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Persona: Worlds Under War

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March 15, 20XX

Location: Hasegawa residence, Kyoto
Time: 1823 hours


Eleven days ago.....


Akane's screams alerted Zenkichi as he rushed upstairs to find his daughter being cornered by a Hastur spawn.



Without skipping a beat, he picks up a pipe and swings it to the demon. The attack would be ineffective as it was resistant to Physical attacks. In a flash, it turned its attention to Zenkichi.

"Shit." He swung the pipe again before the creature breaks it in half and chases after him. Not after he arrived in the kitchen did a Moloch appear and destroyed the roof of the area.

"Aw, come on! I just mopped the floor!"

The loud-mouthed officer then outwits both demons and runs to the living room to look for his revolvers. He finds them but stumbles when the Hastur startles him from behind, causing the guns to fly to the stairs. Cornered by the hulking beast waiting for him outside and the shapeless specter facing him, Zenkichi grabs an umbrella and prepares to fight until the Hastur was downed by Akane.

"Akane! Give me the guns!"

His daughter chucks the revolvers at him, prompting his transfiguration to his Phantom Thief attire. Chuckling, he raised his guns at the Hastur again and kills it.

"Thus begins the return of the Wolf."

"Holy cow, Dad! You're back to being a Phantom Thief!" Akane expressed with wide eyes and a bright smile.

Looking at himself in the mirror, he immediately grabs the mirror and uses it as a weapon.

"Akane, grab the flashlight and shine it here!" He called her as she scooted for the bedroom to grab it. Staying upstairs, she flashes the light onto the mirror as the Moloch notices her.

"Dad, it's coming near!" She began to panic.

"Hold the light steady!" He ordered before muttering to himself. "To bait one's prey...."

The Moloch is suddenly blinded by the light reflecting off the mirror as Zenkichi found the right angle. He summons his Persona to perform a new trick he's been wanting to try.

"Valjean! Quick Roulette!"

Quick Roulette. A Gun attack that deals Heavy Gun damage 6 - 8 times with mid chance for Critical.

The Moloch falls onto its knees as he calls out Valjean one more time.

"Megidola!" He commanded as he fires his revolvers at the same time, eliminating the beast once and for all. Before he could catch his breath, Akane warns her father as she discovers civilians running towards their direction. Behind the crowd (and some dead people that came along with it) are a herd of Bicorn and Eligor.

"Akane, call in my team and tell them to come here ASAP."

"Yessir!" She gave a salute before running down the stairs to call Zenkichi's special team.

Meanwhile, the elder Hasegawa whistles their attention towards him. Noticing that one of them is volatile in appearance, he observed their formation carefully.

"So, boys.... how was the city?" He tried to taunt them as he waltz back and forth in his front yard. "I bet you went to Naoki's infamous takoyaki snack bar! He's got that infamous Russian takoyaki challenge every night, that lucky bastard." The herd drew closer. "Such a shame... you won't get to be in it any sooner."

He immediately fires at one of the Bicorns and killed it instantly followed by a series of pot shots against the other enemies. He switches out his guns and pulls out the double swords from their cases and starts slicing them quickly. The commotion managed to attract another horde as he groaned in annoyance.

"Come on! More of them! I can't just rely on being a sword master and a gunslinger alone!"

Lucky for him, his team arrived on time. Three police officers stepped out of the patrol cruiser: Senior Officer Kuwabara Hanzo, Sergeant Mitzi Kishinama, and rookie Officer Garuku Hanzo, Kuwabara's son.

"The Royal Guard is here to save the day!" Mitzi proclaimed.

"For the last goddamn time, Kishinama, we are not called the Royal Guard! What are we, those weird people with beards for hats?" Kuwabara chastised her energetic claim.

Setting up a firing position, Zenkichi leads the way as he slices and dices the enemies while the three officers fired with their pistols. For obvious reasons, Zenkichi fought the Eligor as the Bicorn get bullet-ridden. After clearing out the weaklings, they exploit the volatile Shadow as it ambushed them from where it hid.

"Waiting for the right moment, huh?" Zenkichi grinned while the others took aim. "Guns down. This one's mine."

The volatile Shadow reveals itself to be an Ose, and from the looks of it... it will be a kamikaze after one strike. Zenkichi studies its movement until he finds a blind spot. Firing at the transformer on top of the demon, he keeps his distance as he lures it to the trap he made. He fires a second shot that drops the high-voltage machine and shocks the beast, leaving it open for Valjean to give it a Quick Roulette.

"What the fuck?" Mitzi felt amazed by the sudden appearance of Valjean.

"Did I just see what I see?" Garuku couldn't blink at all as his father talked to Zenkichi.

"Christ Almighty, Hasegawa-san. Didn't know you had some sort of magic power in ya." Kuwabara remarked in exasperation.

"Can ya blame me? I'm special." He cockily spoke as Akane rushes out of the house.

"Aunt Mitzi!"

"Hey, kiddo!"

"Kuwabara, was there something unu-"

Garuku interrupts them for a second as he told them that an apartment complex is being attacked by several Onmoraki and Kali hordes. The group rushes towards downtown and finds the SWAT team trying to plan out on how to deal with the situation. Zenkichi and the Hanzo boys approach SWAT Captain Shinoda.

"Captain Shinoda!"

"Kuwabara. Kid. And what the fuck are you wearing, Zenkichi?"

The entire squad looks at Zenkichi's appearance with puzzled faces. No one can comprehend whether their fellow Hasegawa-san is trying to look cool or this is just how he operates nowadays.

"Do not question how the predator appears, but question how the predator uses that appearance." He gruffly spoke as the quizzical faces get more quizzical.

"Are you okay, Hasegawa-san?" Garuku asked him. "Do you need medicine?"

"The Wolf can tend to his own injuries."

"Ignore him, son." Kuwabara instructed him. "He must be this weird with the suit on."

"Ahh, okay."

Captain Shinoda shook his head as he debriefed them about the situation. Without any warning or notice, Zenkichi walks towards the apartment with no backup whatsoever. Gunfire can be heard as the police force watch the Onmoraki getting flown out of the windows and the Kali slumping outside of the windows with bullets to the head, all coming from one man.

"Clear!" Zenkichi called out.

"What the f- How did anyone not notice him?" Shinoda was more than in surprise. He was in awe, damnit!

"Dad did the same thing earlier with the weird unicorn thingies and the ugly lion thing and th-" Akane was cut off by Mitzi, who covered her mouth and laughed awkwardly.

"Considering what his kid just blurted out, I don't even seem surprised anymore." Kuwabara mumbled as Zenkichi steps out of the building with all lives accounted for.

"No casualty, no fatality. A clean hunt for the Wolf."

"Whatever you say, Hasegawa."

Zenkichi began to ask for a debrief. "How long has it been since the first attack?"

"An hour, actually. First sightings were in the two hot springs hotels in the upper district. Then more were reported near your residence."

"They owe me a rooftop for my kitchen." He retorted with irritation.

"Then this apartment complex. It looks like it's heading south towards wherever is the next area those things will spawn."

Garuku interrupted them again and reports that the University of Kyoto has been discovered housing a pit with a devilish glow in its campus courtyard. SWAT and the Royal Guard rush towards the school where students panicked and wept to mourn the loss of their classmates who were attacked and killed during the first hour. The first responder, Yuuki Uzumaki, is nowhere in sight until one of the students informed them.

"He-He went down that giant hole to investigate it." a trembling junior said.

"Mitzi, keep an eye on Akane here and console the students." Zenkichi gave instructions to the sergeant as he turned to Captain Shinoda. "I want 2 of your best men alongside me and the Hanzo boys."

Kuwabara objected the idea. "No, we are not bringing Garuku on this one."

"What!? Why the hell not?" His son protested, but his father gave him a stern warning that should keep him in line.

"I am not going to be going home tonight without you stepping foot in the house. Now stay here and don't do anything stupid until we return. Do you understand?"

Garuku kept his silence and averted his glare away from his father.

"Stupid old man, trying to make himself look tough so he brag about being a hero again."

Kuwabara heard his rambling and punched him in the face.

"You ungrateful piece of shit!"

"Kuwabara, now is not the time to deal your personal issues."

"Back off, Hasegawa, or I'll pull the trigger towards that mouth of yours."

Zenkichi went closer and grabbed Kuwabara's gun as he placed it in his hand. "Do it now then."



Everyone tensed up as Kuwabara and Zenkichi's argument reached the attention of the students. Kuwabara returned his gun to the holster and storms off with Shinoda's men. Zenkichi then helped up Garuku and empathetically spoke to him.

"Kid, I know you wanna help your dad. But as a father myself, I can't bear to lose my own child in the hands of something like this. Even if you want to prove that you have what it takes on the force, it shouldn't end like this. Please understand the situation right now."

Zenkichi did not speak as Wolf, but as the caring yet clumsy person that everyone knows. Garuku sat back down and just stared at his pistol while Zenkichi reconvenes with Shinoda.

"What do you need?"

"Electric grenades, incendiary grenades, flash grenades, and nitrogen grenades."

"Wait, that means-"

"Everyone in the team must be wielding grenade launchers."

Kuwabara shook his head as he grabs a SPAS-12 from the trunk while everyone armored up. Shinoda then made a short speech before everyone dove to the pit.

"Tonight, we are facing an enemy we are unsure of defeating. It has caused damage to both our properties and our lives. Tonight, we will dive down this depth of evil and suppress it from delivering further chaos into the city. Even if we may be hailed for our actions after this, we should be aware that what we're doing is for the sake of keeping the city safe and peaceful. Arms up!"

Everyone rose their guns. But Shinoda shook his head when he saw Zenkichi and his revolvers.

"Don't tell me you're gonna use that during our trek to Hell."

"I'm doing ya a favor by not wasting expensive grenades unless I order you to."

"Whatever. TO HELL!"

Everyone followed after Shinoda as they charged down. Kuwabara slapped his face in disbelief.

"That's like a battle cry to your death."


Down in the depths of the Metaverse pit, everyone - including Zenkichi - became shaken with goosebumps as they went further. They end up getting stuck in a roadblock when a bridge with unknown markings is left raised.

"Should we break this bridge for it to lay our path?" Kuwabara asked nonchalantly. Zenkichi can shake his head in disapproval after he tested how brittle the material of the bridge is.

"I'll contact Kishinama and see if she-"

"Hasegawa-san, Chief Sukano informed me that they will be using one of our prisoners to assist us. He seems to have knowledge about this phenomenon." His radio was loud enough for everyone to hear Mitzi's announcement.

"A criminal? To help us? Like hell, I would accept that!" Kuwabara barked as the SWAT team stared at him.

"It's that or you lose your job, Hanzo-san. Her orders."

"Damn that woman!" He stopped contact as he punched one of the walls.

"A criminal, huh? Anyone wanna take a guess?" Zenkichi decided to have some fun while waiting for their new teammate.

"I'm gonna bet it's that fat tub of lard from Shibuya. Rumor has it he used this phenomenon to boost the mafia activity there." One of the SWAT members said.

"Nah, it should be that guy with the red hair and scar on his face. Keeps going in and out of prison in his own accord." Another said, which peaked the interest of the third.

"What do you mean by his own accord?"

"He goes psychotic and murders some guards and prisoners in a prison break, but he calmly walks back here whistling and making bad puns on his way back to the cell."

"Dude, isn't that like dissociative identity disorder or something?"

"I dunno, man. I'm just guessing."

"Well, it could be Shido's loyalist buddies Hasegawa arrested six months ago." Shinoda joined before their betting game was interrupted by an argument echoing from where they entered.

"You idiot! Handle me with care! I'm a very important person!"

"I don't give twenty shits, skinny man! If the world hates ya, so do I!"

"Jeez, and I thought I was the one with sociopathic issues."

The cops looked up to see Garuku escorting the man before them.

"You have got to be kidding me."

"Why is this klutz doing here?"

"Should've went for a tougher guy than this prick."

Tohru Adachi. Well-known for his Inaba murder streak where he guided Inaba congressman Toro Namatame, who was a delivery man back then, into attempting to murder Yukiko Amagi, Kanji Tatsumi, Rise Kujikawa, Naoto Shirogane, and Nanako Dojima, Yu Narukami's younger cousin. His only successful murders were Miss Yamano, Saki Konishi, and Morooka (better known by Yasogami High as King Moron). All because he was BORED and RESENTFUL.

"Come on, guys. At least give me a warmer welcome than Junior right over here." Adachi's playful but cold request sent a shiver down Shinoda's spine for some reason.

"Why are you the one being brought here!?" Kuwabara scowled as he aimed his gun at him.

"I came here coz I heard your boss received inside info from some detective in Iwatodai."

Zenkichi immediately stepped forward to identify the detective.

"Kurosawa, right?"

"Yeah, it's him. Something about Mitsuru Kirijo experimenting this shit." He then looked at Zenkichi's clothes. "When did I miss the Halloween party? Or was it you?"

"Why is Mitsuru Kirijo, president of Japan's leading security firm, involved in something like this?"

"Your boss kinda asked me the same thing, but I dunno anything about it either." He shrugged as he marched towards the bridge. "Ah, I think I know what to do with this wishbone."

"Which is?"

"Uncuff me first."

Kuwabara and Shinoda aimed their guns.

"Not gonna fucking happen!"

"Can't go further without my heeelp." He mocked Kuwabara as he shook his wrists. Garuku steps forward and uncuffs him, much to Kuwabara's chagrin and anger.

"Be thankful Junior here understands simple instructions, something you don't understand even during your childhood." Adachi laughed as he borrows Zenkichi's revolver.

"Do you mind?"

"Be my guest."


Adachi fires a floating card as the darker version of Izanagi appears in front of them.

"Him too!?" Garuku was baffled.

"What? Anyone else here have special talents like mine?" Adachi hissed as Zenkichi called out Valjean.

"There's two of us."

"Oh, shit. I didn't know that was you, Hasegawa."

Everyone groaned at Adachi's sudden mood change.

"Are ya gonna make the bridge go down or not!?" Shinoda impatiently barked.

"Hold your fucking horses, alright!?"

"What's your plan?"

"You see those stalactites? Knock them down until this abyss in front of us not as empty as it looks."

Zenkichi uses Quick Roulette on the rock spikes as they shoot down enough to create a platform as Adachi uses Magatsu Mandala to break the bridge down and make it land on the platforms.

"Let's move."

"What? No thank you or something?"

Adachi is shoved by Kuwabara, who makes sure he doesn't move a muscle by aiming the barrel of his gun to his head.

"Do something stupid and I'll kill you before you could go out."

"Why bother killing me? This will only lessen my triple life sentence by just one year!"

"You're fucking with me. Should have been 30 days instead."

While Adachi and Kuwabara trade jabs at each other, Shinoda stumbles upon a wall of dead organisms. Seen hanging from the ceiling are people who fell victim to the Metaverse.

"Christ Almighty..." Shinoda held the urge to vomit at the gruesome stuff.

"This is all like exploring some dead animal's stomach cavity." Zenkichi commented, making Garuku puke followed by Shinoda.

"Yech! That's disgusting, Cap." One of them winced.

"Shut it, Kazama!"

As Adachi looked around the grotesque appearance of the place, he makes a comment that even Zenkichi would feel the hairs on his body standing.

"If I were to guess this right, this place looks like it's eating up Kyoto. Every victim seems to be transported to this shithole and gets consumed until they're nothing but bones."

Silence was their best friend, and for a good reason as they would enough of it for the next place they step foot upon. In front of them is a vast open space with more weird markings. If Adachi were to use Magatsu-Mandala in that space, it could level the entire pit. Same goes for Zenkichi with Megidolaon.

"Well, shit. Look at what's coming at us." Adachi pointed out the two incoming Fafnir that crawl their way to them.\

"What the actual fuck...." Garuku's mouth was left hanging as he whips out his pistol.

"Ready.... Aim!" Zenkichi's command broke everyone out of their shaking knees and prepared the grenade launchers on its location.

"Shock the left, burn the right! Fire!"

Two of the officers fired electric rounds and incendiary rounds at the dragons, resulting in only one advantage: One Fafnir got electrocuted, giving others the chance to focus on the other one only.

"Unload onto the other ugly motherfucker!" Shinoda yelled as grenades and bullets began to overwhelm the beast, causing it to go down easily. Zenkichi nods at Adachi as he gave a warning.

"Heavy Attacks only. Anything heavier, and the whole floor will collapse."

"Don't need to tell me twice. Magatsu-Izanagi!"


Both unleash a Garudyne and Megidola spell, respectively, to weaken it further. Kuwabara then notices the pattern of the markings and orders his son to take photographs of it. Garuku cautiously gets the shots, but accidentally alerts a sleeping Raja Naga as it towers over him with terror.


Kuwabara notices the beast in front of his son and opens fire at the Snake Man, breaking the formation and forcing Kazama, one of the SWAT members, to back him up with nitrogen rounds. The other Fafnir recovers as it lunges onto Shinoda before getting tackled by Magatsu-Izanagi.

"You motherfuckers stupid or what? Keep your distance!" Adachi growled.

"Valjean, how bad would things be if it isn't the dragons or the snake?"

"Do you not remember the abomination with the bagged head?"

"Riiiiiiiight." Zenkichi then remembers encounter the Reapers prior to fighting the Demiurge with the Phantom Thieves. They were a real pain in the ass for him and the A.I. named Sophie, who somehow generates a Persona when activated.

"Shall we level this wretched domain into oblivion?"

"Not just yet... We haven't even awaken the big one."

After Adachi's Persona kills the first Fafnir while the second one succumbs to its injuries and dies. A quick Garudyne to the Raja Naga saved the Hanzo boys, but it isn't enough for everyone to take a rest. The sounds of chains begin to echo the entire place, sending shivers once again to everyone's spines.

"Garuku, take the photos again quickly!"

"G-Got it!"

"What the hell is that noise?"

"I'll check it out."

"Kazama, don't be an idiot and stay here."

"Relax, Ekiya. It'll be quick."

Kazama rushes over to investigate the sound as the group notices that he forgot his grenade launcher. In a flash, they witness him burn to death after a gunshot was heard.


"What the hell!?"

"Hasegawa, what just happened!?"

The non-Persona users began to panic as Adachi looked at Zenkichi.

"Reapers." they both spoke simultaneously.

"What?" Garuku was trying to clarify when the chains got louder.

"We need to go now!" Zenkichi warned as Adachi has the liberty to use Kazama's grenade launcher and uses it to slow down the harbingers of death.

The group began to retreat their way back to where they came. But upon reaching the area where the hanging corpses were supposed to be, it was replaced by a rocky wall.

"Shit, we're trapped!" Ekiya exclaimed in fear.

Garuku notices a small crevice in the next wall and tosses a flare onto the pathway. "We got a way out! Follow me!"

Garuku went first in entering the crack followed by his father, Shinoda, Adachi, and Zenkichi. Ekiya and the other surviving member, Maobu, debated on who goes first. In the end, Ekiya was forced in as she witnesses Maobu being decimated by a Megidolaon shot. Reuniting with Zenkichi and the others, Ekiya sadly announced to them Maobu's death. As the apathetic person that he is, Adachi continues forward as he investigates the area for another exit.

"Damnit, kid. You just had to bring us to another death trap." Adachi sighed.

"What the hell, man? First Kazama, now Maobu. Which one of us is next?" Shinoda went into a panic fit until Kuwabara sees a figure limping in the distance.

"Uzumaki." He runs onto the first responder, who is completely without arms and dying from blood loss. The man spoke his dying words after Kuwabara catches him.


"Adachi, search the area for clues." Kuwabara ordered as Zenkichi did the same without needing the words for it. On one end, Adachi manages to see several equipment belonging to Kirijo Corporation. On the other end, Zenkichi finds an entire military battalion corpse pile.

"You may wanna take a look at this, Garuku." Zenkichi called him to take the shots while Ekiya does the same for Adachi's discovery.

"My father worked for Kirijo Corporation..."

"And I'm pretty sure he fucked it up. Best dad ever. Wow."

"You really have no sense of sympathy, huh?"

"Does it look like I care?"

The banter stops as Ekiya discovers a corpse behind one of the scrap metal. Mortified, she takes a few steps back before landing on her butt.

"It.... It can't be..."

Adachi and Zenkichi notice her reaction and investigate what she saw. To both their expectations, a headless member of the Kirijo Corporation was found pinned to the metal with bony spikes.

"From the lab coat itself, this must have been a researcher." Zenkichi said as Adachi said otherwise.

"Or he could be a spy posing as a lab researcher. But we'll never know because we have no DNA reader or something."

The scrap metal is somewhat a trail as Zenkichi observes its pattern. Judging from Uzumaki's words, Kirijo Corp is involved... but why is their material all over the place?

"Holy shit, look...." Shinoda pointed out as the group looked beyond the horizon. They witness a young University of Kyoto student being cut in half and eaten by a pair of Moloch. Next to them is a pair of students being cooked alive by a group of Lilith. They then hypothesized that Uzumaki was about to suffer the same fate, but are unsure who dismembered his arms.

"Looks like a shit show." Zenkichi stated bluntly.

"You think there's anyone left alive?" Garuku asked naively.

"We'll find out soon enough. Shinoda, you and Ekiya look for an exit. Zenkichi, you and Garuku go search for survivors and make it back here in one piece. Adachi, you and I will go investigate further about this." Kuwabara gave out orders as the survivors split up.


Safely evading the sight of the Shadows, Zenkichi and Garuku make their way to the center as they looked around for survivors.

"This isn't gonna be easy, considering how big these things are." Garuku whispered in doubt.

"Trust me, we'll find them when we find them." Zenkichi reassured as he then suddenly started sniffing like a wolf.

"Uh, Hase-"

"Ssshh. I'm trying to pick their scent."

"Oh-kay?" Garuku spoke awkwardly as he uses his camera as a scope.

"You nervous?" Zenkichi asked as he saw him shaking.


"Me too, kid."

Zenkichi moves a bit further until he sees a few students hiding under a few rocks. He approaches them carefully while keeping a hush gesture.

"It's okay. We're here to rescue you." He whispered calmly as one of them thanked him.

"Thank goodness, you're here. Would've been worse if we suffered like them."

"Just follow me carefully, and don't make any noise."

As Zenkichi leads the group to where Garuku is, the rookie was already hiding in another rock.

"Garuku, what are you doing here?"



The younger Hanzo pointed above them as a Seth demon dives onto their position. One of the students screamed as she gets chomped in half, alerting the rest of the Shadows on their location.

"Shit, we gotta go!" Zenkichi pushed Garuku as the group rushes towards uncharted territory. One by one, the surviving students get picked off and killed their pursuers until the survivor count drops to 4.

"Hasegawa, we found something here! Get over here now!"

From his left, Zenkichi spots Magatsu-Izanagi battling the Moloch and orders the group to follow him there. He and Garuku are suddenly ambushed, causing two more students to get killed by another ambush. Zenkichi quickly summons Valjean and uses Megidola on them as to avoid vaporizing his teammate and the last two students. They quickly recover and rendezvous with Kuwabara and Adachi.

"That was close." Garuku panted heavily.

"Yeah, but we lost 15 students along the way. And my bullets don't seem to work on them." Zenkichi grimaced at the losses they suffered.

"Are we gonna be okay?" The student looked around at the safe zone until she spots something in the corner.

"Project.... Sacrificial Lamb?" She yanks it out of one of the corpses.

"What does it say?"

"It's just the cover. The contents are nowhere in sight." She sadly told them.

"Well, ain't that terrific?" Adachi threw his hands up and walks ahead of the group. Zenkichi then takes the folder from her and finds out that the project is Kirijo-based.

"Mitsuru Kirijo..... How corrupt have you become?"

Kuwabara then talked to the surviving teens to stay close to them and avoid any signs of danger while Adachi fiddled with a bullet. Zenkichi kept his hands on the holsters in case shit hits the fan. The man known as Wolf began to deduce the findings.

First, there was the pit. It was specifically in U-Kyoto grounds, and based on what I've heard Mitsuru Kirijo finished college here. So a direct connection to Mitsuru Kirijo must be present for the incident to happen. Second, Kirijo Corporation tech are looted everywhere. And with the bodies being fresh, it must have been hours since the incident happened. Either there was a lab under the school or this place was absorbed by the Metaverse elsewhere. Either way, it brings to our last clue... Project: Sacrificial Lamb. No word was found about it nor does the project exist publicly. Classified information shit. This potentially have two possibilities: either Mitsuru Kirijo is responsible for this or she has not foreseen the accident that happened in her company.

Whatever is in that Sacrificial Lamb crap isn't in good hands.

Zenkichi snapped back to reality as Garuku waved his hand in front of him.

"Sorry for that. Dad was wondering if you were okay." He apologized sheepishly.

"It's fine. Actually, can you ask Ekiya about Kirijo Corporations when you see her in a bit?"

Adachi overheard this and decided to be the bearer of bad news. "I don't think we'll see Ekiya at all....."

The two students, Kuwabara, and Garuku look up to see Ekiya's head planted on top of the tunnel frame. That could only mean one thing left.

"Shinoda. Either he's been sent here to kill us or ran off when those things attacked us again."

Speaking of Shinoda, they overhear him arguing with someone as they traverse to the tunnel and quietly ducked for cover. There, they can see the SWAT captain being beaten up by soldiers.

"Soldiers? In here?" Zenkichi peeped.

"They have the Kirijo Corp logo on their chestplates." Garuku pointed out as he took photos without getting caught.

Shinoda, already unable to stand up, taunts the soldiers one more time. "You little jackrabbits better go home and fuck your mommas instead of doing a big boy's job. Hehehe-ACK MOTHERF-"

Receiving a stomp to his already broken knee, Shinoda cries in pain as the familiar chain rattle returns to the group's ears.


"It's back."

The soldiers, on the other hand, set up attack formations.

"Ready the rockets!"

"Gun ready!"

"Steady now, boys. We gotta make the big boy cry louder." The leader said as he twisted his foot onto Shinoda's knee, further aggravating the pain as the Reaper spawns once again.

Zenkichi gestures Adachi to create a distraction so they can run towards the exit, which is around 5 miles from where they are.


Adachi's terrifying laughter alerts the soldiers but also distracted them for getting a clean shot at the Reaper. Suddenly, half of the soldiers are killed and Reaper is staggered for a good amount of time for Zenkichi to unleash Megidolaon and begin their escape.

"Come on! Move it!" He ordered the group as they hijack one of the Hummers and resist the soldiers as Zenkichi summons Valjean again.

"Valjean, give it hell to the head!"

The Persona unloads a critical One-Shot Kill attack on the Reaper, putting it not only brain-dead, but having go in a triggered frenzy. With Shinoda saved and everyone on board, Adachi rams through the soldiers as they make their getaway against the Reaper. What they have forgotten was that there was a second Reaper, which fires a Freidyne round and sends the car flying. Kuwabara then notices that another small crevice exists and leads them to the bridge crossing.

"Hey! We're near our opening!"

Adachi then thought about their would-have-been exit earlier.

"Well, isn't this shit-for-giggles?"

"What are you talking about?"

"That would mean there are two entry points to this place."

"Where does the other entry point come from?"

Zenkichi carefully analyzed the distance between their entry point and the Kirijo soldier's entry point.

"The soccer field." He made his best guess.

"Bingo. Everyone of the car now!" Adachi demanded. 

"The hell you gonna do?!" Zenkichi roared at him for an answer.

"We need to make sure these shits don't get out of this hellhole, right?"

Zenkichi and Kuwabara paid attention to his idea.

"I'll play bait and cave in the pathway to the soccer field. You guys find a way to cave in the pathway to the courtyard."

"Hey, wait a minute!" Garuku tried to object but was stopped by his father.

"Alright. Will you be fine?"

Loosening his tie, Adachi pulls out Ekiya's grenade launcher. "Don't worry. I'll give them a SHOCKING ending."

Everyone exits the car as they crawl through the hole while Adachi fires the electric rounds on the Reaper.

"Right here!"

Adachi analyzed his position as he calculated the possible coverage of the cave-in. If I do Magatsu Mandala here, it'll surely kill everything its path. But I ain't ready to die just yet....

He fires one more round and calls out Magatsu-Izanagi one final time.


As the Persona performs the attack, Adachi looks at the Reaper dead in the eye.

"Playtime's over, you one-eyed freak!"

With the power unleashed, a cave-in begins to occur as it buries the survivor soldiers, the Reaper, and Adachi alive.


Meanwhile, Zenkichi and company reach the bridge crossing but are greeted by the frenzied Reaper before they could proceed further.

"Go! I'll bury this bastard alive!" Zenkichi called out Valjean and fires a Megidolaon spell on top of it, causing the cave to begin shaking. Now exhausted, the man known as Wolf was unprepared by a Freidyne attack, sending him flying onto the students. Kuwabara's strength gives in and he nearly drops Shinoda to the abyss. Garuku, being the only one left with energy, tosses his camera to Zenkichi as he watches his father drag Shinoda out of the bridge.

"Garuku, come on!"

"Son! Get out of there!"

The younger Hanzo aims his grenade launcher at the platforms to destroy them for good as he drags a rocket launcher out of the hole they just crawled out of.

"Garuku?! GARUKU!"

"Kuwabara, let's go!"

"I am not leaving my son here to die!"


Garuku's anger finally reached its hottest, forcing Kuwabara to stand down and carry Shinoda out to the courtyard. Zenkichi takes one last look at Garuku, who fires all four rockets for the cave-in. He then runs out to the opening and escapes on time as the pit's opening is sealed by a barrier. Feeling relieved, he witnesses Akane and Mitzi rush to him as he hugs his daughter. Mitzi notices Kuwabara's demeanor as she asks him where Garuku is. After learning that he sacrificed himself along with Adachi to prevent a far worse catastrophe, she knelt down to mourn her teammate.


Present day, March 26, 20XX

Location: LeBlanc Cafe
Time: 0824 hours


Staring at Zenkichi and Akane, Sae, along with Ann, Futaba, and Sojiro, felt sadness in his story as he went on to finish it.

"After that, Kuwabara didn't want any credit from the mission. So did Shinoda, but I heard he died from his injuries. That's why I'm the only one hailed as a hero on the news."

"And the camera? What happened to the evidence you all took?" Sojiro took off his glasses to clean them as Zenkichi spoke somberly.

"The files got corrupted in the middle of inspection."

A brief moment of silence envelopes the cafe.

"Looks like Kirijo can go beyond mercy when it comes to having hostages or captives in their hands." Sae pinpointed the cruel fact she has discovered from his words.

"Yeah. The people she hires are ex-cons, mercenaries, and even corrupt soldiers and police officers." Futaba added as Sojiro decided to join his insights.

"Kirijo would go all the way to make sure their business is the only reason Japan is still alive. I mean, look at the Phantom Thieves incidents! They never showed and gave the kids a break. But I'm glad they didn't because God knows what will they do to us all."

"So our new enemy is Mitsuru Kirijo herself then." Ann concluded. However, Zenkichi gave them a warning.

"I would practice caution, though."

"What makes you say that?"

"Now that I realized that Mitsuru teamed up with Manahashi in creating that doomsday project of theirs, shit's gonna get worse once all the Shadows escape to this world. There will be no survivors left in Japan if they successfully accomplish that goal."

Futaba and Ann looked at each other and nodded to discuss with the group later in the evening. As Ann was about to take her rest, the bell chimed as a delivery man appears.

"Special delivery for Zenkichi Hasegawa!"

"But I don't live here."

"Huh? But that's what's written in the box."

"I'll handle it." Sojiro offered. "Should I pay?"

"No need, Sir. We mail this for free."

With that, the delivery man left.... until he hid in the corner.

Damn, Ren. You made me come face to face with Ann Takamaki at last! She's so fucking hot! Daisuke thought to himself as he resumed his disguise.

Sojiro opens the box and sees a badge, a note, a tie, and a gun inside.

"What the -"

"Wait a minute.... That's Garuku Hanzo's badge! This tie and the handwriting of this note... no doubt it's Tohru Adachi's. But the gun.... I dunno who owns that." Zenkichi was surprised that long-lost items were suddenly sent to him.

"Who sent it?" Ann looked at him.

"I don't know, but I'm gonna have to bring these back with me to Kyoto for the burial."


Zenkichi Hasegawa. Kyoto's Outlaw. He is ready to bring back the honor of his fallen comrades once he returns home.