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Spencer's (Usually) A Good Boy

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    Derek watched Spencer's limp body hang on the screen. Kace had been gone for almost an hour and Spencer had passed out not long after he left. He couldn't get Reids plea for forgiveness out of his head, it echoed in his ears without end. He finally released the sob he'd been holding in, he cried for Spencer and the torture he was enduring. He cried for Aaron who was trying to stay strong. He cried for himself and the fact that he couldn't protect his lovers. 

    "You need to stay strong right now, Derek." Aaron whispered.

    "How? How are you keeping it together? We just watched that asshole molest Spencer! He told him I said he could!" Derek cried harder.

    "You're right, Spencer is being physically, sexually, and psychologically tortured. He can't think right now, he cant fight right now, we need to do that for him." Aaron said, his voice filled with pain.

    "I can't do this, Aaron. He's gonna rape him. Hes gonna rape Spencer! How the hell are we supposed to help him heal from that even if we make it out alive!?" Derek gasped out.

    "What we need to focus on is making it out. Spencer is strong, he will recover and we will help him every step of the way. The team is looking for us by now, it's only a matter of time before they trace Jones back to wherever we are. We need to wait him out, keep him occupied when he's with us." Aaron spoke with no emotion now, as if he was just a Unit Chief communicating with his agent. 

    Before Derek could respond, Kace entered the room. Derek worked on composing himself as Aaron stared him down. 

    "Hello agents, enjoy the show? It's funny how easy it was to use him for the truth. He's not just your agent, he's your fucktoy too." Kace snickered. 

    "What do you want from us, Jones?" Aaron asked. 

    "At first, I wanted information, but now I just want to play. I'm not so sure how much longer I can restrain myself with him. I'll let you guys decide how he's hurt next." Kace replied with a sick grin. 

    "What do you mean?" Derek asked, masking his emotions like Aaron had instructed. 

    "I'll give you two options, you both have to agree which one to choose. I will only do to him what you tell me." Kace replied simply. 

    "If we play, will you let him down? He can't hang like that for much longer." Aaron pleaded. Kace just laughed and left. Minutes later they saw the chains rapidly fall, causing Spencer to fall to the ground, but remain unconcious. Kace returned, chuckling to himself. 

    "Okay, hes down, now I'll give you your options." Kace said, recieving a nod from Aaron and a glare from Derek. 

    "I can either fuck that tight ass of his, or I can break his hand." Kace maintained his sick grin when he saw their faces become ones of horror. 

    "How would you break his hand?" Aaron asked calmly. 

    "I have my heart set on a hammer, one quick hit to break whatever bones are in one of those delicate hands of his." Kace laughed. Derek hung his head, trying to contain the sobs and screams he so desperately needed to release. He already knew their answer, there was no way they could tell Kace to rape Spencer, he'd rather have his hand broken. 

    "If you break his hand, do you promise not to rape him? Not to molest him again?" Derek asked worriedly.

    "I cant promise that, but it will buy him some more time." Kace snickered. Derek grimaced, he knew how unlikely it was for them to make it out before Kace raped Spencer. He was worried that Kace would just rape him after he broke his hand, how would they explain to Spencer that his torture was their fault? 

    "How much time?" Aaron asked. 

    "A few hours probably, depends how delicious he sounds when he screams." Kace replied, matter of factly. 

    "Can you give us time to think about it?" Aaron asked. Derek knew what his lover was doing. He was trying to stall, the more time they wasted, the better chance they had of their team finding them before Spencer was hurt worse. 

    "I'll give you 15 minutes to discuss it in private, I need a drink anyway." Kace said, turning off the screen that displayed Spencer and walked out. 

    "Why would he turn off the screen? Is he hurting Spencer while we talk?" Derek asked desperately.

    "I'm not sure, god I hope not." Aaron replied.

    "He's gonna break his hand with a fucking hammer. How will his hand even heal from that, Aaron?" Derek let his tears fall once more. 

    "I dont know, but I know that Spencer would rather that than for Kace to violate him sexually again. He's carrying guilt from before, I wish we had a way to communicate to him." Aaron spoke softly. 

    "He thinks we're dead. He thinks that our killer just forced him to ejaculate. He thinks he's all alone!" Derek couldn't control his sobs or anger anymore, he felt overwhelmed with guilt and shame and rage. 

    "We need to do what we can to protect Spencer for now. I just hope to god the team is close to finding us." Aaron said, shaking his head. After 15 short minutes, Kace returned, the same sick smirk on his face.

    "Hello boys, have you made your decision? I'd gladly give you another 15 minutes so I can... get another drink." Kace laughed at his comment and the flash of confusion in the agents eyes. 

    "What did you do!?" Derek demanded. Kace lifted the remote and turned the screen back on, the scene before them finally broke Derek. He released a cry of misery, refusing to beleive what he was seeing. Aaron closed his eyes tight, facing his head away from the screen. Derek raged against his chains, screaming curses. 

    "YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU WEREN'T GONNA TOUCH HIM! YOU LIED YOU BASTARD! I'LL KILL YOU! ILL FUCKING KILL YOU!" Derek roared out his rage, still thrashing in his chains. Aaron simply hung his head, keeping his eyes closed in an effort to refuse the tears begging to fall.

    On the screen before them was Spencer, except he was different, different and very very wrong. He was splayed out on the floor, his briefs were stripped away from him, torn up and on the floor. The word 'BITCH' was sloppily carved into his stomach. His chest was raising and falling rapidly, tears still falling down his cheeks and onto the floor. 

    "You should have heard how he begged me to stop. He screamed for help and cried so beautifully, it was so hard to control myself. I'm sure you've made your decision? If not, theres still lots of open space for me to mark him real nice." Kace smirked at Aaron, ignoring Derek's raging screams and threats.

    "Break his hand. Break his hand and then you dont touch him for at least 5 hours." Aaron negotiated. 

    "I'll promise 2 hours. Thank you for your cooperation, agents. Enjoy the show, Derek." Kace left with a wink. 

    "WE NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" Derek screamed. Aaron left his head hanging, refusing to watch what he knew would happen.

    Derek calmed himself and stared at the screen, watching when Spencer jerked and looked towards what Derek assumed would be the door. He watched Spencer try to squirm away, but too tired and hurt to make it far. He watched as Kace kneeled next to the tortured young man with a hammer in his hand. He watched as he gripped Spencer's wrist and held his hand down on the ground. He watched as Spencer desperately tried to pull away when he noticed the hammer. He watched as the hammer came down, shattering the bones in Spencer's hand. He finally closed his eyes at the sound of Spencer's blood curdling shriek.

    He clenched his eyes shut as he listened to Spencer sob in pain, only stopping to plead for someone to help him. He let the sound of his lovers agony wash over him like a bucket of ice water. He wasn't sure Spencer could make it through this, he wasnt sure Aaron could make it through this. He was sure he couldn't make it. He uttered one thing before he let himself get lost in a world of memories and solace.

"I'm sorry, Spencer..." 



*TBC in chapter 11...*