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Persona: Worlds Under War

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March 26, 20XX

Location: Platinum Star Hotel
Time: 0430 hours


"What the hell happened?"

Kasumi woke up with a splitting headache and a torn dress. She looks down to see the dress her 'father' bought as already been to thigh as her legs were bare enough for anyone to try peeping under the skirt. She then checks if she was exposed on top but is luck to only have tears by the waist and rib areas.

"Any more ripping and I would've been naked."

She surveys the area to find the place in ruins. She cursed under her breath as she remembered what happened.

"Fucking Manahashi....." She looks around for Morgana as she stumbles upon a few dead bodies, from soldiers to civilians. She makes her way back to Room 411 to change her clothes. Replacing her tattered dress is Sumire's old gym clothes, which somehow managed to fit her. As she was about to begin looking for the cat, said cat just happened to be wandering around Room 420.


"There you are. You should take a look at this." Morgana spoke in a dead-serious tone as he limped back into the room.

Kasumi noticed his limp. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Kinda sucks when you have to fight in cat mode instead of giant-headed cat mode." Although he was trying to say something to shrug the hurt off, he low-key accepted the fact that he lost the battle.

As the two began rummaging around Mitsuru's stuff, they notice from the window that Yosuke is running for his life as he escaped from Labrys in the Jacuzzi. Ignoring what is happening, they discover a file which has labels on them. The file was confidential, obviously, but they didn't to give a shit and looked at its contents. Kasumi's face went into despair as she realized that the plan is coming close to replicating the same one in her world.

"Holy shit," she murmured in fear, "now they're planning on using Narukami and Ren as their energy banks for the Sacrificial Lamb."

Morgana examined every page and began to speak as he read. "This is no doubt the same Sacrificial Lamb project Sumire must have overheard. But with the plans changed already into specifics, this is becoming more of-"

"The same way everyone in my world began to die." Kasumi finished it, with Morgana trying to cheer her up.

"Hey, we'll finish your mission and recapture our glory on this one. No one is going to die."

Kasumi remained quiet as her eyes began to twitch. Morgana sighed and claws her leg back to reality.

"Ow! Morgana!"

"Wait, Morgana?"


"Where did that sound come from?"

This is bad. Makoto's Phantom Thieves are here. She tries to flee to the nearest elevator when Ann catches her with her whip the moment she turned from the corner.

"Sorry, Millee. It's time for us to talk." Ann, obviously exhausted and in pain, tightened the whip. Unbeknownst to her, Kasumi was already cutting off the whip though she didn't expect it to be thick.

Makoto, Ryuji, Haru, Futaba, and Yusuke then arrive at Room 420. Morgana took the advantage and hid under the bed as Ann brought Kasumi into the room.

"Guess who I found."

Haru covered her gasp. "Ann-chan! Why do you have Berlin-san?"

"She's not Berlin Konstantina. This is our dear friend Millee who tried to pose as a singer."

Makoto approached Kasumi and gave her a mean left hook. Kasumi spits the blood on Ryuji's shirt as she decided to taunt Makoto more.

"My tooth didn't fall off. Care to try harder?"

Makoto gave her two more hooks before they tie her to one of the chairs. Yusuke surveys the place where he mastered his skills and inquires Kasumi.

"Miss Strucker, do you happen to notice where Mitsuru Kirijo went?"

"What am I, the information center?" She retorted with a grin before Makoto jabs her stomach.

"What are you doing here? What is your motive with Ren in this party?" Futaba tried to threaten her with a spray can, but Kasumi called her bluff and dared her to spray it. As expected by the former gymnast, nothing came out of the spray.

"Why would you want to know about Ren?"

"Coz I do." Ann stepped forward in anger as she went on. "We all do. For fuck's sake, we're his goddamn teammates! Then one day he decides to replace us with Sumire and you? What's next, Morgana's ugly form is back?"

Morgana held his tongue despite hearing the backlash from Ann.

"Wait a sec." Ryuji interrupted them. "Didn't you say Ren and Sumire were here? Which room are they?"

"I believe they were in Room 411. I caught a photo of them last night in their sleep." Yusuke responded as he showed Ryuji the photo.

"Dude, why would ya e-" Ryuji's initial disgust turned into a rowdy excitement. "HOLY CRAP! I knew it!"

"What's wrong, Ryuji-kun?" Haru walked towards them and took a peek before looking away with a blush on her face. "O-Oh, my..... I, uh, did not e-expect that."

Futaba went over and snatched Yusuke's phone. "Oh, ho ho! This will be wonderful blackmail material for sure! Now he's gonna spill it!"

Haru blushed further at Futaba's comments as Makoto was the next to look at it.

"The.. the... the hell!? Why am I feeling embarrassed by this?!" Makoto felt a touch of pink on her face as she shakes off the sight. "That is something I shouldn't have been seeing!"

Ann was the last and opened her mouth wide. But her comment was so soft that only Kasumi can hear the words. "The whole bed is so messy.... It would have been messier if we were the couple."

Kasumi used that to rile her up. "Hmm? What's that? You would be messier if you and him were the ones having fun in bed like bunnies?" Of course, she earned a slap to the face.

"Ann, now is not the time to build up new fantasies!" Makoto scolded her a bit. Ann wanted to retaliate, but opted not to as they have bigger priorities.

The group hears gunfire from below as they try to stay focused on Kasumi. Haru goes outside and grabs a fireaxe to make the threats more serious.


"You can't just bring that out of nowhere!"

"We already have guns! What happened to the rifle Makoto gave ya?!"

"I kinda broke it to pieces when I ran out of ammo, so I shoved the broken pieces onto the soldiers as they begged for mercy."

Kasumi broke her laughter as the Thieves were convincing Haru to not go overboard with the interrogation.

"You guys are quite a natural bunch! Hahaha! Oh, boy... I can't believe that you're being scared of your teammates's demeanor after you all tried to go hardball on me."

Haru swung the ax and destroyed a portion of the bed near her. Kasumi still kept her smile as she is now turning the tables of the confrontation.

"Such power! Do you lift weights everyday, Noir?"

Her smile immediately faded after using the codename by accident. Damnit, I hate myself.

"How did you know my codename was Noir?" Haru was surprised that a woman who pretended to be blind was smart enough to figure her codename. (Well, technically... Haru is still Noir in her world.)

"Damnit, I've messed up now." She muttered under her breath as Makoto pulled her head up.

"If you don't answer our questions one more time, you're gonna be feeling pain when Yusuke will bash your knees with the fucking walking stick you left behind!"

Speaking of walking sticks...

"My apologies, but i'm afraid I left the stick back at the studio. I can return with it after I leave my artwork there."

Facepalms surrounded the aloof boy as Kasumi chuckled in amusement.

"Okay, okay. I'll give you your answers if you spare Kitagawa-kun here."

Makoto lets go of her hair and sits across her. "Now talk."

Kasumi used her acting once again in an effort to fool them once again. "I truly am Millee Strucker, and I am German-Japanese. But I grew up entirely in Berlin, hence my alias in this mission. I'm here on a protection mission towards Ren Amamiya, who was formerly known as the Phantom Thief Joker. While giving him the security he needed, I stumbled upon research from the Kirijo Corporation regarding a deadly project called Sacrificial Lamb."

Although she wanted to keep that part as a secret, she considered using that option instead to try to scare them off.

"Now this project is a danger to Ren and his crew. He only told me that Sumire Yoshizawa is his closest crew member (Dude, ouch.) and his obvious lover. Never would I thought that his team was made up of actual barbarians. (Don't piss me off, woman.) Regardless, this project is a doomsday device."

Futaba's interested have reached a peak and loosens her hostility. "Doomsday device? We're listening."

"The project is a Persona user killer. Once they kill the user, they only have a 24-hour window to bring the corpse into the device to extract his or her energy and power that is still stored within them."

Multiple reactions flew across the room: Ryuji had his shockingly mad expression, Ann was more on the shock-only expression, Yusuke's face gave off an aggressive one, Makoto's anger dissipated and became a face of intrigue, Haru's was more of a mortifying expression, and Futaba just started hacking away in her laptop.

"Navi, I'm thinking you're looking up the Kirijo database again?"

Futaba stopped typing and looked up to Kasumi. "Navi? The name's Oracle here, lady!"


Futaba manages to hack and confirms what Kasumi said was true. Though when she tried searching up Kasumi's database...

"Millee Strucker. Non-existent."


Ann, although a bad actress herself, switches with Makoto and tries her way to interrogate after seeing through her act. Based on her previous encounters with Kasumi, she is torn between holding a grudge and showing sympathy towards her.

"I saw a side of you last night when no one else couldn't. I can tell you're hiding something, but I'm not sure if you're doing this for Ren or for someone else." She placed her hand on her shoulder. "Please.... we need the truth."

Kasumi was gonna go through with another act when her earpiece buzzed.

"Angel, we're on our way to a vet near Kanda Church. Meet us there when you get this."

Ann recognized the voice from the earpiece. "Shiho?"

And right on time, Kasumi finally cuts the whip loose and uppercuts Ann before kicking both Haru and Makoto onto the boys. She grabs Morgana from under the bed and tosses him out of the balcony before she performed parkour to the lower floor.

"Seriously!? After I was being nice to her this time!" Ann growled.

"It seems she has no intention in talking to us at any cost." Yusuke remarked as Makoto picks up her rifle.

"We're gonna do this the hard way then."

The Thieves then run to the third floor as Kasumi tries to rendezvous with Morgana and escape. As Makoto and the others arrived on the third floor, she commanded Haru, Futaba, and Ryuji to corner her in one of the exits on the second floor while they handle the other. Kasumi arrives in the Jacuzzi to see Morgana floating and shakes him off his apparent drowning.

"The least you can do was warn me about it!?" He yelled.

"Sorry! Head for Kanda Church. Ren and the others should be there." She instructed him.

"But what about you?"

"I'll manage." She reassured him as he pounced to the alley behind the building.

Though said alley happens to be loaded with dried blood and mutilated corpses. Damn that Akechi, Morgana thought as he ran off. Meanwhile, back in the Jacuzzi area, Makoto and the others arrive to try cornering Kasumi. However, she just casually sat there playing with Ren's pistol.

"Took ya long enough." She nonchalantly said to them. Ann spoke first among the group.

"Those skills of yours... First, those men in black. Now us. How are you that much of an expert?"

"Let;s just say I have training meant to win at all costs."

"Those looked like gymnastic moves.... similar to Sumire Yoshizawa's."

Fuck, she figured it out, Kasumi cursed in her head as Ann pushed further.

"Not only that, but your figure as well."

Ryuji interrupted Ann's analysis on Kasumi. "But aren't super spies supposed to be that slim though?"

"Even Skull seems to have a point, Ann-chan."

Ann groaned in disbelief since no one was apparently agreeing with her entirely. Kasumi yawned as she began to challenge them.

"Are we gonna start fighting or what?"

Makoto and Ryuji aimed their guns at her and fired, but were shocked to see Kasumi dodging the shots flawlessly. Kasumi smugly grinned at them as she fires back at them. Everyone took cover at the poolside huts as they conversed for a new plan.

"SHIT!" Ryuji cursed. "She dodged all those bullets like they were nothing!"

Makoto grunted a bit as she received a bullet in her calf. "And her shots alone are deadly. One-handed, like Joker's or Crow's."

"I still have that one smoke grenade with me!" Futaba raised her voice as she yanks off a grenade from her hip pouch.

"Excellent! Toss it at her direction!"

As Futaba leaned out of cover to throw the grenade, one of the bullets managed to hit her.


"I'm fine!" She shrieked back to cover and threw her glasses. "She fucking nearly killed me!"

They can hear Kasumi apologize as the smoke began to pop. The brunette survivor notices the smoke and prepares herself for close combat. She expected Ryuji to go at her first, then Makoto, and either Yusuke or Haru.

It's gonna be Monkey Boy first, then Shoulder Pads, then either Kitsune Man or Beauty Thief. Man, I miss using those names on them.

As she expected, Ryuji went first to deliver a pipe strike to her head. She swiftly dodges this and kicks him in the groin. Following him, Makoto charged at her with brass knuckles, but misses her strike as Kasumi knees her gut and elbows her back before throwing her to Ryuji. Out of expectation, Yusuke and Haru double-team her from both sides as she bends backwards from their swinging blades before staggering them with a somersault and a reverse roundhouse to them, respectively. She didn't expect that Ann would actually swing the broken prop from an earlier fight at her as the smoke cleared.

Ann noticed that her makeup was tarnished as the beauty mark is revealed. She then furrowed her eyebrows as she tries to remember where she saw it before until Kasumi pulls out her spear chains.


"Yeah, it's shit you're gonna get!" Kasumi launches the spear at Ann, who defends herself with the prop. The prop was yanked off of Ann's hands as Kasumi throws it away.

"H-H-Hey, I'm sorry for smacking your face!" Ann waved her hands furiously as she backs off of Kasumi with fear. Before Kasumi could take another step, Ryuji grabs her ankle while Makoto grabs her right arm. Proving too much for them, she forces Ryuji off her leg and sends him flying back to the huts and nearly breaks Makoto's knee.

"Ack!" Makoto yelped in pain as Ann went in for the offensive. Kasumi uses her spears once again to distract Ann.

"Will you stop using those things!?"


She detects Haru from behind and dodges her ax slam. Ann was NEARLY the victim and chided Haru for it before getting pushed to her direction, causing both girls to fall onto the water.

"Man, you look drenched. Go find some new clothes, especially for you... Bazooka Tits." She smiled as she continued fighting Makoto.

Haru immediately commented on her insult. "I think she's referring to you, Ann-chan. You are in your Thief attire, after all."

"Shut up, Haru."

Makoto continues going fist to fist against Kasumi, who manages to sidestep quickly without giving Makoto a chance to recover and strike back.

"Getting slow, now?"

"Stay still, damnit!"

Kasumi chuckles at her mercy but is stunned by Yusuke, who throws a left hook onto her torso without warning. Makoto sees the chance and kicks her in the jaw.

"When one expects the opponent to be down for good, it is with unexpected events that their guard will drop along with their pride." Yusuke formally stated as Kasumi tries to recover. Ryuji sprints at her and punts her head, making sure she doesn't try to fight back.

"Try beating that, asshole!"

Ann and Haru get out of the pool and draw closer to Kasumi. Now being placed in a hold-up position, Kasumi carefully watches them as she keeps herself awake.

"Ryuji, I think you kicked her too hard." Ann scolded him.

"Me!? Makoto knocked her in the jaw first!" Ryuji tried to pass the blame, angering Makoto even more.

"I'll shoot you after I shoot her. You want that to happen?" Makoto snarled at Ryuji as the boy gave up. The group then looks at Kasumi, who gave out an eerie laugh.

"Uh... guys?" Ryuji panicked.

"Futaba." Makoto demanded.

"Uh.... her energy levels are going high...." She cautioned them as her laughter gets more psychotic.

"Oh, Guuuuiiiiinn...." She sang to her Persona.

"My queen, please do not do this."

"I'll need Survivor's Guilt now."



With no other choice, Guinivere is summoned in front of the group.

"Her Persona?" Ann wondered.

"Wait a second. That color scheme is similar to Sumire's second form, Vanadis." Yusuke acknowledged the team as the Persona casts onto Kasumi Survivor's Guilt.

Survivor's Guilt, Kasumi's special buff spell. Using this buff will increase Attack and Accuracy to a whopping 5x stack, doubly decrease Defense, and enforces a random affinity resistance.

In her case, Guinivere gave her a Gun Attack resistance considering that Makoto and Ryuji still have their guns.

"Let's come out and play, guys." Kasumi slowly rose up from the ground with a demonic grin on her face.

"MOTHERFUCKER, SHE IS SCARY!" Futaba yelled as she ducked back to the hut.

Kasumi yanks her spears out and wraps the chains around her arms to make them as knives. The group then stayed caution as Haru applies Life Aid to them from Lucy while Yusuke applies Hyakka Ryouran with Gorokichi. Makoto tries to use Checkmate on Kasumi, but it has been rendered ineffective.

"Looks like we can summon Personas without having our Phantom Thieves at-" Makoto was abruptly interrupted by the flash of their attires. "Never mind."

The Thieves then began to horde onto Kasumi, who evaded their attacks and retaliated with a stronger attack. Surprised by how strong she is, Yusuke casts a Masukukaja spell to make their attacks more accurate. However, Kasumi made sure they will miss their marks as she evades the attacks once again.

"How is she dodging all our attacks? We have, like, higher accuracy and evasion than her!?" Ann complained as she narrowly misses a Kougaon spell against her.

"She called it Survivor's Guilt, right? It's quite worse than Akechi's Call of Chaos or Sis' Desperation buffs." Makoto carefully analyzed Kasumi for her attack pattern.

"Lucy can't cast too many Life Aids. We'll lose our guard and be defeated too soon." Haru gave them a stern warning. Unaware on how the brunette (still wearing the purple wig and the purple eye contacts) is capable of fighting them, Ryuji unleashes William to cast Fighting Spirit.

"Let's kick her ass naturally then!" They went for Ryuji's plan and ALMOST succeeded as Kasumi taunted them once more.

"Fools! You'll never see the true nature of my power entirely!"

She summons Guinivere once more for Shining Arrows. The group scrambled around to dodge the bright spikes dropping down on them. This was all part of Kasumi's plan as she calls on Guinivere one more time for the last blow.

"Bold Charge!"

Bold Charge, a colossal Physical attack to all foes with chances of a Critical Hit. An equivalent of this in Earth X's surviving Yoshizawa twin is Masquerade albeit only hitting one target.

Guinivere then attacks the group as they all stumbled down. Makoto and Ryuji fire at Kasumi with the guns as a last resort as she kicks them all one by one into a serviceable  elevator. She then grabs a taser and hotwires the lift to bring them down as she taunts them one last time.

"Toodles, ladies and gents!"

The Thieves' attire revert back to their normal attire. She then jumps off of the second floor and reaches the alley where Akechi's carnage happened hours earlier.

"Same old Akechi with his bloodlust." She snorted as she suddenly felt the fatigue and bullets stuck in her. "Shit, I forgot about that." She limps her way out, hoping that no one could find her.


Time: 0624 hours


Sae shook her head as she found the idea of Makoto getting beaten up believable and unbelievable. While the others are getting treated by a few paramedics, Zenkichi then made a deduction.

"So you're telling me that the guest singer is a Persona user AND trying to protect Amamiya and his girl? Sheesh, talk about pain in the song."

"Was that supposed to be witty?" Makoto glared at him with a black eye.

"Nah. Just some stupid joke I made. I wonder if it's worth a dad joke."

"Trust me, it isn't." Sae laughed.

Akihiko passes another ice pack to Makoto as he asked her. "Survivor's Guilt... Bold Charge... those sound like something only a person with great depression would have."

Ann spoke up after hearing his comment. "She may be depr-OW!" The paramedic apologized as her needle caught on an area that wasn't cut. "Depressed. When she sang the song on the ballroom, I noticed how sad the lyrics were and how her emotion ran through her performance."

Yukari approached her with a song sheet. "It's this one, right?"

Ann and Makoto read the title of the song in unison. "Our Light."

Sae had her turn in reading the song. "Whoever this song is dedicated to, it must be a motivator for her to finish whatever mission she has."

Yukari looked at Rise and Yu as they are the only ones who knows Kasumi's true identity. Yu gave her a sign to keep the identity away from knowledge until the time is right.

"Regardless, it would be difficult for us to track this woman down." She sighed. "Akihiko."


"Would you mind taking the kids home for now?"

"Got it." He turned to the Phantom Thieves. "So where do y'all live?"

Yukari gave him a heads-up. "Takamaki and Futaba are staying in Yongen by a cafe."

Sae noticed her words. "Takamaki? In LeBlanc? I thought you live somewhere near Harajuku."

"I, uh, just felt like staying LeBlanc for now." Ann sheepishly explained. But Futaba's comments said otherwise.

"She just misses her forbidden lover, so staying in his old room was the best thing to do instead while she does something in her alone time. Mwehehe."

"Futaba, I will force those servers off for good now." Ann was unhappy with the gremlin's mischief.

"Okay then. You two will accompany me and Hasegawa-san to LeBlanc."

Akihiko nodded and asked the same question.

"I live around Kanda. Kosei was kind enough to provide me a dormitory that can help in my studies and passion for art until early April." Yusuke gave out.

"I live near Asakusa. You won't miss my mansion because our roof is somewhat dome-shaped like a burger bun." Haru informed him.

"Uh, I live near Ichigaya." Ryuji spat.

"I live nearby, so don't worry about me." Makoto assured him, with Sae already agreeing.

"Our home is only 3 kilometers away from here."

"Alright then. The three of you, come with me. I'll have a few paramedics accompany us." Akihiko directed the three Thieves while Sae enters her car with Zenkichi, Ann, and Futaba.

"Hasegawa, I think you can tell us about the Kyoto incident once we arrive in LeBlanc." Sae requested as he reloaded his revolvers.

"Sure. Let's just get Akane first in our hotel." He said.


Location: alleyways of Jinbocho
Time: 0702 hours


Her vision getting blurry and her body feeling weak, Kasumi kept evading main roads and stuck to small passageways. But she is beginning to bleed out, and she slumps onto a car as she was close to her limit.


She crawled a bit.


She stopped crawling as a figure notices her.

"Oh, my God!"

Kasumi's vision began to blink into darkness as she slowly goes unconscious.


"How are you alive?!" The figure's voice echoed.

".... Coach?"

Kasumi begins to hallucinate a bit as she looks at the figure behind Coach Hiraguchi before passing out.