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Spencer's (Usually) A Good Boy

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    Derek woke up to something rubbing against him. It didn't take him long to remeber that his boy stayed with him last night and is now grinding into his side in his sleep. Derek looked over to see Spencer's eyes closed and mouth open, a beautiful flush across his cheeks, small whimpers escaping his mouth. Spencer was grinding his groin into the side of Derek's hip, desperately trying to get off in his sleep. Derek shifted to the side, removing the pressure Spencer was desperate for, causing the young doctor to release a needy whine before his eyes shot open. 

    Spencer was clearly confused before running his hand down his chest and flat belly, towards his abdomen. Derek groaned at the sight of his baby so obviously aroused, the sound causing Spencer to look at his master, clearly embarrassed.

    "The only way you're gonna feel good is on my thigh, baby boy." Derek spoke in a husky voice, his pet turned impossibly redder at the command. Derek knew they had about 30 minutes before Aaron would get there, he felt himself harden at the idea of keeping their boy right on the edge till his other master could join them. He patted his thigh and gave Reid a stern look, motivating his boy to move towards him, slotting his knees on either side of his masters leg.

    "Come on baby, make yourself feel good, but dont cum till I say, alright?" Derek smiled at his boys whimper and enthusiastic nod in response. He gave his hips an experimental roll, immediately mewling at the pleasure he so desperately needed. He started grinding down on Derek's thigh, whining with frustration, it was so good, but not enough. Derek put one of his hands on his pets ass, pushing his hips down to make him grind down harder.

    "Ahn I need more master, it's so good, just need more please please" Reid begged, hoping for Derek to touch him, give him the right friction he was chasing.

    "No baby, you'll get there, just go harder, pet." Derek held back a laugh at the groan of frustration Reid made, scowling at his master before grinding down faster and harder, whimpering each time his groin rubbed against his masters thigh. 

    "Oh oh just a bit more, m'close, please more ah! J-just.. ahh!" He was a babbling mess, his hips rocking down without any sort of rhythm, chasing his orgasm, abandoning shame. His boy was getting close, so Derek grabbed his hips, preventing him from achieving his very needed orgasm.

    "No no no master please, please please I need to, so close, just a bit more, PLEASE!" His boys voice was desperate, on the verge of tears, the sight made his heart ache, but his dick impossibly harder. He wanted to make his boy feel good, but he knew Aaron would punish Spencer if he came right before he arrived. 

    "Shh baby, you'll get to cum, Aaron will be here soon and then we can both play with you, okay?" He soothed his pet, pulling his head down so he could kiss him. He could hear his front door opening and Aaron coming in, he must have gotten there early, it was clear Spencer wasnt nearly as aware. Spencer broke away from the kiss to release a high pitched whine as managed to break Derek's hold on his hips to grind down erratically.

    Aaron heard the unmistakable whine that was definitely from his young pet, he smirked and headed towards Derek's bedroom, cracking open the door to reveal his boy desperately grinding down on his fellow dominant lovers thigh. He cleared his throat, causing both of his lovers to look at him, Reid immediately halting his movements before moving off Derek and kneeling on the bed, wearing only a pair of purple boxer briefs. Aaron scanned his pets body with his eyes, admiring his smooth and lithe body with some lean muscle definition.

    "Getting off without me, boy?" Aaron asked, a hint of amusement in his voice.

    "No master, wasn't gonna cum till you got here. Want you both." Spencer whined, squirming under Aaron's gaze. 

    "Do you deserve both of us, pet?" Derek asked from behind his boy, he was now out of bed and walking around to greet Aaron with a heated kiss, neither of them paying any mind to their youngest lover. Reid whined at the display, he was SO hard and needy and he wanted his masters NOW. 

    "Please? I've been so good masters!" Spencer pleaded. He was right, he'd been well behaved and his masters knew they'd make him feel good, he deserved it. 

    "Okay baby, take off your underwear and lay face down, ass up." Aaron ordered, watching Spencer tug off his boxers, and hastily plant his face into his pillow, presenting his ass in the air. Aaron gave his boys ass a light smack, admiring the shiver that went through Spencer's body. 

    "Spread your arms and grab the posts, baby" Aaron ordered again, spencer obliged quickly. Spencer could hear Derek retrieving something and had a feeling what was happening. He jumped a little when he felt the unmistakable feeling of ropes start wrapping around his right wrist, bounding it to the bedpost. He tried to focus his breathing, the nervousness bubbled up like it always did when they practiced any form of bondage. He felt the same being done to his left wrist only a moment later. He moved his head to the side with his eyes wide, hoping to be able to see either of his lovers, but they both moved to the end of the bed, admiring their pets exposed ass. They noticed his back moving up from heavier and more erratic breaths, they knew bondage was a bit hit or miss with Reid, sometimes it was a turn on, sometimes it caused some panic for him. Aaron moved up towards where Spencer's face was turned, petting his head.

    "Shh baby, you're safe, we're just gonna have a little fun with you. What's your color?" Aaron soothed him, taking a breath when he saw Spencer relax when he was able to see his master.

    "Green master, just needed to see you.." Spencer smiled, having clearly completely relaxed, he wiggled his rear for Derek who was still standing at the foot of the bed. His masters smiled and carried on. Derek grabbed his boys cheeks, spreading them open and leaning forward, licking over Spencer's hole. Spencer jerked against his bonds and whined.

    "Eager huh? You gonna let us in, baby?" Derek asked, reaching between Spencer's thighs to start jerking his boy.

    "Ahh! Yes yes please, I'll be good!" Spencer howled out, trying to thrust his hips into Derek's hand. Aaron was quick to pass a tube of lube to Derek, Spencer whining desperately when his master stopped stroking his hard and leaking cock. Derek spread a generous amount of lube over his index and middle finger, squirting some on his boys hole as well. He rubbed his fingers over the needy entrance, savoring Spencer's whines and pleas for more. Glancing at Aaron and recieving a nod, he pushed both of his fingers into his boy, making him cry from the pleasure and pain of the stretch. 

    "Fuck baby, it's been too long since we fucked you open, so fucking tight" Derek hissed as he began thrusting his fingers, avoiding his boys prostate. 

    "Ahh god so good, more Derek more please!" Spencer's voice was high and needy, slipping into subspace, just how his masters liked him. Derek finally aimed to hit his boys prostate, roughly thrusting in his fingers, forcing in a third along with them. 

    "AHHN! OH god! Dont stop please! Ah ah!" Spencer threw his head back, the stretch burning, but pleasure shot through his spine everytime his masters fingers thrusted into his prostate. He tugged at the ropes binding him to the bed, trying to force himself further onto the fingers. He felt his wrists burning from the strain, but he couldn't bring himself to care right now. Derek quickly removed his fingers, sharing a smirk with Hotch when Spencer whined at the loss, wiggling his ass in a silent plea. Derek nodded at Aaron and took a step back, watching his fellow dominant lover remove his hard member from his pants, positioning himself at reids entrance. Reid felt something brush his entrance and he jerked against his binds harder, eager for something, ANYTHING to give him the release he craved. 

    Derek smacked Reids ass with enough force to make him Yelp and jerk forward the best he could.

    "Stay still baby, Aaron's gonna use you real nice, be a good boy and don't cum till we say." Derek's voice was husky and dripping with lust, it made Spencer moan and hold himself still for Aaron. Derek squeezed a little more lube onto his hand before grabbing Hotchs cock and quickly lathering it, giving his dominant lover a few harsh jerks, making him groan and tilt his head back. Aaron positioned himself at Spencer's hole, giving his pet no warning besides a hand grabbing his hip with a firm grip before pushing himself past Reids tight muscles and forcing his way into the lithe genius. 

    "AHN! AH Ah ah! Oh ohh god! Hurts.. ah! Slower please oh ohh!" Spencer wasn't even aware of the sounds or words leaving his lips. Pain radiated from his hole where Aaron was stretching him roughly. He felt so full and so good, but damnit, it hurt, Aaron rarely liked going easy on the young submissive. Aaron bottomed out and only gave Spencer a second before pulling out and roughly slamming back in, making his pet cry out in mostly pain and some pleasure. Aaron took up a brutal pace, fucking into Reid hard and fast, gripping his hips with both hands, surely leaving fingertip shaped bruises. Reid moan everytime his master hit his prostate, but he was in pain from the rough treatment, he wasn't sure how long he could handle it. 

    "A-Aaron! Pl-please gentle! Not so r-rough! Ah! It- AH! it hurts, just slow down, h-hurts!" Spencer was babbling, he needed Aaron to take it a little bit easier on him so he could adjust for a second, but he wasnt even sure if he'd gotten his words out correctly. Derek kept an eye on Spencer's breathing and listened for a safeword, eyeing Hotch for a second when he didnt seem to acknowledge Spencer's pleas for him to slow down. Aaron looked back at Derek and smirked before gripping Reids hips firmly and slamming into his boy even harder. Spencer screamed in surprise pain.

    "You want me to go slow, pet?" Aaron was basically growling. 

    "OW PLEASE PLEASE MASTER!" Spencer tugged at his wrists with all his strength, just wanting to reach back to place a hand on Aaron's hip to hopefully slow him. Hotch took notice of the frantic tugging motion his pets arms were making and slowed his pace abruptly, still thrusting in deep, but much slower and now aiming straight for his prostate with each thrust. Derek quietly released the breath he hadn't known he was holding, he always got slightly anxious when Aaron was rough with their pet, despite it being super fucking hot to watch. 

    "Oh god thank you master, ahhnn oh God so good, so close!" Spencer whined and moaned, he was embarrassingly close, trying to hold off the urge. Aaron thrusted a little faster, still aiming for his pets prostate each time, coaxing desperate moans out of the submissive. After severalminutes of increasingly rough thrusts from Hotch and high pitched keens from Spencer, Derek was so hard it became painful, he felt relieved when he noticed Aaron was close, he'd finally be able to take his turn with their boy. 

    "Oh God Spencer, I'm close, gonna get you off, dont cum till I say." Aaron forced out the words through his lust clouded mind. He reached one of his hands under Spencers hips and took his red and leaking cock in his hand, jerking him fast with his large, calloused hand. Spencer screamed in pleasure, barely keeping himself from tipping over the edge, thrusting into Aaron's hand and back onto his masters cock. Aaron made his grip around his boys member a bit more firm and moved his fist faster, his hips now moving erratically to chase his impending orgasm. 

    "Cum baby, cum for me now!" Aaron screamed, feeling Reid's entire body tense and his passage get tighter as he threw his head back and cried out his release. The scene drove Hotch over the edge, he thrusted a few more times before burying himself deep in his young lover and releasing his seed inside him. Aaron slowly pulled out, taking a step back as his pet went limp on the bed, his legs extending and hips falling flat. Derek slapped Spencer's ass before he could doze off.


    "Can't rest yet baby, I havent had my turn." Derek growled as he tried to get Spencer's hips up and on his knees so his ass was on display again. Smacking him on the side when Spencer whined pitifully, staying limp on the bed. 

    "Eeh! Too sensitive master.. need a minute" Spencer pleaded, but slowly moved his lower body to get back into position.

    "Shh baby, itll feel so good, need to get you hard again." Derek whispered to Spencer as he leaned over his back, kissing the back of his neck and down his spine. 

    "Mm..cant, too tired." Spencer tried again, but he knew Derek would make him cum again, whether he thought he could or not. Derek positioned himself at his boys entrance, he was a bit larger than Aaron so he was trusting his rough treatment opened Spencer up enough that it wouldn't hurt. He slowly pushed in, meeting more resistance than he expected. Spencer crained his head back, releasing a pained whimper at the stretch and rubbing on his over sensitive prostate.

    Derek started thrusting slowly, giving Spencer time to adjust as he whined at each rub against his spot. Derek reach under Spencer to find his cock still wasn't even half hard yet, he took him in his grip and started slowly jerking him into hardness. Spencer started wiggling and straining to get away from the overstimulation, always overly sensitive to begin with, this was bordering just painful and overwhelming for him. 

    "Derek no.. I cant, it's too much! ahhh oh god it hurts Derek please!" He now had tears streaming down his face as he felt himself get fully hard, overwhelmed, but needing to cum again. 

    "Shh baby, itll be good, just let yourself feel good. You're doing so well." Derek shushed him, kissing his lower back before jerking him faster, thrusting harder and faster into his boy, hitting his prostate head on. 

    "God Derek it's too much! Easy easyy I cant take it! Need-ah!-more! S-stop! M-moree!" He didnt know what he needed, he felt like his entire body was on fire and it HURT, but he felt so good and needed to cum again. Derek continued his thrusts for longer than Spencer thought he could take, he was so close to the edge all he could do was cry and whine at all the overpowering stimulation. Derek's thrusts became rougher and more desperate, he leaned over Spencer and gripped his shoulder to pull him into his thrusts as he jerked his boy faster. 

    "Getting close! Cum for me baby!" Derek growled in his ear between thrusts. Spencer's muscles tightened and he yanked at his binds rougher than before and cried out as what felt like fire ran through him and splashed over his stomach. He just kept cumming and screaming out his release, everything being too much. He felt Derek hit his prostate again and he sobbed, desperately trying to get away from the purely painful overstimulation. 

    "No no no more Derek its hurts it hurts, it HURTS stop oh god please!" He choked out around his sobs, feeling Derek's thrust aim to avoid his prostate, moving fast until his master stilled in him and moaned as he released himself within his boys well used passage. Spencer was releasing small whines with tears still streaking his face, eyes clenched shut and breathing erratic. Derek gently pulled out of his young lover, helping him ease his hips onto the bed and extend his legs. He whimpered with every touch, jerking like it burned him. 

    After Aaron quickly came down from having jerked off watching his lover fuck his pet, he moved with haste to undo the rope binding Spencer's right wrist as Derek moved to his left. Spencer jerked his arms at the contact, completely out of it and sensitive to touch. Having removed the bindings, both of the dominant lovers winced and hissed at how red and raw their boys wrists were, he was struggling a lot harder than they realized. They both made sure there was no blood, there wasnt, but his wrists would surely be sore and bruised for awhile. Spencer was now completely limp and unmoving, no longer responding to their touches, but still breathing somewhat erratically. 

    Derek checked over Spencer's hips and rear, he had forming bruises on his hips, there wasnt any visible blood around his hole or on either of their members, but he was clearly raw and would be very sore. Derek winced at the sight, feeling slightly guilty for the rough treatment, they'd both owe Spencer a day of gentle treatment. Aaron was carding his fingers through his pets hair, bending down to kiss his head, getting a small mewl from the youngest in response. 

    "I'm going to start a warm bath with some muscle relaxing soaps and oils for him, you get the soothing lotion for his wrists and then carry him over." Aaron stated, leaving to start the bath. Derek gently rolled Spencer onto his back, leaning in to kiss each of his cheeks and stroke his jaw. Spencer leaned into the touch, but didn't open his eyes, his breathing had started to calm down. He used a tissue to wipe the cum off his pets stomach and abdomen, Reid twitching and whining pitifully in sensitivity when Derek wiped him down around his groin. 

    "Shh baby, just cleaning you up. It's okay. You were so good for us." Derek whispered to him before kissing his temple. He positioned his arms under his pets knees and back, slowly lifting him. Spencer buried his face in Derek's chest, too tired to grip onto his strong lover, trusting him to carry him. Derek made it to the bathroom where Aaron had the bath ready. He gently placed Reid in the tub, laying his head on a folded towell Aaron setup as a makeshift pillow. Derek left to get the soothing lotion for his wrists and a cold water bottle. 

    Derek returned to see Aaron lovingly washing their pet with a washcloth, tenderly running it over Spencer's wrists and placing an apologetic kiss over them when his baby winced. Spencer was now clean and just resting in the warm bath, letting it relax his aching muscles and sore bottom. He drifted into sleep, trusting his masters to look over him. Derek couldn't stop looking at how raw his wrists were, they probably shouldn't have tied him to the headboard. 

    "He really tugged at them this time, maybe we should forget about rope and stick to the padded cuffs?" Derek asked Aaron who was wearing the same concern over Spencer. 

    "I don't know, he's not pulled at them this hard, but he didn't safeword, he may have just been a little too lost in the moment to realize he was hurting himself. He reacts better to rope or ties than cuffs, you know that." Aaron sighed. 

    "That's true, but he handles those padded cuffs pretty well, theres no metal sound with them to scare him." Derek pushed Spencers hair away from his forehead, smiling at the peaceful look he held. 

    "I was probably too rough with him. It's a little early in the day for bondage and rough sex maybe.." Aaron half chuckled. 

    "Hah, maybe so. We'll ask him how he felt about it once he comes back to us, I don't want to rush him. Could you go change the bedding and throw on some coffee?" Derek asked, earning a smile and chaste kiss from his dominant lover before he stood to change the bedding and turn on the coffee maker, pulling the sugar out so it would be ready. 

    "Mmm.." Spencer moaned as he came into awareness. Derek was stroking his head and watching him lovingly. 

    "Hey baby, how do you feel?" 

    "Good.. m'sore, do I smell coffee?" Spencer asked, head perking up at the smell. Derek laughed. 

    "Yeah pretty boy, we have some going for you. Let's dry you off and get you into a clean bed." He helped Spencer stand, flashing an apologetic look when his baby winced and placed a hand on his lower back. 

    "Was it too much for you? You tugged at your wrists really hard baby." Derek asked concerned. He began slowly drying Spencer down, avoiding adding too much pressure to his groin or backside. 

    "It was a lot, but I liked it, just got overwhelmed at the end." He replied with a fond smile. 

    "You wouldn't hold back if you needed to safeword right?" Derek asked as he lifted Spencer into his arms with little protest, his baby wrapping his arms around his masters kneck and nuzzling his chest with his face. 

    "I wouldn't, I didn't need to safeword, I promise, you guys gave me what I needed. Where's Aaron?" Reid scanned the room as Derek sat him on the edge of the bed and pulled out a pair of boxers briefs and fluffy pajama pants for him.

    "He's getting your coffee, baby, he'll be back in a minute, he changed the bedding for you." Derek helped Spencer into the clothes and settled onto the bed with his back against the headboard, pulling Spencer to him so his baby's back was flush with his chest. Spencer hummed happily, resting his head on Derek's shoulder, appreciating the soothing feeling of Derek hands running over his chest. Aaron returned with the coffee, smiling at the sight of his two lovers. Spencer looked up and his eyes lit up when he saw Aaron, making grabby hands towards him.

    "Dont worry baby, I have your coffee!" He chuckled in a teasing voice, but Reid shook his head no. 

    "Coffee can wait, want you to cuddle me with Derek." Spencer spoke in a positively needy voice, a slight whine to his words. Aaron adored Spencer like this, he smiled and set the coffee on the nightstand. He moved onto the bed and Derek maneuvered them so they were laying with Spencer between them, cuddled up in their arms. Spencer faced Aaron and nuzzled into his chest and felt Derek's hands on his hips and his chest against his back. He drifted back into a happy and peaceful sleep, still releasing content sighs as he slept. 

    Aaron and Derek watched their boy with love, admiring the strong young genius between them. They shared a loving look between each other before closing their eyes and savoring the feeling and sounds of their boy simply breathing. In that moment, everything was good and nothing else mattered besides the love they all felt for each other.