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The Better Twin

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Kaoru's POV
"Soo!! Which one of us is Hikaru?" My twin and I exclaimed in unison. For this game, we either talked at the same time or not at all- our individual voices could give it away. I knew that, and we simultaneously crossed our arms, looking at the girls we were to entertain. The three looked at each other, laughing and trying to figure us out. After a few moments, one with a hair bun looked up and smiled. She pointed straight at me and said, "You're Kaoru." My eyes widened, which gave her the confirmation she was looking for. "It's rather easy, now. Kaoru has put on some weight, Hikaru is the thinner twin." She shrugged, smiling at the two other girls being hosted. One of the girls with a long ponytail glanced over us, and nodded. "Yeah, I guess so, it's sort of noticable when you point it out!" The last girl, with a pixie cut, only giggled along with her.

My eyes hadn't moved from the girl, my expression still agape. Was that really true? My eyes whipped down to my body. I felt the same, what was off? My train of thought screeched to a stop as I felt a familiar hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry about it, okay Kaoru?" He titled his head a bit, though he had no discernible reaction on his face.

"Ye....yeah." I sighed, taking the hat off and carelessly dropping it on the table. I took the right side of the loveseat we shared. Hikaru soon joined me, now with a big fake grin on his face. "You ladies are quite the detectives! Looks like we can't play that game anymore, not around such perfect and intelligent girls! Not to mention beautiful," Hikaru grinned and handed a rose to the girl with a bun. The one who told us apart. Guess it isn't a feat anymore, though, if it was so easy for her. I only sat with a fake smile for the rest of the hosting session, the words still bugging me.

The next few days, we continued our twin shtick, but Hikaru had never proposed our game. Not once. It made me feel worse and worse. I've become something of the ugly twin. Of course they'd be able to tell us apart now, Hikaru was damn near perfect when talking about looks.

After a week of not playing the-which-one-is-Hikaru game, we retired to our bedroom and I immediately locked myself in our bathroom. I shrugged the jacket off and unbuttoned my shirt with my tie. I stared at myself in the mirror, to see if they were all right. My body seemed a bit bigger, but I could swear I was just bloated from whatever dinner we had last. And it was always known that I had a bigger sweet tooth than Hikaru, I'd never really refuse an offer of my favorite candies. But it never really had its repercussions, not that I remember. I bit my lip, knowing that it could all be catching up to me now. I pinched my side and groaned in disgust. I'd have to lose this weight in order to restore not just our game, but my relationship with my brother. I was bordering on anger, as I threw my white button up on and the jacket, leaving the tie undone around my neck. I saw Hikaru perk up as the bathroom door unlocked. "Finally, geez." He was lounging on our shared bed, lying horizontally across the entire thing. I joined him, sitting down on the edge. I made a resolve to myself that I would stop eating all my candies, and maybe lunch as well.