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Spencer's (Usually) A Good Boy

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    Aaron watched the screen where his young lover was displayed. Spencer had been laying on the ground for almost an hour, quietly sobbing since Kace had shattered the bones in his hand with a hammer. They didn't know where Kace was, but as long as he wasnt hurting Spencer, Aaron was content. At what Aaron assumed was the hour mark since Spencer was hurt, Kace came into the room again. Derek was silent, staring at his lap, mind elsewhere. Aaron kept his eyes on Kace, watching every step he took. 

    "I promised I'd let him rest for 2 hours, he has 1 hour left. This means, in one hour, I'll get to test how tight that ass really is." Kace snickered.

    "Stop, just stop. We'll do whatever you want, just dont do that to him." Aaron glared.

    "Hmm I really don't know how long I have with him, that's the one thing I'd regret not doing. I suppose I could put it off for some other form of fun.." Kace mused.

    "What? What do you want?" Aaron asked, exhausted.

    "I like the idea of seeing him dance.." Kace said with a grin.

    "Dance?" Aaron glared with an eyebrow raised.

    "Electrical currents can be used to make the body spasm, it sounds like quite the spectacle. I'm sure I could get off on that to hold myself off." Kace groaned at the image.

    "You're one sick son of a bitch, Jones. You get off on the torture of helpless men? You can only get laid if he's beaten and bloody, unable to fight back?" Aaron asked, his anger and fear finally being released in his voice.

    "Mmm there's the emotion, agent Hotchner! God you make him sound irresistible like that. You know what he sounds like with a dick in his ass, think he'll sound the same for me?" Kace laughed.

    "Stop hurting him, just stop. I know you were hurt as a kid, I know that your trauma from the abuse manifested itself in sadistic psychopathic urges. I know that these are need based desires and you can't help it, but you have an opportunity to put an end to this, to all of it. You can still do the right thing, Jones." Aaron desperately tried to reach him, praying to any higher power that he could spare Reid any further torture. 

    "Wow... You don't disappoint Agent, but the thing is... I don't want to do the right thing, I'm done playing with you, it's time for my real fun." Kace responded, turning around and silently exiting, a smile on his face. 

    "NO! GET BACK HERE YOU BASTARD! HURT ME! HURT ME! DONT TOUCH HIM!" Aaron screamed, tears finally falling from his eyes. Derek was pulled out of his safe memories by Aaron's enraged screams. 

    "What's happening!? Where's Jones?" Derek asked, glancing at the screen to be sure Reid was still alone in the room. 

    "He left! HE LEFT! HES GOING TO HURT HIM! Oh God Derek he's going to hurt Spencer!" Aaron cried, finally feeling himself break down. The images of the times Kace had hurt Reid flashed in his mind, he knew it would only get worse. 

    "No! Nononono Aaron how the FUCK do we get out of here!? WHERE IS THE TEAM!?" Derek screamed back, bucking in his chair, fighting against his chains despite his exhaustion. 

    "I dont know.. I DONT KNOW! God Derek I'm so sorry, I was the one who brought you both to check out Jones. It's my fault Spencer's being tortured and you're having to watch." Aaron apologized with guilt and misery in his voice, choking on his words.

    "No Aaron, this isnt your fault. If we're gonna make it out of here and save our boy, its gonna be if we blame one person. Kace Jones is doing this, not you, not me." Derek gasped out. 

    "You told me we need to be strong for Spencer right now because he cant, so let's fucking do that!" Derek yelled. Aaron couldn't reply when they both noticed Reid jerk on the floor and start squirming away.

    "The real fun starts now, bitch." Kace grinned at Spencer's whimpers as he desperately tried to push himself away, still keeping his broken hand on his chest. 

    "I can be nice or I can be real.. not nice." Kace laughed, putting his foot on Spencer's stomach, putting pressure on the carving he previously made. Spencer released a choked out whine at the pain that seared in the wound on his stomach. 

    "Please no.. no more.. I cant.." Spencer pleaded softly, too tired and dehydrated to cry anymore. 

    "You can and you will, roll onto your stomach or I'll break your other hand." Kace warned.

    "Please.. please please no. No! No more! Kill me! Just kill me! Let me die! Let me be with them.." Spencer begged for death, he imagined being greeted by the loving embrace of his two lovers. He imagined being held and kissed on the head one last time. He knew he would never have those things again, his reason to fight was gone. 

    "You arent dying, I havent used you up yet." Kace snickered, kicking Reid in the side with his boot, drawing a groan from the genius. He forced Spencer onto his stomach after much struggling, savoring the hisses and muffled whimpers of pain. Spencer heard the sound a belt being unbuckled. He heard the sound of a zipper being unzipped. He heard the sound of pants being pushed off and kicked to the side. Despite everything he heard, he wasn't ready to feel Jones spread his cheeks and spit on his entrance.

    Reid squeezed his eyes shut and willed his mind to somewhere nicer, he couldn't imagine anything without Derek and Aaron. He wept for his lovers who he would never be able to feel or kiss again. He wept for himself and how his body had been turned into a mutilated object for the enjoyment of a sick individual. He tried not to make a sound when he felt Kace position himself at his entrance without any prep. He felt a blunt pressure before a searing pain exploded from his rear. Despite his efforts, he screamed in agony as he felt like he was being ripped in half. 

    Kace took up a brutal pace, trying to memorize the blood curdling screams the young agent released with every thrust. He felt blood slick the passage, making it easier for him to thrust faster and harder.

    Aaron watched the brutal assault as Derek screamed curses and cried for their lover. He watched Kace Jones brutally thrust inside Spencer as he thrashed and screamed, pleading for somebody, anybody to help him. He listened as Spencers screams turned into sobbed out pleas for death, begging Jones to end his life and his suffering. 

    "please..please let me be with them.. let me be with them! Please PLEASE KILL ME!" Spencer cried, hoping his words would reach Jones ears. Kace only laughed and thrust harder, he was close, and his erratic thrusts made that clear. He emptied himself inside Spencer's abused and bloodied body, savoring the whine Reid released at the feel of his seed being released inside him. He pulled out and quickly put himself back together, putting his pants back on and fastening his belt.

    Kace gave a smile and wave to the camera as he walked out of frame. Aaron released a sigh of relief that Spencer would at least have a break from his torture. His relief was shortlived when Kace returned with a knife, straddling Spencer's thighs, recieving no response from the young man. Aaron could see that Spencer was conscious, though the camera couldn't pick up how his eyes were glazed over or how he'd completely checked out mentally. Aaron could still hear Derek screaming in frustration as Kace began carving lines into Spencer's back, clearly for no reason besides the pleasure he derived from pain. 

    Spencer gave no reaction to the knife slicing his skin, he stared at the wall, memories of his favorite moments with his lovers comforted him. He felt the pain in his back, but he couldn't bring himself to react, he imagined Aaron and Derek were on either side of him, praising and comforting him. He imagined them telling him how good he was, how it would all be over soon. 

    Aaron watched his lover lay limp on the floor as Kace mutilated his back, getting frustrated with the lack of reaction, he angrily threw the knife near Spencer's head and stormed out. 

    Aaron wailed. He wailed out his pain and failure. He prayed to god that their team was close. He prayed he would hear Rossi's voice booming through whatever building they were being kept in. He couldn't do it anymore, he couldn't watch Spencer be hurt while Derek broke down. He had failed to protect the two people he loved most besides his son, he had just watched Spencer be raped and cut into. He felt all the fight drain out of him, he wasn't sure he could forgive himself. He felt his mind trying close, swallowing him in darkness, he uttered one last thing before allowing himself to break.


    "I'm so sorry, Derek.. Spencer..." 


*TBC In Chapter 12....*