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Spencer's (Usually) A Good Boy

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Derek and Aaron were in the kitchen preparing Spaghetti with chicken parmesan while Reid sat the counter, working on a 3D puzzle of a bear that Derek had gotten him.

"How's the puzzle?" Aaron asked, watching the focused young man with adoration. 

"It is very simple." Spencer replied, swiftly putting it together without directions. 

"You bought more of those, right?" Aaron asked Derek, chuckling. 

"I bought 6... looks like that'll keep him occupied for 30 minutes.." Derek scoffed. 

"Looks like the estimated time to complete 6 would be 22 minutes and 39 seconds actually." Spencer said, placing the completed puzzle onto the counter. 

"What he said.." Derek said with a giant grin. 

"May I help cook?" Spencer asked, clearly bored. 

"Of course, you can help me bread the chicken." Aaron said. 

The three of them prepared the chicken and put it in the oven to bake. 

"What now?" Derek asked smiling as he wrapped his arms around Spencer. 

"Reid, how are you feeling?" Aaron quickly asked. 

"Fine. I'm not feeling regressed if that's what you're asking." Spencer replied, a beautiful pink dusting his cheeks. 

Aaron gave him a shy smile. Derek grinned and tilted his head to give Reid a kiss on the cheek. Spencer responded by enthusiastically smashing his lips against Derek's. Derek pulled back with a gasp, eyeing Reid closely. 

"Spence.. You don't have to do this.." 

"I want to." Spencer murmured, kissing directly below Derek's ear and trailing down his neck. 

"Ohh god.. Pretty boy.. You aren't ready for this.." Derek sighed, forcing himself not to grip Spencer's waist. 

"Yes I am. Please Derek.." Spencer moaned out, pressing his body against Derek's and kissing along his neck. 

"Spencer... slow down baby.." 

"I need you.." Reid groaned, tugging at Derek's shirt to lift it. 

"You weren't ready this morning with Aaron.." 

"That's because he touched me." 


"I want to touch you." Spencer gasped, dropping to his knees and going for Derek's belt. 

"Whoa, Spencer. Slow down.." Aaron chided in from his shocked position by the sink. 

"No.. gonna be a good boy again.." Spencer said, unbuttoning Morgans jeans. 

"Spencer, stop. You're always my good boy, you don't have to do this.." Derek said, holding on to what little self control he had left. 

"...I miss it." Spencer finally said, letting himself droop all the way to the floor, sitting with his head hung.

"Miss what?" Aaron asked. 

"The.. dynamic we had... I liked being your good boy.. I liked being told what to do... I liked making you both feel good." Spencer sighed in exasperation.

"You still are our good boy. You still make us feel good, we didn't fall in love with you for sex. We can still tell you what to do, we kinda do already." Aaron said, the last part was said with a chuckle. 

"Sex was part of it.. You guys told me that the relationship worked with the three of us because you two weren't sexually compatible." Spencer replied, now looking up at Aaron. 

"I guess this proved we were wrong, sex doesn't need to be an aspect of our relationship to be happy with each other." Aaron replied softly. 

"But you want it to be. You both do." Reid sighed. 

"Of course we do, but not if you arent ready. I know that you can heal from what happened, but it'll take time." Derek said.

"You guys can still do stuff without me..." Spencer suggested. Aaron and Derek gave each other a nervous glance, they'd not done much together without Spencer, and nothing more than a quick handjob or a makeout session. 

"Do stuff without you?" Derek questioned.

"Yeah.. just cause I'm.. sensitive.. doesn't mean you shouldn't feel good with each other." Reid said. 

"Like... with you in the room or separate?" Aaron asked, making Derek look at him shocked. 

"Either I guess?" Spencer said shrugging. 

Derek grinned and looked to Aaron, the elder profiler made eye contact with him causing Derek to raise his eyebrows. 

"It has been awhile.." Derek said, glancing at his own groin. 

"Oh shut up and follow me." Aaron said, walking towards the bedroom, Derek and Spencer trailing behind. 

Almost immediately once inside the room, Aaron latched his own mouth onto Derek's. Derek ran his hands down Aaron's chest and towards his groin, unbuckling his pants. Aaron lead his own hands to the front of Dereks jeans, only having to unzip them from Spencer's earlier ministrations. 

Spencer watched in shock as his two lovers fought each other for dominance. The two fell onto the bed together, hastily pulling each others members out of their confines as they aggressively explored the others mouth. They wrapped their hands around the others hard cock and began pumping, swallowing each others moans. 

"God Aaron.." Derek groaned, throwing his head back as Aaron tightened his grip around him and quickened his pace. 

"I'm close Derek.." Aaron gasped out as his dark skinned lover brought him closer to the edge. 

They both sped up their jerks and released breathy moans and gasps as they reached their impending orgasms.

"God!!" Derek groaned as he came over Aaron's hand. Aaron came only moments after. They both laid there for a second to catch their breaths. It had been awhile since either of them had done anything sexual, not even to themselves in the short moments they had alone. 

After a few minutes, they cleaned themselves up and turned their attention to Reid who was sitting in the corner of the room with an obvious hard on. 

"You like that, baby?" Derek said with a giant grin on his face. 

"Y-yeah.." Spencer said, licking his lips.

"Did you want help with that..?" Aaron asked, gesturing to Reids crotch. 

"N-no.. it.. it'll go away.. I- I don't want to be touched right now." Spencer murmured.

"Is something wrong? Was that too much to watch..?" Derek asked timidly. 

"No! Not that... It was great to w-watch.. definitely new.. uh hot... just um.. well I.." Spencer stuttered trying to put his thoughts together. 

"Shh, it's okay, if you don't want to be touched, we won't touch you." Aaron reminded in a soothing tone. 

"I do! I-I want you to touch me, Aaron.." 

"How do you want me to touch you?" 

"All over, but I'm scared. I want it to go away.." 

"What to go away..?" Derek asked, now concerned.

"I- I need. I'm.. I'm hard, but I can't- uh.." Spencer released a frustrated groan. 

"Baby... would you like one of us to help you or do you want to make yourself feel good?" Derek asked hesitantly, trying to understand Spencer's state of mind. 

"I-I don't know.. I want.. help.. I'm scared I shouldn't have watched.." Spencer sighed. 

"Do you trust me to stop if it scares you?" Aaron asked suddenly.


"Okay, pull your pants down, Angel. Its okay, you're safe, you're with me and Derek."

Spencer pulled down his pants, releasing his hard and leaking member. He closed his eyes tight and put his head back, memories assaulting him.

"Baby? I need you to keep your eyes open and look at me, it'll help..." Aaron instructed, moving closer to his young lover. Derek stood back and observed as Reid did what Aaron asked.

"Good boy... May I touch you?" Aaron asked.

"Y-yes.. please Aaron.. talk to me.. dont stop talking.." Spencer pleaded, fighting to keep his eyes open and on his lover. 

Aaron gently wrapped his hand around Spencers hard member and slowly started pumping, making Spencer mewl and throw his head back again. 

"Look at me, baby.... there we go, good boy... you're doing so well, you're being so good. Do you feel good?" Aaron spoke softly but sensually, encouraging his lover. 

Aaron twisted his hand a certain way and within an instant, Spencer shut his eyes closed and screamed out as he came. Before he even came down, he was squirming away from Aaron's touch and whimpering. Aaron immediately let go. 

"Shhh, Spencer, baby... look at me. Its Aaron." 

"A-Aaron... I don't feel good.." Spencer mumbled, shaking his head back and forth.

"What do you mean, Spencer?" 

"H-hurts.. scared.. I-I feel him Aaron.. I feel him!" Spencer's voice was raised in panic.

"Spencer look at me, open your eyes and look at me. He's not here, it was me touching you." Aaron gently took Reids hand as the young man opened his eyes and stared at Aaron.

"Aaron... I-I cant do that again.. all I can feel is him.. not again.. make it go away..." Spencer let his tears fall in front of his lovers. Derek slowly walked forward and gripped Spencer's casted hand in his.

"Shh, we won't do that again, it was too much, too fast..." Aaron said gently.

Spencer closed his eyes as his face contorted in pain and he released a sob of agony. 

"Spencer! Baby, come on you need to keep your eyes open right now.." Derek said, squeezing Spencer's hand the best he could around the cast. 

"Derek? Aaron? I'm scared.. he- hes touching me.. I'm so sorry... make it stop.." Spencer whimpered through tears. 

"Spencer, we are right here, open your eyes!" Aaron said firmly, but not angrily.

Reids eyes snapped open and his began trying to catch his breath, staring at his lovers in relief. 

"Are you back with us?" Derek asked after a moment of silence. 

"Y-yeah.. I- I don't know what happened.. thought I could handle it.." Spencer mumbled.

"Which part caused the flashback, Spencer?" Aaron asked, rubbing Reids hand with the past of his thumb.

"A-all of it... it felt.. good, but then I felt him and I got sc-scared.. god am I crazy?" Spencer asked, his voice laced with fear. 

"No, you aren't crazy. You aren't ready to be touched yet, we tried and we learned that it's too soon, I kind of had a feeling." Aaron said gently. 

"Spencer... I think... You should talk to someone, or actually I think all of us should. We could find a therapist who specializes in trauma and can work with all 3 of us together and separately." Derek said carefully. 

"You'd both go too?" Spencer asked. 

"Yes, Angel. What we went through was a trauma, we can heal together, but maybe we should find extra help. You could talk to a professional about why you've been regressing and how you feel about it." Aaron said with a gentle smile. 

"I already know the answers to both of those questions. Everytime I regress its after some form of strong emotional stress. How I feel about it? Weird, I feel like a freak when I want to respond to things in such a childish way. I don't like when everything feels like too much and I want to turn to old habits that helped when I was young." Spencer said matter of factly. 

"You aren't a freak and you know we are both happy to help you when you regress. Earlier today, you didn't fight it as hard and I think that's why you were able to come out of it sooner, even with what that douche from the store did." Derek said. 

"Yeah, what was that guys problem anyway? It's not like we were making out, you guys only kiss me on the head or cheek when I'm regressed, don't think I haven't noticed." Spencer said with a chuckle. 

"You go into that mindset for a reason. All three of us here know you are 27 and capable of making decisions, but when you regress, it's so you feel safe and relaxed. Are you upset we don't kiss you on the mouth when you regress?" Aaron asked. 

"No, I'm actually happy about it. I don't know how I'd respond, while I still have romantic feelings towards you guys while like that, any sexual or intense intimate actions would feel... wrong.." Spencer said hesitantly. 

"Okay, that's good, honestly it would feel wrong for me too while you're in that headspace." Aaron chuckled, Derek nodded his agreement. 

"Tomorrow's saturday. I'll have to leave in the morning so I can get home before Haley drops Jack off." Aaron suddenly said. 

"I know you've missed him greatly since we got home from the hospital. Derek and I will see you both Sunday, I've missed Jack too." Spencer said with a fond smile. 

"And he misses you both, he talks about you guys everytime I have him." Aaron smiled. 

"Can we make the spaghetti yet?" Spencer asked as his stomach growled. 

"In a bit, the chicken needs to bake longer." Derek laughed. 

"We can just eat the pasta first." Spencer tried. 

"What!? Absolutely not, that'll ruin the meal!" 

"IM HUNGRY DEREK!" Spencer yelled, though he was smiling.

"Eat an apple!" Derek laughed. 

"No then I'll be too full.." 

"From one apple!?" 

"YES I DONT HAVE BIG MUSCLES AND A NEVER ENDING STOMACH LIKE SOME PEOPLE!" Spencer started giggling towards the end of his dramatic yelling. 

"You don't like my muscles, pretty boy?" Derek asked with a smirk. 

"I never said that!" 

Aaron shook his head and smiled as he walked out to the living room. 

"So you DO like my muscles?" Derek raised an eyebrow. 

"Never said that either.." Spencer scoffed. 

Derek smirked before darting towards Spencer and picking him up, flinging him over his shoulder and carrying him to the living room.


"Put him down, Derek."

"Okay." Derek said with an evil smile.

"Oh no.." Aaron muttered to himself only moments before Spencer screamed as Derek flung him onto the sofa. 

"AAUUGGHH! DEREK NOT FUNNY THAT HURT!" Spencer cried out, faking a pout at his dark skinned lover.

"Oh no, did it? Where does it hurt? Let me kiss it better." Derek grinned. 

"Right here." Spencer said, pointing to his shoulder. Derek gently placed a kiss where Reid pointed. 

"Here." Spencer pointed to his forehead. Derek's kiss lingered there. 

"Here.." Spencer whispered, pointing to his cheek. Derek gave him 3 enthusiastic kisses there.

"And here..." Spencer said even quieter, pointing to his lips. 

Derek gently grabbed the back of his head and brought their lips together, communicating his love through the movements of his mouth. 

"Okay you two.. let's get started on the pasta.."  Aaron said with an honest smile that reached  his eyes. 







*TBC In Chaptet 23...*