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A/N: Hi! 👋 This will be the final chapter of Lost Memories. Thank you for reading this story and for dropping your comments. I had fun reading all of them. Love lots and stay safe Waanjais! ❤😘



Few days after Mew and Gulf's date, Gulf finally had the time to meet his friends and talked about what happened on that day. The four of them were at Eye's milk tea shop. They were sitting at a table for four people while having their refreshments and listening to Gulf who's talking.

"So that's what happened." He ended his story with a sad look on his face, feeling guilty for what he did to Mew. "I feel so bad for him."

"If you really feel bad, then why don't you get married?" Boat suggested right away.

"How? I was the one who canceled it, remember?"

"Hey~ don't blame yourself." Mild tried to comfort his friend. "It's not like you were pleased about canceling your own wedding. You had a trauma about it."

"But now, are you still afraid about the thought of marrying Mew?"

Hearing Run's question, it made Gulf to take a glimpse of his friends before answering. "At first, yes, thinking that our wedding would bring bad luck and could lead to another accident involving either me or him."

"But now..." He continued. "After my treatment, I've learned that negativity is lousy for quality of life. So, if I want to be happy then I need to stay positive always. We can't avoid to feel negative though, just don't let it affect your life."

"Wow~" Mild cooed, expressing his approval with the younger's statement while clapping his hands and Boat did the same thing as well. "Are you a philosopher now?"

Shoving some fries in Mild and Boat's mouth, Gulf said. "I strongly recommend for the two of you to receive a treatment for your brain as well."

"Calm down friend, calm down."

Smirking, Run dropped another question at Gulf once again. "Then, what you're trying to say is that before, you're not yet ready because of your trauma, but now, you're willing to marry Mew, right?"

Gulf took a deep breath before he slowly nodded his head. "I want to marry him... but how?!"

The three of them were smiling after Gulf nodded, but their smiles disappeared when Gulf asked them how.

"You propose to him."

"Me? I'll do that? He would say no. He didn't even want to talk about marriage with me." He responded to Boat's suggestion.

Tapping his fingers on the table while plastering a creepy smile on his face, Mild suddenly thought of an idea that wouldn't make Mew say no. With the sound of his fingers on the table, it made his friends to look at him with their brows raised. "I have a plan."

"That won't work." Gulf concluded right away.

"I thought you said you're going to stay positive always?" Mild complaint as he recalled Gulf's philosophy of life a while ago, making Gulf to roll his eyes at him and just let him talk about his plan.


Working in his father's company was really tiring. Mew wasn't the CEO of their company, but he felt like he was. He has a lot of things to do and the fact that his father's position would be pass to him as soon as he retires, made him want to give up from being the heir.

When he was known to be dead, his father planned to sell their company once he retired. But then, Mew suddenly came back alive. His father told him about selling their company and not to worry about becoming the heir anymore. Giving him the freedom of choosing what he really wanted to do.

But Mew couldn't just let that happen, he knew how much his father worked hard to keep their company on top just to be... sold? As long as he's there, he would keep their company that's what he promised to his family. And so, he continued to train himself and studied a lot of things that would help him in managing their company in the future.

Once Mew already finished with his duty, he cleaned his desk and hanged his bag on his shoulder, preparing himself to leave his office. And before he could get out from his office, he received a message from Eye, telling him to come over since there's something that she wanted to give. Replying her with an okay, Mew shoved his phone in his pocket behind his business coat and left the place.

Since Eye's shop was just a few blocks away, it only took half an hour for Mew to arrive the place. It would be a little earlier though if he wasn't stuck in a traffic.

"Nong Mew, you're here." Eye greeted him as soon as he entered the shop and walked straight to the counter.

"Hello, Pi." Greeting her back with a wai.

"Have you eaten already, Nong?"

"Not yet, Pi." Mew shook his head. "I just got off from work."

"That's great! Let's have dinner together."

Mew smiled shyly at the older in front of him. It's rude to say no, so he just slowly nodded his head.

Since it's almost the time for the shop to close, there were only few customers staying inside. Mew sat on a table, he looked around the place thinking that Gulf might come as well. Eye came with her boyfriend while bringing their meals on the table. She handed Mew his plate and told him to dig in and enjoy the meal.

"Pi, why did you suddenly ask me to come here?" Mew asked after taking a few bites.

"Ohh~ About that, my boyfriend and I wanted to give you something." Eye was about to stand up and get something, but her boyfriend stopped and said that he would get it instead.

Eye's boyfriend left them for a while to get something inside their office. And when he came back, he was bringing two cards in his hand. He handed the cards to his girlfriend before he sat back on his seat.

On a small empty space on the table, Eye laid the cards on it and Mew's gaze immediately moved from the couple going to the card placed in front of him. A wedding invitation.

"You guys are getting married?" He asked the two in surprise.

Both of them nodded their heads with a smile on their faces.

"Wow~ Congrats, Pi."

"Thanks Nong. I thought of giving that to Gulf, but that kid is quite busy nowadays. He didn't even pick up my calls, that's why I called you. I hope you two can come to our wedding."

"Of course Pi, we'll be there." He slowly took the invitation and read the details to where it would take place and the date. The invitation was just really simple, but the location of their wedding reception was a high class. "Your wedding will be a few weeks from now? And it's even a beach wedding."

"Right, we've been thinking about this since last year and now that everything is all set, we started giving out our invitations." Eye's boyfriend explained. "Eye likes beaches, that's why we chose to have a beach wedding."


As he was holding the invitation, he suddenly remembered the time where Gulf and him started giving out their wedding invitations. They were supposed to give it to the rest of their family and friends, but it didn't happen because of his accident. And when he finally came back, Gulf decided to cancel it.

"Nong? What are you thinking? Do you think the date is not good? Do you think we're rushing it?"

"No, Pi." He replied while shaking his head. "The date is good. You've been considering about this for a long time, so I don't think that you guys are rushing it."

"Really? Aww~ I'm glad to hear that."

"I hope you and Gulf would be there. We're expecting you two." Eye's boyfriend reminded Mew once again.

With a reassuring smile, Mew nodded his head at him and told them that they would be there for sure. The couple gave him a smile before encouraging him to eat more.


The last time Mew went at Gulf's workplace was around four months ago and he just waited for the younger at the lobby. Holding two paper bags of meals and drinks that he bought from a restaurant, Mew entered Gulf's company building to surprise the younger for lunch. For the past few days, Gulf was busy preparing over something after work. Even during his off days, he has a full day activity. That's why he decided to come at the younger's workplace.

For someone who's blessed with good looks, it's common for people to display their affection and it wasn't new for the older. Female employees inside the building were smiling as they stared at Mew. Some of them already knew him and some of them were new to him. The older didn't mind those gazes and took the lift going to the younger's office. While inside the elevator, he could hear some people whispering about him. When the lift reached the floor where Gulf's office was located, he immediately pulled himself out from the elevator.

"Oh! Mew!" The receptionist at that floor called him. "Ohooo~ Long time no see!"

"P'Lilly~" He beamed at her. "Good to see you, Pi."

"It's good to see you too! I was really glad after knowing from Gulf that you are alive."

Mew snorted. Lilly was one of the closest friends of Gulf in the company and she knew a lot of things about him and Gulf. In the past, everytime he visited the younger, Lilly was the one who would inform him about the younger's whereabouts.

Lilly looked at Mew who's carrying two paper bags, one was with meals inside and the other one was with drinks. "Ohh~ seeing you bringing those bags, you're here to have lunch with Nong Gulf, right?"

"Oh yes Pi, is it already his break time?"

"Of course, but I didn't see him come out. He's still inside, maybe he's busy writing another article again." Lilly said. "You should get inside and ask him to eat first. That kid, always taking his meals late just to finish his work."

"Okay, Pi. And..." Mew pulled out one drink from the bag that he was holding. "Of course, I didn't forget about you. This is yours, Pi."

"Aw! Such a sweet kid. I envy Gulf for having such a handsome and caring boyfriend." She complimented while gladly taking the drink from Mew. "Thank you Nong. Now, get inside! That kid might be really hungry by now."

Meanwhile, Gulf was at his desk, and just like what Lilly predicted, Gulf was busy writing an article related to sports when he heard some employees and interns gushing at the corner of their office.

"There was a hot guy in the elevator."

"Who is he?"

"Is he a new employee or intern here?"

"I hope he's working here. He's really cute."

Even the noise got louder, Gulf didn't have the time to spare his attention about the fuss. All he was thinking was to finish his work, so that he could leave the office a little early.

Those interns who were with Mew inside the elevator were busy talking about him when he surprisingly entered their office and walked towards Gulf's desk. They suddenly turned silent, shocked at the sudden appearance of Mew in their department. They glued their gazes at Mew who's confidently walking on the aisle like he was their boss.

"Hoyy~ thank god those interns turned silent already." An employee sitting beside Gulf muttered after being annoyed with the noise they created. She looked at Gulf who wasn't even bothered about it and said. "Gulf? Have you eaten already? It's already your break time."

"Not yet, but it's okay. I'll just finish this first." He answered, eyes were still focused on the computer screen in front of him.

"Ohh okay." Her voice sounded like she was worried at Gulf. Then, her eyes spotted a handsome man who's walking to their table, making her mouth to agape and freeze at her desk. She couldn't utter any words as he was staring at the handsome man walking towards them.

As soon as Mew got into the younger's desk, he immediately placed the paper bags on the table without saying anything. Blocking Gulf's vision to the screen, Gulf took a deep breath and ready to let out his frustration to the person who put those bags on his desk without looking at what he was doing. But when he looked up, his eyes widened. His heart beat faster when he saw his boyfriend, looking at the computer screen while reading the article he was writing.

"Boo??" Gulf mumbled with wide eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"Bii, it's better if you put this sentence here." Mew said while pointing to the screen, giving Gulf suggestions as he acted like nothing happened.

"Boo, don't try to change the topic. Look at me, what are you doing here?"

"Calm down, Bii. I came here to have lunch with you." He took the paper bag and lifted it, showing it to his boyfriend with a smile on his face.

The girl sitting next to Gulf suddenly cleared her throat making the couple to shift their attention to her. "G-gulf, my friend, you know him?"

"O-oh! Yes, he is---"

"I'm Gulf's boyfriend, nice meeting you." Mew cut him and extended his arm to the girl for a hand shake. "Are you new here? It's my first time seeing you."

"Hi~ Yes, I was hired earlier this year. I'm Sammy." Sammy was faltering as she took Mew's hand to shake.


"Sam, I'm going to eat my lunch first." Gulf informed his seatmate who couldn't get her eyes off of Mew. Without waiting for Sammy's response, Gulf held Mew's hand and gently dragged him going to their office cafeteria.

"O-okay Gulf, enjoy your lunch... with him~" Sammy said and she started squealing at her desk after seeing Mew and Gulf lacing their hands together as they left.

"You could just send me a message or call before coming here." Gulf said while staring at the older who's setting up their meals on the table.

"Am I not allowed to come here?"

"I'm not saying that you're not allowed. I just don't want people to make a scene here. You know how handsome you are."

Mew chuckled. "Did I just hear a compliment from you, Bii? I couldn't hear it, please say it again."

Because his boyfriend teased him, Gulf lightly punched the older's arm. "You really like it when I complimented you, huh? But, I'm not going to repeat it."

"So stingy. I even brought you meals."

"I didn't ask you to do it anyway. I don't even know why you suddenly do this."

"You don't know?" He raised his brows as he asked the younger. Then he pouted as if he was sulking. "Recently, you're very busy. We couldn't even go out. You have lots of excuses. You have to do this, you have to do that."

"Ohh~ so that was the reason?"

Mew cutely nodded his head, just like a kid. "And also this..." He took Eye's wedding invitation out from his coat and handed it to Gulf. "It's not only me who complained about you being busy. P'Eye as well. She's getting married next week, and she wanted to give this to you."

But Gulf wasn't even surprised about it. Because of how he reacted, Mew could feel that Gulf already knew about the event. "Bii, you already know about this? Why are you not shock or something?"

"I do. Eye once told me about this."


"Let's eat now. I need to continue my work, finish it early and... go somewhere with you tonight." He stared at the older as he said it, waiting at how Mew would react to it.

And yes, Mew's reaction was really priceless for him. The older was about to take another bite of his food when he mentioned about going out together when the night comes. He put his spoon back on his plate as his eyes widened in delightfulness.

"Really? W-we'll go out tonight?"

"I already said it right? Want me to take it back?"

"No! You already said it."

"Aw! Then finish your meal right away."

Because Mew really wanted for them to go on a date, it only took for him and Gulf a few minutes to finish their meals. The two of them eat in silence, not caring about the other employees whispering and squealing at them. Then they talked about what to do and where to go before Gulf walked his boyfriend downstairs and sent him off.

And when Gulf get back at his desk, Sammy and the others gathered around him. Seeing his workmates came together and surrounded him, he knew that they're going to grill him. It's not new to him. Even in the past, everytime Mew came over, his officemates would put him into a hot seat afterwards.

"P'Gulf? Was that your boyfriend?" One of the interns asked him.

"Yes! He told me when he introduced himself." But instead of Gulf, Sammy was there to answer everything. She was like his spokesperson.

"Sammy~" Gulf started to call her out.

"So he was the one who kept on sending you bouquets and meals?"

"Wahh~ I envy you. Your boyfriend is really sweet."

"And handsome, too."

The interns and other employees were giggling and squealing at Mew and Gulf's romantic and sweet relationship. They were wishing about having a boyfriend who's just like Mew.

"Nong Gulf's boyfriend is a perfect man. He's really like that even before." An old employee, who's working at the company for years suddenly butt in.

"Right! They are such a lovely couple. Even our boss loves them as well."

With all those compliments, Gulf felt shy as they kept on talking about Mew. Instead of joining them, he just continued writing his article so that he could submit it right away. When asked, shaking or nodding his head were only his answers because Sammy and other employees were there to do the explanation anyway.


On and before the day of Eye's wedding, lots of things happened to Mew where he thought it to be strange. The night before the said wedding, Eye sent him the clothes that he needed to wear for the next day's event and a note on it. All he thought was that Gulf and him, were just normal attendees of the event. But seeing the clothes that he was asked to wear, it's enough for him to know that he's not only a guest. He has a special role in the wedding.

The next thing was that there's no one in there house when he went down for breakfast. His mother, father, and also his sister who's taking 3-days off from her job, and even their house keeper, weren't in the house. They were all gone and for Mew, it's odd. His parents don't usually leave home early in the morning, and if they do, they always say it the day before their departure. But at time, his mother never opened up to him about leaving their home early in the morning the next day. He didn't receive any information from his family.

When it's time to leave, Mew called his boyfriend, telling him that he's going to pick him up from their house so that they could go together at the beach resort where Eye's wedding was set to take place. But, Mew got rejected from the younger and without any further explanations, Gulf hanged up the phone right away. He displayed a look of disbelief. Gulf never hangs up the phone if he's the one calling. Despite experiencing such strange things, Mew left their house and went to the resort by himself.

Wearing an elegant white tuxedo while holding the invitation card that Eye gave to him, Mew arrived and confidently entered the venue. There were signs inside the resort going to the event area, but the sign that he saw made his brows to rise up in confusion.

"M & G wedding?" He murmured to himself. He checked the invitation card that he was holding, and yes, he was in the right beach resort. But Eye and her boyfriend's initials were different from the one that was posted. Despite of feeling skeptical, he just followed it without asking the staff. He also kept on looking around searching for Gulf, but there were no signs of the younger until he arrived at the area.

From a far, Mew saw lots of people came and they were already seated on the chairs provided, like they were waiting for the bride to show up. The venue was really amazing since they had the sea as its backdrop, but the setting of the wedding made it breathtaking. It was romantic, elegant and lovely. Their wedding color palettes were peach and powder blue, and it really went well with the color of the ocean and the sunset.

There was a white carpet runners from the aisle going straight to the wedding altar with peach rose petals scattered on it. Eventhough they were at the beach, the ground was like a garden of greenery and florals as it outlined the carpet. The white chiavari chairs provided for the guests have a classic sash pin bow design at the back, making the chairs so elegant to look at.

Since the wedding would take place late in the afternoon, there were also white candle lanterns along the aisle, placed just at the side of each lane of the seats. At the wedding altar, was a gorgeous four-cornered wedding arch covered with peach and blue flowers. Mew thought that it was planned really well. Then, he suddenly thought of his own wedding because everything that he saw as of the moment was the same with what he and Gulf planned before, the only difference was that, his supposed to be wedding with Gulf was a garden wedding not beach. They got that idea, because Gulf loves the nature so much.

After admiring the whole set up of the wedding, Mew checked and fixed himself first before he approached closer to the area to be seated. But as he was walking, his brows suddenly drew into a frown. The people attending the ceremony were all familiar to him. They were all looking at him as he took steps closer to them. Recognizing the people who sat to witness the whole ceremony, they were his and Gulf's family, relatives, and friends. Even Tong, Kaownah, Turbo, and First were there as well. He came to a halt as he started to get really confuse? Why his parents were at Eye's wedding? How are they related? Then he heard a familiar voice behind him, he swiftly turned around and saw Eye linking arms with her boyfriend while smiling at him. His brows furrowed even more when he noticed that Eye and her boyfriend weren't wearing a wedding dress and a tuxedo.

"P'Eye? Why you didn't change your clothes? Isn't it your wedding?" Mew asked confusedly, looking at them from head to toe.

Instead of a wedding dress, Eye was wearing a long strapless peach gown with a small bouquet in her hand while her boyfriend was wearing a powder blue vest suit on its upper and a white pants. Looking at Eye and Off's clothes, he could tell that Eye was one of the bridesmaids. Off was one of the groomsnen and they were not the bride and the groom.

"It's not my wedding, Nong Mew."

"N-not your wedding?"

"Eye and I are getting married, that's true. But our wedding is going to happen next year not today."

"So... if it's not your wedding, then who?"

"It's ours." A man suddenly jumped into their conversation. He was walking towards Mew and when the older looked at that man, it was his boyfriend, Gulf.

When Gulf came out, all eyes were on him. He was also wearing a classy white tuxedo, just like Mew. He was holding a card in his hand. Eye and her boyfriend were smiling at them and they excused themselves to take their seats.

"Gulf?" Mew mumbled almost in a whisper. He stared at Gulf until the younger stood right in front of him. "What's all of this?"

"This?" He roamed his eyes around the beautiful set up before he looked at his groom. "It's our wedding." The younger answered without hesitation.

"Our wedding?" Then, he remembered the event sign at the entrance and inside the resort. The M & G were actually their initials. "But... how? Why? Isn't it P'Eye's wedding?"

Gulf gently took the invitation card that Mew was holding. He held it between his two fingers as he lifted it in front of him and said. "I was the one who made this invitation and it has only two copies. It's a fake invitation." After admitting that it was fake, Gulf ripped the cards and dropped it on the ground. Then, he showed to the older the invitation card that he was holding. "This is the real invitation card for today's wedding ceremony."

A wedding invitation card appeared in front of Mew. His and Gulf's names where there. Compare to their original invitation, the one that he was holding was completely different. From its theme, color, design, and details, it was completely new. Mew slowly lifted his hand and took the card from the younger.

"I know how much you wanted our wedding to happen. But because I decided to cancel it, so you refuse to talk about this thing. That night, when a newlywed couple passed by in front of the restaurant, I saw how you look at it. Sadness, enviousness... they were visible in your eyes. But I'm not doing this out of sympathy, I'm doing this because I wanted to. I want to marry the man that I love." Gulf admitted. "But I don't know how. I don't know how to tell you about it when I decided to cancel it in the first place. And if I tell you... I'm sure you'll bring up about my trauma. That's why I did it this way. I kept it from you. It was Mild's idea though, and we asked P'Eye and her boyfriend to help us."

"I was just in the cafe, hiding, when Eye handed you the invitation. The reason why I was busy for a month, it's because I was secretly preparing for this. I need to finish my job early to visit lots of shops and meet lots of people that could help me organize everything. I also completed the registration process of our marriage. Thankfully, all the documents were signed by us so I don't need to approach you about it. Even on my off days, I don't spend my time sleeping the whole day because I need to pick up the invitations cards and give them to our guests. To visit a flower shop, meet our event organizer, find a wedding photographer, customize our wedding cake, and there's more."

Mew got teary-eyed while listening to Gulf. He always complained about Gulf being so busy for the past few weeks, not knowing that the younger was actually busy preparing for their wedding. "You did all these things?"

"I did. Our families and friends did. They helped me with it as well."

"Really? I can't believe it." He looked around, he was amazed at how Gulf, their families, and friends managed to do everything and it even turned out wonderful, just like how he wanted it to be. "I don't know what to say. You just made our wedding so great."

"Well... there's just only one thing that you need to answer for you to repay this." Smiling as he said it. Then Gulf scooted closer, he took Mew's hand and stared lovingly at the man of his life. "Will you tie the knot with me, P'Mew?"

The question was loud enough for their guests to here and they were all smiling and squealing at the two. Some of them were containing their emotions because they were focusing on taking videos of Gulf proposing to Mew. Both of their parents stood staring at them, nervously waiting for Mew's answer.

With his cheeks burning hot, Mew shyly snorted. "That's new, and this is... odd. I should be the one asking for it."

"You did it before, and now it's my turn. So, are you going to marry me or not?"

"Why do I feel like you sound angry?"

"Because you take too long to answer. I even gave an answer right away, when you proposed to me."

It's not only Mew who chuckled at Gulf who's cutely whining in front of him and to everyone, but also their family and friends.

"Just say yes, P'Mew!" Mild suddenly shouted.

"Say yes!" Boat started chanting to encourage Mew to accept the younger's proposal. Their friends and other guests joined Boat. They were chanting for Mew to finally say his answer.

"Say yes! Say yes! Say yes!"

With the people chanting for him to say it, Mew smiled as he shook his head at them. In the midst of the crowd, Mew's gaze landed at his and Gulf's parents. He looked at them like he was asking permission. Then he saw both of their parents nodded their heads at him. When he got the sign that he was asking for, Mew then turned to look at his boyfried and soon to be his wife.

"I've been wanting this to happen, so... it's a yes."

A smile immediately crossed on Gulf's face as he nodded his head in satisfaction. Mew's answer was also greeted with applause and cheers by their guests. They were all pleased knowing that the two could finally have their wedding.

Before the wedding officially started, the staff managing their wedding took Mew to prepare himself. They fixed his wedding suit, pinned a boutonniere on the lapel of his tuxedo, put on some make up and styled his hair for him to look extremely good at his wedding. His family also approached him. His mother cried at the thought of her son finally getting married. Not only Mew, but also Gulf, he was taken by their event organizer to prepare him for his entrance. And his family, including Tong, came to talk to him and congratulate him.

When everyone and everything were all set, they finally started the ceremony. The first person who walked on the aisle was Mew accompanied by his parents and since it's a western ceremony, cute little boys and little girls followed Mew. Then, the bridesmaids, which were Jom, Grace, Eye, Sammy, and Lilly followed by the groomsmen Mild, Boat, Run, Tong, and Off. There were few more people walking down the aisle after them, before it's finally Gulf's turned.

While waiting for the grand entrance of Gulf, Mew who was standing and waiting for Gulf at the end of the aisle, felt really nervous. He never expected for that day to come after it was decided to be canceled. And because of everyone's efforts in preparing everything, his wish finally came true. And that is, to marry the only man he loves.

Mew's parents were there standing beside him as they waited for Gulf. They both turned to look at him, probably checking at their son. Then, his mother asked him.

"Mew, are you okay?"

With a nervous look on his face, he gulped after looking at his parents. "I-I'm nervous."

"That's okay, my son. I was also like that when I married your mom." His father reassured while tapping his shoulder.

And before Mew could even respond at his father, Gulf finally showed up with his mother and father. Holding a bouquet of white, peach, and blue flowers, Gulf looked more stunning than he was a while ago. Mew's jaw slowly dropped when he saw Gulf walking down the aisle and his tears started to welled up in his eyes. He couldn't describe what he was feeling at that moment. He was just really happy.

His teary eyes were staring straight in Gulf's eyes. The shutter sound of the cameras were heard as the guests were busy taking pictures of Gulf. And when Gulf finally reached to where his groom was, Mew took steps closer to the younger. He greeted Gulf's parents with his tears finally running down through his cheeks, making Gulf's mother to wipe it for him.

"Take care of my son." Gulf's mother said.

Mew nodded. "I will, mom. I will."

Seeing the older crying, Gulf let his tears dropped as well. Mew's mother wiped Gulf's tears right away, and gave him a tight hug.

"Gulf, thank you." Mew's mother whispered in his ears.

Because of what she whispered, Gulf tears continued to fall. He nodded his head before breaking their hug. And after greeting and giving hugs to each of their parents, Mew then offered his hand to Gulf. Of course, Gulf gladly placed his hand on Mew's, they linked their arms and walked to the altar afterwards.

The flow of their wedding ceremony was just the same as the traditional one. They exchanged their wedding vows, saying their I do's, wearing their wedding rings, and sealed their marriage with a kiss, in which it was their first time kissing in front of their parents and friends.

Once they finished the ceremony, the newlyweds, Mew and Gulf had their photoshoot before exiting the aisle and moved to the wedding hall for their indoor reception. The set up for their beach wedding ceremony was already gorgeous, and of course they also made sure that the reception would be as gorgeous as the wedding ceremony.

Everyone was totally amazed at how stunning the reception was. As soon as they got in, they were all greeted by the most dramatic and gorgeous floral fringes hung over the dance floor. Guests entered the area and checked their wedding invitation in which their table number was also printed on it. And with the help of the hotel staff, they guide the guests to their designated table.

Shortly after the guests finally settled down, the program started with the host's greetings. Then he called some of the important people behind the wonderful wedding. From the bridesmaids and groomsmen, followed by the relatives, the newlyweds parents, and lastly the grand entrance of the newlywed couple, Mew and Gulf who entered the venue with their arms linked together while flashing big smiles at their guests.

The program continued with different activities as soon as the host asked everyone to take their seats and enjoy the rest of the program. Cocktails and extravagant meals were served on each table for the guest to enjoy. The host called the attention of the guests and asked them to lift their glass, making a toast for the newlyweds.

While everyone was enjoying their dinner. Mew suddenly held Gulf's hand under the table. Busy savoring the food in front of them, Gulf came to a halt when he felf Mew's hand on him and he turned to look at his husband.

"Why? Do you need something?"

Mew put on a smile while shaking his head. "Nothing. I just want to hold you."

"Hmmm~ you don't want to eat?" Mew is a sweet person who likes to say cheesy things out of nowhere. But Gulf was too busy eating to care about his husband's cheesiness as of that moment.

"I'll continue eating later." He said, still staring at the younger. "Bii... thank you."

Even from the beginning, Gulf didn't know if his and Mild's plan would work. If they won't get busted in the midst of secretly preparing the event or Mew would turn him down in front of their friends and family or Mew would get mad at him for pulling such event. Hearing the older suddenly expressing his gratitude in the middle of their meal warmed Gulf's heart. With a sweet smile on his face, he looked at his partner, nodded his head and said. "My pleasure." And fed the older with sashimi.

Since their table was at the center, people surrounding them, witnessed their sweetness. And that made the host to call their attention and kindly asked them to do the cutting of the cake. The two stood up with a tint of red on their cheeks since the host teased them.

They approached their four-layered cake with laces and pearls as its design. Mew grabbed the knife sitting beside the cake and handed it to his partner. Gulf held the knife handle while Mew's hand was on top of Gulf's. While the two were cutting and placing a slice on a plate, people were busy clicking their cameras for photos and videos. And after putting a slice on their plate, the two fed each other with their wedding cake.

The last two segments of the program were the most anticipated of the guests. The newlywed's dance and the throwing of bouquet that would be done by Gulf. Before throwing of the bouquet would take place, the couple would dance at the center first. And for that, Gulf was already standing in the middle of the dance floor waiting for Mew, but the older was nowhere to be found.

Everyone were turning their heads from left to right to find Mew, even the host asked the organizers and other staff to search for Mew. Then, out of nowhere, they heard Mew's voice echoing inside the hall. He was singing. The spotlight suddenly pointed at Mew who was standing at the entrance, holding a microphone as he continued singing the song 'Perfect' for the love of his life.

If Gulf thought that he's the only one who had a big surprise for the older, Mew also prepared a surprise for him. He wanted to repay it by singing him the song that he really wanted to sing for the younger on their wedding day. As Mew was singing, he took steps closer to the younger who was standing still in the middle. He looked at Gulf straight in the eyes as he was singing the chorus part, it's like the lyrics of the song was something that he wanted to say to his partner.

🎵 Darling you look perfect tonight 🎵

The last line of the chorus part made Gulf smiled. It sent a fluttering sensation inside him. After singing the first and chorus part, Mew then let the music continued as he offered his hand to his partner in which Gulf took it with a sweet smile. Mew held Gulf's hand tight while he placed the other one on his shoulder. They both started swaying with the music while smiling and staring at each other's eyes.

Gulf and Mew's family shed tears as they looked at their sons finally had their happy ending. Not only them, but also their friends and colleagues. They know how much the two suffered to make their love story continue and have a perfect ending for it. Kaownah, who witnessed the two dancing in the middle expressed his happiness as his lips curved into a smile. It's true that in the past, he wanted to have Mew, but right at that moment, he's sure that Mew was really meant for Gulf. A hand suddenly held his while thinking about it, Kaownah looked at the man beside him and saw Turbo beaming at him. Mew may not be meant for him, but Turbo, he's the perfect man for him.

It was such a romantic thing to see, and First couldn't take his eyes off of Mew and Gulf who's gracefully dancing to a beautiful song. He was grabbing some desserts on his small plate and when he was about to leave, a man suddenly bumped him which made some of his desserts fell on the ground.

"Oh! I'm sorry." The man immediately exclaimed. He was about to crouch down and pick up those desserts on the floor when the resort staff rushed to do it instead.

First who just stood still, got surprised at what happened. The desserts were nothing to him, because he could just get new ones. What he was thinking was the man's suit, he would be dead if it got stained from the desserts.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't looking. Are you okay?" The man asked First after thanking the staff for cleaning his mess.

"I'm fine." He answered, but when the man lifted his head to look at him, he was amazed at how fine and good looking the man was. "A-are you okay? Your clothes..." Pointing at the man's suit.

"Ah~ The food didn't touch my clothes, so it's okay. Don't worry."

"I-I see. Okay."

"I'm Ja by the way. I'm Gulf and Mew's friend from university." The man blurted out, offering his hand for First to shake after he introduced himself. "It's my first time seeing you."

"I'm a friend of Gulf and Mew as well. We met in Surat Thani. My name is First." Said First while shaking his hand with Ja.

"Ohh~ That's why."

Ja looked at First's plate that has only few desserts left after he accidentally bumped into him. He then took another plate, put some desserts and handed it to First. "Here. I'm sorry about what happened a while ago."

First got shy, he blinked his eyes at the plate that Ja handed to him before having the courage to take it with a small... "Thank you."

"Looks like you're fond of desserts. You're just like my friend Mew."

"Kinda. I'm going to share it with my friends also." He explained. "So... I'll go back to my table now. See you around."

"Yeah sure, see you."

As First slowly and shyly walked back to his table, Ja followed him with his gaze, never taking his eyes off of First until he arrived at his table. When First sat at his table, Kaownah, Turbo, and Turbo's brother teased him for blushing so hard. He just smiled and glanced at Ja who's standing from a far, staring at him with a smile.

Right after the song ended, everyone got emotional but their faces lightened up after the host announced the next part of the program, the throwing of bouquet. Everyone gathered at the center, the activity is opened not only to women but for both genders. Gulf was also excited to throw the beautiful bouquet that he was holding and to know who would be the lucky person.

To start off, Gulf turned around and readied himself. They all counted from one to three before Gulf tossed the bouquet behind him. Everyone shouted in thrill, their gazes followed the bouquet and to where it landed. And once it landed to the lucky person, she happily raised the bouquet to let everyone know that she was the one who got it. That lucky person was none other than, Eye. The person whom Mew thought to be wedded on that day.

The event ended with the speech of the newlyweds and their parents. Gulf expressed how thankful he was to those people who helped him in managing that big event and so did Mew. For their parents, they thanked all the people who came and joined them witnessing one of the most important events of the couple.


In the midst of Mew and Gulf's conversation with their friends, Mild, Boat, Run, and Ja. Mew spotted Tong, Kaownah, Turbo, his brother, and First approaching them. Delighted with their presence at his wedding, he immediately called them.

When they were called, they flashed a big smile at Mew. The newlyweds' university friends, turned their attention at them.

"P'Mew, P'Gulf, congratulations!" Turbo greeted the newlywed.

"Thank you. I'm so glad to see you all." Mew responded.

"Congratulations P'Mew and to you also Gulf." Kaownah softly said, like he's still afraid to talk to Mew and Gulf.

But Gulf gave him a smile of reassurance, it was like Gulf was encouraging him and telling him that it's okay and there's nothing to be scared of. "Thank you Kaownah~ I'm happy that you made it here."

"It's your and P'Mew's important day, I can't afford to miss it."

Kaownah may hinder their happiness before, but never he planted his heart with a grudge at him. And now Gulf was happy because Kaownah found his other half, the one who was always there for him, and that was Turbo.

"I won't miss your important day with him, too." Gulf jutted his chin at Turbo, making Kaownah shy and he chuckled at Kaownah's reaction. "Be sure to invite us."

"Stop teasing them, Bii. How did you guys know about this anyway?" Mew asked, wanting to know how they got the information about his wedding with Gulf. "And why mom and dad didn't come, Kaownah?"

"Gulf and Tong called me." First answered it instead. "They told me about the wedding. They also asked me to inform Kaownah and Turbo, and hand them the invitations."

"They wanted to come, also Bosser. But there was an urgent meeting and their presence were needed, so they told us to come here without them. But they sent you and Gulf some gifts."

"We just actually arrived this morning." Turbo added. "And... my brother came here with us." Introducing his brother who's taking with Tong behind him. "Mew knew him already, but P'Gulf and the other haven't met him yet."

"Hi!" Turbo's brother said softly.

"I didn't know that you have a brother, Turbo." Gulf commented. "Hi, I'm Gulf, Turbo's friend."

"I'm Mawin, Turbo's older brother. It was nice meeting you, Gulf. And congratulations to the both of you!"

"Thanks. You're so busy with your business, I thought I'd never see you again, Win." Mew said.

"But I came on your wedding, right? Stop complaining na~"

"Right." Mew chuckled. "Oh! Let me introduce you to my friends. This is Ja, Mild, Boat, and Run. They are my friends in university. And guys..." Mew looked at the four. "He's Turbo's older brother."

Mawin waved at them after Mew introduced him. Then, Gulf remembered that he hasn't properly introduced Ja to them as well. "And Ja..." Gulf tried to get his attention. "This is our friends from Surat Thani, Kaownah, Turbo, P'Win, and F---"

"First." He suddenly uttered, cutting Gulf from his statement. "I met him a while ago."

"Awww~ no one wonder First was blushing when he came back at our table."

Turbo received a nugde on his side from First, after Turbo exposed him not only to Ja, but to everyone.

"Ohhh~" They all cooed after Turbo said and they teasingly looked at the two with a creepy smile on their faces.

"But it's not only First who got blush from Ja. It seems like P'Win is eyeing someone from my friends." Said Mew who kept on glancing at Mawin and Run.

Love is definitely in the air. It's not only Mew and Gulf who's going to enjoy a romantic life, but also Kaownah and Turbo, Ja and First, and maybe, Run and Mawin. Almost all of them already have the apple of their eyes, leaving only Mild and Boat who hasn't found their cup of tea.


It's always a busy day for all newlywed couples the day after their wedding. After checking out from the resort, Mew and Gulf came to their apartment together for the first time. They haven't stayed at their apartment even after they came back from the province, except from the fact that they reconciled at that place. But after that, they didn't come back anymore. They brought all their wedding gifts at their apartment. And before opening it, the two cleaned the place and rearranged everything since they're going to live that place as husband and wife, and not just simply boyfriends anymore. They wanted everything it to be different before they moved in.

The two managed to finish everything in two hours, including the unwrapping of their gifts and placing it somewhere in the apartment. But some of them were kept since they weren't going to use it regularly. Before they officially moved back to their apartment and live together, they gave themselves a week to stay with their parents first. This was Gulf's decision to give Mew's parents more time to be with their son.

Originally, the traditional Thai wedding ceremony lasts for three days, but Mew and Gulf didn't follow it and had a western style instead. The wedding party maybe over, but it wasn't done yet for Mew and Gulf. Days after their wedding, the two made a private party at Mew's house where only their families and close friends were there to celebrate it.

It wasn't that big party, it was just a dinner for all of them. And what made it special was the presence of Kaownah's parents and Bosser. They came to the city to see Mew, congratulate him personally and attend the post celebration. And also, Kaownah and the others would be staying in the city for a week, one of the reasons why Kaownah's parents and Bosser really came.

Mew's parents were pleased to finally meet the people who were with Mew for a year. They gave them the warmest welcome and thanked them for taking care of their son and for saving him. Telling them that if it wasn't for their kindness, their son might not be there with them anymore. Mew, Gulf, Tong and Kaownah's parents gathered to talk about a lot of things, while their sons were having fun in their own way. Chatting, eating, and even playing games. And also, Ja didn't miss to know more and spend time with First. Not only them, but also Mawin and Run who mostly stick to each other the whole night.

A week after, Mew and Gulf officially moved back to their apartment. They lived their lives like a normal newlywed couple. They sleep together, wake up at the same time, help each other in preparing their breakfast or dinner, do the laundry together and left home together for work. But the two sometimes felt that there's something's missing.

"Bii..." Mew called out the younger who's attention was focused on the movie that they were watching and Mew received a hum as a response. "What do you think about... about adopting a baby?"

They were both watching a movie and there was a scene of a couple being so happy after knowing that they're going to have a baby. As they both live their lives together, there were times that they talk about having someone with them, so Gulf wasn't surprise to hear about the older's question.

Gulf's attention switched from the television going to his husband who's sitting beside him. "I'm fine with it."

"Do you think we're capable enough to raise a baby?"

"We'll know about it once we have one. We just need to do our best."

"But we're both working." Mew continued to express his thoughts.

"Maybe we can ask our parents to look after our child while we're away for work."

"Do you think... it's going to work? Me and you... having a baby?"

With Mew consistently dropping question at the younger, Gulf could sense that the older really wanted to have a baby but his mind were just filled with negative thoughts about not being able to raise the child properly.

"Boo, let me ask you this. Do you really want to adopt a baby... or not?"

"I want, Bii."

"Then we'll adopt a baby tomorrow."


The next day, Gulf really meant what he said to his husband the previous night that they were going to adopt a baby. It was Sunday and both of them were free. Gulf was the one who drove the car since it was only him who knew where they were going. As he was driving, he tried so hard to contain his smile as he kept on glancing at the older. Mew was obviously nervous and he could clearly see it.

After a few minutes of driving, they both arrived at the place where they could finally adopt their own baby. Just like what Gulf said. But when they entered the place, Mew was shocked to see lots of animals. It was an animal shelter not an orphanage that Mew thought.

"Animal shelter?" Mew queried as soon as he turned to look at Gulf. "Why here?"

"We will adopt our baby here."

"Here?" He raised his brows. "In an animal shelter?"

"Hmm! Boo, you wanted to adopt a baby right? But you were afraid that maybe we won't be good parents? So, I was thinking that maybe we could adopt a pet. They're like humans, Boo. If we can raise them well, then I think we're qualified enough to become parents." Gulf clarified.

Mew listened intently at Gulf's reason and he quite agreed with the younger's statement. Having a pet may bring much joy to them. It's not that they were bored at each other that's why they're wishing to adopt a baby. Since they're married, they wanted to feel what is it like to have a perfect family, which is to have a baby.

Before Mew could let out his opinion about Gulf's idea, a staff from the shelter approached and greeted them. They were also asked if they were there to adopt an animal in which Gulf gladly nodded his head. The staff then introduced them to the potential animals that the two could adopt before the staff let Gulf and Mew to go around and check it themselves. As Mew was busy checking with some dogs, he spotted one dog inside a cage and was placed a little bit far from the others.

"Why is he alone in here?" Mew asked the staff when she approached him.

"That's Chopper. His owner left him here last week. They were going to migrate to another country and they don't want to bring him." She said. "We isolated him because he's so weak when he was brought here."

"Can I touch him?"

"I'm afraid not. Chopper is aggressive to someone who is new to him. We even had a hard time taming him when he arrived here."

But Mew didn't listen. He took steps closer to Chopper's cage and lifted his hand, attempting to touch the dog despite of the staff's warning. When Gulf heard the staff trying to stop Mew, he went to where the older was.

"Boo..." He called and saw Mew caressing a Pomeranian dog.

Mew's lips curved into a smile while caressing the dog's fur without attacking him. He then look at the staff and Gulf. "He's not aggressive to me."

"Maybe he likes you, Boo."

"I think so." Said Mew, agreeing at the younger's statement. "I like him, too." He declared and looked at the staff. "Can we adopt him?"

The staff who were there to assist them, smiled after seeing Chopper not attacking Mew. But her smile dropped after Mew let out his interest in adopting Chopper. "I'm sorry, but Chopper is not yet ready for adoption."

A little bit furious, Mew asked why.

"Chopper's condition is not good. We need to keep an eye on his health. There are lots of dogs here that you can choose other than him."

"Boo, let's just check another dog. Maybe we can find someone like Chopper."

Going there to adopt a dog wasn't his plan and he didn't even expect himself to be there, but after seeing Chopper, he wanted to thank Gulf for bringing him in that place. If they were going to adopt a dog, then that would be Chopper and nothing else.

"But I want him." He strongly insisted. "If it's not Chopper, then we won't adopt a dog."

The staff glanced at Mew then to Gulf before she excused herself to talk to the owner of the shelter. She needed to talk to their owner to know if it's possible for Mew to have Chopper. While she was away, Mew didn't leave Chopper's side. He and Gulf were there, caressing him while waiting for the staff to come back.

And after a few minutes, the staff came back with a good news. The owner granted Mew's request to have Chopper, they immediately processed some papers for their adoption and they also got some copies of Chopper's medical records. Chopper was checked by the shelter's doctor, Mew and Gulf were given medicines for Chopper and reminded them to monitor his health before they both happily took him with them.

Since they have a new member of the family, the two of them stopped at a pet shop to buy some things that Chopper needed at home. Bed, food and water bowls, clothes, toys, dog food, and even a stroller, they bought it just for their one and only son. On their way home, Mew was the one who held Chopper in his arms and he was surprised how Chopper was peacefully sleeping. Once they got home, they settled all the things that they bought for Chopper. They were like a married couple, who just got home after having their baby delievered at the hospital.

The two of them promised themselves to take care of Chopper until his condition got better. And yes, their hardwork was paid off. After taking care of Chopper for more than a month, Chopper's condition got better as time goes by. When he was at the animal shelter, he would just stay in the cage, but when Mew and Gulf adopted him, he could do the things that he wasn't able to do at the shelter. Chopper could run around, play with his toys, eat properly, take a bath, and wear cute clothes.

Chopper stayed at his grandmother's house while his parents were at work. Mew and Gulf dropped him at Mew's house every morning and would pick him up at night before going back home. Mew's mother really likes Chopper and she enjoyed taking care of him as well.


Shortly after Mew changed Chopper's clothes into his pajamas and laid him into his bed, he found Gulf standing at their balcony, staring from a far. He silently approached the younger while holding a small white envelope and slowly wrapped his arms around Gulf's waist. When Gulf felt a pair of arms wrapped around him, he jolted in surprise and hit Mew's hand that was in front of him.

"What are you doing?" Gulf exclaimed after hitting Mew's hand. "You scared me to death."

Mew chuckled. "Just want to hug you."

"Is Chopper sleeping already?"

With his head placed on Gulf's shoulder, Mew nodded his head. "He closed his eyes as soon as I put him in his bed."

"He must be really tired playing with mom." Gulf smiled as he said it and showed a video clip of Chopper running. "Mom sent me this. Chopper was running at the garden. She followed him everywhere. Mom must be really tired as well."

"But she likes Chopper so much that's why she's not complaining."


There was a great silence, just the two of them feeling and enjoying each other's warmth while looking at the night sky with full of stars. Mew was caressing the back of Gulf's hand while Gulf did the same thing as well.

"Bii..." Mew broke the silence and made the younger turned to look at him while his arms still wrapped around Gulf's waist. "Thank you." He muttered, staring straight into his eyes.

Mew thanking him all of a sudden, it made Gulf to tilt his head with a confuse look on his face. "Thank you? For what?"

"For bringing me to the shelter, for suggesting me to adopt a dog, and for agreeing with me to have Chopper even though he was sick at that time."

"Hmm~ you're welcome."

"When we have Chopper, I could feel the urge to take care of him and to regain his health. We both did great, now, Chopper is really strong. He's already okay. I'm really happy to see him at this state."

"So... does this mean, we don't need to adopt a real baby and just Chopper alone is okay?"

"Both are okay. Like really okay, Bii."


"Yes, do you want to go to the orphanage tomorrow?"

"No no, not yet." Chuckled as he answered his husband. "Chopper is enough for now."

"I see."

Gulf then glanced at Mew's hand and noticed that the older was holding a white envelope.

"What's the thing you're holding?" He asked.

"Ohh this? Take a look at it."

Giving his husband a suspicious look, Gulf slowly took the envelope that Mew handed to him. He opened it and saw two folded papers. Gulf took out those papers and unfolded it. When he read the content of the papers, a mixture of excitement and shock were shown on his face. The papers were there flight itinerary going to Maldives.

"We're going there?" Gulf wanted to confirm it.

"Yes, we will."

And without any words, Gulf hugged his husband. Going to Maldives is actually their honeymoon, but he wasn't happy because of that. What made him happy was the thought of them traveling together overseas, it's their dream. And Mew made it come true.

"Can't wait to go there with you! Thank you, Boo."

"Me too. This is just the start. After this, we're going to travel lots of countries."

"Slowly, Boo. Slowly. We'll save money and travel."

Cold wind suddenly blew against them, making Gulf's hair to mess up. He pulled himself away from the hug and faced Mew. Gulf's long fringe were now covering his eyes. He was about to withdrew his arms around Mew's neck and moved his fringe away from his eyes, but Mew was quick to do it. He slowly caressed Gulf's hair away, and their eyes met.

Staring at each other, Mew suddenly had the urge to lean closer to the younger, eyes still stuck with Gulf's. When their faces were just a few inches away, he stopped and traveled his gaze from Gulf's eyes, going down to his nose, and to his soft plump pink lips. Looking at Mew who's busy traveling his gaze on his face, made him to gulp nervously. The older leaned a little bit closer. And when his lips was about to touch Gulf's, he suddenly lowered his head, aiming for the younger's neck. Then he started dropping soft kisses on it.

As soon as Gulf felt Mew's kisses on his neck, he immediately closed his eyes and let the older devoured him with those kisses. Feeling Mew's lips against him, Gulf ran his hands on Mew's shoulders and squeezed it. Mew pulled away and this time he took Gulf's soft lips, kissing the younger passionately while he slid his hands under Gulf's shirt and caressed the younger's bare skin.

Since the bed was a little bit away from them, Mew lifted Gulf in his arms and Gulf was fast enough to wrapped his legs around Mew's waist without breaking their passionate kiss. Mew took steps going to their bed and laid Gulf while he was hovering on top of the younger as they reached it. They broke their kiss for a moment, both were gasping for air as soon as they pulled away from their kiss.

Mew had the chance to stare lovingly at Gulf underneath him then he whispered loudly. "Bii..."


"I love you."

Both of them don't usually exchange those three words as Gulf believed that it would lose its meaning if they said it too often. And when he heard Mew saying it, he knew that the older really mean it. Mew loves him.

"So much." Mew added.

Gulf was a bit emotional, but he didn't want to ruin the mood just because he broke out crying. And so he smiled. "Me too. I love you, Boo. I love you so much."

The older run his hand on Gulf's arm going down to his hand and laced their fingers together. Mew brought Gulf's hand to his lips and dropped a soft kiss at the back of the younger's hand. It was a sweet action, and it made Gulf smiled and feel flattered. After that kiss, Mew pinned their intertwined hands on the bed, beside the younger's head. Then he slowly leaned closer to Gulf and captured the younger's plump lips once again.

As Mew's lips started to move, Gulf's slowly closed his eyes. The kiss was slow and sweet, as if Mew was taking his time in tasting the younger. Gulf kissed the older desirously and placed his free hand at the back of Mew's head as soon as their kiss started to get heated. Before they could completely drown themselves from it, Chopper who suddenly woke up, started barking at the two. And when they heard Chopper barked, the two instantly pulled themselves from the kiss as they were both surprised with the sudden noise. The two of them glanced at Chopper who was staring at them with its tail wagging.

"Chopper?" They said in unison.

Both of them stared at each other before Gulf attempted to sit on the bed and said. "Chopper, come here."

"No. Chopper, go to sleep now." Mew demanded and went back his attention to the younger underneath him.

"Put him on his bed."

"Just let him. He'll just go there once he gets sleepy."

Mew then leaned closer and was about to take Gulf's lips when Chopper barked once again, making the both of them to flinch at the noise. It seemed like Chopper got jealous at the two that's why he kept on breaking their moment and refused to go back to sleep unless he got the attention of his parents. And with a silly smile, Gulf tapped his husband's shoulder.

"Let's do this next time, Boo." Gulf scooted closer to the older and whispered into his ears. "When Chopper is not here."

Chopper barked. It was like he heard what Gulf whispered and agreed to it with a bark. With a look of disappointment, Mew lazily dragged himself off of the younger and sat on the bed. Gulf then picked up Chopper on the floor and placed it on his lap.

"Chopper, you're such a great disturbance." Mew murmured while caressing the pet's fur. "I may let you stay with mom for a week."

As soon as Chopper was laid by Gulf on his lap, the dog closed its eyes, not really caring about his father's rants and just slept comfortably.

"I think he wanted to sleep with us tonight." Gulf assumed while caressing the puppy on his lap. "Let's sleep now, Boo."

"Fine. Before he wakes up and barks at us once again."

Gulf chuckled. He slowly and carefully lifted Chopper and laid him on the bed, between him and Mew. The older turned off their night lamp on the bedside table before he lied down comfortably on the bed, facing Chopper and Gulf.

"I might reconsider the idea of having a real baby." Mew suddenly opened up.


"Our child and Chopper might join their forces to disturb us everytime."

With that silly reason of Mew, Gulf reached for his husband and hit Mew's shoulder. But Mew just laughed at his statement, and Gulf couldn't help but to laugh as well.

"You're such a pervert." Gulf declared with his soft voice.

"I'm not. Now, let's sleep. You need to get up early tomorrow."

"Only me? How about you? You need to go to work as well."

"Tomorrow is my rest day." Mew beamed.

"Ohh I see~" Gulf cooed before showing an evil smile on his face. "Since you're here the whole day, please do the household chores. Clean the apartment, do the laundry, change the bedsheet and pillowcases, give Chopper a bath, cook di---"

"Bii~" Mew whined as he cut Gulf's statement and it made Gulf to giggle. "I can do it, but not all."

"Okay. If you can't finish it, then I'll help you once I get home."

"Thank you." He leaned closer to his wife, careful not to crush Chopper who's peacefully sleeping between them. And once Mew was already closed enough, he dropped a soft kiss on Gulf's forehead. "Good night, tua-eng."

"Hmm, goodnight."

Gulf smiled before closing his eyes and let the drowsiness took over him, and to Mew as well. Their hands were intertwined and was placed over Chopper, they were like protective parents to their baby. Being Chopper's parents taught them some lessons and there would be more in the upcoming days, especially when both of them could finally adopt a child that they're going to care and love for the rest of their lives.



People who were meant for each other were like bound with a string. No matter how far apart they become, they still find their way back to each other. They will be able to get through everything that tries to tear them apart. Because love does not come so easy. You need to struggle in order to accomplish and once you overcome those struggles, then it's truly worth it.

Just like Mew and Gulf, their love story started perfectly but it didn't continue that way. Both of them went through ups and downs for them to keep their love strong. There were good things that they treasured, but there were also bad that made them cry their hearts out and almost give up on each other. But the two of them learned how to fight for each other, for their happiness, and for the happy ending of their story. And that made them come out even stronger than before.