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Spencer's (Usually) A Good Boy

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  Spencer walked into the bullpen with his hair a mess, tie crooked, and dark circles under his eyes.  Derek looked up from his desk in relief when he saw his young lover finally arrive, he was almost NEVER late for work. His relief was shortlived when he took notice of Reids appearance, something was certainly wrong.  Reid headed straight to make a cup of coffee, overloading it with sugar.  Derek decided to subtly approach Spencer to see if he could figure out what's wrong with his pretty boy.

    "Hey Reid, what happened to you?"  He tried to talk as any coworker would, him, Aaron and Spencer had all agreed to keep their relationship private to avoid any issues. Derek was shocked to not receive a verbal response from Spencer, but instead a very clear glare that spoke more volumes than any words could, Spencer was NOT OKAY.  Derek almost winced at the look his pet gave him, it was a look that said he and/or Aaron must have fucked up big. He decided to retreat from his hostile lover and headed up to Aaron's office.  With a soft knock, Aaron called Derek in with an eyebrow raised, but otherwise expressionless face. Derek closes the door behind himself, being sure no one would hear them.

    "Uh hey Aaron, you know I wouldn't do this if I wasn't worried. Do you know what's wrong with Spence?"  Derek asked, glancing through Aaron's office window to see Spencer reading a file abnormally slow. Aaron also gazed out the window, only now seeing the genius and his obviously disheveled state. 

    "No, did he sleep last night?" Aaron asked while still watching Reid. 

    "How would I know, didn't he stay with you last night?"  Derek shrugged, pulling his eyes away from Reid to look at Aaron. 

    "No, I had Jack yesterday after work because Haley had something she needed to do.  Spencer told me he would stay with you."  Aaron's voice held a hint of concern, despite his face still being blank.  Spencer has his own apartment, but he usually stays with one of his masters, but often times the three of them will spend nights together at either Derek or Aaron's houses.

    "He never even texted me about staying with me, but he knew I had some work to do on one of my properties, he probably didn't want to get in the way.  I'm guessing he didnt sleep much and he's just tired."  Derek visibly relaxed, seeming to assure himself exhaustion was likely his baby's only problem. 

    "Alright, send him in here would you?" Aaron asked.  Derek nodded and headed out, leaving the door slightly open.  Aaron watched Derek say something to Spencer, causing the younger to roll his eyes and then head to Aaron's office. Spencer slowly opened the door more and stepped inside, closing it like Derek had earlier.

    "You wanted to see me?" Reid asked, he was tapping his fingers on his satchels strap, clearly impatient or restless. 

    "Yeah baby, are you-" Aaron was cut off before he could continue.

    "Whoa, what are you doing? I'm Reid when we are at work. You really want me to call you master when we are HERE?" Spencer spoke in a hushed yell, clearly distressed.

    "What? No, of course I wouldn't ask you to do that, that's only at home and even then you know it's not a rule or anything, Reid." Aaron sighed, pushing his chair back and standing before continuing.  "I just used the pet name because I'm worried, it slipped since we are alone.  Derek and I just talked and we are both worried about your appearance and behavior this morning. I thought you were staying with Derek last night?" Aaron broke his typical emotionless mask, letting Spencer see the concern he had been wanting to wear since he saw his little genius through his window. 

    "I decided to stay at my apartment last night, I'm a big boy Hotch, I don't need you guys to be my babysitters.  I'm perfectly fine, just tired, so if that's all, I'd like to continue with my work."  Spencer avoided eye contact and despite his attitude, his head was slightly bowed in a submissive manner towards Hotch. Aaron sighed and nodded. 

    "Yeah, go ahead and resume your work.  Jack is back with Haley for the weekend because she's taking him to some group so she can meet some other moms with kids his age.  The three of us can stay at my house for the weekend."  Aaron said simply, recieving nothing but a nod from Reid before he left his office and hastily sat at his desk across from Derek's, avoiding his curious gaze. Aaron sat back down and resumed his own work, whatever was wrong with Spencer, they would find out that evening.

    The day moved slow, Reid was clearly irritated the entire day, snapping at people, especially Derek who couldn't seem to leave his young lover alone out of worry.  Spencer even snapped at Aaron, raising his voice and then immediately snapping his mouth shut at Aaron's dark eyes, he had clearly just pissed off Hotch and worried Derek.  He knew his day was probably going to get worse now that he'd yelled at the more harsh one out of his two masters.  When 6 rolled around, they all decided to head home to Hotch's house. Spencer had taken the train to work, so Derek offered (with a stern look that clearly said 'you know better than to refuse this') to drive Spencer.  Hotch drove himself, using that time to sort through his thoughts regarding his pets behavior.  After 5 minutes of silence between Reid and Derek, the older of the two finally spoke. 

    "Do you want to tell me what's really wrong so I can help your case when we get home, or would you rather I let your other master beat your ass till you'rw bruised when you walk through that door?" Derek asked, his voice slightly clipped, but Spencer could hear the clear concern. 

    "Let him beat me. I deserve it." Spencer left it at that, keeping his head down, zoning out from any further conversation Derek attempted.  Derek was shocked by what his boy just said that he knew there was no way in hell he'd let Aaron go hard on their young pet, he just needed a bit more coaxing to voice what's wrong.  He pulled up to Hotch's house, only a minute after Aaron had walked through his front door, awaiting his pet and fellow dominant lover.  Spencer opened his door and walked behind Derek up to the house, his head down, he felt like everything in his head was screaming since last night.  Spencer hadn't gotten a minute of sleep the night before, sometimes his brain just wouldn't stop, his thoughts assaulting him for nearly the past 24 hours.  Derek opened the door, letting Spencer walk in ahead of him now, closing and locking the door behind them. 

    "Hey love, Spence and I are here!" Derek called.

    "In the living room." Aaron replied back, Spencer shuddered at the cold tone his elder masters voice held, he knew he was most likely going to be sobbing a lot that night. He glanced at Derek who was clearly waiting for him to move towards Aaron on his own so he bowed his head even lower and slowly walked into the living room, now standing before Aaron who was seated on his leather sofa.  Aaron looked at Spencer, waiting for any sort of explanation or even a breakdown from the younger. He was shocked to see Spencer simply strip down to his briefs instead, pulling his collar from his messenger bag and swiftly buckling it around his neck. Without a word, he kneeled before Aaron, but didn't touch his master or even make eye contact. Aaron looked up at Derek who was watching with just as much surprise, any plans Aaron had to punish Spencer became halted by the alarming actions.

    "Baby... what are you doing?"  Aaron asked, but recieved no response from Spencer, it was as if his question fell on deaf ears. 

    "Spencer, stand up and sit next to me."  Aaron tried again, this time sighing in relief when Spencer stood and sat next to him, but kept his head bowed and still didn't verbally respond.  Derek was still standing in the entryway to the living room, simply observing at this point, hoping his Dominant lover knew how to help their pet in the moment because he was at a loss.

    "Spencer, I need you to say something, you're scaring us, we've never seen you act this way."  Aaron spoke softly.  He gently cupped Spencer's jaw and tilted his head up, finally getting a good look at his face.  His heart shattered when he saw tear streaks down his pets face, Spencer was desperately trying to hold back his tears and sobs, his chest started heaving.

    "I-I'm sorry." Spencer choked on his words, still trying to contain his sobs. Aaron gave him a confused look and he knew what he had to do. He looked at Derek and quickly pointed at his messenger bag before releasing a sob and falling into Aaron's chest, silently pleading that he doesnt push him away for being disrespectful throughout the day.  Derek headed to Reids messenger bag grabbing it and heading towards his lovers while Aaron wrapped his arms around Spencer, stroking his back tenderly, drawing more sobs out of his young lover.  Derek crouched by the sofa, holding the messenger bag, Spencer blindly reached his hand out and dug into the bag before pulling out an envelope and slowly pushing it against Derek's chest before retracting his hand.

    Derek shared a look with Aaron before looking at the open envelope, seeing it was from the facility that Spencer's mom was being cared for. He quietly held it towards Aaron so he could see where it was from, the Unit Chief sighed and held Spencer tighter, nodding towards Derek to open it. Derek reas it as quickly as he could, the bottom line was that Spencer's mom needed to be moved to a different part of the facility and it was a large increase in price for the more advanced care she now seems to need, the letter was informing Spencer to call the facility to talk about the costs and recommended he visit his mother soon.  Derek didn't know what to do, he passed the letter to Aaron, gently taking Spencer from the elder dominant and now holding their boy in his arms while Hotch read through the letter.

    Reid started coughing while trying to breathe, loud sobs wracking his small frame.  He was close to wailing in his dark skinned lover's arms, surrounded by love, but only feeling despair and failure.  He could afford the change in price, his gambling days assured that, what hurt him was watching his mother get worse, feeling like he failed her and hating himself for sending her away to begin with. No matter how many letters he writes, he knows it'll never be enough.  He was so lost in painful thoughts he didn't register Derek or Aaron trying to speak to him.

    "Baby please, try to breathe for us, you aren't getting enough air. Baby? Spencer please.."  Derek was getting desperate, Spencer was sobbing and barely breathing.  Aaron helped Derek maneuver Spencer to sit between them, gently pushing his head between his knees while they both rubbed his back and arms, trying to coax him out of his head.

    "Spence, just breathe for us, come on angel." Aaron whispered in Spencer's ear. 'Angel' wasnt a common pet name, Aaron only used it when Spencer was really struggling, the second he said it, he saw Spencer twitch, take a short break between his sobs to force himself to take shuddering breaths. He was struggling, but at least he was moving air a little easier. After about 10 minutes of his dominant lover's comforting and grounding him, his sobs subsided.  He was finally able to sit back up, taking deep breaths while Aaron wiped away his tears and gently kissed each of his closed eyelids. Derek kissed his temple, it was a reassuring pressure that made Spencers next breaths easier. He couldn't talk, there wasn't much he could say, his masters knew that he was ridden with guilt, it wasnt necessary for him to end up sobbing from attempting to voice his thoughts. 

    "I know you feel guilty Spencer.  I'm so sorry your mom isn't doing well, but you've only done what's best for her.  She might not even be here if it wasn't for you, baby."  Aaron spoke softly to him, kissing across his forehead multiple times after the words left him. 

    "He's right pretty boy, you took care of her when you still needed someone to care for you.  You've been so strong for so many years and we are forever proud of you. We'll find a time soon and we will take you to go see your mom, spend some time with her, you both could use it." Derek murmured, kissing the tip of Spencer's nose before gently kissing his lips.  Spencer kissed him back, a little more urgently before falling back and releasing a heavy sigh, his lovers watching the tension leave his body.  Spencer finally opened his eyes and was met with two loving gazes staring back at him from the two men he loved most in the entire world and he knew they loved him just as much.  Derek and Aaron were holding each others hands over Spencer's lap, a subtle encouragement towards each other, seeing their baby so broken down was hard for them both. 

    "Th-thank you.. I'm so sorry for how I acted, you both deserved better. I love you both so much. I'm so sorry!"  A few more tears escaped Spencer's eyes as he profusely apologized to his two caring masters. He grabbed their joined hands kissed where they were joined, holding his lips to their hands for several seconds before he hesitantly placed their hands back on his lap.

    "It's okay baby, we get it, we've both acted out before, we understand.  Thank you for telling us this Spencer, it means everything to us both."  Aaron smiled at Spencer, flashing his dimples before looking at Derek with the same love. Derek nodded his agreement to Aaron's statement, leaning over to share a tender kiss with his unit chief before they both started peppering kisses over Spencer's face, making him smile.  After finally drawing a giggle out of their young submissive they pulled away with wide grins on their faces. Aaron left to grab an extra large blanket and returned, draping it over Spencer who was still only in a pair of briefs.  Derek and Aaron snuggled up on either side of him, turning on Doctor Who and watching the youngests eyes light up with each scene.