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Spencer's (Usually) A Good Boy

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    Spencer stayed kneeling by the front door of Derek's house, he had finished his work early and his masters ordered him to wait here for them till they got home. He was told to be wearing nothing but his collar and kneeling with his hands resting on his knees, head bowed. This was a common position for him, he's gotten better with handling the ache in his knees after long stretches in this position. It was currently 4:57pm, but his masters wouldn't arrive till nearly six, he pondered chess moves to keep himself distracted till they would eventually arrive.


    "You ready to head home to our boy? Its almost six and we'll be late if we don't leave now." Derek said, leaning into Aaron's office.  Aaron simply nodded his agreement and stood, gathering his files and heading out with Derek. Spencer had been good for them all week, they both knew he'd be at home in the instructed position to please them. They drove to Dereks place in comfortable silence, they were both too distracted by the thought of Spencer naked and kneeling for them by the door.  After what felt like an eternity, they arrived, trying to be quiet with closing their car doors as to surprise Spencer when they see him. 

    Aaron gently used his key to Derek's  place to unlock and open the door, revealing Spencer in the exact position they had instructed him to be in.  Derek walked in directly behind Aaron, grinning when he saw Spencer.

    "Oh baby boy, have you been like this since we sent you home?"  Derek asked, gently grabbing Spencer's chin to lift his head and make eye contact.  Spencer simply nodded, slightly squirming from Derek's eye contact and Aaron's gaze from above. Derek turned to look at Aaron with a wide smile on his face, they both knew they owed Spencer a reward for his behavior lately. Derek lovingly carded his hand through Spencer's "boy-band" hair, loving it when Spencer always tries to subtly lean into the touch. 

    "I think our boy deserves a treat tonight for being so good, we didn't let him cum yesterday and he didn't even complain, how about we make him feel good tonight?"  Derek looked to Aaron, who was sharing the same heated look as him, he smiled and nodded. 

    "I think you may be right, Derek, could you go start dinner?  I'll just give our pet a little attention till we can both have some fun with him tonight."  Aaron and Derek both already discussed how the evening would go when they stepped foot in that door.  Derek ruffled Spencer's hair and kissed his forehead before standing and heading towards the kitchen to make some simple spaghetti for the 3 of them.  Aaron knelt and lightly grabbed Spencer's hair and tilted his head back up so he could lovingly kiss his boy on the lips, pulling away with a smile when spencer whined at the loss. He gently lead Spencer to the living room where he sat in his favorite armchair with spencer kneeling beside him, now with his head resting on Aaron's lap. 


    "Are your knees hurting, baby?"  Aaron asked as he massaged spencer scalp when he noticed his boys eyes showed a little pain. 

    "Just a little, Sir. I can stay like this, I promise."  Spencer spoke quietly, almost too quiet for Aaron's liking, he couldn't tell what mental state Spencer was in and he was glad they would be focused on praise for their pet tonight, he needed it. Aaron lightly tapped his thighs,


"Come on pet, sit your bottom on my lap, you've been so good, you shouldn't be hurting, okay?" 

Spencer smiled and slowly stood, wincing at how his knees were aching now that he finally was no longer on them. He sat on Aaron's lap, draping his legs over the armrest.  He snuggled up to Aaron, hiding his face in the crook of his neck.  Aaron felt warmth spread through him at having his boy cuddled into him, he had his right arm around Spencer's waist, using his left hand to alternate between rubbing his right and left knees. They stayed like that till Derek came out with three plates of food, he smiled at the sight of Spencer on Aaron's lap, setting the food down and heading back to the kitchen to get lemonade for Spencer and beers for himself and Aaron. 

    "Hey Derek, could you get tylenol for Spencer?  His knees are aching from kneeling for so long, we sent him home a little before three, I think it was a bit  longer than we've had him stay like that before."  Aaron had guilt apparent in his voice, Derek's eyes mirrored the same emotion when he noticed his lover attempting to sooth Spencer's aches with his hand. Derek nodded and bent down to kiss the top of Spencer's head before getting their drinks and tylenol for their pet. He returned quickly setting their food on the short table by the armchair and sofa.  Aaron quickly gave Spencer the pills and handed him his glass of lemonade, he took them with no complaint and gave thankful glances to his masters. 

    "I want you to eat most of your dinner, okay kitten?  I didn't see you eat at all today so you won't be allowed to only eat a few bites tonight."  Derek said with nothing but gentle love in his voice, he could also tell that they had to be careful with Spencer tonight. Spencer slowly nodded, but with a slight pout that wasnt missed by either of his masters. Derek and Aaron shared a glance of concern, their boy clearly wasn't voicing something to them and they didn't want to push him, but knew they had to urge him to communicate. 

    "Baby, look at me,"  Aaron spoke softly, tapping Spencer's cheek to get his attention.  "Is something else hurting?"

    The second he finished the question, tears started to build in Spencer's eyes as he just looked into Aaron's caring gaze, he then quickly glanced at Derek who wore the same expression as his other master. He had worried them because he didn't just tell them what was wrong. His head had been hurting real awful since he had gotten to Derek's house, but he had refused himself to break his position to take meds sooner, cause him to feel like he was on the verge of a migraine. He finally let his tears fall and closed his eyes tightly in pain, he finally broke and voiced his pain with a whimper before speaking.


"M-my head.. it hurts and I-I couldn't take something or I'd be b-bad and would have gotten out of the position I was told to be in and.. and now it's so painful and I'm so sorry, please, I promise I didn't move even once after I kneeled.  It'll go away, just h-hurts and I can't think." Spencer was nearly sobbing by the time he finished talking.

    Derek rubbed his hand over his face, he felt overwhelmed with guilt that their boy had been in pain because of his idea to have him kneel for them till they got home. Aaron was clearly feeling just as guilty.  As Spencer's masters, they felt like it was their job to make sure things like this didn't happen, neither of them even thought of something like this being a complication. Spencer got terrible headaches and his migraines were painful to even watch.  Knowing their boy had made himself suffer just to please them when they weren't even there, it made them both feel like failures. Derek composed himself and moved to take one of Spencer's hands in his and kissed the back of it, then holding it to his cheek. Aaron readjusted Spencer in his lap and moved his arm from his waist to begin massaging his head with his right hand. 

    "Oh God baby.. you know we would never think you were bad for getting out of position because you were hurting and you needed something.  You were so good, but you never would have been bad even if you had gotten up to get meds. You're always our good boy."  Aaron spoke softly into Spencer's ear, kissing his temple when he was finished.  Spencer calmed down and tried to focus on his breathing before his masters even had to tell him. Derek kissed the back of his hand again and gave it a gentle squeeze.


"Pretty boy,"  Derek said softly, causing Spencer to look at him.  "From 1-10, can you tell me how bad this one is?" 

   Spencer sniffled and clearly began to mentally evaluate his pain in comparison to past headaches.


"6" Spencer just barely whispered it.

    A six wasnt terrible, 7 is usually when he becomes super sensitive to light and sounds, but anything above a 4 made it difficult for Spencer to focus and he would easily become overwhelmed.  Derek and Aaron were both grateful they got Spencer to voice this before anything else happened. Derek urged Spencer to drink more lemonade while Aaron encouraged him to eat his dinner. After getting some food and meds in his system, Spencer felt his headache fade till it was basically gone and his knees weren't aching anymore. He was now happily sitting in Aaron's lap, humming softly while his masters continued to praise and comfort him between their own bites of food and sips of drink. They finished up their food and Derek quietly began clearing their dishes and utensils, once again kissing Spencer's head before sharing a chaste kiss with Aaron and heading back to the kitchen. Aaron felt Spencer start to slide off his lap and raised an eyebrow when Spencer settled on the floor between his knees, looking up at him with a familiar hungry gaze.


 "I wanna make you feel good till master Derek gets back, then you can both use me."

Spencer smiled at Aaron's light chuckle that showed off his dimples.  He nuzzled Aaron's crotch with his face, whining when he felt his master start to get hard. He slowly reached for Aaron's belt and zipper, fluidly opening his pants like routine. He gently pulled out Aaron's now mostly hard member from his underwear, licking a long stripe from base to head. Aaron released a low moan, carding his fingers through his pets hair in encouragement. Spencer kissed the head before taking Aaron in his mouth, applying enough pressure and suction to get him hard, but not nearly enough to get him off anytime soon.  Aaron tightened his hold in Spencer's hair, not pulling or pushing his head, letting Spencer please him as he wants. 


"Ah.. God baby, you know how much I love your mouth. Such a good boy, your masters are gonna take such good care of you tonight, pet." Aaron released a deep groan as Spencer whimpered around him.

Derek walked back into the living room, stopping to appreciate the view of Spencer pleasuring Aaron with his mouth, it was a common mental image Derek used when he needed to jack off and his pet wasn't around.  He slowly approached spencer from behind, sharing quick eye contact with Aaron before gently placing his hands on Spencer's shoulders and bending his head down, bringing his lips to Spencer's ear.

    "Playing without me, kitten?"  Derek asked in a husky voice.  Spencer pulled off, licking Aaron's tip before turning to Derek and hungrily kissing him. Derek grabbed the back of his boys head, deepening the kiss, gladly swallowing Spencer's whines.  He could taste Aaron on Spencer's tongue and it shot fire down to his abdomen, making him rock hard. He regrettably pulled away from Spencer, taking in his boys swollen lips and flushed cheeks. 

    "Master Aaron and I are going to make you feel good baby, you've been such a good boy that we are gonna let you cum tonight."  He leaned in closer to Spencer's ear, "We'll even let you cum more than once." He gently bit and tugged on Spencer's ear, making him whine and squirm.

    He patted Spencer's butt and pointed to the bedroom, Spencer knew the command well and took off to the bedroom, immediately laying on the bed on his back with his limbs spread. His masters walked in only a few moments after he was settled, both of them taking a second to appreciate their lithe and smooth boy. Derek took to the closet, grabbing the toys they agreed to use on their pet beforehand. Aaron started undressing, Derek following his actions after setting the toys aside with a bottle of lube. With both of them now undressed they sat on either side of their pet who had been keeping his eyes trained on the ceiling, breath hitching when he felt two pairs of hands running over his chest and flat stomach. 

    Aaron knelt to nip at Spencer's neck, but quickly retreating to grab the padded cuffs Derek had set aside. He walked back to Spencer whose breathing became more erratic when he saw the cuffs in Aaron's hands, he always felt a flutter of nervousness when they participated in bondage. 

    "I'm gonna cuff your wrists to the bed, okay baby?" Aaron asked as he started to open on of the cuffs.  Spencer quickly nodded, pushing down his anxiety. 

    "What are your safewords, hmm kitten?" Derek asked, nuzzling Spencers pronounced hip bone with his nose, still rubbing his hands up and down Spencer's sides and stomach.

    "R-red for stop everything, yellow for slow down or stop current activity, green for feeling good." Spencer squirmed at Derek's attention to his sensitive hips and abdomen. 

    "Such a good kitten.." Derek murmured before licking from spencer abdomen back up to his belly button, now holding his hips down while Aaron cuffed his hands to the posts on the headboard. Aaron stood back admiring his work how that Spencers wrists were secured in the cuffs.

    "What's your color, baby?"  Aaron asked, tracing a finger from Spencer's arm to the center of his chest, avoiding his nipples. Spencer whined and tries to buck his hips towards Derek who was still kissing and licking his abdomen, avoiding his straining member.  He forgot to answer Aaron's question causing everything to suddenly stop and he whined and squirmed hard when he felt Derek completely leave him. 


"Spencer," Aaron's voice was now hard, "What's your color?" His eyes were still warm and helped ground Spencer in the moment. 

  "Green, god so green, please keep going." He begged, tugging at his cuffs and whimpering pitifully. Both of his masters smiled, clearly pleased with his enthusiastic response.  Aaron moved to roughly kiss Spencer on the mouth, all tongue and teeth and demanding, just  how Spencer liked it.  He vaguely heard the sound of Derek opening a cap. He yelped and broke away from the kiss when he felt a cold and slick finger at his entrance. Aaron grabbed his face and continued the kiss, trailing his other hand down to Spencer's nipple, lightly pinching and rubbing, coaxing moans out of Spencer. Derek was working a second finger into Spencer, hissing through his teeth at how tight his boy is. Spencer couldn't stay still, earning himself a light smack to his hip before being held down with one of Derek's strong hands.  Aaron broke away from Spencer to admire the scene of Derek fingering their boy open for what they had planned. Seeing Derek slide in a third finger, earning them a loud keen from Spencer when Derek finally hooked his fingers just right, no longer avoiding their pets prostate. 

    "O-oh god.. ahhnn please please don't stop, so good master Derek uhhnn"  Spencer was all but whines and pleas at this point, desperately trying to get some friction for his member which had been completely ignored. 

    Spencer saw Aaron hand Derek  something, but couldn't question when he felt Derek take his fingers out, now feeling empty and desperate all he could do was whine at the lose and try to push his hips closer to Derek. He stopped all movement when he felt something blunt at his entrance, wider than Derek's fingers, but not more then either of his masters cocks. He cried out in pleasure and pain at the stretch when he felt it being pushed into him. It was immediately pushed into his prostate, Derek was now just keeping pressure on his spot, but kot doing anything else. 

    "Masters please please, I need more, it's not enough.. please please, I'll be so good, just please touch me.. Plea-- AAAHHN!" He screamed and jolted when the object began vibrate against his prostate, a constant stimulation on his overly sensitive spot. His eyes were closed tight, his mouth open to release his moans and whines, trying to get away from the constant vibrations while also wanting more. 

    "Baby, we want you to cum untouched the first time for us, you can do it kitten.." Derek turned up the vibration and began thrusting the vibrator jabbing Spencers prostate each time. Aaron moved to suck on Spencers right nipple while twisting the other with his hand. 

    "Ahhnn so good, I'm gonna cum masters, please" Spencer whined desperately around his moans and whimpers. He felt himself ready to tip over, his member red and aching, already leaking and he knew he couldn't hold out for long. 

    "Come for us baby, come on, be a good boy and come for us." Aaron said, releasing Spencers nipple from his mouth. 

    "Aahhnn AH UHHNn!! Oh g-od aahnn" Spencer finally released with a cry, his back arching and his muscles all tensing as he began spurting his release over his stomach, writhing and screaming as the vibrator continued to pull his orgasm from his untouched cock.  He finally felt himself started to come down and waited for the vibrator to be taken away, except it didn't. Derek pushed it in to put constant pressure on Spencers abused prostate, pulling screams from the young agent. He turned up the vibration to the highest setting, savoring the sounds of Spencers pained and pleasured cries. 

    "I-its too much master, oh-oh god, p-please stop, it h-hurts oh God it hurts, ah ah oh so good, no no stop, please more.. ahhnn." Spencer whined his conflicting feelings, pain and pleasure coursing through his veins. Spencers hips coming off the bed, trying to escape the stimulation while also pressing into it.

    "What's your color baby?"  Aaron asked, grabbing Spencers face to make him look at him. 

    "Ah ah.. oh God it hurts master.. too much ahhnn please!" Spencer didn't really know what he was pleading for. Derek turned down the setting and eased on the pressure, hoping Aaron could now coax a proper response from Spencer. 

    "Spencer, baby, I need to know what color you are right now."  Aaron said, still holding Spencer's face, taking note of the tears streaming down his pets face. 

    "G-green, I'm green sir. Oh god I need to cum, but can't, please sir, please h-help it hurtss!"  Spencer was now sobbing. 

    Derek turned the vibrator back up, pressing it roughly into Spencers prostate again, causing the genius to bless his masters with a high pitched cry.  Aaron reached down, grabbing Spencer's erection with his calloused hand, roughly jerking him off while he tended to his own erection with his other hand, now eyeing Derek who was also jerking himself off, biting his bottom lip at the scene Spencer was giving them. 

    "Oh god yes, so close! Too much, hurts so good masters, dont stop dont stop please! Ahhnn ah ah oh god please!" Spencer thrusted his hips into Aaron's hand and pushed down into the vibrator chasing his second orgasm. It was all too much, but he needed to cum and he needed it NOW. He felt his muscles tighten again and his back started arching again, he couldn't contain his scream as his second release was painfully pulled out of him.  He felt like he was on fire and barely registered the feeling of Aaron's release landing on his stomach, or Derek's groan. He felt Aaron slow his hand but was still coaxing more out of Spencer, the vibrator didn't go away as quick as he wanted and he immediately started to panic.

    "No! No no take it out, D-Derek please no more I cant, it hurtss" he immediately felt the vibrator turn off and slowly leave his body as Aaron's hand left his spent member. His breathing calmed and he could feel himself coming down from his high, his head fuzzy. He was so exhausted he hardly registered Aaron soothing and praising him as he took off the cuffs, or Derek cleaning him with a warm washcloth.  He became more aware when he felt his two masters cuddle up on either side of him, both kissing his temples and holding his hands. 

  "You with us baby? You did so well." Aaron whispered into his ear before kissing his head again.

    "You were such a good kitten, cumming twice for us like a good boy. You were so beautiful and behaved, gave us just what we wanted baby."  Derek praised him as he kissed Spencer's neck gently and soothingly. 

   "Mm was so good-" Spencer stopped and his eyes grew wide, "what about you guys?! I didn't even touch either of you!" He whined, his voice growing in pitch. 

    "Shh kitten, this was about you since you've been such a good boy, we are so proud of you. You were so beautiful we both came from watching you, pretty boy." Derek assured spencer, smiling at his boy and brushing some hair from his forehead. 

    Spencer visibly relaxed as his two masters gave him gentle affections and praise. He felt himself start to slip into a peaceful sleep, his heart full of love and comfort.