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While walking, New stepped on a piece of paper on the road. He was strolling nearby the resort and was heading back when he saw a few papers on the road and unintentionally stepped on one of it.

Out of curiosity, he crouched down and picked up the paper. He flipped it and saw an ad. When he read it through, his face brightened and his eyes lit up. New folded the paper and he hurriedly went back to the resort to see Bosser.


"P'Boss! P'Boss!" New shouted as he hastily headed to Bosser's office.

"Oh New, why? Why are you shouting?" Bosser responded with a surprise look on his face. "Is there any problem?"

"No, I'm fine Pi."

"Aw! Then why are you shouting?"

"Because I've found a job, Pi." He happily declared without even getting the job yet. "I remembered what you said when we were heading to Bangkok. And when I saw this..." He paused and grabbed the paper from his pocket. "I thought that maybe I could use my skills in playing guitar to apply for this."

Bosser smiled at the thought that New remembered what he said on that day. He frowned when New grabbed a piece of folded paper from his pocket. "What's that?"

"A job ad." New unfolded the paper and showed it to Bosser. "See! A bar is looking for a guitarist."

Bosser tilted his head then slowly took the paper from New and he read it. "Hmmm~ They're looking for a guitarist and a singer. And you're going to apply for the guitarist position?"

New nodded his head constantly with a silly smile on his face. "Yes, Pi."

"Then I think it's good! I know this bar, it's just near here."

But instead of putting a smile on his face. New pouted. "But... it says there that they opened at 6 in the evening. Kaownah's parents won't let me out at night."

Bosser gave the paper back to New while smiling, trying to cheer up the kid as he said. "Forget about Kaownah's parents. If you want that, then you should do your best to get it. Don't worry, I'll talk to them once you get hired."

"Really Pi?!"

"Yes! Really!"

"Aww~ Pi, thank you!" New happily exclaimed and he moved closer to the older and gave him a hug. Bosser laughed at him and he was happy receiving such a warm hug from the kid. It wasn't his first time receiving a hug, but it was his first time receiving a hug in return of his offer of help.




A loud thud was heard inside the cafe when Gulf slammed the advertisement on the table, just right in front of his friends. Tong and First were thankful that the cafe was already closed, or else the customers already jolted in surprise after what Gulf did.

"Calm down man, are you pursuing him or threatening him?" Mild commented.

"That's right. P'Run won't say yes, if you're spooking him." Boat added.

Gulf annoyingly pursed his lips and sighed. "I'm sorry. It's because P'Run won't say yes!"

"One second, you're sorry and then after that you're shouting again." Mild rolled his eyes at their hot-headed friend.

"I don't think I can really do this, you know? I'm more on dancing than singing. That's why I established my own dance studio, right?"

"But Pi, you used to like singing before dancing right? You can even sing Korean songs! That's really good because there are a lot of Korean people having a vacation here." Gulf pleaded. He's really trying his best to pursuade Run in accepting the position. "At least we could help P'Tong in this."

Run glared at Gulf and after a careful thought, Run eventually nodded his head. "Okay, I'll try to think about it."

"Yes!" Gulf exclaimed.

"Only try, okay? Only try. If I failed, I would quit right away."

"Don't worry Pi, we will help you." Gulf assured.




The next day, Run was saving some songs that he could practice on. He copied the lyrics on his phone and downloaded the songs. While he's busy searching for some songs, Boat was sleeping on the table in front of him.

First hasn't arrived at the cafe yet, so Mild helped Gulf and Tong. While Tong and Gulf were inside the kitchen, Mild was at the counter cleaning the area when someone came inside the cafe.

Mild thought that it was First who finally arrived, he lifted his head and was expecting to see First. But Mild widened his eyes and was frozen on his place after seeing the person who just came in.

"Oh hi~" New smiled and waved at the person in the counter. "I am here to---"

"Ghost..." Mild said almost in a whisper. "Ghost... There's a ghost!" He started screaming while shutting his eyes tight and he tried to hide behind the counter.

Hearing Mild shouting wildly, Boat got up in frustration. He was so upset at Mild for being so noisy and even woke him up. Run and Boat were annoyed and turned to look at Mild, ready to throw their tantrum to their friend, but their attention was caught by the man who was standing at the entrance. When they looked at New, they both gasped in disbelief.

"P'Mew?" Run mumbled, clear enough for Boat to hear.

"He's alive?" Boat asked him back.

When Tong and Gulf heard the commotion, they went out of the kitchen and headed to the counter. They saw Mild crouching down behind the counter. They also looked at Run and Boat's direction and saw that the two were left frozen on their tracks as they stared at New standing at the entrance.

And when Gulf turned his attention to New, he could understand why his friends were acting like that.

"Hey~ P'Mild..." He called him as he helped him to stand up.

"Gulf, I saw a ghost." Mild stated, pointing his finger at the entrance as he stood up with the help of Tong and Gulf.

"Oh come on, he's not a ghost!"

"But---" Mild wanted to say more, but New cut him.

New was just standing their, looking so confused at their reaction after seeing him. But he still kept his smile on his face. "Yeah, he's right. I'm a human. I'm not a ghost."

"But, P'Mew we thought that you---"

"Boat!" Gulf cut Boat's statement by calling his friend's name. He then turned to look at Tong and said. "P'Tong, we'll just go out for a while. Just talk to him first."

And that's how Gulf gently dragged his confused friends outside the cafe. They didn't understand on why Gulf acted like nothing when they almost went crazy after seeing Mew inside the cafe. They all followed Gulf instead of protesting against him and as they headed outside, they didn't miss to stare at New from head to toe before they were able to get out of the cafe.

New followed the four of them going out of the cafe by his gaze. The way they stared at him before they could completely exited the cafe was totally suspicious for him. They looked at him just like he was rose from the dead.

"W-what's wrong with them?" New awkwardly asked the only person who was left inside the cafe, Tong.

"Actually... it's just nothing. Don't mind them." Even Tong, he couldn't understand on why they reacted like that. Instead of wondering why, he set it aside and chose to entertain the person in front of him. "So, human, what brought you here? We're not yet open."

"Oh yes I know, I'm sorry for barging in, but I just want to ask about this..." New pointed the job ad that was placed on the counter. "I'm interested about the guitarist position. Is it still available?"

And that statement lightened up Tong's mood. Finally, someone came to apply as a guitarist. "Yeah sure! Please be seated." Tong formally invited New to sit on an empty couch. "So that we can discuss about your application for the guitarist position."



"Why?" Run asked right away as soon as they got out of the cafe. "Why did you drag us here? Can't you see who was inside that cafe?"

"Of course P'Run, I know."

"Then why?" Mild asked him this time. "You were longing for him. You were devastated after the accident. But you acted like his presence was just nothing."

"Look, he doesn't know me anymore! Not only me, but us!" He strongly insisted out of frustration, making all of them unable to utter any words to argue with him. He was in the verge of crying, but he tried to stop himself because he never wanted other people to see him crying, not even his friends. "Can't you see his reaction after seeing us? Was he longing to see us? No. It's like we're strangers for him. He wasn't even surprised to see us. I know it was Mew, but what do you expect me to do to someone who sees me as a stranger now?"

In their years of friendship, they've never seen Gulf cry, not until Mew's funeral. But as they listened to him, with his voice cracking, they could say that Gulf was trying to stop himself from breaking down into tears right in front of them.

"That's why P'Mew didn't even call out our names when he saw us." Boat expressed his realization and sighed afterwards.

Mild stared at Gulf before he placed his hand on Gulf's back and caressed it. "We didn't know about it, Gulf. We're sorry."

"It's okay, I understand."

"Let's talk more about this when we get back home. For now, let's go back to the cafe." Run suggested and they nodded their head.

"Wait..." But before they could take a step heading back to the cafe. Gulf pleaded them about something. "Can you guys please act like you don't know him? Please? This is just only for a short time, until we can find a way on how to bring back his memories."

"Gulf is right." Run agreed. "He might get scared at us. We need to take things slowly."

Once they were done discussing on what to do and on how to act around New, they all went inside, they found New talking with Tong and he's getting ready to leave as well.

"Aw! You guys are back." Tong said, making New to turn around and looked at them.

New smiled after seeing Gulf. "Hi. You're... Gulf, right?" He said while pointing at Gulf. "I remember you. You accidentally hit my back with the ball."

Gulf was totally nervous when New started talking to him. He glanced at his friends and Tong and found that they were all looking at him. He awkwardly smiled back at New. "Y-you really remember that huh?"

"So... you guys have known each other already?" Tong dropped a question at them. He felt like he's always left behind. It seemed like Gulf have already met everyone before him.

"Yes." It was New who answered. "He even cried while---"

"You cried?" Mild, Boat, and Run said in unison as they all widened their eyes at their friend. New couldn't even continue his sentence because they butt in.

Gulf rolled his eyes. New was like First, they loved to blab. He ignored his friends and looked at New before dropping a question to change the topic. "By the way New, why are you here again?"

"Oh about that, I came here to apply as a guitarist."

Gulf's facial expression suddenly changed when he heard that New was applying as a guitarist at the bar. Not only Gulf but also his friends glanced at each other. "Y-you'll apply as a guitarist?"


"And he's coming back here tomorrow to show his audition piece."

"So... I'll get going now. I need to practice for tomorrow's audition."

"O-okay, bye. See you and goodluck."

New did a wai to them before leaving the cafe. As soon as New left, Tong, who was really confused at them, suddenly asked a question.

"Is there something wrong?" Tong asked, making the four of them to look at him. "I mean, your reaction after seeing New was really confusing. Mild even mentioned about seeing ghost."

"Aww~ there's nothing Pi." Gulf calmly said. "Mild really loves playing around, so I think he's just joking when he mentioned about that, right P'Mild?"

Gulf turned to look at Mild with an awkward smile and he blinked his eyes, cueing him to just go along with him. "Yes, P'Tong, I was just joking at that time."

But Tong didn't believe them. He knew that there's something about New and they were hiding from him. He could even see it in their eyes and especially in their actions, too.

Even though he's suspecting the four of them, he's not a kind of person who's going to force someone for them to tell him the truth. He knew that waiting for them was way better than forcing them.

"Okay!" And Tong dropped the conversation like that, which made Gulf and his friends to breathe in relief.

Tong made his way back to that kitchen and the four also went back to where they were before New arrived. Run sat on a chair and started practicing his song with Boat while Mild stood up at the counter then Gulf followed Tong going to the kitchen.





At home, New was scrolling on his phone, searching for a song with simple chords that he could play for his audition the next day. He found one song that was quite familiar to him. The chords were also not complicated, he grabbed his guitar and tried playing it.

"What are you doing?"

Just when he was busy playing the song that he chose, he heard Kaownah's voice who silently entered his room and slowly walked towards him.

"I'm preparing a piece for my audition tomorrow." He answered after glancing at the younger.

Kaownah widened his eyes and he immediately sat on the bed beside New. "You have what? Audition?"

"Hmmm. I applied as a guitarist in a bar near the resort and they asked me to play a song tomorrow."

"Wow~ I want to see. I will go. I will also tell Turbo to come with me."

"No, this is a secret. I've never told your parents about this."

"Aw! Then if you don't bring me with you to the audition, I will tell mom and dad." Kaownah threatened the older in which he earned a glare from him. "Kidding! Come on~ Just let me go with you. I want to cheer you up as you play."

New sighed. Hearing Kaownah kept on nagging him to tag him along going to his audition made him feel regretful for letting himself slipped the information to the younger. "Fine, but don't tell mom and dad, okay? They'll surely forbid me tomorrow from going out."

Kaownah beamed as he cutely clapped his hands in front of him. When he heard New's last statement, it made him frown and tilted his head. "But... if you pass the audition, you need to tell this to them, right?"

"Right. But P'Boss told me that he's going to help me in pursuading them about me having the job."

"Ohh P'Boss. P'Boss is really kind. Glad that you're getting along with him na." Kaownah murmured. He extended his arms and scrolled on New's phone to help the older find a good song. "Are you going to play that song? Let's try checking other songs. Hmmm, how about this?"




After New appeared at the cafe, Gulf couldn't concentrate with his job and his friends noticed it. When he was at the counter, he punched in the wrong drink in which Mild came to help him void the order.

Gulf also lent a hand to Boat when they received bulk orders of drinks, but Gulf accidentally poured too much sugar on one of the drinks, making First to take over his place.

His mind was clouded about New auditioning for the guitarist position at the bar. He thought New have forgotten everything already, but the older still has his skills in playing guitar.

His thoughts were cut when a customer stood up from her seat, getting ready to leave the cafe. Gulf bowed and thanked her before he went to her table and cleaned it. He placed the used plate, tissues, and half empty plastic cup of frappe when it spilled on his hand then to the table. He mentally cursed himself for being so clumsy.

"Let me do this instead." First said as he came to help Gulf.

Gulf just stood up there and watched First cleaned the messed that he made. First then gently grabbed his hand and wiped it using a clean wet towel. First's action made Gulf startled, he then remembered what First told him the previous day and that made him to withdraw his hand. "I'm fine. I'll do it by myself."

But First didn't listen to him, he grabbed Gulf's hand once again and continued wiping it as he said. "I noticed you being so clumsy today."

"I'm not clumsy." Gulf insisted, but deep inside him, he agreed at First's comment.

"But you keep on messing around."

"I was just thinking about something."

"About what I said yesterday?" He glanced at Gulf. "Not only you're clumsy today, but you're avoiding me as well."

He wasn't thinking about that actually, he was thinking about New, but he couldn't just say it to First. So, he just stayed silent and pulled his hand after First was done wiping it.

"You can just forget about that. I was just teasing you."

"It's okay, I didn't take it seriously tho."

When Mild noticed Gulf and First's sweet little moment, he cocked his eyebrows and nudged Boat's side to get his attention.

"What?" Boat asked after lifting his head to look at Mild.

Mild jutted his chin towards First and Gulf's direction, Boat followed it with his gaze and saw the two having their own world.

"Let's make a petition for Gulf to open his heart for First." Boat suggested in which Mild laughed and constantly nodded his head, agreeing to what Boat said.

Gulf heard Mild laughing and he turned to look at him with Boat at the counter. When Mild and Boat caught him staring at them, his friends grinned at him and made a heart shape using their hands.

Grimacing slightly at his friends, Gulf shook his head before lifting the tray from the table and brought it to the kitchen, leaving First behind.




"So, tell us how did you end up crying in front of P'Mew huh?" Mild crossed his arms in front of his chest as he dropped the question to his friend. They all gathered at their room after having their dinner to talk about New.

Gulf rolled his eyes at Mild for starting the conversation with such question. But he answered it anyway. "I was just drowned by my emotions, like... I wasn't expecting to see him here. I remember I saw him in Bangkok and now he's here."

"Isn't it confusing? The accident happened in Rayong, but we found him in Surat Thani." Boat said. "It will take... 10 hours from Rayong to Surat Thani. So how did P'Mew get in here?"

"I think it has something to do with the man that I saw with P'Mew. Maybe they found him in Rayong and brought him here."

"The man?" His friends said in chorus.

"It happened during my first day here. I met him and..."

"And what happened?" Run asked, eager to know what happened afterwards.

"I called him with his name, but he said he's not Mew. His name now is New. When I was about to tell him that I am his fiance, a man named Kaownah called him." Gulf released a sigh. He suddenly remembered how close Kaownah and New was. "And they were really close to each other."

Hearing the sadness in Gulf's voice, Boat, Mild, and Run glanced at each other with a sad look on their faces. Mild placed a hand on Gulf's shoulder to comfort him and cheer him up as well.

"Come on, cheer up." Mild said. "Don't worry na. We're here to help you."

Run and Boat gave their friend a nod with a smile when Gulf looked at them.


While the four of them were busy with their discussion about New, Tong was also busy searching for Gulf to borrow the younger's phone charger since he left his at the cafe. He went to the living room, but the younger wasn't there. He proceeded to the younger's room, he knocked on the door but no one answered.

He really needed to borrow it, so he twisted the door knob and peeked inside the room to check if Gulf went to bed already, but Gulf's bed was empty. Tong got inside and checked the bathroom if the younger took a shower, but still there's no one using the bathroom. He looked around the room and his eyes landed on the nightstand where he saw Gulf's charger sitting on it.

Tong happily trudged to where the nighstand was, he stretched out his arm and was about to grab the thing that he wanted to borrow when the picture frame next to the charger caught his attention. Instead of picking up the phone charger, Tong slowly took the picture frame and stared at it. His smile dropped and was replaced with a frown, after seeing New and Gulf in the picture.

He placed the picture frame back on the nightstand with so many questions forming on his head. He dropped the idea of borrowing the younger's stuff and just made his way out from Gulf's room.

Tong suddenly remembered the incident on that morning, where New came in the cafe and Gulf acted so strange. Not only Gulf, but also Mild, Run, and Boat. They were shocked at New's appearance.

"So, what are we going to do now?"

Tong's ear twitched when he heard Run's voice in the next room. He slowly and silently walked to their room and saw that the door was left slightly open, enabling him to eavesdrop about their conversation.

"We need to take things slowly." Gulf suggested. "Now that we found P'Mew, we need to help him slowly get back his memories. I'm sure that he could remember everything soon. He might forget about us, but he didn't forget his skills in playing the guitar."

"Yes, P'Mew mentioned a while ago that he's going to audition for the guitarist position. If he passes, then we can get closer to him. That way, we can do our plan in bringing back his memories." Said Boat.

"So you need to be the vocalist." Mild sternly said while pointing at Run. "If you're going to be the vocalist, and P'Mew is the guitarist, you can get along with him. You can talk to him, and ask him some questions."

"Honestly, I still can't believe that P'Mew is alive." Run stated. "We all believe that he died from the accident last year, but this morning he was standing in front of us."

"So, you all believe me that P'Mew is alive right? That I'm not just having hallucination just like what my parents said."

They all smiled at Gulf, remembering the time when they talked to Gulf's parents, how worried they were after finding out that Gulf was experiencing grief hallucination. They even believed his mother, but Mew's appearance at the cafe proved them wrong, they thought Gulf was actually right after all.

"We believe you now, don't worry." Mild reassured his friend.

"And if the only way that we can get closer to him is to accept that position, then I will do it." Run finally declared his decision in accepting the position as a vocalist at Tong's bar.

"So, Mew is Gulf's fiance? And he is New, right?"

Before they could react at Run's declaration, Tong suddenly speak making all of them to turn their head at Tong's direction. They all widened their eyes in shock. Tong widely opened the door, he got inside the room and he crossed his arms over his chest waiting for them to answer his question.

"Am I right?" Tong asked once again after only getting a silence from the four. "That's why you guys were acting strange this morning. Why didn't you tell me about it, Nong Gulf?"

"P'Tong..." Gulf mumbled. Hearing the older addressed him with Nong, he knew that Tong was being dead serious. "I... I can explain."

"Yes, you should. Because I really want an explanation about this."

Gulf cutely motioned his hand for Tong to walk closer to them, he tapped the empty space beside him, cueing the older to sit on the bed next to him.

Tong sighed, but obliged at the younger. He walked towards them and sat on the bed beside Gulf, sitting across Mild, Run, and Boat. "What now?"

"First of all, I'm sorry for hiding this from you, Pi. I just don't know how to say it. And... yes, you're right. Mew is my fiance, and he is New, for now. I just found out that he lost his memories, that's why he couldn't remember me."

"Are you even sure that he is really Mew?"

"Yes Pi." Gulf immediately and strongly agreed while constantly nodding his head at the older beside him. "We've been together for five years, so I really know him. There's no way that he's not Mew."

"Okay. So, what are you going to do now?"

Gulf slowly pursed his lips at Tong's question, even him, he couldn't answer it. What they have as of that moment was a plan on bringing back Mew's memories.

"I heard about your plan." Tong confessed to them and he looked at Run. "Run, you're determined to accept the vocalist position for you to get closer to New, right? About this plan, I can say that you guys don't have to worry about it since no one will audition for this position tomorrow but for the guitarist... there are 5 of them."

They all dropped their shoulders after hearing from Tong that there were five people who were interested to be the guitarist. For Gulf, as what he knew, Mew isn't really that an expert when it comes to playing the guitar. Mew always likes playing simple chords only.

"Mew likes playing simple chords." Gulf mumbled as he pouted. "What if the other four auditionees are better than him? Of course, you will choose the one who's really good right? Then what should we do? I even have less than a month to stay here."

"I'll try to find ways." Tong reassured.




In order to let New passed the audition, Tong made a plan and asked help from Boat, Mild and First. Instead of him choosing the guitarist alone, he let the three to help him as well but First was excluded for their plan about New. They were going to give scores for each performers, but Boat and Mild should give high scores to New in order for him to pass.

Things inside the bar wasn't the same as what Tong had on his mind, the auditionees came and there were walk in applicants for the vocalist position as well. But Tong kindly informed the auditionees that they have found already and they were just only searching for a guitarist, much to the auditionees dismay.

Together with Run, Boat, and Mild, Gulf seated at a table which was closer to the stage when New came with Kaownah and Turbo.

Boat tried to get the attention of his friends when he spotted New, he jutted his chin towards New's direction, making his friends to follow and they saw him with Kaownah and another boy.

New spotted them and he made his way to their table. "Hi~ You guys are all here."

"Hello... you're..." It was Mild who responded to New and he acted like he forgot his name at all.

"Oh I forgot to introduce my name yesterday. I'm New and..." He looked at the two people who's with him and introduced them as well. "This is Kaownah and Turbo, they're my friends."

Kaownah and Turbo smiled after New introduced them.

"Nice meeting you all." Turbo said.

"Nice to meet you as well." Run responded. "I'm Run and these are my friends, Boat, Mild, and Gulf."

"I know you." Kaownah claimed after looking at Gulf. "You were the one who accidentally hit the ball on New's back, right? I was totally worried after New told me what happened."

Gulf felt awkward at that time. How many times does he need to hear about his first encounter with New? And Kaownah, Gulf wished for this man to vanish from his sight. A ball wouldn't kill New, but he was acting like what happened on that day could give New a permanent injury. "I really didn't mean it. I'm so sorry about that."

"It's really okay, just don't mind him. He's really like that. He's always worried at me." New said with a smile and what he said wasn't really helping at all.

Gulf wished for the conversation to end and he was thankful enough when Tong appeared and called New to prepare for his turn. Kaownah and Turbo sat at the table beside Gulf's table and waited for New to play. Of course, Gulf and his friends didn't miss how supportive Kaownah was to New.

When it was New's turn, the crowd gave him an applause and he could hear people encouraging him, not to mention Kaownah and Turbo who were the loudest of all the cheers. They all turned silent when New started strumming his guitar.

Seeing New playing the guitar in front of him, Gulf had flashbacks of memories, he remembered when Mew played the guitar at him while they were eating their dinner. When they were fighting, Mew used a song for them to reconcile. And also, everytime Mew expressed his admiration for the younger, he would love to use a song to say it.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the song that New was going to play. He knew that song so well since Mew always sing that song for him. It lingered in his mind for a very long time that he could even recognize it right away. It was their song.

🎵 Waking up this morning to a world seems different.
The alarm clock wakes me up like it usually does.
You are perfectly sleeping, not knowing what is on my mind.
I'm letting you dwell on your sweet dreams. 🎵

Back when Mew used to sing this song for him, Mew's eyes were only locked with his. But that time, it was different. New's eyes were laid at Kaownah and sometimes to the other audiences, but never in Gulf's direction.

🎵 Thinking of the time we stared into each other's eyes without uttering a word.
The way you looked at me was the proof our love.
With all the good time we've shared, do you feel the same way I do?
Should I keep it to myself? or should I tell you?🎵

Just before New sang the anticipated chorus part of the song, New's eyes landed at Gulf. And when New finally sang the chorus, a tear dropped from Gulf's eyes. Gulf's heart was beating so fast that he could almost hear it. New continued singing and his eyes never left Gulf, it stayed gazing at him.

🎵 I want you to be my last.
And the one who shares every breath with me.
I will never ever hurt you.
Do you hear me, my love?
And if the world falls apart, please remember my love for you will never change.
You can rest assured.
The two of us will walk side by side.
As long as you love me.
Please don't let go of my hand.🎵

The song ended with Gulf shedding tears as he stared at New singing their song, he's thankful that the bar was dim or else New could see him crying once again. The lyrics of the song at the chorus part gave him a different feeling compared before. He felt like New was singing it to tell him that even though his memories were gone, his love for the younger still remained in his heart though he couldn't recognize Gulf as of the moment.

It wasn't only New's eyes were on Gulf during the performance because Kaownah kept on glancing at Gulf as well when he noticed where New was staring. If Gulf was emotional with New's performance, Kaownah was bothered by Gulf. He couldn't seem to get on why New stared at Gulf when it was supposed to be him since he was there to cheer for him.

"How was it?" New asked right away as soon as he got off the stage and approached Kaownah's table. Kaownah immediately shifted his attention to New and smiled at him as he lifted his hands, showing the older a thumbs up.

"Woah~ P'New, you are so good." Turbo complimented the older. "You made everyone focused on you the whole time. And the song was really good, it was like you're confessing to someone."

"Really?" His lips stretched into a wide smile as he listened at Turbo's comments. "I was actually nervous. Like really nervous, because it's my first time playing and singing in public."


On the other hand, after New's performance, Gulf secretly wiped his tears away but Mild still saw it. He knew that the song New had just played was actually their song and he felt really sad for Gulf.

After fixing himself, he turned to face his friends and excused himself, making Run and Boat confused at him. Mild told them about the song and to just leave Gulf alone since he needed some time for himself.


Gulf went out from the bar and headed to the shore. He let his tears fall once again, as he sat down. New's performance was replaying on his mind as well as the song that he sang. And it made him miss the older even more. He has found Mew already, but he couldn't even hold or hug him, or tell him how much he miss him and love him.

As he continued to dwell on with his emotions, Gulf heard footsteps approaching him. He sniffed and quickly wiped his tears. And when he turned around he saw First sneakily taking steps towards him while holding two cans on his hands, but stopped after he was caught by Gulf.

"What are you doing here?" Gulf asked with his brows furrowed.

"I was outside the bar when I saw you going here, so I followed you." First explained then he handed a can of fresh fruit juice to Gulf. "That's for you. I don't know if you like alcoholic drinks or not, so I just got you a can of fruit juice."

It's true that First always teased and annoyed him, but since the previous day First was caring and gentle towards him. And frankly, Gulf missed the feeling of having someone taking care of him. He pursed his lips and acted like he was annoyed at First's presence before grabbing the drink from him. "Thanks."

"You're welcome." First replied and sat on the sand beside Gulf. "I heard you sniffing. Were you crying again?"

"You're so nosy."

"I just heard it. Accidentally." He insisted and took a sip of his drink. "I always see you crying."

"Just only twice, not always."

"It's still the same." First looked at Gulf with a worried gaze. "If you have a problem..." He tapped his ears twice before he continued. "I can listen. I'm a good listener."

Gulf snorted and he shook his head. "You won't understand."

"You haven't said anything yet."

Gulf and First enjoyed having their conversation as they both watched the sea, without knowing that someone was also looking at them from behind. It was New.