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While Kaownah was digesting everything that he saw on Gulf's social media account, he sat on the floor and leaned his back against his bed. His laptop was sitting on the bed and his screen still showed Gulf's profile and banner. Spacing out, Kaownah's tears kept on falling as he think about what to do next. Now that he finally knew the truth behind New's real identity, he's thinking whether to tell New about it or not.

As he was thinking about it, without further notice, his door suddenly opened swiftly. Remembering that his laptop was still stuck on Gulf's profile, he immediately grabbed his laptop and was about to close it. But it was already too late when Turbo got inside his room and saw what was on the screen.

Turbo was smiling so wide as he entered Kaownah's room, but his smile dropped when he caught Kaownah's tearstained face while attempting to close his laptop. "That..." He furrowed his brows while looking at Gulf and Mew's picture. "That's P'Gulf and P'New, right?"

Kaownah gulped nervously. He didn't give Turbo an answer and he immediately closed his laptop. But Turbo held his hand. With a stern look on his face, he took Kaownah's laptop and opened it, then he started scrolling down. With the kind of look on his face, Kaownah could tell that Turbo was also in the state of disbelief after finding out the truth.

"Since when did you know this one?" Turbo asked. But Kaownah just gave him a silent atmosphere, and so he asked him once again. "When?"

"Just only today."


"When we were in Khao Sok, I accidentally heard Gulf and First's conversation. I heard that Gulf had a fiance who died in a car accident. He said, the car exploded after it fell off the cliff. Somehow, it was similar to New's accident, that's why I suspected it. I tried to search Gulf's social media and found this."

"And yes, P'New and P'Gulf's fiance are just one person." Turbo concluded. "Right?"


"But why P'Gulf didn't say anything about it?" Turbo confusedly asked himself then he strongly suggested something. "We need to tell P'New about this."

Hearing what Turbo said, Kaownah held Turbo's arm and shook his head vigorously. "No no no, please no. Don't tell P'New yet."

"W-what no? This is about his past, he needs to know it."

"I know! But... not now, please?" Kaownah pleaded with his tears falling from his eyes.

"If not now, then when? He was away from his family for almost a year." Turbo glanced at the screen and showed it to Kaownah. "And can't you see this? He's supposed to get married with P'Gulf, but because of the accident everything has shattered. Don't you feel sad for P'Gulf? What if something like this will happen to you too?"

"That's why I don't want to tell New about this, I'm afraid to lose him." Kaownah finally blurted out as he burst into tears. "I like him and I want him to stay with me."

Turbo was hurt. He felt like his heart was being tormented. Seeing the person that he loves being in that situation, it broke him. But what hurt him the most was that he even heard Kaownah saying that he likes New. Unlike New, he was with Kaownah ever since they were young, but why Kaownah couldn't even like him just like how he likes New?

He was hurt, but it didn't stop him from pulling Kaownah into a comforting embrace. "P'New isn't supposed to be here in the first place. This is not the place where he belongs. Even if you say that you saved his life, you still don't have the right to keep him. He should be with P'Gulf. They are meant to be together."

"Promise me..." Turbo continued. He lifted his hand, showing his pinky finger to Kaownah. "Promise me that you will tell P'New about this."

Kaownah, who was resting his head on Turbo's chest, stared at his friend's pinky finger in front of him. He wanted to say no, but what Turbo said was right as well. He slowly lifted his hand and intertwined his pinky finger with Turbo's. "Hmm, I promise."




At home, Mild, Boat, and Run were watching a drama on TV while Tong was busy scanning his reviewers. While they were all busy with their own stuff, the main door suddenly opened. They all turned their heads and saw Gulf entering the house.

"Aw! It's good to know that you still think about going back home." Mild said sarcastically and he received a glare from his friend.

"Gulf, where have you been?" Tong asked.

"First took me to a football field and we played football."

"I see~"

"Lately, you two seem so close." Boat commented which earned a multiple nod from Mild and Run.

"I think so too." Tong added. "Is there something going on between you two?"

"You're imagining things, Pi. We're just friends. And don't you think it's good? Because we are not fighting or bickering anymore."

"I didn't complain. I just ask." Tong shook his head as he smiled. Gulf being so defensive was really funny and cute at the same time.

Gulf pursed his lips then he looked at the show on the TV before he asked his friends who were watching it. "What are you guys watching?"

"A drama." Run answered.

"What drama?"

"That!" Run pointed the TV. "The guy has an amnesia and he couldn't remember his girlfriend. He keeps on pushing the girl away, so sad."

The drama that his friends were watching was totally the same with his life story. The only difference was that New wasn't pushing him away. Not yet, but maybe in the future he would push Gulf away.

"Do you want to watch? You can sit here with us." Mild invited him, they moved to give Gulf a space to sit.

"I'll pass for now. I'm tired." He said with a sad look on his face. "I'm going to my room, goodnight."

The three followed Gulf with their gazes before glancing at each other as they all plastered a 'what's wrong with him' look on their faces.

"Did we say something bad to him?" Boat asked his friends.

"No, we just invited him." Run cluelessly answered while shaking his head.

"But you invited him to watch a drama that is exactly the same to what he is going through right now." Tong jumped into their conversation.

They looked at each other as realization finally hit them and they cooed in unison. "Ohhh~"

"Things are getting more and more difficult for your friend." Tong stated. "Gulf... he only has one week left, but New still can't regain his memories.

Their faces turned into sullen after what Tong said. He was right though, they thought. They did everything to make New remember his past, but their efforts had gone to waste when their wasn't any signs of retrieval of his memories.

"What do you think we should do, P'Tong?" Mild asked softly, obviously asking help from the older.

With that question, Tong pursed his lips as he looked at the three and he said. "I don't know if this will work, but I have an idea."




If something melted just by staring at it, then Mew and Gulf's picture frame would have melted already. Gulf was sitting on his bed while staring at his photo with Mew for quite a long time already. His attention got distracted when he heard knocks on his door.

Gulf immediately placed the picture frame back on his nightstand when the door slowly creeked open. Tong, together with his friends came into his room. They got inside and without any questions, they all sat on Gulf's bed, surrounding Gulf like he just made a very serious crime.

Gulf slowly furrowed his brows when he saw his friends and Tong got inside his room and sat on his bed right away. "Why are you all here? And why are you all looking at me like you want to kill me?"

"Calm down, Nong." Tong uttered. "We have something to tell you, that's why we are all here."

"What is it all about?"

"It's about P'New." Boat answered.

"What about P'New?"

"We know that you're aware that you only have a week left here in Surat Thani, but P'New's memories are still not coming back." Said Mild with a serious look on his face.

"I know." He muttered softly as he looked down and played with the hem of his blanket.

"We want to know what are your plans for the next few days." Run added.

There was a long silence as they were all waiting for Gulf's answer, even Gulf, he didn't know how to answer Run's question. "My plans... I don't know."

When Gulf just gave them a vague answer, they weren't surprise at all. In fact, they all noticed how Gulf seemed so hopeless for the past few days. Like he didn't have something to deal with.

"Honestly... I went to see a Neurologist when I went to the hospital." He confessed. "My foot was perfectly fine, I just used it as an excuse."

"Of course we know that you have another agenda in visiting the hospital. We're your friends for years already, we know that you don't like going to the hospital if it's not really serious. So... what did the doctor say?" Mild asked.

"He said... that P'New has dissociative amnesia. He said that it will only take weeks or months for that, but P'New's case is rare since it lasts for almost a year. Retrieving his memories would take a long time according to the doctor. And he said..."

"He said... what?" Boat butt in when Gulf didn't continue his statement.

"He said that P'New's amnesia... can be permanent."

"Ha?!" They all exclaimed in unison, including Tong.


"Hmmm." He hummed and nodded his head when he responded Run's question. "Thinking about it, I guess... his amnesia became permanent already."

"Hey! What makes you say that?" Mild wanted to hit Gulf's head for thinking too much and for assuming things.

"Was that the reason why you looked so hopeless this past few days?" Boat added.

"Guys, can't you see? We already did everything that we can. But all those things didn't even have a tiny effect on him."

"Well... not everything." Tong spoke up, disagreeing at Gulf's statement. "All we did was just to let the two of you alone, showed him food or something, and did the things that you two usually do. But have you tried showing him... that?" Tong lifted his hand and pointed to the picture frame sitting on Gulf's nightstand.

They all followed the direction of Tong's hand and their eyes landed at Gulf and Mew's photo together placed inside a picture frame.

"I guess you haven't." Tong continued. "I'm sure, your photos will help him recall his memories."

"If I let him show our photos, he will know that---"

"That's why. That's the main point here, Gulf." With a stern voice, Tong cut Gulf's statement. "It's time for you to tell him the truth. It might trigger his inability to retrieve information."

"P'Tong is right, Gulf." Mild agreed with the elder's idea. "Let's stop beating around the bush. Let's just tell him right away."

It wasn't a command, but it's more like his friend was pleading him to finally end everything. To finally tell New the truth, not by showing him something or giving him clues, but by telling him who he really was.

The last time he saw his friend with a pleading look, was the last day of Mew's funeral ceremony. He cried so hard that his parents and friends pleaded him to stop crying since he had been crying for days already.

"You don't understand." He softly muttered as he looked down. Staring at his hands, he continued his statement. "P'New... when we were in Khao Sok he opened up to me regarding his amnesia. And he said that he already love his life here and if one day his memory comes back, he'll try to consider about it."

"Now, if I tell him the truth... what will I do if he's going to push me away?"

"New's actions are too loud. I don't know why you're so dumb at this part." Tong said, he's starting to get annoyed at Gulf. He didn't know if Gulf really wanted his fiance back or not, because his responses always contradicted with their advice. "New likes you. If he knows who you really are, he won't push you away."

Gulf was skeptical about his friends' plan, he looked at Tong with doubt. But he dropped it when Boat started to speak.

"Gulf, when we found out that P'Mew has amnesia, didn't we agree to help him recover so we could bring him back to Bangkok with us? Then why are you giving up that easily?"

"He didn't die just like what we all thought. It just meant that he was given a chance to be with you. So, don't give up on him. Just like how he never give up on you." Run expressed his thoughts, letting Gulf remember all Mew's sacrifices for him before.

The atmosphere inside Gulf's room was becoming more and more serious when his friends started to become expressive. As much as he wanted to see more of it, he also wanted to break the current atmosphere. His life was full of drama already, not to mention his love life, so he didn't want his friends to add up on the list. "Didn't know that you guys can say something like this. But... okay! Let's try that plan."

Their gloomy faces were replaced with wide smiles after Gulf finally agreed on doing their plan. It would be their last plan, and he's strongly hoping that it would make Mew remember everything. If not, then he didn't know on what to do anymore.




"Mom, Dad, where's Kaownah?" New asked after he arrived at the dinning area to have his breakfast and spotted only Kaownah's parents where eating there.

"Hmm, he'll be here in a bit, New." Kaownah's mother answered with a smile.

"I heard he's going to submit something to his trainer today, so I think he's still preparing it." Kaownah's father added

"Ahhh~ I see."

"Don't mind him, just sit and have your breakfast now." She said and lifted a bowl of rice and scooped a small portion for New.

He obliged and sat on his chair so that he could start digging on his food. While he was having breakfast with Kaownah's parents, the person he was looking for finally arrived. Kaownah directed his eyes to his parents and smiled as he greeted them, but his smile slowly dropped after seeing New with them.

"Aw! What are you staring at? Come, sit here." New tapped the empty seat beside him, inviting Kaownah to have breakfast with them.

He smiled awkwardly before rejecting New's invitation. "It's okay, Pi. I need to leave early today. I have a lot of things to do since today is my last day of internship."

When she heard that her son was going to skip his breakfast, she pouted and looked so sad for her son. "So you're going to skip your breakfast?"

"You're going to get hungry." His father said, expressing his concern to his son.

"I'm sorry, Mom." He apologized to his mother before shifting his attention to his father. "It's okay, Dad. I'll just eat outside with Turbo. So... I'll get going now. Bye."

After waving good bye to his parents and New, Kaownah left the house right away. As he was walking out of the house, New was furrowing his brows while staring at him as he left. He felt that Kaownah was a bit strange. The younger were avoiding him. He's usually cheerful and very active. But at that time, New noticed that Kaownah's actions were a bit odd.



There was an awkward silence inside the car while Kaownah was driving on the way to their internship company. Turbo was sitting at the passenger seat and he kept on glancing at Kaownah from time to time. He wanted to know if Kaownah really kept his promise which is to tell New about his real relationship with Gulf.

"Did you tell him?" Turbo wasn't on a rush. But for him, things like what Kaownah had known shouldn't be kept for a long time.

Kaownah didn't need to ask who or what because he knew what Turbo was talking about. It's about New. He took a quick glance at Turbo before answering it. "Not yet."

"When are you going to tell him?"

"I don't know yet."

With his answer, Turbo locked his eyes on Kaownah. "Are you waiting for him to find it out first?"

"It's not that easy."

"That's not an excuse. Kaownah, you've promised me that you will tell him."

"I know, I know." He answered out of annoyance. "I was just waiting for the right time."

"There's no such thing as right timing. You've been keeping him for almost a year. And now that we both know his real identity, don't you think that it's already the right time? P'Gulf has---"

"Gulf. Here we go again with Gulf. It's always Gulf. Why do I feel like you're siding him instead of me? You're my best friend."

"I'm not taking sides here. It's just that, I know what is the difference between right and wrong."

Turbo didn't like the way his friend behaved. It's like he was talking to a different person. Kaownah is a good-hearted person who doesn't like hurting other people. But the person he was talking to at that moment, didn't seem to care about other people's feelings at all.

"So you're saying that I am wrong?"

He snorted sarcastically and shook his head in disbelief. He couldn't believe how Kaownah was acting innocent when the answer to it was totally obvious already. "Okay, if you don't want to say it, then I will."

And the car abruptly stopped in the middle of the road after Kaownah heard Turbo's statement. He looked at him furiously. It was the very first time that Kaownah stared at him that way. But with a furious gaze, Turbo wasn't bothered at all and he just calmly stared back at his friend.

"What did you just say?"

"I said... I will tell P'New about it if you can't."

"Are you crazy?" Kaownah scowled. "You know, this is none of your business. So stop intruding yourself in our lives."

He unbelievably looked at his friend. It was another heartbreaking thing that Kaownah said to him. After all those years that they've shared together, he didn't expect to hear from his best friend that he was actually an intruder in his life. He let out an awkward smile as he uttered. "Really? You're saying that to me?"

"Fine. I'm sorry for always meddling with your own business." He continued. "From now on, I won't be forcing myself into your life anymore." He then grabbed his school papers and bag from the backseat.

"Wait..." Kaownah muttered while looking at Turbo who's grabbing his things.

After he gathered all his stuff, without any words, Turbo dragged himself out of the car. And it seemed like the heavens were on his side when he luckily spotted a public bus heading towards him. He hailed and boarded the bus to go to their company by himself.

All Kaownah could do was just to watch his best friend leaving him all alone. Before New could even do it, leave him and go back to Gulf. He has Turbo cutting ties with him first. He cursed himself and hit the steering wheel with his hand in frustration.




In the cafe, while Gulf was listening to his friends and Tong's plan on how was he going to confess everything to New, a box of dark chocolate and a small bouquet of candy roses landed on the table, making all of them to jolt in surprise. They all looked up to whoever brought those sweets in front of them and it was none other than First and New.

First and New both placed the sweets on the table at the same time. When they both noticed that they bought the same thing, they turned to look at each other, exchanging intense gazes before they shifted their attention back to the people in front of them.

"What's that?" Tong asked, raising an eyebrow at them.

"Ohh~ I went to a chocolate shop. I got some chocolates and I bought for Gulf as well." New was the first one who gave Tong an answer.

"For Gulf?" Mild repeated.


"And you? First?" Tong asked First afterwards.

"Well... I was passing by a candy shop and I thought about Gulf, so I bought this small candy bouquet for him."

"For Gulf also?" Boat asked, he then shook his head as he laughed.

"Yes, this is also for Gulf." First confirmed it.

"Looks like you guys want him to die from diabetes." Boat continued.

"Ohhh~" Gulf hesitantly pulled the sweets closer to him. "You guys are really thoughtful, huh? Actually..."

"Actually, he doesn't like chocolates." Mild butt in, completing Gulf's statement.

"He doesn't like candies." Boat added.

"He doesn't like desserts." Run added as well, after Boat.

"He doesn't like sweet stuff." Tong joined them as well. "To sum it up, Gulf doesn't like the things that you bought for him."

"P'Tong~ that's enough." Gulf called him, trying to shushed the older and his friends. Because he has a pure heart and he didn't want the two to feel bad, he gladly took the sweets and smiled at them as he said. "Thank you for these."

"But you don't like sweet stuff just like what they said, right?" First insisted.

"So you can't eat those." New concluded with a sad look on his face.

"Hmmm, right. But... it doesn't mean I can't take a bite of it as well, right?" Gulf started opening the chocolate and candies that New and First bought for him. Then he placed it in the middle for others to get. "I can't eat all of these, so let's share it."

"If this is stir fried basil, then I don't think Gulf would share it to us." Tong jokingly commented as he grabbed a square of chocolate that New bought.

They all laughed while nodding their heads, agreeing to what Tong just said. Gulf just loves the stir fried basil so much that he didn't even want to share it to anyone. Run took small bites of the sweets in front of him before he excused himself with New for them to start their practice at the bar.



"Are you guys sure about this?" Gulf asked his friends once again. Boat and Mild were setting the cafe for their planned dinner date for New and Gulf, in which Gulf would tell everything to New. While they were setting the cafe, Tong and Run were busy at the bar, together with New.

"You've been asking us for a hundred times already." Mild annoyingly answered his friend who kept on bothering them nonstop.

"This is a way for you to be alone with him." Boat added. "Do you want to just casually go to him and tell him that he is your fiance? He'll be totally shock."

"But..." Gulf pouted as he continued to complain to his friends. "It looks like I'm going to propose to him or something. I'm shy."

"Why are you shy? He's your fiance anyway, no need to be shy." Mild stated. "Instead of standing here and continued complaining to us, why don't you just start baking your chocolate cake for him?"

"I'm waiting for First. I asked a help from him since I don't know how to bake."

"Aw! First?" Boat exclaimed. "You know First likes you, right? But you still asked him to help you bake a cake for your fiance."

"Because P'Tong is busy. And for your information Boat, this is not my idea okay? First volunteered by himself." Gulf tried to defend himself. "You two are so annoying, let me just go to the kitchen. If First arrives, tell him to come in the kitchen."

"Oh that's a good idea. Prepare all the ingredients in there instead of complaining here. Go!" Mild said, chasing his friend out.

After a few minutes, First arrived at the cafe and when he saw the setting inside, he furrowed his brows in confusion. He decided to drop a question to Boat and Mild who were sitting on the side, facing their back at him.

"What happened in here?" He asked, making Boat and Mild to turn to look at him. "Was this cafe hit by a tornado while I was gone? Why is it the setting were changed?"

"Aw! First, you're already here." Boat muttered.

Mild looked around before answering First's question. "Ahm~ a customer wanted to have a dinner date and they chose the cafe as their destination. That's why we arranged it like this, but it's not yet done."

"Hmmm~" First hummed as a response, nodding his head while roaming his eyes around. "I see."

"Gulf is already there in the kitchen, he's waiting for you." Mild continued.

"Okay, so let me excuse myself. I'll go to the kitchen."

As First headed to the kitchen, he found Gulf in there watching a video recipe on his phone while following it as well. "I guess you don't need my help anymore."

Gulf immediately lifted his head as soon as he heard First's voice. And he saw First smiling while looking at him. "No, I need you."

"You need me?" First raised an eyebrow while walking towards Gulf. "Really?"

"What are you thinking?" He asked when First plastered a silly smile on his face. "I need you... to help me make the cake. It's not what you are thinking, okay?"

"Aw!" First pouted.

"Don't show me that face or else I'll pour this flour on your head."

"So harsh." First chuckled before lending a hand to Gulf as they started baking the cake that Gulf wished to make.


After an hour, they're ready to coat their cake with melted chocolate. First told Gulf to scoop the melted chocolate with a rubber spatula and put it on top of the cake. Gulf did as what First asked him to do and he spread the chocolate around the cake to cover it.

While Gulf was trying his best to coat the cake with the chocolate, First was also busy laughing at him because Gulf couldn't do it properly.

He caught First laughing at him. He let out a sigh and dropped both of his shoulders as he glared at First. "Why are you laughing? Am I not doing it right?"

"No, it's just nothing." First denied while holding his laughter. "Just continue."

"I won't." Gulf placed the spatula on a clean plate. "I won't continue if you don't tell me."

First smiled. He pursed his lips, walked towards Gulf and stood up beside him. "It's because you kept on stroking in different directions. Your cake won't look good if you do that."

"Here. Look at this." He grabbed the spatula and showed to Gulf how it should be done. After demonstrating it, he handed the spatula back to Gulf and let him try doing it.

Gulf still couldn't get the method, so First held his hand and guided him. He jolted at the sudden touch and how close they were. He nervously pursed his lips as he continued coating the cake with First's hand guiding him.

"It's done!" Gulf exclaimed after they were finally done coating the cake with the chocolate and he immediately withdrew his hand from First's grip.

"Now, you can put the strawberries on top of it." First reminded him. "And also, don't forget to remove the leaves and put it upside down, okay?"

"Okayyy~ I understand." Gulf cutely cooed. "Such a strict teacher."

And after what seemed like forever, they were already done making the cake. Gulf's eyes were sparkling as he was staring at the cake that he made for the very first time. He was so proud of himself because he successfully did something that he hasn't done before. He thanked First for helping him before First excused himself and went to the bar to talk to Tong and to get some drinks as well while Gulf went home to change his clothes.



At the bar, Run and New were sitting at the side of the stage after they were finally done with their performance. Tong was at the counter helping their staff while First went out for a while.

As New was busy wiping his guitar, Boat arrived at the bar. When Run spotted him inside, he knew that it's time for New to go to the cafe.

"P'New, Run!" Boat called him as he walked towards the two at the side of the stage.

"Aw! Boat, why did you come here alone?" New asked while checking Boat's back if Gulf was with him. "Where's Gulf? I thought he's going to watch us tonight."

"Gulf was doing something at the cafe, so he wasn't able to come here. But, he's waiting for you there, he asked me to tell you."

New furrowed his brows right away when he heard that Gulf was waiting for him at the cafe. He took a quick glance to Run then back to Boat. "Why? Why is he waiting for me there?"

It took quite a while for Boat to answer New's question as he was thinking for a good excuse, but he was thankful enough when Run suddenly jumped in to save him. "Maybe, there's something that Gulf wanted for you to see."

"Ohh~ Okay, let me just check it by myself." He stood up from his seat and put his guitar to its storage. "For a while, I need to put this guitar inside."

Once New was done with his guitar, he directly went out from the bar and treaded going to the cafe. And when he arrived outside the cafe, he was curious on why the lights were all turned off. But the cafe wasn't completely dark, it was dim because of the candle light placed on the table. Beside the table, he saw a man standing. The man was busy caressing the forget me not flowers that Boat and Mild put on the table. New couldn't see the man's face as its back was facing his direction.

It's Gulf. New thought.

"Gulf?" He called the man who was standing there as soon as he got inside.

The man whom he called took a deep breath before he slowly turned around, revealing himself to New. But when he turned around, New furrowed his brows. It wasn't Gulf.



"I'm scared and nervous." Gulf continued to complain as he was trudging out of the house with Mild.

"Why are you scared? It's not like you're going to propose or something." Said Mild as he let out a small laugh.

"I think proposing is better than this."

"Come on, you know that this is already our last chance in telling him the truth. You only have a few days left here."

Thinking about it, Gulf just pursed his lips. Mild was right. If this plan won't work then he would be going back to Bangkok without Mew. He immediately looked at his friend when Mild abruptly stopped himself from walking.

"Why P'Mild? Why did you stop?"

Instead of giving Gulf an answer, he put on a reassuring smile to encourage his friend. "Before I let you walk alone going to the cafe, I want you to calm down, relax yourself a bit." He placed his hand on Gulf's shoulder before he continued. "I'm sure he's going to remember you. You're wearing your couple bracelet and even your engagement ring. If he sees that, it will help him retrieve all your memories together."

"Pi, thank you." Gulf softly muttered to his friend.

Mild nodded his head with a smile. "You need to go there now. P'Mew might be waiting for you already. I'm going to use this route at the back of the cafe going to the bar. If you need something, just call me."

Hearing Mew's name from his friend gave him strength. He could feel that everything would surely and slowly go back to the way it used to be. He smiled back and nodded his head before taking the route going to the cafe.

Gulf was smiling while caressing his engagement ring as he was walking to the cafe and as soon as he arrived outside, his smile dropped. There's something wrong. He saw Kaownah. Kaownah was inside the cafe and he was talking to New.


"What are you doing here, Kaownah?" New asked him.

Kaownah didn't know what to say to the older and he just roamed his eyes around the dim cafe. "I..."

"Did you... prepare this one?" New took a glance to the table with a candlelight theme before asking Kaownah.

"Ahm... y-yes."

"Ohh~ why? Why did you prepare this one?"


"Why are you stuttering?" New grabbed both of Kaownah's hands, he held it to make Kaownah calm down. "Calm down and continue what you want to say."

Because of New's touch, it made Kaownah smile and felt comfortable. He held New's hand as well, as tight as he could. He didn't want to let go of New's hands just like how he didn't want to let go the older. "P'New..."


"I..." Kaownah took a deep breath once again. He stared at New straight in the eyes before he continued. "I like you."


Tears were rolling down from Gulf's eyes as he clearly heard and saw everything from the outside. When New held Kaownah's hands and Kaownah confessing his feelings to New, he felt like someone was pricking his heart with a needle. But it's not the end of everything yet, because the show was still going on.

Kaownah slowly leaned forward to New, attempting to kiss the older. But what made it worst was that, New didn't even budge. It's like he was also waiting for Kaownah's lips to touch against his. But before Gulf could see what's the next thing that happened. His vision went black.

His vision went black when a hand suddenly covered his eyes. The person behind Gulf, who was the owner of the hand that was placed over his eyes, pulled him into a hug and placed Gulf's head on his chest. It's like the person wanted to prevent Gulf from seeing what was happening inside the cafe by covering Gulf's eyes.

When Gulf opened his eyes, his eyesight became a little blurry. He looked at the clothes of the person who's hugging him to see who was it. And he immediately recognized who the person was just by looking at the clothes, it's because it was the person who helped him baked the cake for New.