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Spencer's (Usually) A Good Boy

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    Spencer finally came out of his memories. He stopped obsessing over moments with his lovers he would never share again. He knew they were gone, he knew he'd be tortured till he died. Even if his team rescued him, he couldn't live without Aaron or Derek. He slowly moved, ignoring the sharp pain in his rear or the stinging across his back. He turned his head to see a knife, the same knife that had been used to carve many things into his skin. He had been marked with that knife, cuts that would turn to scars, but only if he lived long enough to allow that. 

    He wanted to cry, but he had no tears left, he wanted to scream and thrash and curse, but he couldn't. Life was unfair, he'd finally found happiness and it had just been ripped from him in one day. He heard screaming and voices, loud crashes and gunshots. He didn't care what was happening, he knew what he had to do. He wanted to be with his lovers again, there was no other option. He grabbed the knife with his good hand.  With no hesitation he placed the tip at his wrist, slicing all the way up his forearm. He did it twice more before he was satisfied with the blood flowing from his wound. 

    He quickly felt himself drifting, he smiled as he knew he would soon be with his lovers, no longer suffering. He heard a crash, but couldn't look. He heard panicked voices and felt pressure be applied to his sliced arm. He heard Derek's voice and he knew he must be close to already hear them. He heard Aaron whisper something in his ear. He smiled, he knew that his lovers would be waiting for him on the other side, he finally let go, feeling darkness take over. 

    Derek had his own shirt torn off and was covering Spencer's bleeding arm, screaming for medics. Aaron kneeled beside him, whispering his love in his ear, assuring him he was safe. They both saw Spencer smile before his body went completely limp. They both screamed louder, ignoring the panicked looks from their team surrounding them. Medics rushed into the room, after some fight, they got the two lovers to back off so they could treat Spencer. They bandaged Spencer's wrist and lifted him onto a gurney, rushing him out to the ambulance. Derek and Aaron ran behind them, desperate to stay with Spencer. 

    They weren't allowed in the same ambulance as their young lover, no matter how hard they fought to get inside, they were ordered to ride in the other one so they could be checked out on the way. They heard screams from the medics helping Spencer before the doors closed.

    "We're losing him!" 

    "Let's go! He's losing too much blood!" 

    "We lost the pulse!" 




    Aaron and Derek rushed into the hospital, hoping to find out if their lover was okay. The rest of their team rushed in with them, panicked looks on their faces. 

    "He's currently in surgery, I'll take you all to a waiting room closer to him." One of the nurses said. They all sat down, eagerly waiting for some sign that their youngest would be okay. Derek sat between Aaron and Garcia, his leg bouncing as he stared at the floor. He wanted nothing more than to just hold Aaron's hand, a silent encouragement to each other, but couldn't risk exposing them. 

    "He's gonna make it, its Reid, he'll be okay, sweetness." Garcia said, rubbing Derek's back.

    "You weren't there. You didn't see.." Morgan choked on his words, remembering Spencer's screams as Kace tortured him. 

    Several hours later, the doors opened.

    "Family of Spencer Reid?" A doctor asked, walking out. 

    "Yes! That's us, all of us. I'm Aaron Hotchner, Spencers medical proxy, so you can tell us anything." Aaron said, standing up with Derek and the others. 

    "Well, I'll start with the fact that physically, he should make a full recovery. We stitched the cuts on his arm and cleaned and bandaged the other cuts on his chest, stomach, and back." The doctor paused before continuing with a pained look.

    "He also had several tears in his rectum, consistant with a brutal sexual assault. He was losing a lot of blood so we had to clean and stitch those injuries as well.  His hand was also broken in several areas, it needed to be reconstructed." The doctor looked at the team, expecting some sort of response, but they were all either crying or looking away. 

    "Can we see him?" Aaron asked, Morgan looked up expectantly.

    "He's not awake yet, but I can let two of you in, your agents right?" The doctor asked, eyeing the facial expressions of Aaron and Derek. 

    "Yes, we all are, but Agent Morgan and I will be staying in Reids room tonight." Aaron said firmly. 

    "Alright, the rest of you can return in the morning, I'll direct you two to Mr. Reids room." The doctor nodded. 

    "Doctor Reid." All of the agents corrected at the Same time. The doctor smiled and nodded again, beginning to lead Aaron and Derek to Spencer's room. 

    They slowly stepped inside, both taking in a sharp breath at the sight of their lover on the bed. They both took a chair on either side of him, Derek gripping his uninjured hand while Aaron rubbed his arm above the cast of his broken hand. After about an hour of them just sitting there, savoring the sound of their lover breathing, they both noticed a twitch in his eyes.

    "Baby? Wake up for us, Derek and I are both here for you." Aaron pleaded softly, smiling at their young lover. Derek gripped Spencer's hand tighter as he saw his eyes flutter open. Spencer opened his eyes and looked between his two lovers, a few tears started leaving his eyes and he smiled brightly. Aaron wiped his tears and kissed his head. 

    "I knew it.." Spencer slurred.

    "You knew what, baby?" Aaron asked. 

    "I knew you'd both be waiting for me. I know I'd be with you again.." Spencer said, crying more as he smiled at his lovers. 

    "What? Of course we're here for you, we were there the whole time, I'm so sorry we couldn't protect you." Derek said, kissing Spencer's hand. 

    "Its okay.. all together now.. I'm so sorry he killed you.. I couldn't stop him! I'm sorry.." Spencer apologized, crying harder.

    "What? Spencer, baby, he didn't kill us. We were with you the whole time, you just couldn't see us. You're alive, we're all alive." Aaron said, staring at Spencer worriedly.

    "W-we're alive?" Spencer asked, it was clear he didn't believe them.

    "Yeah baby... You made it, the team found us before we lost you." Derek said, holding Spencer's hand to his face. 

    "Oh god... I-I tried to.." Spencer closed his eyes in shame. 

    "We know why you did it, baby. We aren't mad or disappointed in you, we are just happy to be here with you." Aaron added, genuinely.

    "Did he.. hurt you guys..?" Spencer asked hesitantly, analyzing them for any injuries. 

    "No Angel, not physically." Aaron answered.

    "Not physically?" Spencer asked curiously. 

    "We don't need to talk about this right now, Spencer. You need your rest, we will be here when you wake up." Derek assured. 

    "I will, I just want a little longer..." Spencer said, but winced when he moved.

    "Something hurting, baby?" Aaron asked.

    "Uhh.. everything." Spencer replied, not making eye contact. 

    "I'm so sorry. Every minute was torture watching what he was doing to you, we should have protected you." Derek said without thinking. 

    "W-wait.. you.. you guys.. could see? You saw everything?" Spencer asked, eyes filling with panic. 

    "Calm down, Spencer. Yes, he had a feed connected to a screen in our room. We know what he did. We love you, angel, it changes nothing." Aaron said, pushing Spencers hair back.

    "Changes nothing!? It changes everything! You saw me betray you! Oh god.. you saw... you guys saw it all!" Spencer cried, becoming distressed. 

    "Shhh, baby. Please calm down. We saw what Jones forced you to do and how he hurt you. It doesn't change how we love you. We would do anything for you, Spencer. You didn't betray us." Aaron placed a tender kiss by Spencer's ear, relishing in the contact he could make with his lover. 

    "I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry, I should have been stronger, I shouldn't have let him make me scream." Spencer apologized, closing his eyes and leaning into Aaron's touch.

    "Don't apologize, you did what you had to. You survived, that's all that matters. You survived and you're back with us." Derek added, still clutching Spencer's hand like a lifeline.

    "W-wheres Kace..?" Spencer asked, opening his eyes and looking at Derek.

    "He's dead. He put a knife to my throat, so JJ shot him, he didn't even live long enough for the medics to arrive. You're safe." Derek said. 

    "He put a knife to your throat?" Spencer asked, eyeing Derek's neck with concern.

    "Yes, but he didn't even knick me, I'm fine, baby. We are all okay." Derek assure, lifting his head to show off his neck. Spencer slipped his hand from Derek's, moving it to gently trace his neck, pausing to feel his pulse. Spencer stayed like that for awhile, feeling Derek's pulse as he leaned his head into Aaron's hand.

    Derek felt Spencer's hand slowly slip from neck, he caught it in his own hand before it could hit the bed. Spencer's eyes closed as his head went limp, having been lulled to sleep by the presence of his lovers. 

    "I'm worried about him." Derek stated quietly. 

    "I am too, but he's not alone. We aren't alone." Aaron whispered back.

    The two dominant lovers watched their younger submissive sleep in the hospital bed, his chest steadily rising and falling. They spent most of that night simply watching Spencer sleep, taking solace in his presence, awake or not, he was alive. 

    Alive, they knew they would be okay.



*TBC In Chapter 13...*