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Spencer's (Usually) A Good Boy

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    Derek stared with tear filled eyes at the screen in front of him. Spencers almost lifeless form hung from his shackled wrists. He had been unconscious for about 20 minutes Derek thought. Blood slowly fell from the wound carved into the young man's chest. Derek wanted to pound Kace into the ground as he stared the bloody initials on Spencer's chest, reading 'KC'. 

    Aaron was silent, he had put his stoic mask back on, though his cheeks were still wet from the tears he shed. He was scared, terrified actually. He had never been so afraid. He was scared for Spencer, he was scared of what would happen to him that he couldn't stop. He was scared for Derek, he wasnt sure how much Derek could watch before breaking. He was scared for himself, he didn't know how to protect his lovers or himself and he knew it was very possible that Jones would kill them. 

    Kace entered the room with the two agents. He smiled at their eyes glued to the screen. Satisfied, he turned it off, watching their heads finally hang in shame. 

    "Did you two enjoy the show? He screams so well, doesn't he? He let me mark him up real nice, but I'll use him good and proper before I lose him, that's a promise." Kace said, searching for a reaction. The two agents remained silent, staring at their laps. 

    "I think I'd like to take him dry, no prep the first time, make him bleed real nice. Would you wanna see that?" He chuckled darkly, but quickly became enraged when he again, received no response. 

    "Nothing to say? Fine! I'll just have more fun with your agent in there! I already have so many ideas to make that pretty mouth open up and scream." Kace said, smiling as he watched Derek's head immediately snap up.

    "Don't you lay another finger on him, you son of a bitch!" Derek spat, his eyes filled with hatred. 

    "There it is! I plan to lay a lot more than a finger on him though.. or I guess, in him?" Kace laughed hysterically, eyes gleaming with joy and anticipation. 

    "You won't touch him! Leave him alone! Hurt me instead!" Derek screamed. 

    "Why would I want you? Hes smooth and small and so so beautiful. He looks perfect when he's screaming and crying. Did you hear him before he passed out? God he'll be so fun to break down." Kace palmed himself as he spoke, drawing a disgusted face from Derek. Aaron finally looked up, silently watching.

    "We are federal Agents, Kace. Let us go and we can work out a deal to shorten your sentence." Aaron said calmly, desperately trying to hide his fear.

    "I don't give a damn about my sentence, I'll use that fucktoy for a lifetime of memories." Kace could only widen his grin as he spoke, imagining all the things he'd do with Spencer.

    "Just let him go, you don't have to hurt him anymore. Hurting him wont take away what you're feeling" Aaron pleaded, accidentally letting his emotions slip. Kace stood still, his face became one of curiosity.

    "What am I missing? Both of you seem more focused on freeing him than yourselves... He's just a fellow agent, isn't he?" Kace asked with a suggestive smile. 

    "What? Yes, he's an agent, he's an asset to our team and he is innocent, Jones." Aaron said, reigning in his emotions again. 

    "No.. No no no! There was something in your voice, agent! Both of you! He's more than that. Confess or I'll go in there and ram his ass!" Kace yelled, obviously angered. Aaron could tell he doesn't take well to missing any information. 

    "There is nothing else! Our team is like a family!" Derek yelled back.

    "What if I was gentle? Would you still have a problem if I made him cum?" Kace asked, seeing anger and disgust flash in both if the agents eyes, more brief in Aaron's. 

    "Ohh that's it huh? You aren't worried about me wrecking him, you're worried he'll enjoy it." Kace laughed.  Derek finally lost it. 

    "He wouldn't fucking enjoy it you bastard! DON'T FUCKING TOUCH HIM! YOU'RE SICK, YOU CAN'T GET ANYONE TO WILLINGLY FUCK YOU SO YOU RAPE AND TORTURE HELPLESS YOUNG MEN!" Derek screamed, thrashing in his chains, desperately trying to get at Kace. 

    "You're wrong! I'll make him like it and when he does I'LL TELL HIM THAT YOU SAID I COULD HAVE HIM BEFORE I SLIT YOUR THROAT!" Kace roared, turning on the screen and storming out. 

    "NO! STAY AWAY FROM HIM!" Derek screamed, tears making their way out of his eyes. Aaron just sat there, shaking his head from side to side. 

    "What did I just do!? AARON WHAT DID I JUST DO!?" Derek screamed, his tone pleading for some sort of answer. 

    "He would have done this no matter what, hes deliberately making us snap so that he can use it as an excuse to hurt Reid. He is trying to blame us for how he hurts Spencer." Aaron stated simply, trying to remind himself that he needed to forget everything he felt for Spencer in that moment. He had to force himself to be objective to save his lovers and himself. 

    After several minutes of silence, the two agents snapped their heads to the screen when they heard Spencer gasp and jerk awake, Kace had just entered the room with him.

    "Well good morning, bitch. I'm gonna do something real nice for you, by instruction of Agent Morgan that is." Kace chuckled as he walked closer. Spencer's eyes widened at the mention of Derek and his face quickly filled with grief after a moment. 

    "D-Derek told you to d-do something?" Spencer asked in a small voice.

    "Well sort of, he told me I could have you if I let him and Agent Hotchner go. I told him I'd gladly have you... Right before I slit his throat." Kace said, slowly stepping behind Spencer. 

    "No! No no no no.. he wouldn't say that.. he didnt! He didnt! oh god.. YOU DIDN'T KILL HIM! YOU COULDN'T!" Spenecer wailed in grief.

    "Oh he did.. He told me how he would use you, how he would make you feel good.." Kace said, smirking. He was bluffing, but obviously he was trying to get answers from Spencer about his hunch.

    "No- wait.. W-what? He told you that?" Spencer asked, trying to control his sobs. 

    "Mhm, he said I could make you feel good, he was bored of you. you're my fucktoy now." Kace whispered in Spencer's ear, savoring the way the lithe man shivered and weeped at his words. Kace snaked his hands around Spencer's sides, rubbing up and down his chest and stomach, stopping to rest directly above the waistband of his briefs. 

    "You're all mine to play with. Your tight ass sure looks good in these little briefs. Can't wait to be buried in you." Kace groaned against Spencer, moving his hand down to cup Reids clothed and flaccid member. 

    "Please dont.. not this, please dont do this. I-I know you think it'll help you, but it wont. Please stop!" Reid pleaded, he tried using his profile to talk Kace away from it, but he was scared and just wanted it all to stop. He desperately tried not to think about Derek and Aaron, if they were really dead he had nothing left to live for. 

    Kace gripped Spencer through his briefs a little rougher, starting to palm him with a sickening smile. 

    "I want you to get hard for me, otherwise I'll just use your ass, okay?" Kace threatened, rubbing Spencer faster. 

    Spencer released a cry of pain and disgust. He didn't want to get hard from this, he felt violated and alone, he just wanted to sleep and never wake up. He tried to go somewhere distant in his mind, all the mornings he'd woken up in Derek and Aaron's embrace. The late night giggles when he would tease his lovers for their cute qualities they refused to acknowledge. He tried to think about the time they all went to the park together and Aaron had brought Jack. It was the first time the tree of them were together with Aaron's son, it was the first time Spencer felt like they were a family. 

    Spencer was forced out of his memories when Kace slid his hand beneath the waistband of Reids briefs. He cried out when he felt Kace begin jerking him into hardness. Spencer cursed his body for reacting positively to his torture. He filled with guilt and shame as Kace continued to pump him until he was fully erect. 

    "I'm sorry Im sorry I'm sorry... I'm so sorry.." Spencer muttered, even if his lovers were dead, he felt as though he was betraying the only men who ever loved him. They died and he was getting jacked off by their murderer.

    "Don't be sorry, you're being a good bitch, getting off for me." Kace growled in his ear.

    "No..nonono I'm sorry Derek.. I'm sorry Aaron.. I'm so sorry." Spencer babbled, feeling himself get close, he sobbed out as he released onto Kace's hand. Kace chuckled, drawing his hand away and licking Spencer's fluids. He exited the room without a word. 

    Derek and Aaron watched with tears streaming down their faces as Spencer released a wail of misery the second Kace left the room. He hung in the room. his chest heaved as he choked on his sobs. He started violently thrashing, straining his arms. He shook his head from side to side as he weeped. He suddenly went completely still, uttering one last thing before he let himself fall into darkness. 

"Please.. forgive me.. Aaron.. Derek.." Spencer's head fell as he finally broke.



*TBC In chapter 10...*