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Spencer's (Usually) A Good Boy

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    "Kitten, can you come here?" Derek asked, looking at his young lover who was curled up in a chair reading. Spencer looked up and immediately patted over to his dark skinned master. Derek stroked Spenecers jaw and cheek, admiring his pretty boy before reminding himself of his mission. Aaron had been in an awful mood all day, with Strauss breathing down his neck and Haley making it difficult to see Jack, he was noticeably tense and angry. Derek knew what his dominant lover needed and it was something only their beloved pet could give him. Spencer had his head cocked to the side while he waited for his master to give him some instruction.

    "I need you to do something for master Aaron, okay baby?" He asked, still stroking Spencer's face.

    "Of course master, what would you like me to do for him?" Spencer had already been trying to think of ways to help Aaron, he found himself beyond eager to please his elder dominant. Derek smiled fondly at his obedient pet, he was a little jealous over what he was about to send Aaron's way, but he knew he could have some for himself later. He pulled out a pair of royal blue lacy briefs for Spencer to see. They were clearly a pair of very feminine mens underwear, which was just the style Spencer's masters loved to see him in. 

    "You are going to strip down and then only wear these and your collar, you know this is Aaron's favorite color on you." Derek smiled at the blush that spread across Spencer's face, it was absolutely adorable.

    Spencer quickly stripped off his clothing, standing bare in front of Derek, bowing his head and waiting for Derek to hand him the lacy underwear. Derek eyed him up and down with lust blown eyes.

    "Turn around for me real quick, kitten." Derek instructed, smiling as Spencer turned around tor him quickly. He didnt hesitate to give Spencer's rear a light smack, admiring the small whine his boy released at the contact. He had Spencer turn back around before handing him the underwear and watching his boy hesitantly step into them. There was a small silk bow at the top of the briefs, center with his belly button, Derek could still see Spencer's protruding hipbones and the briefs hugged his backside nicely.

    "God you're gorgeous.. okay baby, Aaron's in my living room in his favorite armchair. I want you to go kneel by him and rest your head on his lap while I talk with him, okay?"

    Spencer enthusiastically nodded and hummed at Derek's instructions. At a light tap to his behind from Derek, he scurried out to the living room, lowered his head like a good pet and walked over to Aaron who immediately took notice of his boy in the beautiful lacy briefs. Spencer kneeled by Aaron without a word and simply rested his head on his masters thigh, staying completely still. He could feel Aaron's eyes on him, taking in the sight of his pet before lifting his hand and gently stroking Spencers soft chestnut brown hair.

    "Mmm baby, what did I do to deserve this huh?" Aaron asked, unable to take his eyes away from the head on his lap. He wanted Spencer to straddle him, get a good look at his baby in those briefs before palming him through them and urging him to grind down. He groaned at the image his mind just provided. Spencer answered him with nothing but a small whine and nuzzling his face into his masters thigh. Aarons attention was caught by his fellow dominant lover walking into the room with a wide grin on his face, clearly focused on the way Spencer looks in the moment.

    "You like what I got our boy? Well, I guess I got them for you, I knew you'd drool when you saw him in these. You've been so stressed lately and haven't snapped at us even once, it's kind of amazing, my love. I figured you deserve to release a little stress and it's been way too long since we've played with our pet." He smirked at how relaxed Aaron already looked having Spencer's head on him. He tightened his grip on Spencer's hair, pulling his head up to make eye contact, his boys eyes were deceivingly innocent and his lips were a delicious pink.

    "Gonna be good for me, boy? Gonna let me use you to release some stress hmm?" Aaron tugged his pets hair, exposing Spencer's pale neck. Spencer whined at the rough treatment and nodded the best he could with the tight hold his master had in his hair. Aaron smiled darkly and roughly yank Spencer up by his hair causing him to stand, but crouched over Aaron now.

    "AH!" Spencer yelped from the sharp pain in his scalp, Aaron was rarely this rough with him, but he wasn't going to complain or beg for gentle when he knew this is what his master needed. He knew Derek was observing, if he thought Aaron was being too harsh, he would step in, knowing Spencer would just take it until he breaks. Aaron used his hold on Spencer's hair to direct him to straddle his lap, now having an up close view of his boy in the royal blue briefs. He let go of Spencers hair with a final tug to savour the sound of one more pained whimper from his pet. Aaron felt all his tension and anger bubble up now that he had his pet like this, all he wanted to do was smack Spencer around and leave him with marks. 

    "You look so good in lace baby, you're so pretty for me, huh?" Aaron admired the way Spencer beamed at his praise and nodded his head with a soft mewl leaving his lips when Aaron start running his hands over Spencer's thighs. Aaron leaned forward to lick a stripe over his boys neck before roughly biting down where Spencer's shoulder meets his neck, making Spencer jolt and cry out, feeling pain radiate from where his masters mouth was. Aaron pulled away and gave his pet a dark look. 

    "Listen real good pet, I need you to stay real still and not make a sound until I say you can, okay?" He asked, roughly gripping Spencer's chin to force eye contact with his shy pet. 

    "Mhm, yes master, I'll be so good for you!" Spencer was basically moaning his response. Aaron responded by smacking Spencer across the face, causing his pet to release a pained cry and then immediately covered his mouth with his hands before dropping his hands back down, realizing he'd moved. 

    "Ah ah... I thought you said you'd be good? Are you not my good pet? Maybe you're just a toy, is that it? I have to punish you now, what a disappointment." Aaron used a cold and harsh voice, causing tears to build in Spencer's eyes. He'd meant to be a good pet, he really did, but Aaron almost never smacked him that he wasn't prepared for the hit at all. His face stung and he felt dirty for having disobeyed his master. Aaron noticed his pets tears and wiped them away, but not tenderly like Spencer felt he needed right then, he did it roughly like it was a chore Aaron was angry to be doing. Spencer bowed his head in shame and started thinking of all the times Aaron had held him while he cried as a way to remind himself of how tender Aaron would be after this scene. 

    Derek was still watching from the other side of the room, he was slightly concerned for their pet, Spencer honestly doesn't like being smacked, especially in the face, it was a rare activity and typically something Aaron would never do while he's so angry. Derek was listening closely for any of the signs that Spencer was reaching his breaking point and his chest was tight with anticipation of hearing a safeword during this rough treatment.

    "I want you to arrange yourself over my lap, we're going to do 10 spankings for your disobedience, you'll count each one and thank me, I'll add more if you screw up. The second your spanking is finished, I want you to kneel on the floor between my knees, can you do that? Answer me." Aaron watched as Spencer was battling tears so that he could properly respond to his master.

    "Y-yes m-ma..master. I-I can that." He forced the words out the best he could, still fighting back sobs trying to crawl out of his throat. He quickly arranged himself over Aaron's lap, praying he would go easy on him, he absolutely hated being seriously spanked, it never aroused him, but he knew Aaron got off on making Spencer cry and beg. He focused his breathing and braced himself for the first blow. 

    Aaron raised his hand, he was achingly hard just thinming about the sounds he was going to pull from his pet. He brought his palm down on Spencer's backside HARD causing his boy to grip the armrest and cry out.

    "AH! One! Thank you master!" Spencer screamed through the pain on his backside. He seemed to have pleased Aaron because the next blow wasnt as hard, though it still made him whine and forced the breath out of his lungs.

    "Ah.. Two, thank you master!" He wasn't as loud this time, making Aaron scowl as he brought his hand down as hard as he could twice, the second blow immediately following the first.

    "AH! AHH! THREE, FOUR, THANK YOU MASTER!" Spencer sobbed out his screams, tears streaming down his face, Aaron was being so rough with him, he became fearful every blow would be like this. He reminded himself of more times Aaron had showed him tenderness and love, holding on to that to make it through the punishment without breaking. Aaron brought his hand down three more times consecutively, but not nearly as hard as before. 

    "Ahh! Five! Six! It hurts! Seven! Thank you m-master!" Spencer was releasing labored breaths, his backside stung and he was filled with shame. He only had three more, he knew he could do this, his heart swelled at how gentle he knew Aaron would be with him once he realized how rough he'd been. He was brought out of his thoughts by a sharp sting on his backside as Aaron smacked him again. 

    "EIGHT! Thank you master! P-please not so hard it HURTS!" He pleaded without thinking, all he could feel was the pain radiating from his rear. Aaron chuckled at his pleas and decided he wasn't in the mood for mercy that day. He caught Derek's very evident worried glance from across the room which angered him more, how dare Derek act as though Aaron can't handle their pet. Aaron raised his hand higher than before and slammed it down on Spencer's backside, forcing a scream from his pets tired throat. He only waited a second before delivering the tenth and final blow, using all the force he could find. 

    "AHH GOD NINE STOP PLEASE! AH! TEN! oh god no more please master please please stop!" Reid was a babbling mess, having completely forgotten that he was only supposed to receive ten, he was in so much pain and couldn't stop sobbing. It took him a few moments to realize Aaron had stopped and was looking at him expectantly. He realized Aaron wouldn't be soothing him like he had been wishing for. He then remembered that Aaron had instructed him to kneel between his knees after his spanking, so he slowly lifted himself, wincing at the radiating pain from him backside. He carefully kneeled down, hissing at the pained pressure he felt from his abused rear resting on the heels of his feet. He bowed his head and hoped Aaron would at least pet him or praise him. 

    Derek winced watching Aaron finish Reids punishment and was shocked their boy hadn't at least called out 'yellow' his slow down word. He watched Spencer slowly kneel in front of Aaron, waiting for Aaron to praise their boy for taking his punishment that Derek found unfair to begin with. Aaron didnt praise Spencer, instead he unbuckled his belt and took down his zipper, pulling his hard and leaking member out. Spencer slowly lifted his eyes to face his masters cock, he knew what was expected of him, but didn't move yet. 

    Aaron took hold of Spencer's hair again, not quite as rough as earlier and guided his mouth to the head of his cock. Spencer hesitantly licked at the head, still wincing from the pain in his backside. Aaron tugged his hair a bit more harshly and pulled him closer to his member. 

    "Come on, suck it slut." Aaron spat, it was cold and rough and made Spencer flinch and immediately take him all the way into his mouth till he hit his throat, slightly gagging before forcing it in further than he typically took Aaron, desperate to earn any form of praise. Derek took a step closer, they never degraded Spencer like that, Spencer lives for praise, he broke down at being being degraded. He couldn't beleive Aaron had called their beloved pet a SLUT. He started to wonder if he had messed up, directing Spencer to be used as a release for Aaron's pent up stress, it appeared that Hotch was also using their boy as an outlet for anger. 

    The room was filled with sounds of Spencer enthusiastically sucking Aaron, taking him in deep and pulling up to pay special attention to his head. He had tears leaking from his eyes and all he could think was that he had been bad and still hadn't made it right, Aaron hadn't given him any praise or soothing touches and that must mean he's disappointed. He was pulled out of his painful thoughts when he heard Aaron release deep moans, gripping his hair tight and forcing him all the way down and then holding him there, cumming down Spencer's throat in long and hot spurts. Spencer gagged and was desperately trying to swallow everything, but when Aaron finally pulled him off his spent member, a little of his masters cum leaked out of the corner of Spencer's mouth. 

    Spencer felt pride at the fact that he made his master cum so quickly and swallowed almost everything Aaron gave him. He felt slightly dazed, but awaited his master to come down and start his aftercare. He was shocked when Aaron's breathing slowed and he looked at Spencer with cold eyes, without a warning he brought his hand across Spencer's cheek, making him Yelp and fall to the floor in front of Aaron. He began sobbing on the floor, now just feeling confused when the scene would end, he couldn't take this side of Aaron anymore, he gasped for steady breaths and tried to hold back the tears pouring down his face.

    Derek finally took in what he just watched, his dominant lover used their pets mouth for pleasure and then fucking smacked him across the face, leaving him crying on the ground before him. Derek had to step in, he felt sick at Aaron's actions and sick with himself for not stepping in sooner.

    "What the fuck, Hotch?!?" He didn't deserve to be called Aaron in that moment, Derek was furious to see Spencer on the floor still sobbing. Aaron simply looked Derek, a cold expression on his face. Derek just realized how bad he fucked up using Spencer to relax Aaron, it was a lot worse than they thought.

    "You can't treat him like that! Fuck man, look at him! He's SOBBING on the floor because of you!" He screamed at Hotch, but noticed the way he was making Spencer flinch. He quickly ran to his pet, pulling him into his arms and trying to be careful with his hurt backside. Spencer cried harder and wrapped his arms around Derek's neck, burying his face in his gentle masters chest. Derek rubbed his back and knew that even though Spencer hadn't used his safewords, he probably should have, the boy was distraught. Aaron snapped out of his weird mindset to the sounds of Derek trying to sooth Spencer. He quickly realized he was the reason Spencer needed that soothing, he immediately felt the urge to punch himself in the face, he had degraded and hurt his young lover and didn't balance it out AT ALL. Spencer is too sensitive to handle that type of treatment without reassurances and praises. 

    "Oh god.. Spencer, baby? I'm so sorry, master is so sorry. I didn't mean to smack you after that, I don't know why I did that. Please just come here? Can you come over to my lap so I can make sure you're okay?" He pleaded with the boy, earning a piercing glare from Derek. Spencer quieted down and slowly stood from Derek, ignoring his masters hesitation to release him back to Aaron. Spencer clearly still trusted Aaron despite what just happened. He stood before Aaron and gently straddled his lap again, trying to keep pressure off his bruised ass. His cheek was bright red from where Aaron smacked him, his lips were swollen, his eyes were red and puffy and his face was splotchy from crying. Hotch felt guilt flood his heart at the sight of his young lover. Derek was still glaring at Hotch, now standing and ready to yank Spencer from him, he couldn't blame him at all.

    "How bad does your backside hurt baby? I was way too rough with you baby, why didn't you safeword?" He asked worriedly, gently stroking Spencer's cheek where he had previously striked him. Spencer nuzzled his hand, savoring the gentleness he had been craving from Aaron. 

    "Just a bit too rough master, hurts really bad, you've never hit me that hard before, I would have called yellow if you hadn't stopped at ten. I wanted to make you feel better, I'm sorry if I failed." Spencer refused to meet Aarons eyes. 

    "Oh baby, you didn't fail, you could never fail. Look at me.. there you are beautiful angel. I love you, you did so well for me, I should have praised you more during, that was my fault. I'll never go that rough again, I promise." He kissed spencer gently, but when he tried to pull away, spencer whined and claimed his lips harder, desperate for the attention. Aaron kissed him for a few more moments before reluctantly pulling away and stroking the geniuses cheek again. He lead Spencer to the sofa, he sat at the end and guided his pet to lay down on the rest with his head in Aaron's lap. He murmured praises and love to his pet while massaging his scalp, lulling Spencer into a needed sleep. Derek released a breath he hadnt realized he was holding, sitting across from Aaron on the other couch. 

    "Aaron.. what was that? You've never treated him like that before, I'm shocked he didn't go into a bad sub drop. You know he hates being degraded and hit, why would you do both without praise and gentle touches at least to help reassure him? I should have stopped you sooner, I honestly kept waiting for him to call out yellow, but he never did." Derek rushed out the words, he was still angry with Aaron, but he could tell it was a very bad accident, Aaron was quick to care for Spencer how he needed once he snapped out of whatever mindset he went into. 

    "Honestly Derek, I don't have a clue as to what happened, but listen.. never let me do anything with Spencer while I'm so stressed again, I just got so angry and took it out on him without thinking. He took it so well, I don't deserve him. I won't ever touch him while I feel like that again, that's a promise to both of you and myself." Aaron vowed, guilt overwhelming in his voice and eyes. He looked down at Spencer and felt so grateful for the boy sleeping in his lap. 

    Spencer woke up to a soothing warmth all around him. He quickly realized he was in a bath with his favorite lavender soap. He finally registered the hand working shampoo into his hair, it was grounding and soothing, just like he needed. He turned his hard to face Aaron who was washing his hair. Aaron gave him a loving smile before leaning forward and kissing his pets forehead, then his nose, making Spencer giggle. 

    "You were such a good boy, you deserve all the rewards we can give, start coming up with a list, my love." He gently cooed at Spencer, chuckling when all Spencer did in response was happily hum and capture Aaron's lips in a tender kiss. 

    "...I want ice cream.. OH and I want some honey chicken from that Chinese place you and Derek aren't fond of!" He giggled like a child and relaxed into Aaron's hands massaging his scalp. 

    "One ice cream and honey chicken coming right up. I'll have Derek go out to get the fixings so we can make sundaes with sprinkles, your favorite." He smiled at his boy whose eyes always lit up when he got to see Aaron's dimples. He only smiled for his two lovers, especially Spencer. After easing Spencer out of the tub, he dried him off, kissing across his chest and stomach. Spencers quiet moan wasn't missed by his elder lover and Aaron was very aware that his baby was hard. He reached his hand down, carefully wrapping his calloused hand around Spencer's hard member. Spencer keened at the contact and gently pushed his hips towards the stimulation.

    "Ahh.. oh God Aaron, please let me cum.." he pleaded his master, praying he'd be allowed release. Aaron replied by passionately kissing his pet and properly jerking him off how he likes it, rough and fast.

    "Ahn! Yes god please Aaron, please dont stop, so good!" He cried out as he felt himself quickly approaching his release.

    "Gonna cum Aaron, I'm gonna cum, please can I?" He needed to hear permission, he just needed that confirmation from his master. Aaron smiled at his lover and savored the sounds he made in his pleasure.

    "Yes baby, cum for me, cum for me now baby!" The second the words left his lips, Spencer was crying out as he released over Aaron's hand and his chest, slumping forward onto Aaron who supported his lithe lover as he caught his breath and footing again. He gently wiped Spencer down with a washcloth before drying him again and helping him into a white fluffy robe. Spencer hummed while dazed and satisfied, letting Aaron care for him like the good boy he is. 

    "Mmm once my backside stops hurting I want you and Derek to take a turn at my ass, want my masters to fuck me." Spencer mumbled his want, almost like it was just a thought to himself. Aaron chuckled and eased Spencer to lay in the bed, promising his return before he left to tell derek to go get the necessaries for sundaes and he would order Spencer's request from the geniuses favorite Chinese restaurant. He shared a loving kiss with Derek before returning to Spencer while Derek took off to acquire the sundae needs. 

    "I love you, Spence." Aaron whispered into his boys ear as his drifted into another nap on the bed. Spencer released a happy whimper in response and nuzzled closer to the hand Aaron had carded through his hair.