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Spencer's (Usually) A Good Boy

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Spencer was in Aaron's living room, helping Jack build with legos as his two lovers made breakfast in the kitchen.

"Pencer! Pencer!"  Jack excitedly yelled, tugging on Spencer's sleeve.

"Yes Jack?"  Spencer responded with a bright smile, his eyes sparkling with joy at the innocence in the child next to him.

"Dinosaur!!"  Jack yelled, holding up the seemingly shapeless glob of legos he had put together.

"Whoa!  That's so cool!"  Spencer said, giggling when the child beamed at the praise. 

Aaron watched from the open kitchen as his young lover played with his son, it was a beautiful sight.  Spencer was smiling and laughing, completely relaxed around the young boy.  Spencer had been amazing with Jack since the kid was born, even though it was had for Aaron caring for him as an infant on weekends, he and Haley had separated shortly before they discovered she was pregnant.  They decided to work together to be good parents for Jack despite them not working out as husband and wife.  Aaron started dating Spencer when Jack was 1, then Derek joined their relationship only three months later.  Spencer didn't see Jack much, only a couple times a month, but when he did, he was a natural with the boy.  Derek was better at being like a cool uncle to the boy, whereas Spencer treated him as his own son.

"They are so adorable like that, huh?"  Derek said with a smile, preparing some bowls of oatmeal for both Spencer and Jack while Aaron chopped up some fruit.  

"Really are.  I'll never get enough of seeing him like that with Jack, it's like everything else fades away."  Aaron said, a truly happy smile on his face, a smile that spoke for the greatest form of love he felt from the center of his heart.

"He loves Jack, I'm surprised he doesn't refer to him as his own son at this point.  You know I love him too, he's a great kid, but I don't have quite the bond with him that Spencer does."  Derek said. 

"I would be happy to hear him refer to Jack as his own, you too.  I don't think either of you would be able to unless we lived together though."  Aaron said, his tone slightly less happy.

"You've been thinking about that lately too?"  Derek asked.

"Since before what happened with Jones, but even more so this past week.  We've not left each others side since we made it out of there and yet, I missed you both yesterday.  I needed that day with jack, but it would have only been better if it were the three of us with him."  Aaron said.

"We missed you too.  I don't see how we could all live together without raising suspicion, Spence already spends almost every night staying with one of us if not both.  He does enjoy having his apartment for that personal space though, you know how he is with his books."  Derek said with a fond smile.

"If we got a house with a giant library just for him, do you think he would live there with us?"  Aaron asked, his eyes still focused on his beautiful genius in the living room, Jack now sitting in his lap as they build something together. 

"Without a doubt.  We would have to figure out how to explain we live together, don't you think?"  Derek asked seriously.  They were really discussing living together, it seemed like a dream.

"Roommates,"  Aaron started with a shrug.  "I doubt with my past marriage to a woman and your reputation as ladies man, anyone would assume we were in a poly gay relationship."  Aaron smiled.

"What about the team?"  Derek asked carefully.  Aaron had been the main reason they hadn't told the team yet, he wanted to keep it private.  Spencer had also been very anxious to tell anyone, he still had a lot of fears related to reactions in regards to his sexuality, kids truly are cruel in high school, even to a small 12 year old.

"We come out to them."  Aaron replied simply.

"Really?"  Derek asked surprised.

"Yes, if I'm ready to live with you both, I'm ready to tell the team about us."  Aaron said honestly.

"We need to discuss it with pretty boy when he isn't regressed."  Derek said seriously, now glancing at the young man who had switched to showing Jack a magic trick. 

"About that, what caused him to be regressed today?  I didn't want to ask in front of him, he's been so happy and relaxed since he saw Jack."  Aaron said, separating the cut up fruits into bowls and pouring fresh orange juice he squeezed earlier into cups.

"Yesterday was a good day, as you know from that call he made to you."  Derek chuckled at the memory of Spencer calling Aaron to inform him he was able to give oral sex.  "But after we went to bed, he kept having nightmares, not all were about Jones.  It was a rough night.  As we got ready for the day, I realized he was regressed.  I think being around Jack helps, gives him an excuse to act like a kid without feeling weird."  

"I wish we could make the nightmares go away, I'm hoping time and therapy will help him, he needs sleep now more than ever." Aaron said, sharing look with Derek before they began setting the table with the bowls of oatmeal, fruit, and orange juice. 

Once everyone was settled into breakfast, happily eating their food.  Jack shoved a spoonful of oatmeal in his mouth as he stared at Spencer's hand in the cast.

"Pencer...?"  Jack started, his voice small.

"Yeah?"  Spencer answered with a smile.

"How did you hurt your hand?"  Jack asked, receiving a look from Aaron that said the man was displeased.

 "Jack, we talked about this, don't asked Spencer about-"  Aaron was cut off by Spencer waving his good hand and beginning to talk.

"Aaron, Aaron!  It's fine, Jack, you can always ask me questions.  A bad man broke my hand, but this cast will help it heal."  Spencer answered calmly.

"Why did he break it?"  Jack asked.  When Spencer paused to answer, Derek decided to take that one.

"Well, buddy, the bad man didn't like how strong Spencer was being.  He was trying to hurt Spencer to make himself feel better, but in the end, Spencer made it out, he won."  Derek said, giving Spencer a gentle smile after he finished speaking.

"Pencer always wins!  Just like daddy!"  Jack happily exclaimed, shoveling sliced up strawberries in his mouth, smiling around them. 

"Derek always wins too!"  Spencer said, smiling at the boy.

"Yeah!!  You always win too, Derek!"  Jack yelled, bouncing in his seat.

Aaron couldn't help but smile widely at his lovers interacting with his son.  He caught the way Spencer's eyes were admiring his cheeks, his dimples more specifically.

"I love it when you smile."  Spencer said dreamily.

"I love it when daddy smiles too!  You should tickle him to make him smile, Pencer!"  Jack excitedly recommended before Aaron could reply to Spencers comment. 

"No tickling!  If you listen to my 3 year old son and not me, I wont watch Star Trek with you again!"  Aaron said with a stern voice, though he was still smiling.

"Derek would watch it with me, wont you?"  Spencer asked, turning to Derek who was holding in his laughter.

"Of course I would, baby boy.  You're on your own, Aaron."  Derek said, chuckling when Aaron faked offence. 

"Why do you call Pencer baby boy?"  Jack asked, looking at Derek curiously.

"It's a term of endearment I use for Spencer, it's an easy way to show him I love him."  Derek answered, choosing his words carefully, he wasn't sure if Aaron would be okay with Jack knowing that Spencer and Derek were together, even if they left Aaron out of the explanation.

"Oh..  Okay..  So I should call all of you baby boy!"  Jack said with a smile.

All of them laughed at the small boy.

"Jack...  Derek calls Spencer baby boy because they are in a relationship together."  Aaron supplied, catching both of his lovers off guard.

"Like how mommies and daddies are?" Jack asked.

"Exactly.  Sometimes men love other men instead of women.  Sometimes they love both."  Aaron said calmly.

"I know Daddy! My friend has two daddies, they are super duper nice!"  Jack said happily.

"I'm sure they are buddy."  Aaron grinned. 

"I thought you and Pencer were together?"  Jack asked, now looking confused.

"What?"  Spencer choked out around his orange juice. 

"Yeah!  You guys act like my friends daddies, but you guys only kiss when you think I'm sleeping."  Jack said, relaxed.

Aaron took a deep breath.

"Have you told mommy about this?"  Aaron asked his son.

"No.."  Jack said, still confused.

"Alright, well Jack, I'm going to tell you something."  Aaron said, ignoring the tense glances from his lovers. 

"Okay daddy!"

"I am with Spencer like that, but I am also with Derek like that and Spencer is with Derek too.  The three of us love each other like your friends daddies do, except we are a relationship of three people instead of two."  Aaron explained carefully, trying to explain it as simply as he could.

"Oh.. Cool!  Does this mean Pencer is my daddy too?"  Jack asked.



"...uh.."  Spencer was the only one to voice anything, even if it wasn't an actual word.

"Did I say something wrong?"  Jack asked, now looking upset.  Spencer wouldn't stand for that, he couldn't handle seeing Jack so upset, he quickly stood from his chair and walked around to Jack, kneeling down and wrapping the boy in a tight hug.  Jack giggled and hugged him back.

"You said everything right, Jack."  Spencer murmured, planting a protective kiss on the boys head.

"You can call Spencer whatever you want, Jack.  Same goes for Derek."  Aaron provided, not missing the way Spencer kept his face against the boys head, finding comfort in the boys embrace.

"Okay, I like Pencer and Derek!"  Jack exclaimed.

Derek laughed, feeling his chest swell with love.  "What about Haley?"  Derek asked, looking at Aaron confused.

"We need to have a talk, she knew when we were younger that I am bisexual, she won't have an issue with the fact that you are men, but rather that you are my colleagues and there are two of you."  Aaron replied with a sigh, though he couldn't be bothered to feel anything but happiness in the moment.

Spencer had let go of Jack and leaned back, ruffling the boys hair.

"Can I go play with Pencer now?  I'm all done!"  Jack gave Aaron his best puppy dog eyes.

"You can play with him soon, but Spencer still needs to finish his breakfast, he has barely eaten."  Aaron replied, giving a Spencer a stern look. 

Spencer pouted, he suddenly felt like Aaron was treating him like he was Jack, he hated it.  Absolutely hated it.  He wasn't a 3 year old, he wasn't even 8 like he felt in the moment, he was 27 and he knew that, why was Aaron acting like he wasn't? 

"Actually, I'm finished, thanks."  Spencer snapped, shooting Aaron a glare.

"Spencer-"  Derek started, but was cut off by Spencer turning his glare to him, grabbing Jacks hand and leading the boy back tot he living room, pulling out papers and crayons.

"Great, I pissed him off and he's using my son to avoid us."  Aaron shook his head, standing to clear the table.  Derek helped him take the dishes to the kitchen, Spencer's bowl still filled with oatmeal.

"He's just kind of... sensitive like this.  We need to be careful, he gets offended when we treat him like a kid."  Derek said.

"I didn't!  I just wanted him to eat, he's not gaining any weight back, eventually we will have to enforce it, you know.."  Aaron said, exasperated. 

"I know, man.  For now, lets enjoy our Sunday, he is most likely already over it."  Derek said, patting Aaron's shoulder before heading out to the living room, sitting on the sofa facing Spencer and Jack who were coloring on the floor together.

"Hey Jack, buddy, what are you coloring with Spencer?"  Derek asked, smiling at the pair fondly.

"Dinosaurs!  Pencers is the best!"  Jack smiled, holding up the paper for Derek to see.

"Really?  I like yours better."  Spencer said, poking Jack in the side, making the boy giggle.    

Derek moved onto the floor next to them, poking Spencer in his side like he had to Jack.

"Hey!"  Spencer yelped.

"Oh, I'm sorry, was that annoying?"  Derek asked teasingly, jabbing Spencers side again.

"Derek, stop!"  Spencer whined.

Derek started tickling him, making the boy cry out and laugh hysterically, desperately trying to squirm away from Derek's fingers dancing across his sides and stomach.  Derek had Spencer pinned beneath him, tickling him mercilessly, urged on by the sound of Jack laughing like it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen.

"D-Derek! St-op! Ahhaaahahaha DEREEEK!"  Spencer screeched, fighting against the hold his strong lover had on him.

Aaron watched from the kitchen, smiling at the scene of Derek tickling Spencer and Jack rolling on the floor laughing. 

"Tickle me! Tickle me!"  Jack yelled, causing Derek to pause from above Spencer and stand.  He picked Jack up and flung him over his shoulder, making the boy giggle.  He gently tossed the child on the sofa before tickling him, going much easier than he had on Spencer.  Jack laughed hysterically, playfully fighting against Derek, when he pushed on the large mans chest, Derek acted as if he had been pushed by a strong force, stumbling back and pretending to be out of breath.

"Whoa!  When did you get so strong?"  Derek asked the boy who was already sitting up, still giggling.

"I'm strong just like daddy!"  Jack answered, hoping onto the floor and running over to Aaron who swiftly lifted him up, kissing his cheek. 

"You might be getting stronger than me, buddy."  Aaron said, making the boy smile.  He would never get tired of making his son smile.

Spencer was still laid out on the floor, on his back.  He was breathless, still trying to relax from what he would only refer to as an attack from Derek earlier, tickling him till he couldn't breathe.

"Too much for you, pretty boy?"  Derek asked, walking towards the young man and grabbing his hand, pulling him to his feet.

"Very funny.."  Spencer said, glaring at Derek.

"Oh come on, you're not actually mad at me!"  Derek said, grinning widely at his young lover.  Spencer maintained his hard glare.

"I think he is, Derek.."  Aaron said as a warning.

Derek smiled at Spencer again, pulling the genius closer into a hug, kissing his head.  Spencer surprisingly wrapped his arms around Derek, accepting the embrace from his muscled lover.  Spencer relaxed into the hold, he felt safe, cherished, part of a whole.  He found himself drifting in his mind, like something was shifting in his mind.  He was starting to feel more like himself, less like he was still this naive child who hand't felt true pain quite yet.

"Whoa.."  Spencer muttered, feeling a little shocked by his own mind, he had always been asleep when he shifted between these weird head-spaces, but not this time.

"Everything okay?"  Derek asked, pulling back.

"I just, uh, I- I think I just shifted back to uh, normal."  Spencer whispered, ducking his head.

"Back to normal?"  Derek asked, confused.

"Yeah, I'm back to.. normal, you know.."  Spencer said, still speaking quietly.

"Oh...  You aren't regressed anymore?"  Derek asked.

"Yeah.  I feel weird, that was... odd."  Spencer said.

"Also, regressing doesn't make you any different, Spencer.  You know we don't think any differently of you because of this."  Derek assured. Spencer gave him a weak smile.

Aaron set Jack down, quietly telling the boy to go play in his room for a few minutes.  With a brief pout, Jack ran to his room, leaving the men alone in the living room together.

"Spencer?"  Aaron questioned.  Spencer responded by pulling back from Derek and walking towards Aaron, capturing the Unit Chief in a tight hug, burying his face in Aaron's neck.

"Thank you for always taking care of me."  Spencer mumbled against Aaron.

"Always, baby."  Aaron said, giving Spencer a reassuring squeeze while he was in his arms.

"I'm sorry I snap at you all the time.  I just feel so raw sometimes."  Spencer said, still pressed against Aaron.

"Don't apologize, we are all working through it.  We've got you like you've got us."  Aaron said, kissing Spencer's head.

Spencer smiled and pulled back.  He pulled Aaron down and captured him in a sweet kiss, letting his mouth convey his love for the man.

"Alright, it's my turn."  Derek added from behind the genius.  Spencer smiled and turned around, kissing Derek on the nose, making the large man scowl as Aaron chuckled.



~6 Hours Later~

The four of them had settled on the couch to watch movies with Jack.  It was currently 4:23pm.  Derek and Aaron were sitting next to each other, watching the ending of a cartoon Jack had picked.  Spencer was passed out at the end of the couch, Jack curled up against him sleeping.  Neither of the dominant men were sure why they were still watching this cartoon about... robots?  They had cherished the way Jack giggled during the movie and the way Spencer exaggerated his excitement for the movie just for Jack's benefit.

"They stick together like glue."  Derek joked, focusing on the resident genius snuggled up with the small boy.

"I think Jack's head would explode if we actually get a place together, he loves you both so much."  Aaron said fondly.

"Bad taste in movies though.."  Derek said, faking annoyance.

"I'm sure you'll show him what real cinema is."  Aaron smiled.

"Damn straight."  Derek said confidently. 

"Hey, don't curse around my son."  Aaron reprimanded.

"He's sleeping!"  Derek defended loudly, making Spencer stir.

"You woke up our genius."  Aaron said, annoyed. 

"Who says I'm your genius?"  Spencer asked, raising an eyebrow as he carefully moved to face his lovers, avoiding waking the small child on him.

"Oh you're not?"  Aaron asked, frowning at Spencer who was halfheartedly glaring at him.

"Nope."  Spencer snickered.

"You're not my good boy?"  Aaron asked, his voice suddenly husky.  Derek rolled his eyes and released a breathy laugh at the interaction.

Spencer sat still, staring at Aaron like he was debating something before carefully standing, holding Jack's sleeping form in his arms.  Without a word, he carried Jack to his bedroom, setting the boy down in his small bed and tucking him in with a kiss to the head.  He only spent a minute staring at the innocent child, cherishing the boy.  He walked back into the living room and all he did was give his lovers a look before heading off to Aaron's bedroom, hearing somewhat hurried movement following behind him.  Once in the bedroom, his two lovers flooded in directly after, Aaron softly closed the door behind himself.

"Do you remember the phone call I made to you yesterday?"  Spencer asked, approaching Aaron and guiding the man to the bed.

"I do.."  Aaron said, his eyes dark and voice husky with arousal.

"May I suck you off?"  Spencer asked suddenly, pushing Aaron onto the bed, his back against the headboard once settled.

"Honey, if I ever say no the question, kill me."  Aaron laughed at his own joke when Spencer giggled. 

"Wow, he gets a blowjob in the middle of the day, what do I get?"  Derek joked.

"To watch, I sucked you off yesterday."  Spencer says seriously, settling on the bed between Aaron's legs, already pulling on the drawstring of his jogger pants. 

"God Spencer, you're so hot like this."  Aaron gasped as Spencer pulled down his boxers, releasing his already half hard member. 

"You want me to get you off with my mouth?"  Spencer asked, looking at Aaron darkly.  It was a look Aaron would keep in mind for future jack-off sessions.

"Yes, baby."  Aaron said softly, carding his fingers though Spencer's curls as the boy dipped his head, giving the head of Aaron's cock kitten licks. 

Aaron gasped and fought not to grip the young mans hair, feeling him lick along his member, his hot breath sending chills through Aaron's spine.  Spencer dragged his tongue back up to the head of his dominant lovers now fully erect member.  He carefully wrapped his lips around the head, sucking eagerly after only a second, savoring Aaron's deep moan as his fingers in Spencer's hair tightened just slightly.

"Oh god, Spencer.."  Aaron groaned out when Spencer went lower, taking Aaron halfway before pulling up and sucking at his tip again, licking at the slit, making Aaron's thighs tense.

"I wont last long, you're so good at this, baby."  Aaron praised, causing Spencer to hum around him, sending a vibrations through his member.

Spencer could taste the precum on his tongue, he loved that taste, accompanied with Aaron's groans, Spencer was rock hard against the bed.  He dipped his head all the way down, taking Aaron down his throat before starting a rhythm of up and down.

"Ughn, Spencer, I'm close, you're such a good boy.."  Aaron growled, making Spencer speed up his movements, taking Aaron deep into his throat before swallowing around him. 

Spencer continued his movements, swallowing around Aaron to make the man groan for him.  It didn't take long for Spencer to notice the way Aaron's balls were drawing up or how all of his leg muscles had gone taut with anticipation of his impending orgasm.

"I'm close!"  Aaron warned, slightly bucking his hips into the tight, wet heat of Spencer's mouth. 

Spencer pulled up, paying Special attention to Aarons head, fondling his balls beneath.  Aaron released a low groan as he came into Spencer's mouth, feeling the boy swallow around him, not letting any drip out as he pulled back, a string of saliva following his red and swollen lips. 

"Jesus, Spencer...  Your mouth is magic.."  Aaron gasped out, twitching when Spencer tucked him back into his pants.  Once Spencer sat up, his arousal was evident, Aaron just wanted to return the favor, make his boy feel good, but would Spencer be ready for that.

"Do you want us to take care of that for you, baby?"  Aaron asked.  Spencer's eyes widened and his brows shot up in a mild and brief panic.

"N-no..  It'll go away, I'm not really ready to be.. touched yet.  Sorry..."  Spencer muttered, hanging his head, his erection already flagging. 

"Don't be sorry, you were perfect, always perfect, my love."  Aaron assured, sitting forward to bring Spencer into a gentle kiss.

"I love you."  Spencer murmured.

"I love you too."  Aaron said back, smiling against his lovers lips.

 "I love you three."  Derek said from behind Spencer, smiling brightly, he was clearly distracting himself in order to bring down his own arousal.

"Come cuddle?"  Spencer asked, turning to look at Derek.

Derek got on the bed with his two lovers, they arranged themselves to lay together, Spencer between his two dominant lovers.  They decided they would nap while Jack did, surely more cartoons would await them once the child comes out of his nap and wakes the men enthusiastically. 

Yes, that is actually what happened on their Sunday and it was perfect.