly shut his eyes again and shook his head to chased away his thoughts about Gulf.



Gulf just finished eating his second meal of the day when Tong's parents placed their luggages in the living room. A few minutes later, they would be heading to Phuket International Airport for their flight to France. He went to the living room and helped Tong load the luggages into the car.

Once they were done with the luggages, Tong and Gulf bid goodbye to the elders.

"Tong, take good care of Gulf." Tong's mother said, earning a pout from her son.

"Mom, who's really your son, Gulf or me?"

His parents chuckled at him as well as Gulf, then his mother played along with him and answered his question. "Both of you are my sons actually."

Tong beamed. "Okay, I'm going to take care of him."

"And we're going to take care of the cafe and bar as well." Gulf added.

"It's okay, Gulf. Don't worry about the cafe and bar. If you and Tong are busy, it's okay not to open them." Tong's father answered.

"Right, he's right." His wife agreed. "If you want to open, you can. But make sure not to keep yourselves busy only in the cafe and bar. You guys need to relax and enjoy as well. Just like what we're going to do in France."

And they all laughed. But Tong had to cut their conversation since his parents needed to drive for hours before reaching the airport.

"Okay okay, I hate to do this but the time is running. Mom and dad you should head now to the airport."

"Yes, we need to leave now." His mom agreed.

"So, we'll get going." Tong's father said and he walked closer to his son and pulled him into hug. Not only Tong, but Gulf as well.

After giving the two kids a tight hug, Tong's father went to the driver's seat and hopped into the car. His wife gave Tong and Gulf a hug and as well as a kiss on the cheek before she got into the passenger's seat and left. As the car left, Tong and Gulf waved goodbye at them until they disappeared from their sight.



The house was so silent since it was only Tong and Gulf left at home. Tong was cooking for their dinner while Gulf was playing with his phone at the living room. Gulf wanted to help the older, but Tong refused. So he just set the dining table and played with his phone afterwards.

When Tong was done cooking, he finally served the food that he made and called the younger for them to eat together. Gulf stood up right away and approached the dinning area. His eyes were sparkling as he looked at all the mouthwatering dishes that Tong cooked, but one dish caught his attention. The stir fried pork with basil. Tong made his favorite food.

Seeing the younger's reaction, Tong asked a question. "Why? Don't you like the food?"

Gulf looked at him and shook his head right away. "No, it's not. I like all of them and they look so delicious. I just noticed that... you cooked my favorite food."

"Ahh~ the stir fried pork, right?"

"Oh! You know? How?"

"I called your mom a while ago." Tong stated as he sat on a chair. "I asked her what to do when you're sad."

Tong really cares about Gulf. Ever since when he was young, he wanted to have siblings but his parents didn't want anymore. So having Gulf with him is like having a younger brother, that's why he wanted to take care of Gulf just like taking care of a younger brother.

"When I'm sad?" He frowned.

"This afternoon, my parents asked me to call you for lunch. We've been calling your name, but you weren't answering. So... I got inside your room and saw you sleeping... with tears."

Gulf pursed his lips after Tong told him that he caught him sleeping with tears and he slowly dragged himself to sit on a chair.

"But I didn't tell anyone about it, not even my parents. So you don't have to worry." Tong reassured after earning a silence from the younger.

"Thank you." Gulf mumbled. "So, what did my mother say?"

"Hmmm, she said that eating your favorite food makes you happy. So I made it."

Gulf smiled.

"Nong, if you have something in your mind. You can let it out on me, so that I will know. It's only the two of us here, so I think it would be better if were going to help each other."

With that statement coming from Tong, it made him want to open up to the older and tell him that he actually saw his fiance who couldn't remember him anymore that's why he cried. But he stopped himself and thought that it wasn't yet the time to say it. He didn't even know what to do with it, so it would be better to keep it to himself first.

He just nodded his head at Tong and smiled. "Okay Pi, I will tell you if there's something that bothers me. So now, let's dig in. I've been wanting to eat it since I saw it."

The older chuckled. "Fine, let's eat now."

And Gulf immediately pulled the plate with the stir fried pork closer to him as he cutely said. "Can... can I eat them all P'Tong?"

The older snorted and rolled his eyes before giving Gulf a nod. They both happily ate their dinner as they talked about what were they going to do the next day.



Since Tong doesn't have a schedule for his review, he stayed at the cafe and prepared to open the shop. He was at the kitchen, unboxing the cakes that were freshly delivered while Gulf were wiping the tables and arranging the chairs.

Gulf went to the counter after wiping the tables, he leaned on the counter and rested his elbows on it while watching Tong placing the cakes inside the cake showcase storage.

"What time are we going to open the cafe, Pi?" He asked once again since he forgot about it.

"We'll open it at 10."

He glanced at his wrist watch to look at the time before he responded to the older. "Then we have a few minutes left."

"Everything is okay already. Just let me finish putting the cakes then we can change the door sign."

"Okay, Pi."

It wasn't yet the time to open the cafe, but Gulf looked at the entrance when he heard the sound of the door chimes rang, indicating that someone has entered the cafe.

A man entered the cafe and he wasn't expecting to see that man once again after their encounter the previous day. It was First.

When First got inside the cafe, his eyes landed on Gulf who was standing at the counter while Tong was behind the showcase storage. He was surprised to see Gulf inside the cafe.

"You?!" Gulf and First said in unison while pointing at each other, making Tong confused at them.

"What are you doing here?" Gulf asked. "We're not open yet."

"Me? What am I doing here?" First repeated Gulf's question as he pointed himself. "How about you? What are you doing here?"

"I am the one who asked you that question, why are you asking that to me?"

Tong furrowed his brows and glanced at Gulf then to First. "Wait wait wait, both of you are so noisy." He lifted his hand and pointed his index finger at the two. "You guys... know each other?"

"Yes!" They answered in unison once again.

"When? Where? and How?"

"I was at the shore---" Gulf started.

"Right. And he was playing football." First cut Gulf's statement.

Gulf glared at First for cutting his statement before he continued. "I lost sight of the ball and he found it. He gave it to me and that's how we met."

"Ohhh~" Tong cooed.

"He was actually crying at that time." First revealed. "That's why I approached him."

"You were crying, Gulf?"

If Gulf could staple First's mouth, he would have done it already to stop him from blabbering too much. Gulf then plastered an awkward smile and looked at the older who was waiting for his answer. "I... actually... the sand! Yes, the sand Pi. T-the sand got into my eyes Pi after kicking the ball. I rubbed my eyes and... and cry."

Tong was raising an eyebrow while listening at the younger's explanation. "Okay!" But instead of asking more questions, he nodded his head and believed what the younger said. "Even though you guys have known each other already, let me introduce you to each other once again."

"Gulf, he is First, he's working here in the cafe." Tong said while pointing at First who was looking so proud while Tong was introducing him to Gulf.

"Aw! So you have employees, Pi? I thought it's only you and me who's going to run your family's business while Auntie and Uncle are away." Gulf commented.

"No, we have First and a part timer. But the part timer resigned last week because of his studies. We didn't hire too much people since the cafe wasn't really that busy." He explained before he proceeded to introduce Gulf to First. "And First, this is Gulf, he's my childhood friend and the son of my parents' close friends."

"Ohh~ you didn't tell me that you have such a cute childhood friend P'Tong." First smiled as he expressed his admiration towards Gulf's appearance.

"Hey!" Tong came out from the counter and walked towars First. "I know that smile. You need to defeat me before you can start hitting on him." Tong wrapped an arm around First's shoulder and dragged him going to the kitchen. "Gulf, you can now flipped the sign."

"Okay, P'Tong." And Gulf happily flipped the sign from close to open like it was his first time flipping a signage.




Meanwhile, an SUV stopped in front of Tong's family house. The car window rolled down, revealing Run who was driving the car. They went to Surat Thani to follow their friend after knowing that his parents sent him to that province.

When they told Gulf's mother that they were going to follow their friend, she disagreed at first since they have their life in Bangkok as well. But they worried about Gulf being alone in the province. Atleast, they could support their friend by being with him. So after begging Gulf's mother, she ended up giving them the address where they could find Gulf. She also thought that Gulf may feel lonely since he was just alone at Surat Thani with Tong that's why she agreed at the end.

"P'Run, are you sure that this is the right house?" Boat asked as he looked inside the house through the gate, and noticed that the house looked so quiet. And also, he was skeptical after seeing the size of the house. It was such a huge house in front of them.

"Yes, Boat is right. The house is too big that a celebrity might be the owner of it." Mild added.

"I know, but it was on the address. There's no way that Gulf's mom is just playing with us. It's not easy to drive from Bangkok to here, and you two were just sleeping peacefully."

Mild and Boat gave him a sarcastic smile, then Mild tapped his shoulder to encourage his friend. "Don't be angry na. Come on, let's take a rest first at that cafe."

Mild pointed the location of the cafe with his finger while Run followed it with his gaze and spotted a cafe next to the house. He gave Mild a nod and parked the car right away since he was tired, hungry, and thirsty during the trip.


The day in the cafe went smooth, except for First and Gulf who kept on bickering on each other. First thought that Gulf was really cute that's why he always teased him.

Gulf was rolling his eyes at First for teasing him when he heard the door chimes rang. He quickly plastered a smile on his face to welcome the new customer. But his smile dropped and was changed into a surprised look after seeing his friends at the cafe. "Pi... P'Mild, P'Run, P'Boat?! What are you guys doing here?!"

Boat, Run, and Mild wandered their eyes around the cafe after entering the place. But their gaze landed at the counter once they heard someone calling their names. And they were all surprised after finally seeing the person that they were looking for. Gulf.

"Gulf!" They all exclaimed and approached their friend.

Tong and First were both confused at the scene, but instead of asking, they chose to stay silent and watched the four of them. Like they were watching a group of friends being reunited after not seeing each other for a decade.

Gulf happily and confusedly came out from the counter to talk to his friends. "What are you guys doing here?"

"It's a long story, Gulf." Mild answered.

"Aw! Make it short of course." Gulf demanded.

"But... before we answer all your questions. Can we eat first?" Boat requested with a big smile. "We were actually starving."



As a chef at the cafe, First cooked the meals for Gulf's friend while Tong and Gulf seated at a table with his friends. They all started digging in their food after First served all their orders.

"Now, tell me why are you guys here?" Gulf asked while watching his friends eating.

"Aww~ Your question is kinda harsh, Gulf. It's like you're pushing us away." Boat cooed.

"Hey, I didn't mean it that way. I was just asking why? This place is really far from Bangkok and then suddenly you guys are here."

"We came here because we wanted to see you." Mild said.

"Yes, and stay here in the province to accompany you." Run added. "We went to your house after receiving calls from your parents, asking us if you invaded our house. But it turned out that you're using us as your excuse to go to the milk tea shop everyday. After knowing from your mom that they sent you here, we thought that you might feel lonely since you're alone."

"I'm sorry about that. But..." He smiled like a cute puppy who just received a love from its owner. "I didn't know that you guys really cared about me, even though you always teased me. But I'm not really that lonely though because P'Tong is with me."

"So, that means... you don't need our presence here?" Mild concluded.

"No no no, it's not like that." Gulf strongly denied and he tried his best to explain it to his friends and to avoid misunderstandings. " What I mean is that P'Tong is doing his best to make my stay here comfortable and fun. And he's taking care of me as well. Having you guys here is a plus. It's such a good thing because I'm surrounded with people who care about me."

While listening, they all looked at Tong with a suspiscious look. Tong felt like his whole body was shaking after receiving those gazes from Gulf's friends.

"Hey! You should gave that deadly gazes at the person in the counter not at P'Tong." Referring to First who temporarily took over their place at the counter. "By the way Pi, they are my friends from high school and university. This is Boat, Run, and Mild. And you guys, he's Tong. His family owned this cafe."

After learning the truth from Gulf, the three immediately did a wai at Tong.

"It's okay, it's okay. You don't have to do that." Tong humbly said. "Oh! I forgot to say, Gulf. I checked my phone a while ago and saw that Mom actually sent me a message about them coming over. She said that they can stay at the house."




Once they were done with their meals at the cafe, Tong asked Gulf to go back home with his friends so that they could take a rest, leaving only him and First to take care of the cafe. Gulf followed what older said and sent his friends home.

Mild, Run, and Boat occupied the guestroom next to Gulf's room. Their room was really perfect for them as it has 3 beds. It also has its own bathroom, desk and chair. The three were totally amazed at Tong's family's wealth.

At night, Tong opened their bar after he finished managing the cafe. Unlike the cafe, Tong just checked the place and let their employees run it instead of him. He went home and had dinner with Gulf and his friends. The night wasn't the same as before since there were a lot of people in the house making the dinner more fun and enjoyable, he thought.

After dinner, Boat, Mild, and Run went to their room to take a rest early. They were totally exhausted from their 8 hour trip going to the province. While the three took an early rest, Tong was left at the living room, typing something with his laptop.

"P'Tong, what are you working on?" Gulf asked while taking steps going out of the kitchen. He was thirsty, so he went out to get some water at the kitchen and saw Tong at the living room looking so busy as he was heading back to his room.

Tong glanced at him. "Why are you still awake?"

"I was thirsty, so I went down to get some water." He sat on a separate sofa beside Tong. "Are you studying for your exam?"

"No, I'm making an announcement."

"What announcement, Pi?"

"A job advertisement."

Gulf made a frown. "You're going to open a job position?"

"Yes, but not in the cafe. It's for the bar." Tong explained. "We need to search for a guitarist and a singer for the live acoustic starting next week. I need to send this to First so that he can print and give it to me tomorrow."

"Oh Pi! My friend P'Run, he can sing." Gulf suddenly exclaimed.

"Ohh really? Can he be the singer at the bar?"

"About that, I don't know Pi. P'Run has a good voice, but I usually saw him dancing instead of singing."

"Aww~" Tong cooed and he pouted.

Seeing the older plastered a sad look on his face and even pouted, Gulf felt bad for giving the older a false hope. "P'Tong, it's okay. Don't be sad. We could find a guitarist and a singer soon. I... I'll try to talk to P'Run tomorrow."

Tong's face cheered up after Gulf offered a help to him in pursuing his friend. "Really?"

"Yes, Pi. So, continue making that one and send it to that annoying guy, First."

He chuckled as he focused his attention back on making the announcement. "You really hate him, don't you?"

"N-not really hate, Pi. Just... I find him annoying, but I don't know why."

"I see. First may be really annoying, but he's a good person."

Gulf didn't say anything after what Tong said, so the older took it as a sign that Gulf might not want to talk about First.

"Okay! I'm done." And eventually, Tong did finish making his job advertisement. He sent it to First before he closed his laptop and went upstairs with the younger.




First arrived early at the cafe to hand the job advertisement that he printed the previous night. When he arrived there, Tong asked Gulf to help First post the ads while Gulf's friends helped Tong in opening the cafe.

He wanted to say no. Why he needed to do it with First out of all other people in the cafe? But it was already too late, when First approached him and gave him half of the printed papers.

Gulf glared at First, but First just gave him such a big smile. He sighed and grabbed the papers from First then went out of the cafe.


"I heard from P'Tong that your parents sent you here." First said as he tried to initiate a conversation with Gulf after they were given a task to post the advertisement.

But Gulf ignored First as he continued walking, finding a perfect place for them to post the printed papers.

"Were you a bad son? Did you disobey your parents?" First didn't give up and continued throwing him questions. "That's why they're punishing you?"

Gulf felt really annoyed at First questions. He let out a frustrating sigh, he turned around and glared at First. "Can you... please shut your mouth? We need to finish this one and you keep on talking excessively instead of doing your job."

First just snorted at him. "Why are you such a hotheaded? You were treating me like this since yesterday. I just want to talk to you."

"Talk. You're just trying to get my attention, that's it."

"Yeah that's why!"

"Then why do you want to get my attention? I'm not even asking you to do it."

"Why? Do we need to ask permission if we're going to get the attention of the person that we like? And if I'm going to ask you, will you give me your attention?"

And Gulf felt surprised and shy at the same time after what First said. What a joke! Gulf thought. He scowled and forcefully handed the printed papers that he was holding to First, making the papers to drop on the road and some even flew to different directions. "I-I'm going back to the cafe. You... you continue posting that!"

And Gulf left immediately without even turning back to check on First. On the other hand, First was left dumbfounded after what Gulf did. Then, he turned to look at Gulf who was walking so fast going back to the cafe. He snorted. "He's so cute."